my dad is my role model

Modern Fangirling Dictionary

1. I died.
MEANS: I am overwhelmed.
NOT: I am deceased.

2. OTP
MEANS: One True Pairing.
NOT: One Time Password.

3. Mom/Dad
MEANS: Role Model.
NOT: Mother/Father.

4. I hate this.
MEANS: I freaking love this.
NOT: I deplore this.

5. Slay.
MEANS: Show ‘em how it’s done.
NOT: Murder.

6. Thanks for ruining my life, see you in hell.
MEANS: You mean so much to my life. I’ll never leave this fandom.
NOT: A series of insults.

7. Adhkydvkvecibggrxavjnxjxsz
MEANS: A state of wordless excitement.
NOT: An aneurism.

Prompts for writing, journals, get to know me’s or whatever

About me

Am I a clean or messy person?
Am I a tea or coffee person?
Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
Am I afraid of heights?
Am I allergic to anything?
Am I an early bird or a night owl?
Am I an extrovert or introvert?
Am I an innie or an outie?
Am I easily embarrassed?
Am I in a relationship?
Am I left or right handed?
Am I much of a daredevil?
Am I scared of the dark?
Am I social?
Am I superstitious?
Am I ticklish?
Can I bake?
Can I cook?
Can I curl my tongue?
Can I dance?
Can I drive?
Can I juggle?
Can I play poker?
Can I roll my r’s?
Can I sing?
Can I spell well?
Can I swim?
Can I wiggle my ears?
Do I correct people when they make mistakes?
Do I have a collection of anything?
Do I have a strong accent?
Do I have any nicknames?
Do I have any pet peeves?
Do I have any piercings?
Do I have any strange phobias?
Do I have more girl friends or boy friends?
Do I have much of an ego?
Do I judge a book by its cover?
Do I like bubble baths?
Do I like classical music?
Do I like clowns?
Do I like my handwriting?
Do I like roller-coasters?
Do I like scary movies?
Do I like shopping?
Do I like to gossip?
Do I like to talk on the phone?
Do I like travelling?
Do I play any instruments?
Do I sleep with the lights on or off?
Do I smile at strangers?
Do I suck or bite lollipops?
Do I talk to myself?
Do I tend to hold grudges?
Do I use earphones or headphones?
Do I use sarcasm a lot?
Do I want any tattoos?
Do I wear glasses?
Have I ever been on a plane?
Have I ever been on tv?
Have I ever been to the hospital?
Have I ever crashed a car?
Have I ever got in trouble with the law?
Have I ever had a rumour spread about me?
Have I ever had braces?
Have I ever pulled an all-nighter?
Have I ever skipped school?
Have I ever started a rumour?
Have I ever thrown up in the car?
How long does it take for me to get ready?
How many relationships have I ever had?
How old was I when I first got my period?
How tall am I?
What am I most likely to be doing when I am outside?
What am I usually doing on a Friday night?
What are my favourite bands?
What are my favourite flowers?
What can I smell in the air?
What colours mostly dominate my wardrobe?
What is my appearance like?
What is my culture?
What is my current wallpaper on my phone?
What is my full name and why did I get it?
What is my greatest strength?
What is my greatest weakness?
What is my guilty pleasure?
What is my Hogwarts house?
What is my most expensive piece of clothing?
What is my most heavily used makeup product?
What is my most used phrase?
What is my most used word?
What is my personality like?
What is my personality type?
What is my religion?
What is my spirit animal?
What is my strangest talent?
What is my zodiac sign?
What is one trend that I completely bought into?
What is something I can’t do no matter how hard I try?
What is something I hated as a child that I like now?
What is the last thing I bought?
What is the longest I’ve ever gone without sleep?
What is the pet I would like to have?
What is the worst injury I’ve ever gotten?
What language do I want to learn?
What video games do I play when I want to relax?
What was the last book I read?
What was the last movie I saw?
What word do I always use as an exclamation?
What word do I always use to describe something great?
Where do I currently live?
Which is my favourite season?


What is my favourite accent?
What is my favourite animal?
What is my favourite band?
What is my favourite childhood book?
What is my favourite colour?
What is my favourite drink?
What is my favourite flavour of ice cream?
What is my favourite food to eat on a rainy day?
What is my favourite food to eat on a sunny day?
What is my favourite number?
What is my favourite place on the planet?
What is my favourite radio station?
What is my favourite sandwich?
What is my favourite snack?
What is my favourite song?
What is my favourite swear word?
What is my favourite word?
What is my favourite thing to wear?


Do I remember the day I met …?
How are my mother and I similar and different?
What are the compliments I have given other people?
What are the compliments people have given me?
What do my best friend and I have in common?
What gifts would I like to give everyone?
What if I could meet anyone on this planet – who would I choose?
Where is my best friend?
Which actors & actresses do I trust enough to watch whatever they’re in?
Which teachers inspired me the most?
Who are my favourite characters?
Who are my friends?
Who are my parents?
Who are my sisters?
Who are the new people I met? – their names and where we met
Who are the writers I trust enough to read anything they write?
Who brings the sunshine on the days I see nothing but a grey sky?
Who is my best friend?
Who is my celebrity crush?
Who is my favourite youtuber?
Who is my role model?
Who is my secret valentine?
Who is someone I admire?
Who is someone that saved me?
Who is the most intelligent person I know?
Who is the most supportive person in my life right now?
Who was the last person I texted?
Who would I like to go on a midnight adventure with?
Who would I love to randomly see this week?
Who would I really like to hug?
Who would I really like to punch?
Why am I grateful for …?
Why am I grateful for dad?
Why am I grateful for mum?


A playlist for 12-year-old me
A playlist for throwback Thursday
A playlist for when I’m angry
A playlist for when I’m in love
A playlist for when I’m in the mood to party
A playlist for when I’m sad
A playlist of songs that I have on repeat
A playlist that makes me want to dance
A playlist that makes me want to sing
A playlist to inspire me
A playlist to listen to on the bus/train
A playlist with the classics
A song that really speaks to me
A song that was stuck in my head today
Bands and their logos
Song lyrics
What are the first 6 songs when I put my playlist on shuffle?
What song always brings a smile to my face?


A place where the architecture made me want to wake up and see the city skyline every morning
A place where the customer service made me tip £100
A place where the memories were unforgettable
A place where the nature made me want to live in the middle of nowhere
A place where the people restored my faith in humanity
How to get to my favourite place
Places I have never been to but want to see.
Somewhere I want to go before I die
Somewhere I want to go before I turn 20
Somewhere I would rather be right now.
What are the popular places in town?
What is the worst place I’ve been to?
Where is my favourite place to shop?
Where was I born?


A list of every single song on the albums released by my fav bands

Every tom and jerry’s ice cream flavour (I want to try).

Places I would like to see.

Sounds I like.

Sounds I dislike.

Sports I like.

Star signs.

The first 5 things I saw on my way home.

The first 5 words that come to mind.

The main roman gods.

The main Greek gods.

Things I don’t own but like.

Things I want to buy.

Top 10 episodes to watch

Top 10 favourite quotes.

Top 10 movies to watch.

Top 10 people I want to meet.

Top 10 places in Manchester.

Top 10 restaurants I love.

What is the sentence on line 13 of page 23 in the book nearest to me?

What movies do I watch when I’m feeling down?

What tv shows do I always recommend?

What were my favourite tv shows as a child?

What words don’t seem real to me?

Wish list


A memory in summer

A memory in winter

A memory with my family.

A memory with my friends.

I’ll never forget the day (a teacher) did this.

Memories from high school

Special moments I want to witness.

The story behind my first kiss

The story behind my last kiss

The stories behind my scars

What are the memories I never want to forget?

What is my saddest memory?

What is the first thing I remember?

What is the funniest thing I remember?

What was my most embarrassing moment?

What was the happiest day of my life?

What was the last concert I went to?

What was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed?

What was the most disappointing thing in my life?

What was the most nervous I’ve ever been?

What was the saddest day of my life?

When was I last scared for my life?


A note to my favourite teachers.

Dear _____, I would like to tell you.

Dear 5-year-old me.

Dear 10-year-old me.

Dear 13-year-old me.

Dear 15-year-old me.

Dear 16-year-old me.

Dear 18-year-old me.

Dear 21-year-old me.

Dear 25-year-old me.

Dear all the boys I’ve liked.

Dear someone I need to forgive.

Letters to my future children.

Questions to answer

A wise person learns from the mistakes of others – do I agree?

Advice to any if the new kids at sf.

Am I a bad loser?

Am I a good liar?

Am I a writer?

Am I an artist?

Am I good at giving advice?

Am I happy with myself?

Am I happy with the person I’ve become?

Am I the kind of friend I would like to have as a friend?

Books I always reread

Can insanity bring on more creativity?

Do I admit when I’m wrong?

Do I believe that people are capable of change?

Do I belong here?

Do I hold grudges?

Do I have trust issues?

Do I like confrontation?

Do I live or do I just exist?

Do I prefer to be on camera or behind it?

Do I really want a cat?

Do I trust easily?

Have I ever been bullied?

Have I ever been on a date?

Have I ever felt like I wasn’t enough?

Have I ever felt rejected by my friends/family?

Have I ever had a friend turn into an enemy?

Have I ever had a paranormal experience?

Have I ever had a public perception of me change from good to bad?

Have I ever had a song or poem written about me?

Have I ever hopelessly failed a test?

Have I learnt from my mistakes?

How am I feeling?

How do I find comfort when I’m sad?

How do I vent my anger?

How do I want to be remembered?

How could I avoid getting hurt?

How does a (any appliance around the home) work?

How I think will determine how I live – agree or not?

How would I define my sense of humour?

What am I like when I’m angry?

What am I most afraid of?

What are some things that stand between me and complete happiness?

What did I like about being a kid?

What did I want to be when I was younger?

What do I admire most in others?

What do I hate about sf?

What do I hate most about myself?

What do I love most about myself?

What do I notice first when I see someone?

What do I think about selfies?

What do I think about the most?

What do I think could be improved in the educational system?

What do I think people think of me?

What do I touch first when I stick my arms out?

What do I wish I didn’t miss?

What do I wish for every night?

What does a rainbow mean to me?

What fictional character do I wish was real?

What fictional universe would I like to be a part of?

What is an experience that has made me stronger?

What is an item of clothing or jewellery you’ll never see me without?

What is my biggest dream and how do I plan on making it become a reality?

What is my biggest what if?

What is my greatest achievement?

What is my greatest failure?

What is my secret weapon to get someone to like me?

What is one aspect of myself that I feel confident about?

What is one thing I am interested in learning more about?

What is something that makes me feel vulnerable?

What is the best gift I’ve ever received?

What is the first thing I think of when I hear the word ‘heart’?

What is the hardest lesson I have had to learn in life?

What is the ideal age to be and why?

What is the most scandalous situation I’ve ever been involved in?

What is the nicest thing about a person?

What is the single best decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What is the single worst decision I’ve made in my life so far?

What makes a great relationship?

What makes me smile?

What motivates me to succeed?

What part of my life would I relive if I could?

What part of my life would I remove if I could?

What question am I afraid to tell the truth to?

What questions would I ask to get to know someone better?

What was I doing at 12am last night?

What was I like as a child and how did my personality change as I got older?

What was my favourite subject in school?What was the last lie I told?

What was the most ridiculous thing that made me cry?

What will I do in university?

What would I change about my sf?

What would I change about my life if you knew I would never die?

What would I change about the world?

What would I like to change this year?

What would I do differently if you knew that no one was judging me?

What would I do in the event of an apocalypse?

What would I have to see to cry tears of joy?

What would I want written on my tombstone?

When did I experience stage fright or nervousness in front of a crowd?

When do I feel most at peace?

When did I last send a handwritten letter to someone?

When did I not speak up, when I know I really should have?

When did I witness something controversial and had to keep it a secret?

When was the last time I cried?

Where do I see myself in 10 years’ time?

Where do I want to live?

Where is the best place to get pizza?

Where would I go if I got a plane ticket to anywhere?

Which do I value more in others, brains or beauty?

Who do I get on with better, girls or boys?

Who do I miss the most?

Who do I need the most?

Why couldn’t I get out of bed this morning?

Why couldn’t I sleep last night?

Why do I hate insects?

Why do dogs hate me and I hate them?

Will you lend me a hand – how do I think this idiom got started?

Would I ever spread gossip?

Would people consider me a diva?

Okay but seriously

It’s been wonderful seeing all the Dad!Gabriel and Dad!Jack ideas going around for when Jesse first joins Blackwatch, but y’all are missing the PRIMEST OF PRIME opportunities here:

Jesse with not one BUT TWO Commander Dads with bad puns, dad jokes, and a whole slew of embarrassing ideas.


Gabriel basically rescues and adopts Jesse from Deadlock

Jack: …well. This is it, Jack.
Jack: you’re a dad now.
Jack: time to be a loving and supporting partner to your husband in this endeavor, and a responsible and warmhearted role model to this poor kid who has had so much go wrong in his young life.
Jack: …
Jack: guess I gotta learn how to golf now.  
Jack: …
Jack: and also buy all my clothes from Costco.                      

Five minutes later

Gabriel: …what the actual fuck are you wearing
*Jack in Hawaiian button up, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jack: …
Jack: we’re dads now, Gabe.
Gabriel: …
Gabriel: shit you’re right

Five minutes later

Jesse comes outside into the break area of the Watchpoint.

Jesse: hey, y'all seen my hat anywhere? I think Fareeha hid it - CHICKEN ON A DONKEY WHAT THE FUCK
*Jack and Gabe practicing really bad golf swings in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and socks and sandals*
Jack: hello, kiddo
Gabe: sup, chico
Jesse: …
Jesse: Hey uh
Jesse: can I choose to go to jail instead      

Twenty minutes later

Ana: I should have expected this from you, Jack
Ana: but you too, Gabriel?? I expected better from you
Torbjörn: …you expected better from Gabriel “I wear my beanie in New Mexico” Reyes?
Gabriel: I detect some sarcasm there
Jack: Ana…Ana, don’t you see?
Ana: ??
Jack: we have a TEENAGER living in the base with us
Ana: …
Torbjörn: …
Reinhardt: …team, we know what we must do

Five minutes later

Jesse: still can’t find my hat - CHEESE WHIZ ON A CRACKER WHAT
*Entire Strike team in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jesse: …
Jack: …we’re all dads now

Twenty years later

In the theater on the Hollywood map

Jesse: …
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
Shiver Reaper: hey, chico
Golden 76: how ya doin’, kid?
Jesse: …
Hanzo: …do you know these people, Jesse?
Jesse: …nah
Lúcio: introduce us to your friends!
Jesse: …extra hell nah
Golden 76: hey Jesse
Golden 76: watch this!
*Golden 76 starts doing push ups*
Hanzo: …
Lúcio: …
Sombra: …
Jesse: how.  why.
Shiver Reaper: …like you’re one to talk
Shiver Reaper: you look ridiculous
Jesse: …
*flashbacks to late adolescent and young adult years of his foster fathers in bad polo shirts and ugly plaid pants and Daredevil 76 and Pumpkin Reaper*
*Jesse McCree has left the game.*
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
*Reaper and Soldier: 76 high-five*
Golden 76: We still got it.

(I cannot believe I have to add this but do not tag this as mc*/reyes//76 or any variation thereof)

#🙌🙌🙌: How Chris Suggs Got Into His Dream School

To read about more inspiring students like Chris, follow the hashtags #BetterMakeRoom and #CollegeSigningDay on Instagram and post your college acceptance story. Use (#🙌🙌🙌), thanking your three biggest inspirations, for a chance to be featured on Instagram.

“My name is Chris (@chrisjsuggs), and I’m 16 years old. This fall, I’m going to my dream school, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, so I can continue my work in public service. 2014 was probably one of the darkest times you’ve seen in my hometown of Kinston, North Carolina — nearly every other day you were seeing a shooting on the news. I knew I had to do something, and I felt like youth needed a role. So, I invited local media, our mayor, city council members and our police chief to a meeting where I presented my idea for an organization. That was the start of Kinston Teens, a nonprofit that empowers young people through service, leadership and civic engagement. My work there led me to become the youngest recipient ever of the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. And this past January, when the vice provost of admissions gave me a call personally telling me I was accepted into @uncchapelhill, I was overjoyed. I’m so excited to stay close to my community and continue to make a difference.

Three things I’m grateful for:

🙌 My organization, @kinstonteens. Our mission is to empower young people through service leadership, and it’s driven by my passion for my local community of Kinston. I’m committed to improving it.

🙌 Former President @barackobama and former first lady @michelleobama. They are definitely my biggest role models and always have been, throughout their entire time in office.

🙌 My parents. My mom is a teacher, and my dad works for our local government. As public servants, they have always inspired me to get involved — and stay involved.”

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader-What do you mean?

Thank you @juanchachi for requesting!! I changed a few things and I hope you like it! 

“What do you mean, ‘I can’t go to the party’?  I have attended many of your galas before and I do not understand why I cannot join you to another?” asked Damian.

His father sighed and said, “This is very important for Wayne Enterprises and your brothers are not able to come.  They usually are the ones who watch over you during these events, but since thy are not here, you are staying here with Alfred.”

“Why do you keep treating me like a child?!?” Damian shouted.

He grit his teeth and walked away, hoping not to break anything fragile during their fight.  He clenched and unclenched his hands while traveling up the stairs.  Titus was by his side in an instant and nudged his hand.  Damian looked at his companion and smiled.  Titus could always calm him down whenever he was in a mood and he was thankful for that.  Alfred watched the youngest of the family stomp up the stairs with Titus in tow.  He looked over to Bruce and shook his head.

“He needs a companion other than Titus, Master Bruce.  Do you think we can contact him and ask to drop her off?  They are around the same age and will have to get to know each other eventually.”

“I know.  I’m just worried that he will scare her off,” Bruce said.

“If I know Miss (Y/N) correctly, she will be the one who scares him away,” Alfred said with a slight smirk crawling onto his face.

Bruce laughed and shook his head, “I think she has spent too much time with him if she’ll scare Damian.  I’ll call him and ask if he can drop her off before patrol before I leave for the party.”

“I’ll go fetch the camera.”


“What do you mean, ‘I have to go spend time with the Demon’?  Are you trying to sentence me to death?” you asked your dad.

“I know that he’s a pain in the ass, but you’re gonna have to deal with him until Bruce finishes playing ass-kisser at the party,” your dad said with a gruff voice.

“And what will you be doing while I’m going to the first annual Wayne Hunger Games?” you questioned while folding your arms.


“I could be out there with you and make life so much easier.”

He rolled his eyes and threw you over his shoulders, “You’re going and that’s final.  If you even think about escaping the manor Alfred will contact me, and I will drag your sorry ass back there.  Do you really want to have a bad first impression?”

You laughed and said, “I’ll give him hell.”

“That’s my girl!!”


Your dad had driven you to the manor on his motorcycle.  You had your bag packed with all of the necessities: clothing, weapons, back-up weapons, a taser, two cellphones, random supplies and some books.  Isn’t that what everyone needs when seeing a Damian Wayne in the wild??  

“Welcome, Miss (Y/N).  It’s wonderful to see you again,” Alfred said with his heartwarming smile.

You smiled and ran up to hug him, “It’s nice to see you again too, Alfie.”

He chuckled and waved to your father, who just nodded and drove back to the city.  You watched him travel down the road until you could no longer see him.  Alfred then guided you through the entrance and into the kitchen where a wonderful aroma was coming from.

“Did you make cookies?” you squealed.

Alfred chuckled and nodded.  He grabbed the plate and offered.  You grabbed the one on the top and bit into the sugary goodness they call a cookie.  

“You gotta give me this recipe.  Dad can cook, but he can never replicate your cookies,” you said while grabbing another cookie.

“As long as you don’t give it to Master Grayson I will,” he responded.
“Awesome!!” you shouted.

“Who is this Pennyworth?” a voice asked behind you.

You turned around and saw Damian Wayne standing at the entrance of the kitchen with a scowl on his face.  You heard a bark and felt something bump into your hip.  You looked down and saw a dog nudging you.  You smiled and scratched behind his ears.  He licked your face and walked to Damian’s side.  You laughed and wiped the slobber off of your face with your jacket.  

“I’m (Y/N).  It’s nice to meet ya,” you said while holding your hand out.

He looked at your hand and walked passed you.  You dropped your hand to the side and frowned.  You knew that he was a ‘Demon’ from your dad, but you finally get why they call him that.

“Jerk face,” you muttered under your breath while grabbing another cookie.

“I will leave you two alone then,” Alfred said and walked off, abandoning you in the kitchen with an asshole and his adorable dog.

“I hope that father didn’t adopt another sob story,” Damian said.

You whipped your head toward his direction and said, “Excuse me?  Listen here you shit stain, your father did not adopt me or pick me off from the streets.  I happen to live happily with my badass dad and have respect for those I have around me.  Before you say anything from that shitty mouth of yours, how about you stop your judging and actually get to know the person you spoiled ass.”

You grabbed the plate of cookies and walked out of the kitchen.  Damian just stood there with a horrified expression painted on his face.   He never expected that colorful of a vocabulary from someone his age.  Titus nudged his side and walked out of the kitchen.  He scowled once again at the thought of you stealing his companion.

Saying you were pissed was an understatement.  He did not have the right to assume you were just another sob story that was taken off of the streets by his father.  You weren’t trying to overreact, but your anger got the best of you.  You sat on the very comfortable and expensive couch in the living room and ate Alfred’s cookies while watching your favorite movie and scratching Titus’ ears and head.  He was nuzzled to your side and rested his head on your lap.  You wondered how a nice dog could belong to the bag of dicks that was in the other room.
“Titus!  What are you doing?  I hope you are not feeding him those diabetic disks that you call food,” Damian said while walking up to you and Titus.

“Yes.  I’m feeding your dog Alfred’s most delicious cookies in the world that I only get to have every few months,” you said sarcastically while returning your attention to the movie.

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated, brat,” he hissed.

“Are we starting the name calling game? I have a lot of great ideas for your names and I don’t think you’ll want to hear most of them,” you said while smirking, “assbutt.”

Damian’s face went from angry to confused.  You tried to hold it in, but you bursted out laughing, stood up, and walked to the kitchen to return the plate.  Even if Damian is not friendly, he’ll be fun to mess around with until your dad comes to get you.

“Who is this?” Damian asked while holding your locket.

Your eyes widened and raced to take it out of his hands.  He held his hand high, but you knew how to win this game.  You turned around and walked away, but turned back around and tackled him to the ground.  You pried his hand open, took the locket and put it back on your neck.

“You had no right to take this,” you said while leaning up against the counter and shoving another one of Alfred’s cookies in your mouth.

“Who is in the locket?” he asked once again.

“My dead family. You happy now?”

You took another cookie from the second plate and ate it.  You didn’t like to talk about your old family because it brought up too many memories.

“What happened?” he asked.

“My parents and siblings were murdered five years ago and my grandfather died due to natural causes a year later.”

“Did they get the murderer?”

“Why were you talking about your father earlier?  I thought you said that he was-”

“My adoptive dad you idjit.”

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry that I said those things to you.  It was irrational and unfair to you.”

“Apology some-what accepted,” you said while smirking.

“I guess that will suffice.  Where did you learn to fight like that?” he asked.

“My grandfather was a boxer and he taught me everything he knew before he passed.  I also took many self defense classes because of my parents, but I perfected most of it while I lived on the streets and when I was adopted by my dad,” you said while pulling yourself up on the counter.

“Did you look up to him?”

“Yup.  He was my role model and basically took care of me when my parents couldn’t, which was all of the time,” you said while faintly smiling.

“How did you meet your adoptive father?” he asked.

“I busted into his apartment and tried to steal some food.  He tried to stop me from leaving and received a fist to the face.  If his friend wasn’t there he would’ve been knocked out on the floor with a nasty headache.  He gave me some more food while he asked me how long I’ve been on the streets and offered for me to stay awhile.  That was about three years ago.”

“Maybe we do have some things in common,” he said.

“Care to explain?”

“I was raised by my mother and grandfather and I looked up to him like you did to your grandfather.  Now I live with my father and Alfred.  They saved me from a very dark future.”

You nodded, “I guess if I never ran into my dad I would become a criminal and get my ass kicked by you and your father.”
Damian’s eyes widened, “You know about that?”

You rolled your eyes, “Of course I do.  Do you even know who my dad is?”


You smirked and said, “Better not ruin the surprise then.”


“Miss (Y/N), your father has arrived,” Alfred said.

You smiled while jumping out of the couch and running to the entrance.  He was talking with Alfred while you jumped on him and gave him a hug.

“You didn’t miss me too much did ya?” he asked.



You looked behind you and saw Damian with a shocked expression on his face.  You and your dad laughed.  

“Did he do anything?” Jason asked while glancing at Damian.

“Yup but I used by colorful vocabulary and everything turned out well.”

He held out a fist and you bumped it.  You let go of him and dropped yourself on the ground.

“Go get your stuff.  Roy is at home with a bunch of junk food and over fifty movies, so get your stuff and let’s get out of here.”

You squealed and ran off to the kitchen to grab your bag and pack all of Alfred’s cookies.  Jason watched you run out of the room before glaring at Damian.

“If you ever hurt her, physically or mentally, I will kill you slowly and make sure they will never find your body.  Not even Bruce will be able to find you.  She will be visiting more often due to me being out on missions and you better not do anything again.  You got it?”
Damian gulped and nodded.  

“I got everything!! Let’s go!!” you shouted.

“Bye (Y/N)!” Damian shouted.

“Bye Damian!” you shouted.

Alfred put a hand on Damian’s shoulder and said: “Be thankful she did not overreact when you said all of those things to her.  Master Tim was not as lucky as you when he first met her.”

“Be. A. Good. Role. Model.

One of the little girls, whose class I visited yesterday, asked her dad to find and watch videos of me today. She landed on Event 1 from the 2016 #CrossFitGames Central Regional. Snatches.
Rowan chalked up, taped up her thumbs, laced up her Nanos, prayed to the snatch gods and WODed right alongside me. She is my hero, and my motivation to compete in Madison.

This, this right here is why I train, why I compete and why I set goals bigger than myself. In the hopes that little girls and boys will grow up to be strong, both physically and mentally, and create a future generation that is unstoppable.”

—Sheila Barden 🇺🇸, 34th at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games


Ms Perfect: How it should have ended.

(Bryan takes Eun Hee to a hospital abroad to make sure she is kept away from people who are detrimental to her mental health; a few months later Jung Hee asks the kick-ass lawyer couple Jae Bok & Bong Goo to help him with his charges of fraud and corruption, naturally they refuse; the kids have a strong and healthy support network around them so they will be just fine when their biological dad goes to prison; Bong Goo tries his best to be a good role model to the kids, even though Jae Bok already has that pretty much covered; Cheri becomes a president of mental health awareness organization in her school; etc etc)

Why I Don't

They say drink ale for whatever ails you;
Lovers will leave but whiskey won’t fail you;
Wine, beer, tequila, vodka, and gin–
You know it’s working when the room spins.
Frankly, it’s not my idea of fun;
I’ve long seen it lived out by someone
Near and dear to me, he can’t get enough–
He lives for the next round, it’s his true love.
Since I can remember, it’s been this way,
Though there were times he put the bottles away.
It was short-lived, never long enough for me;
I’m so invested in his sobriety
‘Cause he was the first male role model I had,
He’s in my blood…he’s my one and only dad.

No, I don’t drink, I guess the reason why
Is for all the times alcohol made me cry.


“When I was growing up, I knew enough not to have role models in the traditional way we think of them… What is a role model? It’s someone who kind of looks like you, and grew up the same way you did, and then made a profession of where you want to land… What I did is assemble my role models a la carte… I didn’t want to be them, I just wanted that talent that they were expressing. So I stapled together, Frankenstein-style, this ‘role model.’”

— Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Male Mc Mystic Messenger ZEN Route: Day 5 {Hour 21:12 + Yoosung Call}

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Hour: 21:12 ZEN vs Jumin

Zack spent the rest of his time looking out the window watching the storm slowly reach a calm. Now only rain was drizzling onto the flooded sidewalks and a gentle breeze was swaying the burnt tree branches. He held his phone in his hand and sighed in annoyance. What was he so upset for? It wasn’t like he was attracted to ZEN. Ha! 


Well maybe just a little. Well it’s not like it even mattered. J-just attraction is all nothing else. 


No that was a lie. Zack gripped his forehead and let out an exasperated sigh. This was stupid and ridiculous. It was too much trouble to be thinking about all of this. Right now he just needed to focus on the RFA, not high school butterflies and crushes. AGH! It wasn’t a crush! Well it was but… Forget it! 

His phone buzzed and suddenly the computer lit up. He looked down to see he was getting a barrage of emails and text messages. Guess the power and signal was back on. He got up and checked all the items in the freezer before checking the computer. Everything was up and running. He rubbed his face in annoyance, he just wasn’t in the mood to do anything for the rest of the night. He was pissed off at ZEN and pissed off at himself. 

He unlocked his phone and saw a chat open. He could just ignore it. Shit. Fine he wouldn’t he was too addicted to talking to these people. 

He froze when he saw it was ZEN. Dammit… He already swiped to join and it was logging him in. He could just press the home button but- 

ZEN>: Ah, I had such a great workout!
ZEN>: Zack! Heheh how’d you know I was done? You stalking me~? Hahaha!

If he logged out now it’d be too obvious that he was trying to avoid him. Dammit. 

     <: I think everyone would know you’re done working out.  
     <: You seem like the type of person who posts his workout on all the social media’s 

ZEN>: Someone’s being a bit sassy heheh! 
ZEN>: But
ZEN>: You’re right. 
ZEN>: Sit tight little prince~ I’ll show you! 

     <: Little prince? What? 

ZEN>: Hahaha! I don’t even know why I put that. 

Jumin Han>: Oh brother. 

     <: Jumin, hello, did you get hit by the storm? 

Jumin Han>: I didn’t but my company did. Everything is fine of course. 

     <: I see. 

ZEN>: Here ya go!

ZEN posts a picture of himself drinking a beer and wearing a towel over his shoulders. 

Jumin Han>: You drink, smoke, and exercise. 
Jumin Han>: You might as well stop acting as if you’re healthy for all of that leads to nothing. 

ZEN>: Hey! It does! I don’t smoke all the time! 

     <: And the beer? 

ZEN>: We can’t all be pure. 

     <: It’s not like you’re getting drunk all the time so I guess it’s okay. 

Jumin Han>: You are just another man forgiving his actions because of his looks. 

     <: Oh damn. 
     <: Someone bought the wrong cat food for El. 

Jumin Han>: Elizabeth 3rd. 

ZEN>: You are being more of a jerk than usual today. 

Jumin Han>: I’m just stating a fact. You are not a good role model. 

ZEN>: Oh whatever, you’re own dad isn’t a good role model. He just picks up beautiful young girls who are stupider than a bag of rocks. 

     <: Okay let’s stop now. 
     <: We’re all in a pissy mood. Let’s just shut up and change the subject. 

Jumin Han>: I am nothing like my father. I am a good role model. 

ZEN>: No you’re not! You flaunt your money and live alone with a cat. That’s nothing to strive for! 

Jumin Han>: But I am successful. 

ZEN>: Oh my god you infuriate me. 

Jumin Han>: And you can be successful as well if you do the commercial. 


Jumin Han>: Cat’s are truly the joys of life. 

      <: I mean they’re cute but dogs 

Jumin Han>: Don’t even finish typing. 

     <: Oh. 

ZEN>: Hey, jerk, leave my prince alone. 

Jumin Han>: This again? Your prince? 

ZEN>: Ha! I’ve just been messing around. 

Jumin Han>: It seems you make poorer decisions than I thought. 
Jumin Han>: For one your ‘pet name’ is confusing. 
Jumin Han>: And secondly you keep letting the fact of not getting along with cats prevent you from a great business opportunity. 

ZEN>: It’s not that I don’t get along with them, it’s that I AM ALLERGIC. Why can’t you understand that? 
ZEN>: And besides, I just say my prince because he looks like one. He knows it’s friendly don’t you Zack? 

     <: ya 

Jumin Han>: Perhaps you’re allergic to cats because you were evil to them and God plagued you with a curse. 

ZEN>: What even? 

Jumin Han>: You can overcome this obstacle with love. You would be doing a service to these blockades if you did. 

ZEN>: I’m allergic! 

Jumin Han>: That isn’t the only thing I’m speaking of. 

ZEN>: ??? 

      <: So… I understand the allergy issue. It really does suck. 

ZEN>: See! Zack always gets me!

Jumin Han>: Whether it be professional relationship or not you must understand that there are limitations to your fame. 

ZEN>: What are you even going on about? 

Jumin Han>: So choose wisely and take opportunities while you can. 

ZEN>: Choose wisely in what? Your stupid cat commercial? You know what? 
ZEN>: I’m done talking about it. 

Zack lowered the phone. Was Jumin reiterating what Jaehee had said? He sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. This sucked, it was like everyone but ZEN knew what he was feeling. Maybe to feel better he could just blame ZEN for his sudden obliviousness to all this. No. He wouldn’t even though he childishly wanted to. 

ZEN>: So Zack? I take it the storm has moved onward. Is everything okay? 

     <: Yes, a tree caught on fire but everything is good. 

Jumin Han>: How rude to dismiss my generosity. 

ZEN>: Wow! A tree caught on fire? That’s insane. 

Jumin Han>: It’s rude to ignore people trying to help you. 

ZEN>: Geez, you go about it so annoyingly. 
ZEN>: You can’t win me over like that. 

Jumin Han>: I thought you wanted someone else to win you over. But if you insist. 

ZEN>: Wait! 
ZEN>: No that’s not what I meant! 

Jumin Han>: I’ll send you roses. 

     <: Kinda old school. 

Jumin Han>: Have you ever received flowers Zack? 

      <: …..No :( 

Jumin Han>: I’ll find a way to send you roses then. 

ZEN>: Don’t! 
ZEN>: Don’t send me roses and don’t send him roses! 
ZEN>: Zack if you get roses 
ZEN>: burn them! 
ZEN>: And get rid of the ashes. 

     <: seven days… 

ZEN>: What? 

    <: I dunno it sounded like they were cursed 
    <: It was the first thing that came to my mind okay! 

ZEN>: Hahaha! Cute! You are my prince. 

     <: Um… can you stop calling me that? 

Especially when you don’t mean it. Just stop. 

ZEN>: Oh.
ZEN>: Sorry about that. 

     <: It’s fine. 

Jumin Han>: Either way you’ll still have ashes. 

ZEN>: shut up. 
ZEN>: It’s like you’re saying I can’t succeed without your help. 
ZEN>: You offered to advertise my musical and then go on saying that I shouldn’t ignore the power of money. 
ZEN>: You’re just wasting your breath. 

Jumin Han>: It’s like you have something against me. 
Jumin Han>: Are you perhaps
Jumin Han>: Jealous

ZEN>: No, you’re just annoying. 
ZEN>: I’m doing fine without your help. 

Jumin Han>: Congrats. 

ZEN>: You know what? I’m tired of thinking about you so much

Jumin Han>: Weird. I didn’t know I occupied your mind so much.

ZEN>: and your insufferab

Jumin Han>: Is it me who you actually have feelings for? 


     <: This is interesting and also frustrating. 

ZEN>: He’s probably smiling right now! It pisses me off. 

Jumin Han>: I am. 
Jumin Han>: You know me so well darling. 

ZEN>: I don’t need you to do well!

Jumin Han>: Ya

ZEN>: I’m done. 
ZEN>: You’ll see! I’ll do amazing in my new roll! 

Jumin Han>: Ah so I motivated you. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna break my phone!!!! 

Jumin Han>: I’m happy to be of service. 

ZEN>: Gah! 

Jumin Han>: What a fun conversation. Perfect before I go to bed. Good night. 

     <: Night. 

Jumin Han>: Thank you. 

        Jumin Han has left the chatroom. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna cuss

     <: It’s cool. That was kinda frustrating on my end too. 
     <: buuuuut that being said
     <: I’m smiling too. 

ZEN>: I don’t mind if you’re smiling. 
ZEN>: You being here helps, prince
ZEN>: Oh sorry. 
ZEN>: Zack. 

     <: It’s fine. 

ZEN>: I’m gonna go practice. 
ZEN>: Get some sleep yourself :)

     <: Yeah I will. 
     <: Thanks. 

ZEN>: Heh! See ya! 

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

     <: You’re the prince. 

He closed his phone and sighed. What an annoyance. He watched the flooded streets send it’s small waves of water run down the hills. He felt his phone buzz and let out an annoyed grunt. Without looking who was calling he picked up. 

“Hello?” He said tiredly. 

“Oh!” It was Yoosung. “Sorry did I wake you?” 

“No you didn’t. Just relaxing is all.” He said as leaned back and rested his head on the pillows. 

“Oh good! I was calling to see if you’re okay. I mean I checked the weather again and saw it finally passed.” 

Zack slightly smiled. “Yeah, thanks, it’s all good here.” 

“Oh I’m- cast cure you shitty idiot!” 

“Woah. Damn.” 

Yoosung sighed and then made a blabbering noise. “Ah u-uhm s-s-sorry I didn’t mean to get all angry. It’s just been a… trying battle.” 

“Heh, well don’t break your keyboard.” 

“No way! It’s my lifeline. B-but I uh called for another reason.” 

“You mean my well being isn’t at the top of your list?” 

“No. I mean yes!! Ah I mean-” 

Zack chuckled. “I’m kidding.” 

“Ah… you’re mean.” He faked crying. “You and Seven always tease me.” 

“You’re an easy target.” Heh, Yoosung was pretty cute. He was pretty ni- 

No stop. Now wasn’t the time. 

“That’s! Not…. it is true isn’t it. Ah! I don’t want to forget, uhm I called to ask if you could get me ZEN’s autograph? I mean I’m sure if you asked he would gladly give it to you. Plus he knows where you work so you can ask in person.” 

“Gonna sell it?” 

“Well…. no. Actually I want to flaunt it. I can go around saying I’m friends with someone famous. And have him write “To my loving friend and brother, Yoosung.”” 

“You’re… not serious are you?” 

“Yes totally serious.” 

Zack pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ahm… yeah okay.” 

Yoosung chuckled. “Great! Okay I need to pre-order something so I’ll let you go! Good night!” 

“Night, loving friend and brother Yoosung.” 

“Nnngh…. yeah… okay I hear it now, I’ll think of something else.” 

Zack laughed and hung up. Heh, Yoosung. 


He really was cute and nice. 


The pictures all belong to Rico Haase, Marco Zanone and Lena Herrmann / copyright Rico Haase, Marco Zanone and Lena Herrmann !!

Lena Herrmann, born January 28th 1994, is one of the strongest climbers in Germany. After having won lots of junior competitons she started focussing more on rockclimbing. In June 2016 she became the 1st woman to climb 8c+ in the Frankenjura (Germany) with the route “Battle Cat”. Jean-Marc had the chance to do an interview with her. Have fun reading :)

Also, check out the following movie about Lena climbing Battle Cat (8c+): 

1. Wie alt warst du, als du mit Klettern angefangen hast und wie bist du dazu gekommen?

How old were you when you started climbing and how did you discover this sport?

Ich war noch ein kleines Mädchen als ich meine ersten Kletterversuche gestartet habe. Mein Papa hat meine Schwester und mich mit in den Wald genommen, wo wir anfangs mehr im Dreck gespielt haben als zu klettern. Ich erinnere mich unglaublich gern, und sogar noch sehr intensiv, an diese Tage. Später wuchs dann das Interesse für das, was Papa so machte, während wir spielten, und somit entwickelte sich der Reiz fürs Klettern!

I was only a little girl when I started my first tries in climbing. My dad took me and my sister into the woods where we played more in the dirt at the beginning than we were climbing. I love to remember those days and I still remember them as if it were yesterday. Later, I grew some interest in which my father did while I was playing and I developped an attraction for climbing!

2. Hast du irgendwelche Kletteridole?

Do you have any role models in climbing?

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psa: super heckin long

I saw some other simblrs do this, and thought it is a great way to ‘celebrate’ mental health awareness week/month/whatever it is. 

So, here! Have a little bit of my journey (so far). I still have a long way to go, but maybe it’ll help other people.

edit: a little bit in my terms means a lotta bit, apparently

also uh TW for abuse and w/e its not good lmao

also its a jumble be prepared

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I hope I did this justice! It was really fun to write and I hope you like it love :) @selenedarkbloom

This was it. High school was over. If you had asked Betty a few years ago if she ever thought she’d make it to this day, she’d had laughed and expressed her concerns.

“Hey gorgeous.” Jughead stood behind her, snaking his arms around her waist. They were currently at Veronica’s penthouse, enjoying a wild graduation party. Things were getting a little crowded, so as Archie chugged a mix of various drinks, she snuck out in the balcony for some air.

“Hi. You enjoying yourself?” Betty giggled as she turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. They had been through a lot through the years. Polly, Jason’s murder, FP Jones, and even their fair share of fights. But they made it and she couldn’t wait for new experiences with him at USC. He had been accepted to various schools across the country and so had she, a few of hers far more elite than his choices, but they decided on California together.

“I would be, if my girlfriend didn’t leave me to clean up Archie’s puke all alone.” Jughead cringed, leaning forward and resting his nose against hers, playfully nudging it.

“Sorry, but it’s all getting a bit too much. I just came out here to think.” Betty sighed softly, toying with the collar of his black button up. He rarely wore formal shirts like this, but when he did, Betty couldn’t keep her hands off of him.

“Think about what?” He raised his eyebrows in concern, his thumbs moving in circles as they rested on her velvet dress.

“Just everything. Can you believe it’s all over?” Betty couldn’t help the way her voice quavered. She couldn’t imagine not waking up to V’s insistent morning texts or helping Kevin with his boy drama or even watching Archie grow into the sophisticated man he was today as opposed to who he was sophomore year. It all ended too fast. All she really had left was Juggie.

“I know, it’s kind of surreal. We’re not that far away from them y'know and I’m sure Ronnie will force everyone to come back every break we have.” Jughead reassured her, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

“Yeah, that’s true. It’s just going to be hard not being around them every day.” She captured her bottom lip in between her teeth and looked down. She looked as if she were hesitating to ask something, which prompted Jughead to move one of his hands up to her cheek, stroking the soft skin with his thumb.

“I just…I’m worried about us. We’ve been together for so long and I’m still so in love with you. I hope you are too. But college is this whole big thing and I don’t know. Where do you see us in 10 years time?” Betty inquired, her shoulders slightly shrugging and a concerned expression etched across her face.

“You already answered for me.” Jughead chuckled and his fingers finding a strand of her wavy blonde locks and twirling it around. Her expression changed from concerned to confused as her mouth formed a small pout. He laughed at his girlfriend’s cute features and leaned forward, pecking her pouted lips.

“I mean, you said where do I see us. And that’s it, I see us in 10 years. Still together, happily married, good jobs, white Pickett fence house that you most likely forced me to buy because it just had ‘something’ about it.” Jughead smiled fondly at the blonde beauty in front of him as her face broke out into a large grin.

“And what about..children?” Betty wondered, her finger finding a stray curl from under her boyfriend’s beanie. He even wore it graduation.

Jughead hesitated. It wasn’t that he didn’t want children. That wasn’t it at all. It tugged at his heart strings, the thought of mini Betty’s running around their house.

“Oh.” Betty took his silence as a response as she slightly pulled away from him, her eyebrows creasing in thought. She wanted kids with Juggie, she wanted mini Jughead’s running around with the exact same beanie on their heads. Did he not want that with her?

“No, no, Betts.” Jughead pulled her back towards him, his arms resting on either side of her as she leaned against the balcony railing. He tucked his head against the nape of her neck and sighed. He smiled slightly when he felt her shudder at the feel of his breath. They were never good with keeping their hands to themselves even after so many years together.

“I just worry. About me. As a father.” He finally revealed after a long pause. He didn’t want to end up like FP. He wanted to be a good father, who’s there for his kids and doesn’t shut down when things get hard. Sure, FP was better now, but it took him years and it wasn’t enough to make up for everything else Jughead missed out on in his childhood.

Betty watched him carefully, as he frustratedly ran a hand through his hair causing his beanie to fall. She watched as he picked it up and let out a heavy sigh.

“What if..what if you decide that I’m not enough for you and you leave? I don’t think I could take care of kids on my own without turning into my dad. I love him, I do, but he’s not exactly the role model that I envisioned. Hell, I’d even be worried about him as a grandfather. Where does that leave me? We share the same genes. Even if you don’t leave, so many things could happen and I..I could ruin them.” He swallowed hard, his shoulders slumped in defeat as he lay down his insecurities in front of her.

“Oh are not your father. I know you, you know me. I would never leave you and if you treat our kids even half as good as you treat me, they’d be fine. I have watched you grow from such a broken boy to the man you are today. I want to have your kids and I know you want them too. I’m scared. I’m scared that one day I’ll snap again and it’ll be on them. But I know that I’ll have you there and we’ll try. Remember, we’re not our parents.” Betty smiles, recalling the first time he said that before he kissed her. As if on cue, he lets out a small smile too, remembering the time he crawled through her window and told her that before finally giving into his feelings.

“I love you, Betts. I’m just scared is all.” He wraps his arms around her and she leans up, pulling him into a passionate kiss. He grins against her mouth and leans into her, his hands moving down to her hips and gripping them tightly. He groans when she pulls away and looks up at him expectantly.

“When the time comes, we’ll get through the dark haze together. No matter what. You’re my best friend and the love of my life and I’ll be damned if I let you think you’ll be a bad father to our children. Okay, Romeo?” She sternly raises her eyebrows and crosses her arms over her chest.

“Okay, Juliet.” He laughs, capturing her lips once more and wrapping her in his arms.

“All right lovebirds! You have 4 whole years to do that, come inside and watch Archie drink pickle juice and rum!” Veronica shouted from the slide doors, her head peeking out.

Betty and Jughead simultaneously rolled their eyes before walking towards the door.

“Surprisingly, I’m gonna miss you Ronnie.” Jughead tells her fondly before heading inside.

“Love you, V. You’re gonna be a great aunt someday.” Betty smiles and hugs her before heading inside, leaving a confused Veronica.

“Wait, are you pregnant?!”

it’s going to rain tomorrow, i held off on telling ppl, i’m pretty sure i didn’t tell the wrong ppl or didn’t tell them the right way, and one of the role model elder gay ppl i was rly looking forward to seeing died and his funeral is on the same day 

honestly my biggest worry about my wedding tomorrow is that nobody will bother to show up, just like my open mics. it will be my wife, her boyfriend who will get grumbly, my mom and dad glaring daggers at each other, my brother and 4 of his punk friends whose names i don’t remember, a dude my wife met at a convention 2 months ago, and my best friend from middle school who drove in to get her cat back. the cake will not show up and i will be judged for my choice of venue, food, and date. 

a) is this normal 

b) would my shitty bachelor party where i only had $20, went to 2 of my cheap favorite industrial bars with my friends and couldn’t afford the cover on Sports Event Night, went to the bar my brother works at for solace and food and found neither, came home to find out that all the pizza places were closed, and wrote a blog about it be more/less funnier more/less sympathetic if i was a dude 

c) what do normal women do/worry about the night before they are about to get married 



I don’t insist that any of my ideas or opinions are the perfect form, but I’ve kind of accepted the fact that I’m a role model for a lot of different types. I’m mixed race—my dad is black and my mom is white—and I’m very pale. Growing up there weren’t a lot of mixed people in the media who were as pale as I was. I always felt like I was too light to identify with anyone else. I now have girls reach out to me all the time and say, ‘I’m mixed race like you and I’m just as white as you are. Thank you for being that for me.’ Or, you know, someone reaches out with a mental illness or someone reaches out who is, you know, a feminist. I just like to be the in-between role model—the one I didn’t have growing up. At the same time, if I’m going to be a role model, I would rather kids idolize my intention to do good and my intention to be myself and my intention to be different rather than my actions. I think my intentions are more admirable than my actions.

People shaming me because I said that my father raised me and thought everything I know, they are saying that I am a bad woman because I let a relationship with a man define me, well would you have rather have my crazy alcoholic mom raise me so I could had a female role model. My dad took both roles, mom and dad. Deal with it. Men aren’t all sexists and rapists, some of them are even more qualified to raise children.

Celebrating Prince For 48 Hours In Minneapolis

“The Prince video that lives in my skin is “Kiss” (That crop top! The silver waist-chain! The Cuban heels!), but my favourite song is a toss-up between “If I Was Your Girlfriend” and “The Beautiful Ones”. And every time I hear “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” I cry. Prince was dirty, and cool, and confusing. Prince never felt safe – not safe to love, and not safe to consider a role model. When he changed his name to the symbol, my dad rolled his eyes, and so I did too. But I found the whole symbol phase fascinating – how dare he do this? It made no sense! He was the weirdo I wanted to be with, or just be. I fancied Prince, even as I knew he would devour someone like me – a generally timid, obedient person. Prince was everything. He was all the things. And this is something I had never thought to articulate before, because I assumed there would decades for me to gather all my thoughts and present them in prose.”

— On the first anniversary of his death, here’s a piece I wrote about celebrating his life in his hometown in the immediate aftermath of his death in 2016. Love you, Prince. Always.

 headcanon oo7( maybe )

        when veronica was younger wanted to have hiram at spence’s bring your parent to school day. she was so excited, ready to tell everyone about the world’s greatest dad. she wanted to show off that this was the person she aspired to be the most. this is where her lowkey dreams about taking over the company come from. however, veronica was still understanding of how he had a busy schedule, so even if he didn’t make it she would be happy if he made it up to her in some way. even if it was as simple as taking her to her favorite ice cream place at serendipity’s and buying the more expensive sundaes at the joint.  now, hiram doesn’t make it and as  ( @sonderlithe and i discussed),  this is the beginning of when hiram starts giving gifts to ronnie. when he gifted her with a present he saw how happy veronica was. how her face LIT up with happiness that her father had given her something. this begins a materialistic cycle of hiram giving veronica gifts as a way to make up for everything, thinking that him missing all these events could excuse the fact that he wasn’t there.  veronica rationalizes this by thinking the gift giving shows how much he cares about her. she thinks that he’s taken the time to get something out of his busy schedule to do something for her. with this in mind, veronica cherishes each gift he’s given her, holding onto them as a memento for every time he delivers a present. this is something veronica believes up until she finds out the truth about her father, about how she questions what he truly sees in her, and if he’s worth the trusting at all. 

Abusive Father - Kian Lawley Imagine

‘You know what? Fuck you!’ I screamed at my dad before storming off into my bedroom. 

‘What did you just say to me?! Y/n, come back here immediately!’ He yelled following me upstairs, but I locked my door and threw myself on the bed crying. 

Fathers are usually the main role model for their children. They support, inspire, encourage and most of all, they love their children the most in the world. They want the best for their kids and they’d kill anyone who would try to hurt their child, especially if it’s a daughter. But that wasn’t the case in my ‘family’. My father was nothing like that; he wasn’t loving or inspiring father who’d do anything for me. It was totally opposite. I have never felt that fatherly love. He has always been harsh to me for no reason. It seemed like he always does everything just to hurt me. He never supported me, he’d always blame me for everything that goes wrong in his life. He even hit me one time so hard that I had a bruise on my cheek for two weeks. He was literally making me feel miserable.

My mom left him a long long time ago and now she’s married to another guy who she has kids with. We’re still in touch, but I refused to live with her since she moved to another country and I didn’t want to leave my friends and my boyfriend. My boyfriend, Kian, is the only thing in my life that really matters to me. He’s the best person ever and honestly, I don’t know where would I be now that he wasn’t there with me through whole this time. 

It was around 2:30 a.m. and I was sitting on the floor on my balcony with a cigarette and a cup of coffee in my hands. This was my favourite thing to do every time I’d be upset over my father and that was very often. I find night and silence very soothing and I enjoy it. 

‘Y/n! Open the door!’ My dad was banging against the door again and this time I started to cry. Honestly, I couldn’t take this pain anymore. No child should be going through something like this. 

All I wanted was to call Kian and tell him to pick me up and that’s what I did. 
‘What’s wrong, baby? Why are you crying? Did he hurt you? Cause if he did, I’ll fucking break his-’ 

‘Just come and pick me up, okay?’ I cut him off. 

‘Okay, I’ll be there in 5 minutes.’ 

Soon, Kian arrived and he knocked on the door. As my dad was still awake, before I could, he went and opened the door. 

‘What the fuck are you doing here?’ He asked Kian. 

‘Kian..’ I said. ‘baby’ He was about to enter the house, but my dad stopped him by pushing him out by his shoulder. 

‘Where do you think that you’re going?’ He asked him. 

‘Sir, I’m not in the mood to argue with you.’ Kian said trying to keep calm. 

‘Oh, well we don’t need to argue, but you need to leave this house and my daughter alone.’ 

‘Oh, now she’s your daughter?’ Kian said sarcastically. 

‘If you were a real father, your daughter wouldn’t want to run away from you.’ Kian continued. 

‘You little piece of shit.’ My dad mumbled andswug his fist at Kian. 

‘No!’ I screamed. Kian didn’t want to fight him back so he just pushed him and ran past him to me. 

‘Let’s go.’ He took my hand in his and we quickly ran away from the house. 

We entered Kian’s house and he led me to his bedroom. 

‘Come here.’ He said pulling me into his chest and placing a kiss on my forehead.‘I’m sorry.’ He whispered. 

‘I can’t take this anymore, Kian.’ 

‘You won’t have to because you’re not going back there anymore.’ He said. ‘Everything’s gonna be alright baby, okay? Do you trust me?’ He said taking my face into his hands. I nodded and he placed a kiss on my lips. ‘Let’s go to bed now.’ 

Kian pulled me to him as he pulled the covers over the two of us. ‘I love you.’ I whispered. 

‘I love you too, baby girl.’ He whispered back. I had my arms tightly wrapped around him as he was making small and gentle circles with his fingertips on my lower back until I drifted off to sleep.