my dad is getting mad because i'm listening to him too much

Last night's episode of The Good Doctor is proof that even super “loving” parents of autistic people can royally bork it up just as bad as abusive ones.

I figured out why Shaun was saying “I don’t like him” about Liam as soon as I saw Liam’s parents being all loving and sweet. But then I remembered those loving parents were shoving herbal treatments and special diets on him, probably trying to “fix” him, and I was mad at them for most of the episode. 

I wonder how many autistic kids out there right now have severe digestive problems BECAUSE of these bullshit diets. Okay, if gluten is the issue, avoid gluten! Don’t throw a bunch of different things at them and then assume it’s autism when their behavior tanks! Foods have minerals. Multivitamins and herbal “remedies” have minerals. It’s like taking Motrin, Advil and Ibuprofen and wondering why you have ulcers…uhhhh because you’re overdosing on Ibuprofen?! Motrin and Advil have Ibuprofen in them!!

So your kid, who is on all these diets and supplements, is probably in pain because of all the shit you’re feeding them overloading them with minerals and chemicals. Too much of any chemical is bad for the body, period.

Moving on…

The dad finally decided to ask Liam what he wanted for once…and HOW old was Liam before his dad finally decided to respect his autonomy?

Also, to all neurotypicals who think the parents saying they didn’t want Shaun performing the surgery was over the top? HAHAHA shut up, that is exactly what autistic people have to put up with EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. WE. EXIST. because of you neurotypicals.


That’s exactly how you treat us without even knowing it.

22 Steps is the episode that shows why it is so important to listen to autistic voices .

I’m glad to see Neil come around.

I cried my ass off when Shaun made that incision while remembering his little plastic knife.

This is a casual reminder that Shaun is an abuse survivor and his trauma is not lesser just because it doesn’t manifest in a typical way, because he is not neurotypical.

Take notes, neurotypicals. 


Quick edit: Anyone can reblog this whether autistic or not. In fact, reblog it, spam it around. Get it seen. This is real life for autistic people portrayed on TV in the realest way I’ve ever seen. 

*poofs away*


There was a lot going on Friday the 13th… Most of us probably missed something. So what I’m trying to do here is gather tweets and Tumblr posts of the lucky ones who got to have that experience. Basically these are just some of the impressions and important information people were able to share with us. If I missed something important, please feel free to point it out and I will update… Also, and I think I speak for everyone, huge thanks to all of you who answered all of our questions and shared anecdotes from this event. We really do appreciate it.

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I just spent this afternoon and early morning writing the most self-indulgent 2495 words I’ve ever written because I was stressed as hell. 

It’s also on Ao3, but heck to tumblr and their links not showing in tags apparently. Here it is, under the cut. 

A Year Later: Hugo

(A @dreamdaddygame ficlet)

Dadsona/Hugo (Obvs)

Teen, Fluff (mild cursing and slight innuendo)“And this one’s called a camel clutch.”

The entirety of Hugo’s weight is on my lumbar, and his hands are threaded under my chin, pulling my head back.

It’s awful.

When we were still on leg locks, it was sexy. Now it’s just a literal pain in my ass…and neck…and back. But it makes him happy, and I’m only a little sorer than usual the next day.

“How’s that feel? Do you like that stretch, honey?”

Oh my god, he’s getting a sick kick out of this, isn’t he?

“Ew. Really?”

When I look up, Ernest is standing in the doorway of the office looking down at us with a very particular shade of contempt. Hugo drops my chin and immediately moves off of me.

“It’s not what it looks like. We were just wrest-”

“Wrestling. I know. Gross.”

Ernest starts walking off.

“Wait!” Hugo calls out, and Ernest leans back lazily to appear in the doorframe again. “How was your weekend with Mike?”

“Fine. We went to the water park, and he bought me some games.”

“That’s great. So you had fun?”

“Yeah sure.” Ernest shrugs and stomps off down the hall. We can hear the door to his room slam.

Hugo hops onto his feet, then pulls me up, being sure to give me a quick peck on the lips along the way. I could definitely stand for something a little heavier, but we both know we need to get dinner started.

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Isn’t It Obvious?

An anonymous person requested that I write a story where Lily and James are childhood best friends that turn into teenage lovers so I took the liberty to rewrite The Prince’s Tale, where James Potter replaces Serverus Snape. READ ON FF

They met in a sunlit and virtually deserted playground. A single huge chimney dominated the skyline, common for a working town like Cokeworth. A boy was playing on the slide alone, surfing it on his belly. His black hair was curly and long enough that it fell over his square shaped glasses. He only looked at his playground companions once or twice.

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cupofkauffie  asked:

I have no idea if you're taking/still writing SD!Tjeffs, if you're not you can just delete this! No worries! No pressure! If you are could you do a Drabble or something where the reader feels like a fucking failure cause she dropped 1 class in college, but yet she's still taking beyond a full semester. And her dad even calls her to discuss the drop which doesn't help. Sorry, I'm venting???

idk much about how college classes work but i did my best lol!

i hope this was okay (and i also hope you’re okay too!)

“Bad day?” Thomas asked, watching you as you came into the kitchen. He sat at the dining room table, laptop open in front of him. He grimaced as you threw your stuff down without a word.

“Yeah.” You said bluntly.

“No use keeping it all inside.” He glanced at you. “Do you want to talk?”

“No.” You muttered, crossing your arms over your chest. You walked over to the fridge and opened it up in search of something to drink. Thomas waited for you to speak up. He watched as you slammed the door shut and quickly turned to face him. “I-It’s just that I dropped a class and -”

“You dropped a class?” Thomas looked at you worriedly.

You bit your lip and nodded. “Yes.” You whispered. “And don’t talk to me like you’re my dad because my real one already had plenty to say!” You quickly snapped. You took a deep breath before you continued.

“He called me and I tried to explain to him–I really did try–but he wasn’t listening. I even told him I’d still graduate on time, that I was actually taking more than what was required, but -” 

You felt your tears finally spill over. Thomas looked up right away at the sudden silence that filled the air. Your vision blurred with tears and you opened your mouth to speak. 

“All he heard was that I dropped the class and that means I quit and since I q-quit, I’m a failure.”

“Baby,“ Thomas said, getting up and crossing the room to meet you.

“And maybe failure is a strong word, but -” You sighed, feeling your voice shake and your lower lip tremble. “He probably thinks I am and I d-don’t know what to do.”

Thomas quickly pulled you into his chest, rubbed your back. You choked back a sob, but Thomas held you tighter. You slowly uncrossed your arms over your chest. You buried your face in his chest and wrapped your arms around his torso. He kissed your head gently. You sighed. You needed this more than ever.

“You’re not a failure. Do you understand? Don’t want to hear you say that again.” Thomas whispered, brushing your tears away. You slowly nodded, sniffed a little. “What hurts more? The fact that you had to drop a class or the fact that your dad is upset with you?”

You sniffed, leaned into his side. “The second one.”

Thomas bit his lip. “You know they’re proud of you no matter what, right? You got into this amazing school. You get good grades. You work so hard. You’re capable of so much. You’ve got a lot going for you.” Thomas gave you a sweet smile. “Your dad probably thinks the same, if not more about you.” 

“He’s just…always been so hard on me.” 

“That’s what parents do.” Thomas cracked a smile. “Good thing about being an adult is that you don’t have to do what they say anymore. You can take their advice, you can call them for help, but you ultimately decide what you want to do.”

You nodded once more. You were still looking down, avoiding his gaze. Your eyes welled up with more tears. Very quietly, you said, “D-Don’t like it when he’s mad at me.”

“He’ll get over it.” Thomas pulled you back into his chest, rubbed your back. You slipped into his hold immediately, burrowed yourself into his embrace. “You know what’s best for you. He doesn’t. If it was too much for you and you couldn’t handle it, it’s okay to drop one. You made the right call. You don’t want to overwork yourself. You’re still on track to graduate.”

“I told him if all else fails, I could maybe pick up a class during the summer, but -”

“No, no, no.” Thomas quickly said. “You’re going to relax on your break. You’re gonna burn yourself out.”

You reluctantly agreed, pulled away slightly. “A-Are you upset with me too?”

You slowly met Thomas’ eyes. Found them to be nothing but reassuring and full of love for you.  

Thomas cupped your face and kissed you once more. You weakly smiled as he kissed your cheek repeatedly. “Not one bit.” 

I'm Still Here (Jim Hawkins X Reader)

Fandom: Treasure Planet
Pairing: Jim Hawkins X Reader
Word Count: 1,186 (SO SHORT I’M SORRY)
Prompt Given: Reader could possibly be a long lost daughter of John Silver who is a stowaway on the ship. Reader is a bit wild, fierce, and sassy but she gets along well with Captain Amelia because she’s quite a good shot. Reader is rather upset that her father treats Jim more as his son than her as his daughter (Silver probably just wanted a son) and all this time Reader has been trying to prove herself to him. She doesn’t really have a home because she’s been traveling from ship to ship in search of her father.

You grumbled to yourself as Silver walked by, his arm slung around Jim’s shoulders as they shared a joke about something that you “wouldn’t understand”. Captain Amelia raised an eyebrow at you, her eyes following your line of sight.

She sighed and clapped you on the shoulder. “Chin up, dear. You know he doesn’t mean anything by it. Jim’s just…a boy.”

You gritted your teeth together. “I understand that but,” You frowned. “I learned this,” You gestured to the knot you were tying. “All of it, for him. I grew up hearing these stories about my father and I did everything I could to be like him, and then when I finally meet him after sixteen bloody years, he treats me like I’m just another sailor.”

Amelia blinked in surprise when you suddenly wound your arms around her torso and buried your face in her chest. “There, there.” She tried to soothe, patting your back awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, Captain.” You said, pulling away immediately. “It just hurts. Do you mind if I take a break? I, uh,” You patted the gun at your hip, smiling at her even though there were tears in your eyes. “Feel the urge to shoot something.”

She shook her head. “Not at all. Take all the time you need.” You started to walk away when her voice stopped you. “And __y/n__?”

You raised an eyebrow at her.

“Maybe try talking to your father about this? And Jim? It might do you some good.”

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max and the way after midnight visitor (bmw 1)

So last weekend I decided to check back in on Paranatural for the first time in years… such a good move. Still my favorite by far. And hey, I’m apparently back just in time for bullymagnet week, which wasn’t even a thing before. My timezones may be a little off, not quite sure, but this is for day one - night.


Max wakes up at 4:17 AM to the familiar sound of ol’ Hissin’ Pete freaking out. He groans, rolling over to put a pillow on top of his head, only to bolt upright when he rolls right onto his fractured arm.

“FLIPPIN’ HECK,” he screams through gritted teeth, curling over it.

“Mister Max! Are you okay?” PJ inquires, looming out of the darkness with a nightmare grin. Max means that literally. He’s had nightmares about that grin.

It does look a little more nervous than usual this time, though. He squints, honestly just to get a better look in the darkness, but PJ immediately quails before his face, admitting, “I’m sorryyyy, it was me that got Hissin’ Pete going but I only did it because a weird kid on your roof threatened to punch Lefty!”

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I'm sorry

Request: an anonymous: Can you do an imagine where you’re Isaac’s sister and you’re secretly seeing Aiden but break it off when you find out him and Ethen attacked Isaac, and you break down in front of Isaac and he comforts you and can there be a happy/fluffy ending with Aiden please x thank you

Paring: Aiden Steiner • Reader | Isaac Lahey (Brother) • Reader

Summary: Y/N is Isaac’s sister and she’s secretly dating Aiden. She finds out that the twins attacked Isaac so she breaks up with Aiden. She tells Isaac and then. Aiden and her get back together 


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The episode of Stray Kids for today was so freaking good? It was so much fun but also showed us a lot of their hardworking nature and I loved it. The ending though…

Seeing them all finally start to live together and stuff like that, it’s so incredibly cute and it warms my heart. The room choosing was incredibly hilarious too, I can’t believe the amount of disrespect Jisung got XD Felix looked so sad when he thought no one had picked his room, poor kid, and Chan trying to name their room XD

Then at the arcade, I can’t believe they were playing games so happily when they have a mission to do (?) Also, when Changbin (I think it was him) suddenly told Woojin to not give and then he started getting everything perfect, that was such a heartwarming moment <3 It was good while it lasted cause things suddenly got very serious.

So the mission, as far as I understood it, was to make a new song from scratch, just like that XD When they were picking the songs I was really confused when Hellevator didn’t come out until it did, and honestly the members’ reactions were almost literally mine when I first heard to it. Tbh, even though I don’t understand everything, being able to watch the process of how the song came to life is so incredible, specially because they’re literally doing everything. It’s just so cool, honestly it makes me feel so proud.

Them listening to the guide was so precious, also…

The vocal team trying to get their parts right XD don’t worry kids, you’re doing well. Also the dance practice, poor Jongin, don’t worry maknae, just continue working hard, he looked really afraid of Bang Chan though? I’m glad Minho stepped here. To be quite honest, I think Chan is a really good leader, I mean, he got the team chosen as the one for the project, but as for what I’ve seen, I think that he sometimes lacks a bit of patience or is a bit too hard on the rest of the team, so I’m really glad others notice and step and complement his leadership in a good way, I think it speaks a lot about their teamwork.

As for the evaluation, man I was so nervous, no Dad smile from JYP was able to calm me down tbh. Not even when he said the name was cool XD I’m actually surprised they even chose the name? I didn’t know that until I watched this episode. The performance was good, honestly, judging by how nervous they were and by the teaser, I was expecting them to do worse. The vocals were a bit weak, specially at the beginning, and honestly I got so worried by Minho when he was walking to the back, he didn’t look fine at all. The rapping was a lot better, it was really cool, but I think their expressions and part of the performance lacked a bit because they were way too nervous.

JYP seemed to like it a lot so  I’m not complaining much but he said there were still a lot of weak points, and he was also saying that he couldn’t understand why they would make a song like that, it seems like the key was too high, almost as if it was made for a female group, but apparently he liked it anyway???  I’m not very sure, if someone can clarify this I would very much appreciate it.

Chan seemed so mad at himself after the presentation it broke my weak heart. The ending though… I can’t believe JYP is already thinking about eliminating some members… I mean, it was just the first mission, please… Idk, I don’t want to know wither, I’m just extremely nervous about this and I don’t want to see one of them being eliminated, I’m not even sure what the dynamics of this program are anymore since the next mission will have them fighting against each other. God, I’m so stressed about this.

Max’s Private Journal (NO ONE look, especially you DAVID)

May X, 2oXX

So much has happened in the ten months since the last time I picked this thing up so I’m going to try to get it all summed up quickly.

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ouathunter  asked:

Hello Zoe, my darling friend =3 I'm in a Neal appreciation mood right now and I was wondering if you headcanon Neal as straight or queer and who you ship with him :D

I like this ask. 

I like this ask a lot.

Okay, so–I can’t think of a single character I’ve ever headcanoned as just “straight”, but let me tell you how much I don’t head canon Neal as “straight.” 

I pretty much ship him with everybody, he’s one of those characters who I just…I honestly feel like he is such a beautiful, beautiful person, inside and out, and he’s got so many layers and nuances that he could have a viable relationship with anybody. But when I consider my actual ships for him, I also have to consider who would be good FOR Neal, not just whose life he could brighten with that brilliant smile.

1. Swanfire (Neal/ Emma)

We all know how much I ship Swanfire, how cute they are together….the dry sass, the “best-friends-in-love” vibe they give; the instinctual looking out for each other. the fact that they have a son, who has managed to encompass his mother’s rashness/ nerve, and his father’s compassion, and BOTH of their snarky-ass sarcasm…How Swanfire is the city-slicker, coffee-stained, dry-witted fairy tale romance we all wanted. the Lost Boy and Lost Girl, constantly breaking my heart with their angst, and managing emotional maturity by facing their flaws as a couple and still making an effort to work past them because they love each other….and still managing to be immature in their banter, getting all snarky with each other and loving that they are in fact the coolest motherfuckers in town (even when they’re the biggest dorks in town, too). Ah, Swanfire…

2. MadFire (Neal/ Jefferson)


Okay, listen, kids: sooooooo…..They’re both dads. Which seems like a basic similarity, when you say it like that, but it lends so much insight into their characters. As dads, they’re both already in that midnight of “I will do anything for this kid, I am willing to sacrifice everything.” That it the purest form of unselfishness there is, and they both have it: to me, unselfishness is the cornerstone of love. you have to be willing to put your self aside to do right by someone. Since they’re both already equipped with that mindset, I think there would be a security in that relationship….they can trust the other, and both of them need that. Jefferson being brutally betrayed by evil!Regina, and Neal being betrayed by…well….fucking everybody. They both deserve that kind of trust.

And good God, think of the sass…..Jefferson is so extra and theatrical, and Neal is this smirky, sarcastic little bastard. Whether they are working together against a common enemy, or it’s Jeff vs. Neal, the chemistry of their sass would be epic. 

3. FireQueen (Neal/ Regina)

Honestly, this ship snuck up on me, but I think it kind of totally works. Regina is a villain, but she’s probably the best example of a reformed villain this show has to offer (before they rushed the rest of the process in 3B and fucked it up royally). Henry is her entire reason for trying so hard, and I think Neal could respect that for two reasons: 1) it’s his kid, too, and obviously, he would do anything for that boy, also, so he completely understands 2) Because he’s been on the receiving end of that, seeing Rumple trying so hard to turn around and not depend on Dark Magic (however much the writers decided he was willing to, as it varies from episode to episode, not that I’m salty). So he can respect how much of an effort she’s making, how hard it is, and I think that would mean a lot to him. Regina is capable of being a good person, and I think Neal would be more than willing to support her.

We can just assume that trying to absorb the simultaneous beauty of Neal and Regina would be like staring into the sun, and our eyes would be set on fire, so let’s just move on to the Sass Factor. Again, Regina has a similar sass to Jefferson, with all the diva-ness and theatricality–but she’s also got this dry, wry wit that comes out (usually around Emma). I think they could finish each other’s sentences, have a fucking running commentary on the entire town, sipping coffee, without skipping a beat on the sarcastic remarks. And they would be so fucking classy, oh, my God…..They would discuss things like literature and cinematography over wine-taring and I love it.

4. HunterFire (Neal/ Graham)

So….Graham is a sweetheart. A teddy bear. The cutest, doe-eyed little Sheriff Skinnyjeans who could probably roundhouse kick Chuck Norris without blinking, and then offer to make everyone tea. Graham is deadly because of his hunter identity, but Graham Humber the man is an adorable sweetheart. 

Neal Cassidy. Sweet. Broken. Sarcastic. Actually a badass, because he knows how to use a crossbow, and damn, if he doesn’t look mad sexy doing it. Also, a fucking hero, without question. He is the guy who makes all the sarcastic remarks, rolls his eyes and mutters under his breath, smirks at everyone’s foolishness…but when push comes to shove, he’s the one you can depend on.

They would be the warmest, cutest, secretly badass couple ever. 

Just picture sweet adorable Graham trying to offer broken-feeling Neal tea, while simultaneously swearing to kick the offender’s ass into the next dimension….Graham not having a problem with being affectionate in public, Neal being all like, “Dude, come on!” (but secretly loving it).

Graham loves Henry, already. Picture this family: Henry between his two dads, the amount of love and warmth and support in this household…I’m getting tears, just thinking about it.

5. FrozenFire (Neal/ Elsa)

Sooooooo….here’s some establishing-ness we need to get out of the way: “Magic is emotion” (quote from Rumple, 2x16). Elsa is afraid of magic. Has to reign in her emotions because that’s what prompts her magic. Neal is also wary of magic, because he’s see what it does, and also, if you don’t think that dude is majorly repressing 200 years’ worth of emotion, you’re smoking something.

Obligatory mention that this would be a beautiful couple. 

Here we go: Elsa is fully ensconced in the world of magic: she knows how to use it, she doesn’t know how to control it. So she understands where Neal is coming from, and she doesn’t judge. But she still needs support. She still needs someone to rely on when she feels that power threatening to overtake her, when she can’t reign in her own abilities. Enter Neal Cassidy.

He’s seen how powerful magic can be, he’s seen it take over a person. He knows she’s scared, he understands how terrified she is….He gets it. But he’s also trying to accept magic, because it’s such a huge part of Elsa, it almost defines her. The growing acceptance makes it easier for him to support her, and her him, and God…this would be such a loving supporting couple, helping each other through their emotional crises. I mean, perfect example of how much work a relationship is, regardless of how well you get along.

Elsa doesn’t have an abundance of sass, but Neal has enough for both. Imagine him snarking someone, without mercy, just tossing out all these sarcastic remarks, and Elsa’s like, gently admonishing him, but trying so hard not to laugh. And that’s the other thing–I think Neal would be really good at making Elsa laugh. She doesn’t laugh a lot, but he can do it every time. He would make her happy, and for the first time, she might feel that heavy burden on her shoulders lifting. 

6. Honorary mention to Tinkerbae (Neal/ Tink) because while I ship it, there is an expert in our midst who can actually do it a lot more justice than me and I’m a little intimidated by the prospect of explaining. See @maddiebonanafana for a brilliant meta on the potential of Tinkerbae.

Heavenly Commentary: Deathly Hallows Pt2
  • Albus: I cannot believe that worked either. Between us, I am on miraculous form.
  • Lily: Albus, I swear if you don't tell us-
  • Albus: Relax Mrs Potter. All will become clear. Pay attention now.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Desecrating his body! Bastards!
  • Albus: He is not dead and feels nothing. Calm yourself.
  • ***
  • James: That...was Mcgonagall.
  • Lily: And Neville. So brave.
  • Sirius: Well here we go aga-
  • Fred: Neville got the snake!! I don't know why that's important but he did it!!
  • ***
  • Dobby: Kreacher! Kreacher fighting for the elves! Greatest of all the house elves!
  • Sirius: Kreacher is one of the greatest. But you're the greatest Dobby.
  • Regulus: I’d disagree. But there's no doubt they're both pretty amazing.
  • Sirius: Well look who turned up.
  • ***
  • James: Its glorious. We're winning.
  • Lily: Bellatrix versus Molly. I almost feel bad for that crazy bitch. Having to duel the last of the Prewitts.
  • Fabian: Last and greatest.
  • Gideon: Hell she beat us more times than I care to remember.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Thank you Molly.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Remorse?
  • Albus: The only thing that can heal a broken soul.
  • Remus: Perhaps you're being too kind Harry.
  • ***
  • Lily: I can't stand it. Oh God...
  • James: Be ready Harry.
  • Albus: Have faith in him.
  • James: HA-He did it...he's dead.
  • Lily: It’s over...
  • ***
  • Fred: He's leaving the stone?
  • Cedric: And the wand? Why?
  • Albus: Because he's better than us.
  • ***
  • Lily: It’s over. I can't believe it.
  • Fred: Still not sure about half the stuff that went on.
  • Cedric: I'll fill you in.
  • ***
  • Albus: I told you I had a plan.
  • Severus: Yes but you didn't actually tell me the plan. That was my annoyance.
  • Albus: Theatrics, Severus. Far more fun.
  • ***
  • Sirius: Why didn't you tell me?
  • Regulus: There was no time. Everything happened really fast. Plus you wouldn't have listened.
  • Sirius: I'm sorry. I know it doesn't help but, I'm listening now.
  • ***
  • Fred:
  • Albus: Boundless love. Under remarkable and terrible circumstance, can bring about magic that defies all laws of men and gods.
  • ***
  • Lily: Auror? Harry why go back to war? Why not be a teacher like Neville?
  • Alastor: Because for all his talk of peace? There is a part of him that is at home in battle.
  • ***
  • Cedric: Hey every-
  • James: Quiet! He's proposing.
  • Lily: One knee. Aw so sweet.
  • James: The ring is in the Snitch! This is the greatest proposal of all time!
  • Lily: She said yes!
  • James: Of course she did! The ring was in the Snit- oh! Oh my! It's time for everyone to leave. Now!
  • ***
  • Fred: My twin brother just started dating my ex-girlfriend. I don't know how I feel about that.
  • Cedric: Flattered? Second sexiest man she’s ever known.
  • Fred: You’re alright Diggory.
  • ***
  • Lily: It’s a boy!
  • Sirius: Obviously he's gonna be named after me.
  • James: Think again Padfoot. And no one ever used the middle name.
  • Albus: Congratulations. You're kind of grandparents.
  • ***
  • Albus: Another son! Very happy for you.
  • Lily: Thank-you. I wonder what he’ll...
  • Albus: ...
  • Severus: ...
  • James: Dammit Harry. I can't hate the man my grandson is named after! But I refuse to call you your real name!
  • Severus: That's fine. I still loathe you.
  • Lily: After all this time?
  • James: Fuck off Evans!
  • ***
  • Tonks: Hufflepuff! YES! SUCK IT LUPIN!
  • ***
  • Lily: Finally! A girl! This has to be me!
  • James: And Luna apparently.
  • Lily: Of course Luna. Haven't you noticed how close they are? He loves her as much as he does Hermione. Ginny too
  • ***
  • Remus: Prefect! HA! SUCK IT...NYMPHADORA!
  • Tonks: I'm gonna kill you.
  • ***
  • Cedric: I think it's time to move on.
  • Fred: What do you mean?
  • Cedric: Well there's supposed to be something beyond this. I’m going to find out. Care to join me?
  • Fred: I would. Let's go.
  • ***
  • Albus: Hello brother.
  • Aberforth: So this is where you've been.
  • Albus: Not just me.
  • Ariana: Hello Abey
  • Aberforth: Ari?
  • ***
  • Sirius: James is getting married. It's all gone so fast.
  • Lily: I think Harry feels the same way.
  • ***
  • Kreacher: Where are we?
  • Dobby: We are in a place of good, brave elves and wizards.
  • Regulus: And you, most of all deserve to be here.
  • Kreacher: M-master Regulus...
  • ***
  • Remus: Our son is getting married.
  • Tonks: He looks so handsome.
  • Remus: Gets that from you
  • Tonks: Was that a compliment or an observation?
  • Sirius: Both.
  • ***
  • Lily: It’s almost time.
  • James: He lived long enough to see his own grandkids go to Hogwarts. That's a full life.
  • Lily: It is. Here we go.
  • Harry: Goodbye Ginny. I love you.
  • James: Hello, Harry.
  • Harry: Mum, Dad. I've missed you.
  • Lily: We've missed you too.
Not Listening When You Say Goodbye

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This is a story that I’ve posted bits of way before, when I was hardly doing anything with this blog. It’s actually twenty-two chapters in, so while I’m not able to spend as much time as I’d like writing new things right now, I’ll share this story with you guys, give you something to read until I can get back on track with everything. This is the first SPN fic I wrote, so forgive me if it is rough in places. Also, @busybee612 made me do it. If you guys don’t really like it, I’ll pull it. 


Summary:  South Mosely has said goodbye to almost everyone near and dear to her. She thought she had gotten used to it, but that was before the lights started flickering wherever she went; that was before a blast from the past came cruising into town in a 1967 Chevy Impala.

Part One: Flickering Lights

Pairing: Dean x OFC

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: Couple of swear words. Dean gets punched in the face. 

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First off, can I say I'm soooo glad I followed you? I was on the exo scenario tag late one night and saw one of your post and I just fell in love with youuuuu.. ^_^ anyways, could you write scenario where you and Kris where having a baby but you had a miscarriage? And could you include that you're slightly depressed and you and Kris have an argument? Hopefully it's not too much :( But angst is a guilty pleasure.... ;)

We’ll Get Through It ~Kris~ ∞


“What? You’re pregnant?” Kris asked excitedly.

You smiled and blinked away the tears. “We’re having our own little baby, Kris,” you said.

“Oh my goodness, jagiyah!” He ran to you and picked you up, spinning you around and showering you with kisses. “Jagiyah, I love you so much,” he muttered into your neck. “I love you so much, you have no idea.”

“I love you too.” The tears began to stream down your face now. Happy tears. You’d finally be able to complete you and Kris’ family with a baby. You were definitely excited, but Kris was just beyond excited.

Kris was ecstatic to be a father.


You tried to think of those happy thoughts now as you were in the delivery room. Kris hadn’t shown up yet because he was coming back from the practice studio and there was traffic.

Luhan and Xiumin had been able to make it forever, as instructed by Kris. He told them that if he didn’t arrive there first, they had to take care of you and be there for you as you gave birth to your first child.

But, things weren’t exactly going the way you planned now. The doctors were all squirming around as they noticed that something was just wrong. You didn’t know what it was exactly, since they didn’t tell you. All they kept telling you was to relax and stay calm as they tried to figure things out.

Luhan stood by your side and tried to comfort you as Xiumin went looking for answers.

You knew that there was bad news coming soon. You only hoped that it wasn’t what you think it was…

“_____, the doctor is coming in, he says he figured out what happened,” Xiumin said as he ran into the room.

You were still in pain, but you were frantic to know what was going on. Trying to think back to happy moments in your mind was definitely not helping at all. You needed answers now. 

“Doctor, what is going on?” You asked frantically. “Doctor, what happened to my baby?” You knew your tone was becoming that of a mad woman’s, but you didn’t care.

Luhan tried to place his hands on your shoulders and calm you down, but it barely made a difference.

The doctor wore a very sad and guilty look on his face, which only made you more worried. You imagined the worst, but only prayed that it weren’t true.

“I’m really sorry…” said the doctor.

Xiumin suddenly got the hint and shook his head as he sprinted to your side. “No,” he said quietly.

Tears were building up in your eyes. “My-My baby…” you whispered.

The doctor sighed and held his clipboard close to his chest. “Your baby is gone, ______.”


After thirty minutes of nonstop sobbing into Xiumin and Luhan’s shoulders, you had passed out into a deep sleep. All that you saw in your dreams were Kris.


You still hadn’t seen him since you fell asleep.

He didn’t know…

You then thought about Kris’ expression when you first told him you were pregnant. His happy and excited expression at the thought of having his own child. You remembered how much he was looking forward to being a dad.

And now….now it was all gone. It wasn’t happening.

Your eyes fluttered open, desperately wanting to get out of those nightmares. You rubbed your eyes gently and tried to figure out where you were.

White walls. Unmistakable smell. You were still in the hospital.

You carefully tried to sit yourself up and lean against the pillow on your back. You had no clue how long you were asleep, but it more than likely probably wasn’t too long.

“I don’t think we should be the ones to tell you, Kris.”

“Why not?”

“Because this is a conversation you and _____ really need to have now.”

“What are you talking about? Where is my child? What happened to ______? Are they okay? I swear, if anything happened to either of them-“

“Just go see for yourself.”

The conversation made you shiver. You knew Kris was walking in, you could already see his figure approaching the door. Your insides were starting to go weak and you regretted being the bearer of this bad news.

How would he take it? Would he hate you? Would he be mad?

Thousands of questions crossed your mind. You just had no clue what would happen.

“Jagiyah?” Kris called from the doorway. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him, walking towards you. “Jagiyah, are you okay?”

You started shaking. Like, incredibly shaking. And it wasn’t from the cold. No, it wasn’t cold at all. You were shaking from fear. Fear of how Kris would react and what he would say.

Noticing this, Kris was by your side immediately, holding you hand. “Are you cold?” he asked. “Jagiyah, what happened?”


“Where’s our baby? Did they take our baby away? Did they take our baby to go make sure that we have a healthy baby?”


“How come Luhan and Xiumin looked so sad out there? Did something bad happen?”

“Kris!” you snapped this time. His eyes widened, but he stopped talking and listened to you. Your bottom lip quivered. “O-Our baby i-i-is-“

“Our baby is what?”

Our baby is gone, Kris. I-I had a miscarriage.”

Kris froze. He stopped stroking your hand. The softness in his eyes left. He didn’t know what to do. “A miscarriage?” he repeated.

You nodded and closed your eyes. “I’m sorry Kris, I’m really sorry, I-“

“Our baby’s dead?”
“Don’t say that, Kris.”

He snatched his hand away and stood up. His eyes were full of anger now, any sort of gentleness was now gone. “But that’s exactly what happened, right?” he asked loudly. “We don’t have a baby anymore. We don’t have a baby because our baby is d-“

“I SAID, DON’T SAY THAT!” It was now turn for you to raise your voice. Even though you knew very well what had happened, you did not like hearing that word.





“BULLCRAP, OUR BABY’S GONE BECAUSE OF YOU! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!” He let out a loud angry sigh and stormed out, leaving you there with tears in your eyes.

You couldn’t believe what just happened. Kris honestly thought that this was all your fault. That you wanted this to happen. How could he?

Xiumin and Luhan waited until Kris had stormed out of the hospital doors until they entered your room. They knew you needed a shoulder to cry on and a person to listen, and they were right there for you.


The following days after that day at the hospital, you began to suffer from depression. Kris hadn’t come home since that night at the hospital, and you had no idea where he went.

You found it hard to eat. You found it hard to sleep. You found it hard to do anything without thinking of Kris’ words that night.



Everything you did had reminded you of either Kris or your baby, both of wish stabbed you in the heart and caused you immense pain.

On the hallway towards the front door, there were pictures hanging up on the wall. The pictures were from when you were still pregnant and your belly was huge. There were numerous pictures of you and Kris all over the wall with your belly.

One picture showed Kris kissing you lovingly, another showed him hugging you, and another showed him kissing your belly.

All were reminders of what you could’ve had if it weren’t for whatever you had done.

To this day, you still had no idea what you did to lose the baby. The doctors never gave you a straight up answer. That only left you to beat yourself up more and more every single day because you knew it was something you did.


One night you laid on your bed, staring up at the ceiling blankly. Millions of thoughts went through your head, but the one reoccurring thing was the look on Kris’ face when you told him about the miscarriage.

That same look haunted you for days; mixed in with the words he shared that night. Every time you thought of either of those things, you completely broke down. It was too much to bear.

Eventually, you were able to cry yourself to sleep that night. You forgot to properly tuck yourself in, so you were shivering as you were trying to catch some sleep.

Before you could even wake up for a second and pull the blanket up, you felt somebody drape the blanket over your body for you.

You froze, thinking somebody broke into your house. But your nerves calmed down immediately after you heard the person speak, “I’m sorry for hurting you, jagiyah,” the soft voice said. “I know it’s not your fault. Please don’t make yourself suffer anymore.”

You shut your eyes and tried to hold back your sobs, but it was so hard. Low whimpers managed to escape your lips, causing the person next to you to spin you around so that you faced them.

You saw Kris laying there with red puffy eyes, much similar to yours. “Don’t cry,” he whispered and pulled you into him. “its okay, jagi. I promise we’ll get through this.”

You cried a little into his shirt and sniffed. “How do you know that?”

“Because we love each other. And if we love each other, then we can get through anything. I promise.”

That ending is so incredibly cheesy, oh my goodness. But I hope you liked it! :D

Preference #18: You Tell Him You're Pregnant
  • Michael: You groaned as you read the tiny +. "Yep," you said to yourself. This was the 3rd test you had taken. You were definitely pregnant. "Y/n?" you heard your boyfriend, Michael call. You quickly threw all evidence in the trash and left the bathroom. "Hey babe," you smiled. You went about your day as normal, trying to forget that there was a tiny baby living inside of you. You knew you ought to tell Michael, but you had no idea how he would react. You and Michael agreed discussing starting a family before, but both agreed you were far from ready. Through out the day he kept asking you were you okay, when you kept dying when playing video games, when you got lost in a day dream involving diapers and crying babies, when you didn't eat much at dinner, and you lied and said yes. But the next morning, he knew that something was wrong. You were sitting in front of the toilet, puking up all the food you didn't eat, and it never seemed to stop. Michael held your hair back and rubbed your back. When you finally stopped, you could barely hold your head up so he carried you back to bed. "I'm sorry," you mumbled into his muscular chest. "Why baby? You can't help this. It will pass soon," he said, playing with your hair. "No it wont!" you whined. "What?" he said, confused. "Is there something wrong?? Are you like...sick-sick? don't have cancer do you?" You looked up at his face and you could almost hear the 1000s of worries dancing through his mind. "No!!" you told him. "I'm fine. I'm just um....I'm pregnant Michael," you said, worried about his reaction. He looked at you before saying, "Oh thank fuck!" He kissed you slowly, even though you knew you tasted like vomit. "You're not mad?" you asked when you pulled away. "No. I thought there was something wrong. How could I be mad baby?" he said. You sighed with relief. "And we're gonna have a baby," he smiled. "That's crazy," you said, barely able to believe it. "I know. But we're gonna do just fine, don't you worry."
  • Calum: "Babe?" You called to Calum. "Yeah?" he asked running up the stairs. "You okay?" You nodded. "What date is it?" you asked him. "27th, why?" he said. "Oh," you replied. You had missed your period for the second month in a row and were beginning to get worried, before you realised that you could be pregnant. "I think I'm pregnant Cal!" you told him. His eyes widened in surprised. "Take a test!" he urged. "I need to go to an interview, but call me okay?" he said, kissing you sweetly before he left. You took the test, which came out as a big fat positive. You were so worried, mainly because you would have to take care of a little baby, but you didn't know if Calum wanted a baby or not. Well you knew he did, but you weren't sure if he was ready yet. "Y/n?" he called, 3 hours later running through the door. "So?" he asked eagerly. "I took the test.." you said. "Is it good news or bad news?" said impatiently. "I don't know," you mumbled before handing him the positive test. You watched his scan the screen. "It's great news!" he grinned. You giggled. He picked you up and spun you around. "We're gonna have a baby!" he said, his eyes lit up like a little boy on Christmas morning. "Yeah we are!" you smiled. "My mom is gonna be soo happy! What about the boys when can I tell them? Can I get him or her a guitar?? I can't wait to show him to the fans! What should we name it??" he rambled on and on. You were just so happy that he wanted to start a family with you.
  • Luke: You stared at the little blue plus wondering how this could happen to you. You were a good kid. You did well in school, you listened to your parents and you had a cute boyfriend who you loved dearly and wanted to be with forever. But you were both too young. To young to have a baby. You were still in school. You could not believe it. You and Luke were being "safe". How could this of happened to you. What would you're parents say? You heard the bell go, just then remembering you were sat in a cubicle of your high school's bathroom. You quickly got up, checked yourself out of the office and ran to the only place you could think of going; Luke's house. "Y/n?" he said, confused when you showed up at his house, mascara running down your face. "Oh baby what's wrong?" he sat you in his lap and gently stroked you're hair. "Tell me what's wrong princess," he said trying to calm you. "I can't Lukey. You'll break up with me if I do," you cried. "Did...did you cheat?" he asked, suddenly shocked. You shook your head. "No, never," you assured him. "Then what? It can't be that bad!" he said. You shook your head again. "Luke...I'm..I'm pregnant!" you blurted out. He stared at you in utter astonishment. "Oh baby," he said and held me close as I sobbed into his chest. He just sat there rubbing my back, unable to say anything. "What are we gonna do?" you asked between sobs. "You can't get rid of it. It's a real baby?" he said, amazed. "I know. I'm just.. I'm so scared," you said, crying harder. "It's okay," he repeated over and over. "We can do this. It can't be that hard right?" he asked helplessly. It just made you cry more. "Don't worry. One thing's for sure, you're gonna be a great Mommy!" he smiled. "At the child is gonna be so spoiled!" he said. You giggled. Maybe you could do it after all.
  • Ashton: You and Ashton had being trying for a baby for a few weeks when you found out you were pregnant. You were so excited. You imagined the little baby shoes, showing him/her off to your friends, endless sleepless nights that would be totally worth it, a cute baby bump, teddy bears, pink or blue everything but mostly you couldn't wait to see the look on Ashton's face when he held your child for the first time. You smiled all day and everyone noticed. "You look extra-great today," your mom smiled. You wanted to tell her but didn't. "You look so happy? What's up?" Your bestie asked you. You just laughed and winked. "You seem kinda different. But kinda in a good way?" Ashton looked confusedly at you. "We'll I feel different but In a good way! I'm just so happy!" you giggled. "Why?" he said, still confused. You smirked and drummed your fingers on your non-existent bump. Suddenly, he got it, a huge smile appearing on his face. "We're pregnant?" he asked. You nodded, smiling. "I'M GONNA BE A DAD!" he yelled, laughing. "I know!" you said. He kissed you, the kiss filled with passion and excitement. "I'm so happy you're gonna be the mother of my baby," he giggled again. "Hi baby!" he said talking to your bump now. "I'm Ashton, I'm your daddy!" He looked up at you smiling. "I love you so so much already," he told your baby. "I just can't wait to see you. I'll sing to you all the time, I promise. Even though I'm not that good at singing," he laughed again. "Do you think he can hear me?" Ashton asked. "Oh yeah, even though his tiny ears aren't formed yet," you said. He laughed but continued talking. "I'm gonna spoil you to bits. I'll teach you how to play the drums. And you better love Vegemite. And I promise, I'll never, ever, ever leave you," he placed a kiss on your belly. You knew Ashton was gonna be the best dad in the entire world.
  • A/n: Request preferences and imagines pretty please.

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Hey there :) I just read your 'animals gone mad' meta and you made the point about Stiles being heavily associated with keys & I was wondering if you could develop on that more (I'm a sucker for character associations ;)? I know there's the whole key thing @ the beginning of 3B but I hadn't noticed anything beyond that. Probably because I haven't had the time to re-watch in a while (damn you exams :/). Also, I saw your Norwegian National Day selfie and you have a really pretty smile :)

Hey, okay *deep breath* … since you ask so nicely :) (and thanks for the compliment on my smile, buttering me up does help *wink*) Also, marvxll I’m sorry for the late reply, the season 5 trailer appeared suddenly and derailed my attention for a bit :) 

Firstly, athenadark has already written a meta on Stiles and keys as well, and you can read it here. She touches upon pretty much the same stuff I mentioned in my 3x01 rewatch post (and to be honest, I probably got the idea from her in the first place) about the nemeton being a door (or prison) that holds the evil at bay, and that stiles seem to be a key that can either serve as a gatekeeper, making sure it stays away or can unlock it. 3b was all about “void” trying to coax Stiles to open the door and let the “water” in. All the way back in 2x11 Morrell cautioned Stiles against this, “to hold on and keep walking through hell”, “to not let the water in”. 

Stiles is associated with doors, doorways, transitional spaces and keys pretty much from the the start of the series. Something’s in the water, like the sheriff said so jokingly in 3x01 and it does seem to be tied to the telluric currents, the nemeton and the lake. Water is also a symbol for transformation (running water) and death and damnation (still water) unless Stiles is present. Then it’s just damnation.

We have players associated with the nemeton, namely the druids, who all act weird around Stiles. First we have Deaton who seem cagey around him and who never include Stiles in his plans. He usually concoct them alone with Scott and probably encourage him not to share it with anyone. Deaton is just about the only authority figure that Scott does listen to, and I find it hard to believe that Scott would exclude Stiles  unless Deaton has whispered in his ear. Like Scott admits in season 4 - he sucks at making plans and that is what Stiles is for. Unless Deaton is involved. 

Deaton also “tests” Stiles in 2x08 with the mountain ash, a test he passed with flying colors, but Deaton has not made any attempts to teach or guide Stiles since. Stiles seems to be more closely linked to the Nemeton than say Scott, who can tap into the currents and gain power that way. Perhaps Deaton views Stiles as a potential stopper, someone with more control/power over the nemeton. The druids need to sacrifice to it to gain power, Scott can tap into the currents, but Stiles seem to have a more natural connection to it - the key basically.

Then we have Jennifer who looks to Stiles when the birds attack, who flinches away from him, who realize that he has Derek’s trust and deliberately uses their bond to make herself desirable to him, and get him under her thumb. She also takes Stiles’ dad and locks him out of the classroom when she does so. She basically seem to consider him a bigger threat than Scott. 

Lastly Morrell, another druid, but who seem to operate more deliberately within the rules of her kind and with the mantra of “maintain the balance” and is willing to “get her hands dirty” and interact with players on all sides if it suits her agenda. She too seems wary of Stiles, but unlike Deaton she’s willing to work with him, guide him and caution him. To what end remains to be seen. 

So back to Stiles, doors, doorways and keys… This will be long and pic heavy so hit the link for the rest. 

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i'm so sad right now. Lexa and Clarke helped me overcoming suicidal thoughts, because i was just amazed by the characters, their story. Now i have nothing left to keep going. I don't know what to do. And it's so weird, because i know it's fiction, but they were the only characters i have ever really connected to and cared for

Trigger: Trigger: Trigger 

Here is my story.

I will probably lose so many freaking followers but I don’t care I really want to put this out there, because maybe this will help someone, anyone, and maybe even you. I’ve dealt with suicide and trying to figure out who I am all my life. When I was little my dad was abusive to my mother, he cheated on her, abused her, and divorced her and blamed it all on us. After that my mom went clubbing all the time and left me alone to take care of myself. Finally she met this dude from the club…after one year of knowing him she married him and for three years after he become my sexual abuser and her physical abuser. When I came out that he was raping me, (It was before I turned 13, Ironically, which is the birthday right after I left)  my mom didn’t believe me instead she turned around and started becoming my new physical abuser. I remember tying the belt around my neck so many times and pulling it until I blacked out. I remember trying to punch myself so someone would just fucking notice I was hurting. It never really worked out. How I made it? I don’t know…I never wanted to become another statistic…I never wanted to be that person who was raped and who was abused…I just wanted to live my life like normal. 

After we moved…I started watching Buffy…Where I was introduced to my first LGBT couple was Willow/Tara…That was the moment that I realized that I was completely and utterly GAY AF…(insert laugh here, you need it I know :)) I would wake up every morning at 7am Pacific time and watch it. No one else would be up with me, I remember nudging my cousin so much to wake her up because to me it meant the world and I couldn’t fathom why she would want to miss something like watching Buffy. THAT my dear friend was when I realized I was gay. I was so freaking gay, that when I realized it, I realized just how gay I acted when I was younger too.

When my mom found out, ffs, the abusing did not stop. She got worse. I remember one time, I’ll never forget it….we were living with my grandparents…and she blamed me for a bunch of shit and I could not take it anymore and I ran downstairs and grabbed a knife… to try and kill myself. My mom choked me out and said go ahead and do it and my grandpa was the one who stopped me from killing myself. When she found out I was gay she took my phone and pulled me out of my bed by my hair. I even was forced to switch schools. 

Eventually she did get better…but it took me moving out without her knowing and worrying where I was to get her to understand that this was who I am and I would not change for anyone. 

Even when I did move back in with her though, she sat there and ignored the fact that I was gay. She said oh I should do this, or date that guy, or etc. etc. etc…. 

But then The 100 came around and that was when she finally loved and was able to talk about the same person I loved. The person who was just like me…loving caring passionate and a lesbian. When Lexa died she was crying and sobbing and telling me to tell the writers she was mad that they killed her….

I’m crying right now. (I just can’t freaking stop)

I know this was a harsh turn of events… and I know I’m not really elaborating my story in a way that might make sense and I am sorry I truly am. This is hard for me and I just….I’ll answer any of your questions…

My thing is…that things have to start somewhere. I really wish that I was done fighting. I remember (back in my ol’ day) fighting in SF for Prop 8 I remember marching and before I even got to where everyone was the voices of those in pain and begging for equality were bouncing off the buildings of streets so far down. I was crying. I saw the light and heard the voices before I ever saw the people.


I don’t know how many times I stood at city hall listening to parents talk about how their children died because of hate crimes, I don’t know how many times I was bullied holding my girlfriends hand down the street. I don’t many times I sat there watching TV wishing I could have the happy ending too. 

But sometimes I can’t…

But I will take what I can get. I will take that this fandom has helped me be creative for an LGBT cause/purpose. I will take that this fandom INSPIRED me to write something to help propel the LGBT cause/purpose. I will take that the fact that Lexa dying made my mother cry…my homophobic mom who never wanted to acknowledge who I am….crying because Lexa died…because Lexa was someone she actually genuinely liked. No matter what freaking sexuality she belonged too. My mom felt something.

And GOD I wish it was done differently, I wish we weren’t Tara Maclayed into Lexa’s death. I really wish we weren’t but at the same time….Look where our f/f fandom stands.. Are we not the strongest?! Are we not the most loyal?! 

I stayed alive because I know there are others who are going to struggle and hurt the same way that I have… I try to write and be here because I know there are others who struggle and hurt the same way.

We are the people we need to rely on. We ourselves. This fandom is so freaking talented. Use what you can and help propel the LGBT community further, use what you can to help propel others into a more positive direction. 

Don’t like that Lexa, our only Lesbian character died. Good. I don’t like it either, so LETS CHANGE IT. 

I know a lot of you are amazing writers, I know a lot of you are amazing artist, use it. If you don’t know what you’re good at that’s okay. Struggle to find what you love to do, don’t let anyone ‘dictate your agenda’. I know I’m still struggling to find out who I am and who I want to be and how I want to make a difference…and sometimes I wonder if I even can…But if I can help one person it’s worth it…no? 

All in all, what I am saying, is that yes it is awful…the whole situation and the fact that things keep happening like this within our media, but don’t give up because we need you. Don’t give up because this feeling that you feel now someone else is feeling it too, someone else has felt it, and someone else will feel it. 

Keep fighting. Keep producing things. Keep putting things out there that will make someone feel better. 

I know that this is probably the shittiest advice you’ve ever heard. 

I’m sorry. 

And It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel anger, it’s okay to feel hurt, dejected, and tired. Take a break. Sleep, relax, read a book, anything. But also don’t be afraid to be the change you want to see in life. 

I love you all so much and thank you for being apart of The 100 journey with me. 

Boom oooooo—- fuck it … always here. There’s never a may we meet again because we always will meet again :)

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prompt: ian and mickey with a daughter

//so yeah this is really long but yeah here you go!//


‘What do you think it is?’

Ian looked away from the sonogram for a moment and considered Mickey’s question. ‘How am I supposed to know? Not as if I’m the one carrying it,’ he said.

Mickey rolled his eyes. ‘Fine, fine. What do you want it to be?’

'Can’t exactly answer that either. Another Carl or another Debbie…neither exactly sounds appealing. I love them, but…you know what I mean.’

'Yeah. I don’t really want a mini Mandy running around either,’ Mickey said, smiling at Ian. They were both quiet for a moment, returning their attention to the sonogram. Six weeks already. 'You know it’s going to be nothing like our siblings, right?’ he asked seriously.

'I know. And we’re going to be nothing like our fathers,’ Ian said, clasping Mickey’s hand meaningfully. He was talking mainly about Terry. Frank was a liar and a drunk, sure, but compared to Terry, he was practically a saint.

'I hope it’s a boy,’ Mickey said suddenly.


'Yeah. If we have a girl, she’ll be bringing boys home to fuck every five minutes. And I’d have to be protective and shit, put them in their places, scare them off. Dad stuff,’ Mickey explained. Ian burst out laughing.

'Are you planning on parenting like you’re in a nineties sitcom?’ he joked. 'She’ll just fuck them somewhere else, Mick. God knows we did it in some weird places,’ he reminded him.

'If it’s a girl, I won’t know the first thing to say,’ Mickey said quietly. Now Ian saw through his facade. He was insecure. 'I don’t know anything about girls, and neither do you because we’re both guys, and we’re both gay so it’s not like we know about women from fucking them like straight dads do,’ he said all in a rush.

'Well you used to -’

'Shut the fuck up, Ian, I’m serious,’ Mickey cut him off.

'Sorry. I was trying to lighten the mood. I shouldn’t have bought that up,’ he told Mickey apologetically.

'It’s fine. But don’t you agree?’

'No. Sure we’re maybe better equipped to deal with a son, but just because we’re not women and we’re not into women doesn’t mean we’re incapable of having a daughter. Ok? Don’t ever feel like you’re not enough. Don’t ever feel like you’re incapable of doing something because of who you are. If anything, everything we’ve been through is just going to make us better parents.’ Ian told him, kissing him firmly. 'There’s no-one else I would rather have a kid with.’

Mickey smiled a little. He still found it hard to do that, even after all this time. Show emotions that weren’t anger. Feel happiness. He had to let himself, it never came naturally.

Mickey slid into Ian’s shoulder and looked back at the sonogram. They were quiet, and he just listened to Ian’s heartbeat and felt Ian’s hands gently running through his dark hair. ‘Ian?’


'Do you know anything about periods and shit?’

Ian chuckled. ‘Well one time we shoved a tampon up Lip’s nose to stop it bleeding,’ he told him, grinning. Mickey looked at him, eyebrows raised. ‘Look, we’ll just figure it out if and when it happens. Yeah?’



'Shit shit shit,’ Mickey muttered, pacing the hospital corridor for the umpteenth time.

'You need to calm down man,’ Lip said from behind, taking him by the shoulders and steering him to the seats by the wall.

'Why won’t they let me in?’

'State laws, hospital protocols, cunt doctors. I’m sure you’re familiar,’ Lip said, causing a pair of passing nurses to flinch nervously.

'I’m the fucking dad too.’ Mickey whispered.

'Yes you are,’ Lip stated in agreement. 'I know that and Ian knows that. And the kid’s going to know it too,’ he told him.

Mickey looked at him, his eyes heavy with tears that Lip knew he was too proud to cry. ‘After everything…after getting shot, getting raped, getting the shit beat out of me…this is the worst. This shit is regulated, I can’t control it, I can’t do anything. I’m missing the birth of my child,’ he trailed off.

'You know I’ve never been worried about you and Ian?’

'What are you talking about? The fuck does that have to do with anything?’

'Never. Because with you two, the stakes have always been higher. You’ve always had to go through more and be more for each other. Maybe you more than him. When he told me you two were fucking, I was surprised, sure. But I wasn’t worried. When he told me he was fucking Kash - well, when I figured it out - I was worried, I was pissed. But with you? I knew from that first moment that you must really give a damn if you were risking it all to be with him. And time went on and you stayed together - for the most part - and I barely even thought about it anymore. If I was put through even half the shit you’ve been through, Mickey, I’d have given up. But you never did, did you? You destroyed yourself, you kissed him with a broken face, you searched for him, you literally carried him. When he got diagnosed, you were there with him and you’ve never left his side since. What I’m trying to say here is that I wasn’t worried when he was sixteen and I’m not worried now. You will be able to get through this because I don’t think there’s anything this world could throw at you that you couldn’t handle. You’re Mickey fucking Milkovich.’

Mickey hugged Lip on instinct, before he could stop himself. ‘Thanks,’ he said gruffly, masking tears. ‘And I’m sorry I beat you up that one time,’ he added.

Lip laughed. ‘Shit, I’d forgotten about that,’ he remarked, breaking off the hug and clapping Mickey on the shoulder. ‘Ian?’ he called out, seeing his brother at the other end of the hall. Mickey was on his feet in a second.

'What’s happening? Is everything ok? Has it popped out yet? Boy? Girl? Ian why aren’t you saying anything? Shit did we lose it? Shit we did, didn’t we? Ian talk to me!’ Mickey spluttered frantically.

Ian was smiling, smiling so wide and with so much love. ‘No. No Mick, we didn’t lose her,’ he told him gently.

'Her?’ Mickey gasped.

Ian nodded. ‘You’re going to have to learn about periods,’ he said, right before kissing Mickey with possibly more passion than ever before.

'What’s she like?’

'She’s amazing. Come and meet her,’ he grabbed Mickey’s hand and led him inside, casting a glance back at Lip and silently thanking him for being there, for waiting with Mickey. Lip grinned back.


'I love you but shut up,’ Mickey said to the howling baby in his arms.

'Mick, don’t tell our daughter to shut up,’ Ian said in mock disapproval, smiling at them. They were side by side in bed, Mickey holding Rose.

'Our daughter,’ Mickey echoed.

They’d lost count of how many nights had been like this. Just laying there at 2am in the dark, half wishing they were sleeping and half wishing to never leave that moment. It didn’t matter that Rose was crying, that Ian had baby vomit on his arm or that Mickey had a headache. They’d honestly never felt closer. And the love they had for that tiny six month old bundle that Mickey clutched in his arms was a love neither had been prepared to feel and neither could understand yet.

Ian turned on his side and placed his hand on Mickey’s arm. ‘I love you so much,’ he told him. Mickey looked at him, the corners of his mouth twitching.

'I love you Ian,’ he returned after a pause. It still took him a moment sometimes. Ian knew why and he didn’t mind.


'Rose, why have we been called in today?’ Ian asked his daughter.

'I don’t know Daddy,’ she said truthfully.

'What have you done? You hit someone? You mouth off?’ Mickey fired the questions at her.

'I don’t think so,’ their six year old replied.

'How can you not know? Has your fist been in someone’s face or not?’ Mickey demanded.

Ian took his hand to calm him down. ‘Rose, whatever it is, we won’t be mad. You can tell us anything. We’ll work through it, as a family,’ he told her. Mickey made an odd sound from next to him. ‘You ok?’ he murmured. Mickey nodded, not looking at him.

She thought for a moment. ‘I really can’t think what I’ve done, I promise,’ she told Ian, her eyes wide with worry.

'Ah, you must be Rose’s parents?’ came a cheerful voice from behind them.

'Yes. I’m Ian,’ he said, extending his hand, smiling brightly. He knew they had to get off on the right foot before facing whatever it was that Rose had done.

'Mickey,’ he said, also shaking the woman’s hand.

'Pleasure. I’m Miss Cooper, Rose’s teacher,’ she introduced herself, 'thank you for taking the time to come here today,’ she said, sitting behind her desk.

'Of course, it’s no trouble,’ Mickey said carefully, trying not to curse.

'Well let’s get right to it, shall we? Rose is doing so well. I’m thrilled with the progress she’s been making,’ she told them. Ian and Mickey were stunned.

'She’s not in trouble?’ Ian asked uncertainly.

'Of course not! Gosh is that what you thought this was? No, not at all!’ the teacher reassured them.

Rose was grinning up at her fathers, triumphant.

'Here is a story she wrote, it’s just wonderful…and they’ve been building robots in art class, hers is that purple one on the table behind you. And these are her workbooks - almost perfect scores in math quizzes and spelling tests. And Rose, tell your dads what you did in history yesterday!’

'I recited all the Presidents, in order,’ she said proudly.

'You make them learn that?’ Ian asked incredulously.

'No, not when they’re six! She just knew. Must have learned it of her own free will,’ Miss Cooper explained, smiling at Rose.

Ian read what his daughter had written, carefully and neatly in soft pencil, telling the story six children living in a house with no parents. On the last page she’d drawn them. A tall girl in shorts with messy dark hair, two boys of equal height, one in jeans, the other with a solid crayoned block of orange hair, a girl with a ponytail and red lipstick, a boy with no hair holding a baseball bat, and on the floor at the end was a toddler wearing a nappy. His fingers traced the red haired figure. He looked at her, a lump in his throat. ‘This is great,’ he told her softly. Rose smiled and silently pointed to the corner of the page. She’d drawn a little house with one window. A girl with a nose ring and pink streaked hair was what first caught his eye. Next to her was a shorter figure, a boy with a shock of black hair in a tank top. They were staring longingly at the big family above them. Ian felt his eyes tearing up and then he just hugged his little girl as hard as he could. ‘I love you,’ he told her.

'Ok,’ she said. The adults all laughed.


'Did you hear that?’ Mickey said, putting down his coffee mug.

'Hear what?’ Ian asked. Another scream.

'That,’ Mickey told him.

'Shit,’ said Ian, running upstairs, Mickey behind. 'Rose? What happened?’

The bathroom door unlocked and Rose came out, still in her pyjamas. She looked pretty shaken. ‘Um. Nothing,’ she said, averting her eyes.

'You were screaming. I thought you were six weeks old again, never mind sixteen,’ Ian said her. He still couldn’t believe how long it had been.

'I said it’s nothing. Please let me go to my room. Please,’ she said quietly.

'Fine. Go. You can tell us whenever you’re ready?’ Mickey called after her. She shook her head and shuffled off. He turned to Ian. 'You think she’s pregnant?’ he whispered. Ian hadn’t even thought of that. But Mickey had grown up with Mandy. He shrugged, glancing after his daughter. Then he saw. He nudged Mickey. There was blood streaked on her pyjamas. As soon as she was in her room, Mickey groaned, looking terrified. This had been his worst fear sixteen years ago and it still lingered.

'Ian I can’t. What the fuck do we do? I don’t - what are you doing?’ Ian was going into their bedroom and opening the closet.

'Fiona gave me these back when Rose was thirteen or so. I put them away and forgot about them…I figured she had to have started by now, you know? Just figured it out on her own and not told us. We should’ve done something. How could we have been so fucking careless?’

'We kept putting it off. And I think we were in denial that she was growing up. But yeah. We should've…I don’t know, something.’

'I’m doing something now,’ Ian said, heading towards Rose’s bedroom. He knocked. 'Can I come in? You decent?’ he asked gently. Mickey was trying to pull him away furiously. 'We can’t avoid this anymore Mick,’ Ian told him as they entered. She was sitting on her bed, laptop open. Ian gently closed the lid and sat beside her. But before he could say anything, Mickey began.

'Rose. What’s happening is totally normal. It happens every month. You can use these, they’re called tampons, or there’s towels. If these aren’t right, here’s twenty dollars, you can buy whichever kind you need. I’m sorry we didn’t talk about this sooner. We love you,’ he said, speaking very quickly to a stunned Rose, and then got up to leave.

'Oh my god! Oh my god, no!’ Rose shrieked from the bed. 'That’s not why - you guys thought - oh my god!’ she said, laughing uncontrollably.

'Your - pyjamas,’ Mickey said, confused and awkward. She blushed.

'Shit, sorry,’ she muttered. Her turn to be embarrassed. 'I was screaming because…I can’t say,’ she told them.

'Rose, are you pregnant?’ Ian asked her, automatically returning to their earlier assumption. She laughed.

'Seriously?’ she asked, gesturing to the boxes of tampons. Ian sighed at his stupidity. 'Besides, I’m seeing a girl right now,’ she said casually.

Her fathers stared at each other.

'Why didn’t you tell us before?’ Ian asked.

'I wasn’t sure. I’m still not,’ she explained. She shrugged. 'It was a…surprise, when it all happened. I like her a lot. I don’t know if it’s just her or if it’s girls. I like guys a lot too. I’m trying not to get too caught up in it,’ she told them.

Mickey stared at his daughter. This girl who reminded him of himself in so many ways. But she had accepted herself and she was more certain of her heart at sixteen than he had been back then, and later. And she had better parents than him. He’d prove it, he knew, as he went to hold her.

'I’m so proud of you,’ he said.

Rose hugged her father back. She knew his life had not been easy, but she didn’t know the full story. There were questions she’d asked over the years that had been met with awkward attempts to shy away from the truth until eventually she’d just stopped asking. She knew they were both covered in scars. She knew she only had one set of grandparents. The picture she had in her head of her parents’ lives was in bits and pieces. Maybe one day they’d tell her everything, maybe they wouldn’t. Ultimately she didn’t care. She knew they loved her, she knew they did. Nothing was ever faked in their house and nothing was ever hidden. Well. She was going to hide their surprise anniversary party that Lip had just told her about on the phone. But nothing else.

'Is something burning?’ she asked after a moment.

'The pancakes!’ Mickey exclaimed, bounding out of the bedroom and thundering down the stairs to save their breakfast.

Ian laughed. ‘Breakfast foods,’ he said simply. ‘Are you ok?’ he asked her seriously.

'Yeah. I’m good,’ she told her father, smiling.

He ruffled her hair. ‘It really is ok, you know? To be confused, I mean. You have the right parents for it,’ he said, smiling. She nodded. Ian kissed the top of her head and turned to leave.

'I really love you guys a lot, ok?’ she called out. Ian smiled. She didn’t say it often. She was like Mickey that way.

He nodded. ‘I know. Love you too,’ he said, closing the door.

'Thanks for the twenty bucks!’ she yelled as he walked downstairs. Ian grinned to himself as he entered the kitchen to see Mickey scraping black discs from the hot plate.

'Gonna have to start a new batch,’ he said.

Ian went up behind him and snaked his hands around his waist, kissing his neck. ‘I know it wasn’t needed, but what you said up there was amazing.’

Mickey leaned into his touch. ‘It felt really…parent-y, you know? I never - I never thought I’d get to have that,’ he murmured.

'I can’t believe the boy who wouldn’t let me kiss him twenty years ago is still with me now,’ Ian said. 'Hell, has a kid with me.’

'Not so much of a kid anymore though, is she,’ Mickey said. 'And I still can’t believe I ever stopped myself from doing this,’ he turned around and kissed Ian. They were familiar with each others lips now, but their hearts still jolted like they did when they shared their first kiss in that driver’s seat.

'I love you, Gallagher’ Mickey told him. Ian smiled. No hesitation now.


//The end.//