my dad looks like a sloth

Omgcp character as things I’ve done (because I love this new meme):

Bitty: sent friend a care package of baked goods. Realized I didn’t send her her favorite foods so I made those and sent another. Remembered that she requested some fun stuff to take her mind off of school so I sent another package with stickers, coloring books, playdoh, stationary, and a stuffed sloth. I sent all of these within two weeks.

Jack: was asked for my number at a party. Couldn’t hear well and thought he had asked for a plumber. I told him to call the maintenance guy on campus who looks like a hippie Santa Claus. He was very confused and walked away.

Shitty: when my dad told me how he was so happy I didn’t cake on my makeup like other girls I proceeded to wear an obscene amount of makeup for the next week or so. My pores got so clogged and I broke out that I ended up having to cake on makeup to cover it up anyway.

Lardo: got in a debate with my art history professor over just how gay Leonardo DaVinci was.

Chowder: went to the Georgia aquarium. First time I saw the whale sharks I cried. Spent so long in the whale shark observation room that I ended up falling asleep. As a result of this I spent over four hours in that room.

Nursey: wrote a really shitty limerick about ocean conservation in fifth grade and my teacher submitted it in a contest. Won the contest and had my 32 line limerick about a fish that choked on a bottle cap displayed in the state Capitol building.

Dex: exploded on my brother over the mispronunciation of “gif”. I cried a lot.

Tango: got so stressed out over Renee DesCartes “I think therefore I am” that I got a migraine and had to lay down in the nurse’s office until the end of the day.

Whiskey: had my windows open in the summer and heard loud music and laughter coming from my neighbors barbecue; texted my friends complaining about the noise and they came to the agreement that I was actually the grinch.


Tater: bookmarked the person next to me’s book when they fell asleep on the plane and proceed to tuck them in with the blanket they had.

Kent: was flirting with guy and he asked for pictures and I sent a ton of me and my cat. Apparently he was allergic to cats and told me he wasn’t interested anymore.