my dad is really awesome tho

Stiles was fumbling for his phone as soon as he was out of the class and out of earshot of any of the other interns.

“Come on, come on, pick up big guy, I know you still have this number,” Stiles said to no one, bouncing on balls of his feet.


“Heyyy Derek! Aren’t you getting a little sick of being on the run for murder?”

“Wha- Stiles? How the hell do you know about that?” 

“I’m in the FBI,” Stiles said matter-of-factly. “We know everything.”

Derek said nothing.

Then, “What.”

Stiles snorted. “I got into the FBI intern program, we’ll be working with the actual feds on real cases, one of which is y-”

“Oh, wow, Stiles, that’s awesome,” Derek said from the other side of the line, cutting Stiles off. “Congrats, you deserve it.” 

“Wh- oh. Thank you, yeah, my dad is really proud.”

“He should be.” 

Stiles smiled. Then a sidelong glance from one of his classmates across the lawn and he remembered why he was calling. 

“But actually tho, can you please stop getting yourself wanted for murder? I’m getting real tired of saving your ass from the cops.” 

“I seem to remember that first time was entirely your fault,” Derek said flatly, but Stiles could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Hey, that was at least 85% Scott’s fault.” There was a pause. “Okay, maybe 50%,” he added, and Derek chuckled. “Unfortunately, buddy, I can’t hide you in my room this time - my roommate will start to get ideas.”

“Wrong ones?” Derek asked neutrally.

Stiles narrowed his eyes, even though Derek couldn’t see him, but chose to ignore the question. “So are you gonna tell me what happened?”

Derek took a deep breath and started. “Believe it or not, this is not my fault.” 

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Yo friend have you ever considered finishing that "nhl teams as types of frat bros" bc i am interested

ok in my experience there are literally only 7 types of frat boys in the world so here they are:

the pledges - leafs: new on the scene. think dabbing is both hilarious and awesome. bright eyed and bushy tailed freshmen

the frat prez - lightning: knows everyone. doesn’t really do much tho. mostly just decides when the parties are.

the Hot One -flames: not exactly a winning personality but… Damn.

the fuckboi - stars: they’re all fuckbois but this one is The Worst. vineyard vines on vineyard vines on chubbies, hair always slicked, those sunglasses with the little connector thing in back.

the frat dad - bruins: supposed to be the responsible one but really he’s just the one who buys everyone else booze.

the legacy - yotes: who let him in? is he okay? are you guys just keeping him here to mess with him?

the DJ - preds: definitely the coolest guy in the frat. the only one they trust with the aux cord at the party and the only one everyone actually likes.


Despite having my ass kicked by depression, I managed to have a really nice birthday because of the awesome people around me. Bae made me the best (pan)cake, my dad bought me the plant I’ve been wanting for ages and I played scrabble with bae and friend and it we laughed a lot. So all was good, I’m happy 

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Hi, I’ve been following for a li’l while, since I’ve found that recently stims have been a obsessive-interest or even hyper-interest lately, as I’ve recently found what stimming is, and have realized how beneficial to me as someone with anxiety (not officially on the spectrum, tho, I do suspect a li’l). I’ve got a lot of hand stims: button clicking, rocker switches, a lot of the things found on the fidget cube/pad that I own. My dad recently brought up a curious idea: a mini keyboard. (pt 1)

He meant like, piano keyboard, but if there’s even something like a computer keyboard, either would probably make me really happy and able to keep my fingers involved! Do any of the mods know if such a stim exists? Like tiny piano keyboards with working keys or tiny computer keyboards? Computer keyboard would be awesome since I have a lot of memories associated with them! Thank you!

I think stims are a special interest, obsession, hyperfixation or passion for most of us, so join the club. We have stim toys, after all!

As far as I know, @afrostycatblr, there isn’t a stim toy that specifically mimics a keyboard. I’ve checked a few different therapy/OT webstores, and I haven’t quite found anything that fits that description or need. I hope someone else knows of something I don’t, but when it comes to stim toys, the closest I can think of is children’s toy piano/keyboards.

The best computer-style keyboard option, which will have those clicky keyboard keys like that of a full PC keyboard, is a numeric keypad: it’s just the keypad section of a keyboard sold on its own. This should be small enough to be portable and held in your hands, while still feeling like an actual computer keyboard. There’s lots of different options on eBay; how about this USB one for $3.75 USD with free international shipping?

The second best option would be an actual wireless mini keyboard. There’s several different shapes and designs, some like a keyboard tablet and some like a keyboard crossed with a TV/DVD player remote. I’d check eBay, as there’s several options between $13 and $30 AUD, most with free shipping. Please note that the keys are not similar to that of a full-sized PC keyboard - they look more like the push-button keys on an older mobile or cell phone. You probably won’t get that press-down-and-click feeling short of using a full-sized PC computer keyboard for stimming. If you’re after this, go for the numeric keypad.

(For that matter, many of us will have family members with an older mobile/cell phone, probably replaced by a smartphone, still floating around the house, so you might even be able to get one for nothing, if pressing the softer keys suits you as a stim. You can always say that you want a back-up phone because your current phone is playing up if you’re not ready or able to discuss stimming.)

I’d also direct you to the piano finger trainers we recently reblogged from @sodastim, in terms of pressing buttons. I have no idea what they’re like to use, mind, but they might be worth checking out in terms of being a portable push-button stim.

I know that’s not a lot of offerings, but I can’t think of anything more. Followers?

- Mod K.A.

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How do you think, which of your OCs would be the best and which the worst parent? Does any of them actually thought about making some babies? X)

Hmm… the best one is pretty hard because I think Jamba and Zulado would be really awesome dads! But if I HAVE to pick one, then it will be Zulado. :) 
Worst one is Salabar. You heard me. Ya think it would be Rapsora? Ha! Its Zulado because he just doesn’t like kids and he don’t know how to be with them. He would make a nice uncle tho! 

Well..none of my boys haven’t really think about making some babies but I KNOW that Zulado wants to make a family sometimes! 

Haven’t noticed if anyone else uploaded this loading screen yet so I figured I would.

I think he definitely looks a lot like Prompto now that I’ve gotten a good look at him. I saw some people saying that they looked really different, but you can tell the two are related at least. He looks like he could be Prompto’s cranky ol’ dad or grandfather lol. I felt like in-game his eyes were bluer tho.

His outfit is actually pretty awesome lol.

What the pic says ‘cause some of it’s hard to read:

Research Chief Verstael Besithia made a name for himself by almost single-handedly engineering a method to mass produce a magitek infantry. His rise to prominence exacerbated his descent into madness, however, and his once-held hopes for a peaceful world have warped into a lust for power and a desire to wreak destruction.

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What fandoms are you a part of? Jw cuz I saw some of your drawing with a character named Damien and I was wondering what he's from. Awesome drawings tho, my dude. 👌🏼🌸

Thank you so much! He’s from Dream Daddy, it’s a dad dating simulator, it’s a very sweet and funny game. As for fandoms I really don’t know like right now I really enjoy drawing stuff from Dream Daddy, Yuri on Ice and also Overwatch but sometimes I draw randomly stuff from Steven Universe/Pokemon so it really depends. 

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AHAHAHAHAHAHA! What's the Oscar for best comedy because your promotional footage post surely got It! Awesome work keep going!

my humor is really bad tbh

and I’m autistic so I genuinely can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not


either way

thank you for your time.



I had a nightmare that my phone started to melt…

I was coming home from having been overseas somewhere, but instead of it being one of my closer friends coming to get me from the airport it was this dude from work that I haven’t really talked to all that much yet. He is quite hard to figure out but has his awesome moments. So he’s cool.

Apparently we were living together tho in this shitty house with a couple of random other dudes that I did only recognised half of. This was also quite cool though, we got along splendidly.

As we came home though I wanted to call my dad and tell him that I was safe, as I usually do. But as soon as I took my phone out it started to feel really hot, not uncomfortably but still weirdly hot. I still decided to call my dad but my phone randomly started to call someone in Georgia instead???

I hang up and tried again a bit later, still the Georgia thing! My phone started to feel really rubbery by now and I could bend it. I tried to check my phone for all the stuff I could loose and was looking as the phone now started to melt in my hands. It now started to call the Georgia person on it’s own until it was completely dead.

Next thing I knew we were sitting at the table eating breakfast with the other guys that were slowly waking up. I was still rather panicky about my phone because what the hell and I need to call my dad! On the other hand I was quite chill and could you give me the cheese please?

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

      - Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, Flanders Fields

One day too early for Remembrance day, I know - But I’ve been meaning to draw something for tomorrow and got some free time now. Maybe for my birthday I’ll convince my dad to drive up to Ottawa to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Plus, there’s a really awesome war museum up there too.

Boruto the movie spoiler

I KNOW IM LATE FOR THIS BUT STILL ..Warning :If you don’t want spoilers please don’t read this 


• was heavily focused on bolt and his not so ninja way ( like cheating during the exam. That prohibited ninja tool he used is unfair as fck in my opinion. Why ? Because you can use any technique just by using that tool. ) He will learn what it takes to be a true ninja.

 • was (of course) focused on boruto’ s daddy issues . (Naruto is uhhh its like he’s in the village but he rarely comes home and naruto clones everywhere)

 • also about the master - apprentice relationship between sauce and bolt. I’m not really sure if i’ll adore this relationship. Sauce only taught boruto the bending shuriken throw , but the latter cheated his the heck out of his ninjutsu..sooo… . and yeah sasuke helped boruto out of his sorry ass of a ninja


 • the animation was ok at some parts …but there are also parts that will make you think that perriot is not in the mood to animate the movie. 

The fight scenes are awesome tho. 

 They butchered sasuke’s handsomeness, toned down sakura’s beauty and where is sarada’s charm. -____-

The Last has waaaaaay better animation -_-


Naruto is REALLY busy..but he’s trying his best to be a good dad T.T when that clone poofed while holding himawari’s heart dropped along with it T.T

Sasuke Trained bolt but only on how to throw ninja tools. sasuke’s relationship with mamakura and sarada chan is still A-OK! ( super lack of screen time tho.. no chats with mamakura..sigh)  

Sakura’s punch didnt even touched the falling ceiling but it disintegrated in to a pile of nothingness ..which is AWESOME! ( her screen time was like sasuke’s the last screen time)

Bolt’s tiny rasengan can disappear and reappear but before you know it you’re already dead XD

Sarada is cool but not much showcasing of her talents in this movie. She really wants to be the hokage. Boruto told Sasuke that its not his fault that he’s not good as sarada XD

Sarada teasing mamakura is life, also sarada understands sasuke’s job really well now..she doesnt whine anymore. she even told sasuke “ Strict as always, papa *rolls her eyes*” when talking about boruto’s apprenticeship 

Mitsuki’s mom and dad is orochimaru

Shikadai is shikamaru XD

That Bolt chidori was powered by the ninja hack tool

The sasusaku rooftop scene was just about 5 seconds long ..sigh…

gaara’s hair is something

boruto wants to be like uncle sauce while sarada wants to be like hokage sama ^^

borusara game is strong

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When I do my Vriska cosplay and get my blue flower crown, I am going to reenact? (I guess I'll call it that) Your flower crown Vriska c:

ahh ok!! <3

Anonymous said: what does your family think about all the wonderful art you do? Are they proud of you? ((DO THey know about the Dirkjake)) :oo

haha I guess my mom likes them, I only show her a little part of them tho because she wouldn’t understand the jokes or I just don’t feel like showing her, my dad likes them too I guess (and no they don’t, but I wouldn’t show them any shipping art in general)

Anon:Will you keep drawing homestuck after it ends? Or switch to another fandom. (your art is awesome btw and even if you don’t continue drawing HS i will still look forward to it! ;v;)

I’m gonna keep drawing it for as long as I feel like, so it doesn’t matter if it’s over or not ;v; also it has become really rare for me to get into new series /and/ be motivated enough to draw for them soo (thank you!)