my dad just asked me what my friends got


Mike Montgomery + Aria Montgomery (Imagine 290)

You were sat with Aria watching one of your favourite shows. Buzz. Quickly, you grabbed your phone. Desperate to see if it was a text from A. ‘Why don’t you tell your best friend about your latest boy? -A’ Aria went to look at the text but you quickly covered it up.

“It was nothing, just my dad.” You said. Aria gave you a suspicious look and went back to watching the show.

Your phone went off again. Praying it wasn’t another text from A, you checked your phone ‘If you don’t I will. - A’

Scared you quickly typed a reply. ‘What do you want?’

“What’s up?” Aria asked.

“Um- nothing, I’ve got to go.My dad wants me to help him make dinner.” You stuttered

“Oh, Okay. Bye then.” She said and waved

“Bye.” You squeaked before leaving

Mike came running down the stairs. “Has y/n gone.” Mike asked.

“Yes, she just left. She was acting a bit funny. I have no idea why.” She answered

“Oh.” Mike sighed walking to the kitchen.

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Tears//Miniminter Imagine

Y/n’s Pov
From being 14 I never had a good relationship with my dad. Now 20 years old and I still don’t.

Every little thing we’d argue about.

As a grew older it got worse as I was more aware of what he was saying and calling me. I understood more.

It had gotten to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore.

When my boyfriend asked me to move in with him and his friends I obviously agreed.

But my dad didn’t…

**25 Minuets Earlier **
I got out of my boyfriends car. I gave him a quick kiss before waving goodbye as drove away.

“Mom, Dad! I’m home!” I called as I took off my coat and hung it up.

“Kitchen!” My mom called back.

I made my way into the kitchen and received a smile from my mom but not even a look from my dad.


“I have something to tell you” I then paused and looked at my dad “both of you”

My mother nodded for me to continue. I took a deep breath.

‘This is it.’

“As you both know I have been dating Simon for two years now and I love him with all my heart. Simon as you know lives with his friends and I have been offered to live with them so I have accepted” my mom smiled.

“Alright. It’s your decision–”

“No it isn’t” my father interrupted.

“Excuse me?”

“It isn’t your decision it’s mine and your mothers! You can’t just agree without our consent that isn’t how it works! You will not move in with that boy I don’t care how much you love him it isn’t going to happen no go to your room!” I shook my head.

“No! I am 20 years old! I can do what I want! I am going to move in with Simon! You are mainly one of the reasons why I want to move. All you do is treat me like shit and I’ve had enough! I don’t know how mom copes! We moved to England for a new fresh start when I was 16! That was 4 years ago and you still do your best to make me miserable. I am moving in with Simon whether you like it or not!” Both of my parents was in shock by my outburst.

“How dare you speak to me like that! Now you definitely won’t be able to move out!” I looked at my mom who was staring at my father.

“That’s enough!” My father then looked at her “If Y/n wants to move in with Simon let her! She’s 20 years old and we trust Simon! He’s a nice boy who would do anything for her! He loves her just as much as she loves him so why can’t you accept that? Y/n’s right all you do is make her miserable and your always arguing! She’s my daughter too and she gets my consent! She will be in safe hands with the boys and we have to learn to trust her! She’s growing up. If you don’t let her move when will you? When she’s like 30 and has kids? This is what she wants so stop being selfish and let it happen because it will!” I smiled at my mom.

“Thanks mom I really appreciate that. I love you” I gave her a quick hug.

“Fuck you Y/n” my mother and I turned to my dad. We watched him in disbelief.


“You ruined this family! We was happy until you came along. I never wanted a child but you just had to come along and mess everything up didn’t you! I was happy and you ruined that! A mistake is all you are” One single tear streamed down my face.

How could he say that?

“Y/f/n! Stop!” My mom scolded “you aren’t the man I married anymore. The man I fell in love with. Why?”

“Because we had that!” I let out a sob.

“Mo-mom can I spend the night at Simons until I get all my stuff?” I choked out.

“Of course” I hugged my mom before darting out of the house.


I didn’t care how long it took my I ran to the Sidemen house.

When I got there I banged on the door. Tears was now freely streaming down my cheeks.

Eventually Josh answered.

“Oh my god! Y/n what the fuck happened?” He pulled me into his arms and closed the door.

“Simon!” He yelled as I cried.

A few minuets later my boyfriend came running down. He gasped once he laid his eyes on me.

He rushed over and pulled me into his arms.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as I let out a sob.

“I think we should take her into the kitchen to let her calm down” by this point Vik, JJ and Freya had made their way over to us.

I sat on Simons lap as he basically held the glass of water whiles I drank it.

“Are you okay now? Can you tell us what happened?” Freya asked worried.

I nodded “my dad. I told my parents about me moving here and my mom took it well but my dad was being a jerk. He then yelled at me saying that I ruined the family and his life. He called me a mistake”

I began crying again.

I felt Simon tense up and I knew he was angry.

“I’m going to be beat him” He said angrily. I moved so my head was in his shoulder.

“No! Please Simon don’t do anything stupid! Please!” I sobbed not wanting him to get hurt.

“Simon don’t go. She needs you and beating up her dad isn’t going to help the situation” Josh told him.

“Why don’t you let her calm down and tomorrow go get her stuff” JJ told him as he placed a hand on my back.

“Yeah tonight she just needs you” Freya told him.

“Take her to bed and watch a movie” Vik told him as he also rubbed my back.

Simon nodded and kissed my cheek. I snuggled my head deeper into his shoulder and placed my arms around his neck.

“I love you” I whispered as he carried me upstairs.

“I love you too”

The rest of the night we laid in bed watching Netflix.

today I told my shrink about how scared I am of getting murdered for being trans and gay, because I’m always surrounded by scary religious people. my dad forced it out of me when I got out (incessantly asking about what I talked with her that session), and when I told him I’m scared of getting killed for being who I am, he told me to get over it and just be positive because otherwise I can’t enjoy life. he treated my fear like it was this unnatural, unreasonable thing, and when I told him I’ve lost friends to hate crimes, he just said “being scared won’t solve anything”

gee! thanks! good thing I can always count on my dad to force the emotions outta me by ridiculing my feelings!

  • me: *just checked hsc results*
  • A low rumble is heard in the distance.
  • me: Wh- what?
  • The rumble grows. The earth below me begins to shake.
  • me: Oh god. *rushes under nearest table*
  • The rumble has now become a roar. I peer out from under the table, if only to catch a glimpse of what is coming. I see the vague outlines of a stampede from my window. I can see it approach my house, but I do not have enough time to escape.
  • I try to find some familiarity in the noise. But I shudder and scream when I only find pure horror.
  • stampede: OMG WAT MARK DID U GET
  • stampede: WAT COURSE DO U WANT
  • It has begun. The neverending badgering of parents and relatives about your marks.

My parents’ response to cosplay: For awhile, I tried to keep it from them because I was afraid of what they would think. When I got a binder so I could crossplay, my mom saw it and asked what it was. I was afraid she would judge me, but she didn’t care.

At first, I would go over to a friend’s house and change into my cosplay there, but eventually I just kind of forgot my embarrassment, and when I was going down the driveway to my car to drive to a friend’s house to pick them up for a convention, my dad saw me in a blond wig, dude’s clothes, and with my chest bound. He seemed kind of confused, asking ‘Is that what people wear at those conventions?’ but he wasn’t judgmental.

In the end, I think my parents are happy I have this creative outlet, it’s gotten me back into sewing and more into prop-crafting, and it gives me more opportunities to socialize without being so anxious, so they’re happy about that. However, they still don’t know that I sometimes cosplay as gray-skinned aliens with horns, and I don’t plan on letting them know about my weirder cosplays.