my dad is getting his first tattoo

Sterek Week Day One: Alpha and Emissary

Title: Marked by Fate



Scott gets bit by a werewolf, and Stiles drives two towns over to get his first official tattoo. When he gets back, a bandage wrapped around the upper part of his arm, his dad sighs a little like he knows what’s coming and pours his son a cup of tea. Stiles appreciates that he doesn’t ask any questions. He already has to deal with Scott ‘but-werewolves-aren’t-real’ McCall.

The thing is, Stiles already knows what’s going on with his best friend. As soon as Scott showed up at the school ranting on about being bit by a wolf, only for the mark to disappear underneath the bandage, Stiles knew what had really happened. He’s known about werewolves for a very long time. After all, his fate had been inexplicably tied to a pack of them when he was just a kid.

When he was six years old, Stiles received his emissary mark, a looping E worn like a brand on the inside of his wrist that matched his mother’s. He was younger than many emissaries are when their power awakens, younger than even his mother was when she was marked, but Claudia took it in stride, began his training, and introduced him officially to the Hales.

He knew them in passing of course, had seen Talia Hale around town and even sitting in his living room (after all, his mother had been Talia’s emissary). But he had never met her officially, emissary-in-training to alpha werewolf. And he had never really had the chance to meet her family.

Laura was introduced to him first. As the oldest Hale child, she would eventually take over as the Hale pack alpha. And while nothing had been set in stone at that point, and even though it never would have been required of him, it was expected that Stiles would become Laura’s emissary after their parents stepped down. He had liked the idea of working with the same pack as his mother, and he got along with Laura’s funny and mischievous personality. As the years wore on, Stiles spent more and more time at the Hale house in the preserve, learning about an emissary’s role in a pack, and bonding with Laura and her younger brother Derek (who he looked up to and followed around like a puppy most of the time).

But then his mother died, and the Hale family burned in a fire. Stiles pushed his training to one side to deal with his grief, Laura and Derek left Beacon Hills, and that was the end of it.

Until Scott gets bit while they’re out in the woods looking for a body.

Even though it’s been years since Stiles has even thought about emissaries and magick, years since he’s covered his mark with a red wrist band, he knows without a doubt that he’ll do anything he can to help Scott. That’s what the tattoo is for, a physical embodiment of the Spark within him. Permanently inking the phases of the moon on the inside of his upper arm feels like the first step to finally moving on. It makes him feel whole after years in a void.

And practicing magick again in the mornings before school feels so natural, like finally being able to breathe after being trapped underwater. It reminds him of his mother, but in the best of ways, and he feels ready to face anything.

What he doesn’t expect is to come face to face with Derek Hale again. He is nothing like Stiles remembers. Whereas he used to be a quiet kid with a big heart, who laughed with his head thrown back and blushed easily when teased, now Derek is all edge. There’s a sharpness to him that is unnerving, and he acts like he’s never met Stiles at all. What’s worse is that Laura doesn’t seem to be with him. Stiles doesn’t have to dig around for the body to guess that she’s gone too.

Scott doesn’t want to work with Derek to hunt down the alpha who bit him. Hell, he hardly wants to deal with being a werewolf at all. But Derek knows more than either than them about what they’re facing. And Stiles doesn’t want to leave him alone.

He starts hanging around Stiles’ house instead of staying at the burned out shell that was once his family’s home. At first he shows up under the pretense of doing research but soon enough the nights start ending with them sitting side by side on the couch or in Stiles’ bedroom, finding an unnamed comfort in each other’s presence. They don’t talk about their past, but more than once Stiles catches Derek staring at his emissary mark, fingers twitching like he wants to reach out and trace the letter in the same way he used to when they were kids. Stiles likes those nights, likes knowing that in spite of everything Derek still seems to trust him, maybe not enough to address everything that’s happened, but enough to relax around him. And to Stiles, that means something big.

The first time John comes home to see Derek sitting at his dining table, he sighs, fixes the werewolf a peanut butter sandwich, and leaves them alone with a pat on the back and a prayer to Claudia to give him strength. It’s the first time that Stiles sees Derek smile, small and genuine. It’s reckless and it doesn’t make any sense, but the next day he gets his second tattoo, keeping the mark a secret from everyone but his father. John’s eyes get sad when he sees the ink, but then he smiles like he’s so proud, and Stiles thinks that everything will be alright after all.

It’s not until after everything with Peter and Kate is finished, after Derek becomes the alpha he was never supposed to be, that he talks to Stiles about the history they share.

They’re sitting side by side on the floor of his new loft, tired from painting all day, and tired from trying to brainstorm ways to get Scott to trust Derek as his alpha.

Derek gets quietl suddenly. Stiles presses their shoulders together. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Without responding, Derek reaches out a shaking hand and pulls Stiles’ wrist into his lap. He traces his emissary mark with the tip of his finger in reverence before looking up to meet Stiles’ bewildered gaze.

“Laura always expected to come back here,” he says softly between them. “She said that Beacon Hills was our home in spite of everything that had happened. She said there were things here that were ours to care for.” He looks down again to where his finger is skating over Stiles’ skin. “I’m sorry. For acting like I didn’t remember you. I-. When I first saw you, I saw everything that we had lost, everything that I wanted to avoid thinking about. So I tried to ignore you. That wasn’t fair to you though, and I’m sorry.”

He wants to say that it’s okay, but both of them would know that would be a lie. Instead Stiles says, “I understand,” which he does. As much as he wanted Derek to recognize him, he understands why he closed himself off from everything. Especially after Laura was killed.

They sit in silence for a long moment before Derek speaks again. “I always liked this mark. I liked how it looked on your skin, liked what it stood for. One of the earliest lessons we were taught was about how special emissaries are. I remember how proud my mom was when she told us that you had been marked. Laura was excited about it too. She was excited about what it might mean for her and the pack.”

Stiles turns his hand so that his fingers tangle together with Derek’s. Resting his thumb against Derek’s wrist, Siles can feel how quickly his heart is beating. “It was what I always wanted,” he says, watching how their hands clench together. “Mom used to joke, say that that was why I received my mark so early. She said that I wished it into being.”

Derek smiles. It’s a little sad, but the small quirk of his lips is genuine. “That sounds like something you would do.”

“And I liked the idea of being Laura’s emissary.” Derek flinches a little at the statement, but Stiles barrels on. It needs to be said, especially now that Derek is the alpha, now that they’re moving forward instead of hiding away. “I wanted to be a part of the Hale pack the same way my mother was. Even though I didn’t understand everything then, I knew that that was what I wanted.”

Ducking his head, Derek sighs out an apology. “I’m sorry. For everything that happened. For leaving after the fire even though you were hurting too.”

Stiles turns into him, gently knocking their heads together until Derek looks up. “You had to go,” he says. Really, it’s always been that simple. “It wasn’t a good idea that you stayed in Beacon Hills after everything had happened. I understood that, and I was never upset at you for it.”

Derek seems to relax after Stiles says that. He ducks his head again to stare at their hands. Stiles lets the silence drag out for a moment. It’s not uncomfortable, and as much as he doesn’t want to break it, there is something else that needs to be said. “Derek. I-. There’s something I would like to show you.”

When the werewolf nods, Stiles stands up and pulls Derek to his feet. Dropping his hand, Stiles takes a step back and plays with the hem of his shirt. “I got this before we figured out that it was Peter who bit Scott. It was true then, and it’s true now.”

Before Derek can ask any questions, Stiles pulls his shirt over his head. He hears Derek gasp in surprise, then watches as he steps forward, reaching out a shaking hand to hover over the tattoo inked over Stiles’ heart.

The triskelion looks sharp against Stiles’ pale skin. Derek gives in to the urge to touch it, running his fingers over each spiral. “Stiles.” His name is breath.

“I didn’t know that you were going to end up being the alpha, but it didn’t matter. Eleven years ago I got my emissary mark and bound myself to you and Laura. I was always meant to be the Hale emissary. Even if you were only ever going to be a beta, I knew that I was bound to you all the same.”

Derek’s fingers clench uselessly against Stiles’ chest. “I was never supposed to be the alpha, Stiles. I’m not-. I don’t know how to do this.”

He shrugs, lifts his hand, and curls their fingers together again. “We’ll figure it out. Alpha, beta, omega, it’s all a cycle. At the heart of it though, the werewolf is the same.” He squeezes Derek’s fingers. “You’re the same.”

“Alpha, beta, omega.” He pauses, meets Stiles’ gaze, eyes glowing red. “Past, present, future.”

Stiles smiles, his own eyes flare purple in response. “Yes. Exactly. We’re going to figure this out, Derek. Together.”

Finally, Derek smiles, big and bright, no hesitation. There is so much between them, so much unsaid. But what matters is just this. “Together.”

It sounds like a promise.


Requested by anon: Soulmate!au for Taeyang please?? Preferably with the both of you being childhood friends too! Thank you so much!!

hi my little anon this is for you!!! im sorry if its kinda yikes i never like my writing or the product tbh and when i do i feel like it gets overlooked by my other pieces rip @ writers the struggle is rEAL but anyways i hope you enjoyed this!!! also im tearing up on how much notice vigilante!wonwoo is getting thank you guys so so much!!! remember that REQUESTS ARE OPEN READ FAQ AND RULES FIRST SEND THEM INNNN

  • au where you have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about
  • since you were little you had a small cute tattoo on your wrist of a pair of dance tap shoes
  • but what did you know you were only 4 and only thought “those are pretty shoes!!”
  • when you entered kindergarten you met fETUS TAEYANG HOW CUTE AWW
  • “hi i like your tattoo!!!!”
  • “thanks i’m y/n!!”
  • “i’m taeyang!!! check out my tattoo my dad said they’re music notes”
  • he had little musical notes trailing down his forearm and you’re just like wow that’s so beautiful!!
  • “do you know what these tattoos are for?”
  • “my dad said it’s what your soulmate is most passionate about (whatever that means LOL),,, so what your soulmate really really likes!!”
  • how cUTE smol you and tae become little cute friends just like that!!!

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@swearwolfmaia ayy. (M.C is the dad’s nickname here, basically it’s his initials)

“So tell me again, why am I doing this?” M.C asked as he anxiously stared at the needle Lucien was holding. “Because you want to impress my dad on your anniversary and because your social anxiety and irrational fears prevent you from going to a professional.” Lucien answered. M.C hated to admit it, but Lucien was right, even the thought that some stranger would judge him over the tattoo he wanted to get was making him feel uncomfortable.

Lucien examined each piece of equipment he needed for the tattoo carefully, making sure he had everything he needed clean and sterelized.
Eversince his first stick and poke tattoo Lucien has been practicing to do it himself, Damien even brought him actual tattoo needles, to make sure that if his son was doing this he at least was being as sanitary as possible.

“Okay, I will wash my hands and then we will start immediately. Are you really sure you want to do this?” He asked a final time. M.C nods, feeling determined. Lucien starts by disinfecting the place where he wanted the tattoo to be. “Last call to get out of this.” Lucien warned but M.C sticked with his decision watching as Lucien carefully drew the design on his wirst. It was a smal rose above the name “Damien”, it wasn’t much but it meant a lot to M.C, he really wanted to show Damien how much he means to him, especially with his other present in mind.

Which reminded him, there was another reason why he wanted Lucien to give him that tattoo.

“You are doing this really professionally.” He commented on the teens handy work, wincing now and then, Lucien made a noice that probably was suppose to show him that he’s listening. M.C could tell Lucien was being extra careful to make sure he didn’t hurt him too much, which he honestly appreciated, Lucien really was a sweet kid underneath his tough facade.

“You know…I was meaning to ask you something.” M.C starts and Lucien gives him another sound, which he interpreted as a ‘go ahead.’, “You see, your dad really means a lot to me.” He explained and Lucien nods, “Well duh, I’m poking a needle through your skin here, if that isn’t commitment.”

M.C chuckled, “Well I was wondering-”

“If this about you wanting to marry my dad, I already know.”



M.C grumbled, selled out by his own daughter, unbelivable. “To her defense, she didn’t know me and Ernest were there when she called Daisy about it.” Lucien clarified and it did make M.C feel better somewhat. “Why were you hanging out with Daisy?” He asked, wondering what the kids possible could have been up to.
“We opened a service where she does people’s homework for money.”


“I’m joking.” M.C smiled, not sure if he couq believe that. “She wanted us to read her newest short story. Which by the way is way better then the stuff we read in school.” M.C couldn’t help cracking a smile, “I don’t know, did somebody get incased behind a brick wall?” He asked, remembering that particular incident. “No. But it has space bunnies.”
“Space bunnies are hard to beat.” M.C admitted.

“So, what do you think?” He asked after a while of silence, Lucien paused, “I’m giving you a stick and poke tatt and you aren’t in tears. Take a wild guess.”

M.C smiled, feeling relifed he had the boy’s approval.

“Want me to help you when you want one with Ernest’s name?” That, earned him a a bit more painful stab.

dr. catch

paring: jellal/erza
rating: t 
chapter 3 of the rockabye series
found on ff.n

Jellal and Erza meet in the most romantic of places: the physical therapy ward

“There he is, Erza. What did I tell you? Isn’t he absolutely delicious?" 

 When Erza heard Mirajane’s excited whisper, she looked up from her magazine and followed where her friend’s finger shamelessly pointed at a new arrival.

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I’m Still Here

Below the cut is some stuff about my life. It’s partially my story, partially the reason things have been so not-positive on my blog lately, for which I apologize. It gets pretty graphic so avoid this post if self harm, depression, cutting, PTSD, or suicide are triggers for you. Also this might not even fucking make sense because it’s 3 in the morning and I have no idea what I even wrote at this point. Good luck if you actually read this. It’s blabber.

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Soon (Maxwell x MC)

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Maxwell x MC (Mika)

Rating: PG-13 for innuendo

Word Count: 1192

Summary: Maxwell comes back to Mika’s room after the spa day. Utter fluff, as usual. :)

Note: A follow up piece of sorts to (I Think That I Should) Hold On (rated M, to give you a heads up), though it’s not necessary to read that first. Just be aware that in that story, MC saw Maxwell’s tattoo, and told him she also has one. :)

Maxwell comes to her room again, though it’s much later now, the manor silent except for the faint chirping of the crickets outside. He knocks once, so quietly Mika thinks she imagined it, until she hears it again. Maxwell slips into the room quickly, and Mika locks the door behind them.

“What’s up?” she asks with a yawn.

She wasn’t expecting him, though she’s not complaining. They’ve been cautious since she slept in his bed the night of the Coronation, knowing there are eyes and ears everywhere, not to mention what Bertrand would do if he found out. They’re rarely alone together, and being here with him now, alone in the dark, makes her long to kiss him and feel his bare skin on hers again.

“So…I still didn’t see this tattoo today that you claim you have,” Maxwell says, settling on the chaise lounge in her room.

Mika raises an eyebrow and smirks. “You think I made it up? It’s just…hidden. And small.”

“Can I see it?” he asks, his gaze heated as he looks at her.

She swallows hard, remembering when he’d asked her that the first time, in the quiet dark of his room at House Beaumont. He’s asked about it a couple times since then, mostly teasing, when the tattoo hasn’t been visible in any of her dresses.

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anonymous asked:

hi i'm not sure if you read fan fic or no but i read one a while back and i can't find it now but it was Stony and steve was a tattoo artist..???? can't quite remember but do you know it..???? if not don't worry..!!!!! (love ya blog lots and lots xxxxxx)

Hey Anon! I’m glad you like my blog!! <33

As for tattoo artist!Steve, there are two that immediately come to mind that I’ll drop down here for ya:

Deep In The Heart of Me by Finely Honed (jaquen_hgar) is a longer fic and it’s a pretty popular one. Steve is a single dad war vet tattoo artist and he meets Tony when Tony comes to get a tattoo for his 40th birthday and then lots of feels happen.

Or, The Tattoo Artist and the Billionaire by Stonyinspirationwriter where a drunk Tony comes into Steve’s shop to get a tattoo and Steve doesn’t like him at first but then emotions happen.

Other than those two, none come to me off the top of my head. I hope one of them is what you’re looking for? If not, maybe some other people can offer their tattoo artist!Steve fics. Hope this helps!

Modern AU TMI Survey (Astrid)

1. Any nicknames? My friends call me Hoff and occasionally blondie. Hiccup (my husband) calls me Ast or milady.

2. Favorite childhood memory? Archery lessons with my grandma.

3. What color are your socks? I’m not wearing socks, but if I was, they’d be mismatched.

4. Do you sleep on your back, stomach, or side? Usually side.

5. Do you shave your face (guys) or legs (girls) daily? In the summertime, yes. In the winter, nope.

6. When was your first kiss and who was it with? I was dared to kiss one of my guy friends on the cheek when I was fifteen. But first actual kiss? With Hiccup when I was eighteen.

7. Last person to see you naked and why? My husband, lol. He was brushing his teeth while I was getting out of the shower.

8. What’s your relationship status? Married to my best friend:)

9. Any piercings/tattoos? Yesss. Two earlobe piercings, a cartilage piercing in my left ear, and I hope to eventually have a belly button piercing. I also have two tattoos; one on my shoulder in memory of my dad, and the other one is my wedding date tattooed on my ankle.

10. You have a baby boy. What would you name him? Finnegan Sean. Finn for short. Hiccup likes Seamus, but I think Finn is gonna win this one.

11. You have a baby girl. What would you name her? Erica Faith, but Hiccup likes Ingrid Elizabeth.

12. Last text you sent and your relationship to the person? My mom. I told her I’d see her in a couple weeks.

13. Favorite body part on the opposite sex? Abs.

14. If you could change your name, would you? No, I think my name suits me.

15. Big spoon or little spoon? Both! I like being the big spoon because I feel in control, but as the little spoon I get snuggled and kissed a lot, so it’s a win-win:)

16. Would you ever divorce? Nope.

17. Last person you hugged? Hiccup.

18. Are you a virgin? Nope.

19. Would you rob a bank for $1,000,000? I don’t think so.

20. Any birthmarks? I have a light one on my stomach.

21. Last time you cried and why? A week ago. I got a stressful call from my mom.

22. Anything else you wanna tell us that we don’t know? Not really.

(I think I’m gonna do one for Hiccup soon, too!)

I was on a Bobs Burgers binge and thinking bout my ships/headcanons/meta/&fic idea

It’s a long post pondering my personal opinions of different ships including Louise/Logan, Tina/Jimmy Jr., Gene/Jimmy Jr., Tina/Josh, Tina/Zeke, and Zeke/Jimmy Jr., along with Genderfluid Gene stuff. Mostly written for me to get my thoughts laid out but I am up for comments and discussion about any of it.

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For Anyone

Originally posted by fy-jay-dok2

For Anyone

Joon Kyung had been planning for this tattoo for the past few months, he’d been excited to get some more ink on his arms and his artist was finally back in town. He’d done everything he usually did for his pregame tattoo ritual. He had his favorite sandwich with him from a local shop, and his large strawberry lemonade.

“Sorry it took so long man” his artist patted him on the shoulder. “But you managed to catch me on my one day in town.”

“No problem, I’m just happy I could get this done before I leave for tour.” Joon Kyung smiled brightly.

“Gimmie a few to finish up my sketch and we’ll get this pumped out.” he gave him a high five before heading back to the light table.

As he waited for his artist to finish setting up he chuckled seeing you pace around the lobby. Nervously clenching onto the strap of your purse. One moment you were inching closer to the door, the next it looked like you were about to have a seat. “You alright?”

You yelped hearing someone talk to you and bowed nervously. “I-I’m fine.”

He chuckled “You sure?”

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What if Renji and Ichigo switched places?

As requested by anon. :)

We’ve already seen this sort of thing done with Matsumoto & Yoruichi and with Luppi & Grimmjow. And with others! I didn’t realize how many there were and now I don’t want to link to them all. You can find them all on my “what if” lists page, though. A-anyway, let’s say that Renji and Ichigo’s roles were switched. Renji is the super normal human given shinigami powers, and Ichigo is Byakuya’s lieutenant. How would the first arc of Bleach be different then?

1. Renji’s appearance would get him bullied.

Ichigo got bullied because of his bright orange hair. Renji would also find himself getting picked on for his appearance.

Renji: The other students always picked on me because of my unnaturally bright red hair.

Renji: So I decided to cover myself in tattoos and REALLY give them something to be mad about!

Renji: Luckily my dad was weirdly cool about his fifteen-year-old son getting loads of tattoos.

Isshin: have tattoos?

2. Ichigo would be in denial about his affection for Rukia.

As in canon, Rukia would get pulled out of school after she gets adopted by the Kuchiki clan. Ichigo, however, would insist that this did not bother him.

Kira: You must miss Rukia now that she’s with the nobles.

Ichigo: What? Don’t be silly. I don’t miss her at all.

Kira: …you just said you plan to join her brother’s squad.

Ichigo: Coincidence.

Kira: You get wistful whenever her name comes up.

Ichigo: No I don’t.


Kira: You may be in denial a little bit.

Ichigo: Nah.

3. Rukia would give Renji his shinigami powers.

And unlike Ichigo, who pretended he didn’t want to be a substitute shinigami for a while, Renji would be immediately on board. Because remember when Renji and Rukia first met as kids? Renji could tell that Rukia was the best thing to ever to happen to him right away.

Rukia: So now you have to do my job!

Renji: Yes. Good. Okay.

Rukia: …just like that?

Renji: Yes. I love you.

Rukia: What?

Renji: I didn’t say anything.

4. Byakuya would be puzzled by his lieutenant.

Because I choose to believe that Ichigo would still act the same way with Byakuya as he does in canon, even if he were Byakuya’s lieutenant.

Ichigo: Hi, Byakuya! I’m your new lieutenant!


Byakuya: Is he planning to call me by my first name?

5. Renji and Ichigo would meet when Rukia got arrested.

And they’d fight, like in canon. Only this time Ichigo is the lieutenant and Renji is the upstart human.

Ichigo: You think you can beat me? You’re 10,000 years too late!

Ichigo: Also, just look at how giant my sword is!

Renji: [looks at his normal sized zanpaktuo]

Renji: I do feel a little inadequate now.

Ichigo: Yeah ‘cause my zanpakuto is SO BIG

Byakuya: [face-palming in the background]

6. Renji would fight his way through Soul Society.

And like Ichigo, Renji would make friends with everybody he fights. Renji is kinda like Ichigo in that way.

Ikkaku: So anyway, that’s everything I know about Rukia.


Ikkaku: That felt right, somehow, me teaching you things.

Renji: Yeah?

Ikkaku: Must be the blood loss.

7. Ichigo would be motivated to get stronger after losing to Renji.

Because if there’s one thing that motivates Ichigo, it’s losing.

Ichigo: I have to get stronger. I am going to get my bankai, and then I am going to defeat my captain.

Renji: Sounds like a solid plan, dude.

Ichigo: I’m proud of it.

8. And then Ichigo would lose to Byakuya.

Because in this reality, only Renji can beat Byakuya.


9. Renji would beat Byakuya with a surprise move.

Not the sudden appearance of an inner hollow, as happened with Ichigo in canon. No, Renji would motivate Byakuya’s shocked expression by…I dunno. Using his broken zanpakuto move? I bet that would work if Renji were the main character.

Byakuya: You have defeated me. I will no longer get in your way.

Byakuya: But just for the record, using your broken zanpakuto as a weapon was an insult to all of the traditions of Soul Society.

Renji: …your zanpakuto’s main power is shattering into a million tiny blades.

Byakuya: That’s different!

10. Renji would rescue Rukia.

I bring this up for only one reason. Please imagine Renji in his flying cloak, standing atop the scaffolding, throwing Rukia javelin-style at Ichigo. Because that scene would definitely still happen.

Renji: Ichigo! Catch!

Ichigo: W-wait! D-don’t-!



Renji: …that was oddly satisfying.

Are you sure?

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I couldn’t think of a better title. Bah humbug.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Anon said: You’re the only one I trust to do this


Scott laughed and laughed at you, Stiles chuckling softly under his breath, an ever growing grin on his face.

Scowling, you spoke in a voice you could only compare to a child’s pout. “What? What the hell are you laughing at? It’s not funny.”

“Yes, yes it actually is,” Scott wheezed as he fell to his knees.

You looked down at the bandage in one hand and the vacant patch of skin that had held your first tattoo not ten minutes earlier. “I can’t believe it healed,” you mumbled. “How in the hell did you get yours to stay, McCall?”

“A blow torch.” Stiles’ grin had turned manic, and the voice he used was terrifying and so truthful and honest and his heart hadn’t changed it’s beat and it all made you stare at him slack jawed for only a moment.

Opening and closing your mouth a few times, you managed to squeak, “Like the kind for welding things?! Or the little pastry one like my dad has for caramelizing stuff?”

“Somewhere in the middle,” Scott managed to get out, rising to his feet as his chuckles faded.

“I think my dad has one,” Stiles said thoughtfully, and headed to the garage.

“And on that terrifying note, I’m out of here.”


You were about to finally knock on Derek’s loft door after ten minutes of talking yourself into it, somewhat reluctantly, when you heard his voice through the steel. “It’s open. Just come in already.”

Blushing and hanging your head, you slid the door open slowly, keeping your head down as you slid it shut quietly.

“All your pacing and almost-knocking was starting to make me nervous, Y/N,” Derek scowled. “What do you want? Is something wrong?”

Snapping your head up, you stuttered, “N-no! I just- ah! This is so stupid. First there was a tattoo and then Scott laughed at me and Stiles said something about a blow torch-”

Your alpha held up his hand to stop your rambling. Silently he turned and left the room, only to appear moments later with a blow torch in his hand and his eyes glowing as they flicked over you. “Where was it and what was it?”

You lifted up the side of your shirt slowly to reveal your ribcage, his red eyes fading after a few blinks, his face looking somewhat shocked.

“That is pretty big. I mean, it’s great, and easy to do with this thing,” he lifted the massive torch in reference, making you gulp, “but are you sure? It’s pretty big and this won’t heal.”

You nodded.

“It’s gonna hurt like nothing else.”

“I figured as much,” you said grimly, making Derek chuckle softly.

“Do you trust me?”

You looked him right in the eyes. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

“Why a compass?” He crossed his arms and you dropped the side of your shirt.

“Well, I guess to remind me to stay on the right path. To always head in the way I think will help the most people.”

Derek nodded with raised eyebrows and a look of appreciation.

“And kind of like a visualization of a howl. To remind me to stick with my friends, my pack. And to signal when I need their help.”

Derek wore a grin that just kept growing.

“Not that I expect a hermit like you to understand that last part,” you joked, and the scowl his face adopted made you chuckle nervously. “Go back to smiling. See, now I’m worried about this whole tattoo thing. Maybe I’ll just go-”

“Sit.” Derek cut you short, lighting the torch.


i know it’s kinda late but!! i finally got a picture with my hero a few nights ago! i managed to get all my stuff to him thanks to evan and when my turn came to speak i thanked him as i’d come from italy for the show and couldn’t have been happier to be alive. i meant to move on but he got really excited and asked me where in italy i was from and when i said rome his eyes lit up and he started talking about how he had never played here and how much he wanted to and kept going on about it with the most genuine grin ever and oh my god i’m still shaking. i thanked him for all he’d done for me so far and asked him if he could design my first tattoo and he made the terrified face every dad would make and made me turn around so he could draw on my back. i told him about how it’s been tough but i’m getting better and i wanted this tattoo to be the sign of the beginning of a new era and he smiled and nodded a lot and paused for a second so i moved and messed up his signature but when i tried to apologize he was the sweetest person and wouldn’t let me. the mom of a friend i met there then managed to snap a picture of us talking and one of us together but when i looked at it it was really blurry so i crossed my fingers and went back to tell frank and he was super nice, made me come over and grabbed my phone from my hands to take a selfie and oh god i love this guy so much just look at his fucking face

David Beckham Gets Harper’s Drawing Tattooed Onto Him

In today’s ‘so-adorable-you-might-cry’ news, David Beckham has unveiled two new tattoos, and they are both touching tributes to his four kids.

Gah, this family genuinely get cuter by the day, don’t they?

The former footballer took to his Instagram account to share a snapshot of his new ink, with the first being a very artistic drawing of a girl on the palm of his hand, with Dave captioning the shot: “Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy”.

David’s wife, Victoria, also shared the image on her own Insta page, writing: “Harper is a true little artist x x vb 😏🙏❤️”, before eldest of the Beckham kids, sixteen-year-old Brooklyn, confirmed that this was a real, permanent tattoo, posting the image and adding: “Love my dads new tat”.

Well, some parents put their kids’ drawings on the fridge door, others get it permanently etched onto their body - each to their own, eh?

The 40-year-old star was keen to prove to his millions of followers that he isn’t only paying tribute to his four-year-old daughter, following up with another image of a new tat, this time in honour of his three boys; Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

Managing to find a teeny, tiny bit of space on his already heavily-inked bod, David showed that he has added the words “We love you Daddy” to what looks like his ribcage, writing alongside this photo: “The boys expressing how they feel about daddy ❤️❤️❤️”.

Recently, David showed off another new inking of the words ‘Pretty Lady’ above his original ‘Harper’ tattoo on his neck.

Writing at the time, the devoted father shared: “Hey Pretty Lady …. Just adding to the collection of tattoos that mean so much to me… Thanks Mark as always looks amazing … @shamrocksocialclub [SIC]”.

In all honesty, the amount of tats David has seems to only increase our chances of having the Yahoo logo inked onto him in our honour… Fingers crossed 2016 is our year.

Baby Series: Preference #9 He is asked about the baby in an Interview

Ashton: Towards the end of an interview in the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen turned his full attention to Ashton to ask about the newest addition to the family. “So, Ashton, you just become a dad didn’t you?” Ellen asked while a picture of your newborn baby showed up in the back screen. “I did” Ashton smiled and the audience applauded. “And how does it feel being a dad?” she continued, “It’s the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me, she’s everything to me and I love her so much” Ashton smiled. “Aw such a loving dad” Ellen said pretending to wipe a tear. “Yeah” Ashton grinned “She is so amazing and even though she doesn’t talk yet, I know she loves me too”. The audience aw’ed and Michael started teasing Ashton, making him blush. “So, where you at the birth” Ellen asked “Yes, thanks god. Actually I was supposed to be gone all day but our meeting was canceled so I was home” he explained. “And how was it?” “Uhm, well it’s just amazing to see this new innocent life come to the world and Y/N did so great. I’m so proud of my two girls” Ashton smiled. “Can we see more of her?” Ellen said toward her assistant and they projected a new picture of you baby you recently uploaded to Instagram. “She is the cutest little thing ever, I know all parents say that bu-“ “But she actually really is” Calum said, smiling. “Thanks mate” Ashton said. “No, she is, but because she looks like Y/N” Calum finished, making everybody laugh as Ashton gave him a friendly punch in the arm.

Michael: While in an interview in a local radio Michael is asked about your baby, as you listen from home with the baby in your arms, fast asleep. “Congratulations to Michael who just became a dad” the interviewer said as the rest of the boys cheered. “Thanks man” Mike smiled, blushing, still new to the parenting topic. “So I heard it’s a girl” the interviewer continued “When will we get to see a picture of her?” “Ahm, well, you know, several magazines offered us a lot of money for first pictures and stuff like that but we didn’t want to do it this way. So we decided we’ll wait ‘til she gets a bit older to get her first pictures” Mike explained. “That’s nice” the interviewer nodded “Sounds like things are going well for your new little family, yeah?”. “Very well. Y/N is a great mom, always knows exactly what to do. Which is a good thing for me because I feel like I know nothing!” Michael concludes with a laugh.  Upon hearing this, you giggle “He’s got that right" you say to your daughter. “So, I assume she is ok and everything?” “Yes, yes, she is a strong cute little girl” Mike smiled. “She is so cute and she actually looks a lot like Mike” Luke joined in. “Oh, so, have you all seem her?” “Yes, we did, we were right there at the hospital actually” Ashton added “and I’m her godfather” Luke said, smiling proud. “He’s been bragging about all day” Calum added, rolling his eyes. The interviewer laughed “We can’t wait to see her guys, I can tell you all love the baby by the way you talk about her” “I do” Michael smiled “And I’m pretty sure the boys too” he said as the rest of the boys nodded, a big smile on their faces. 

Calum: You were backstage at the Graham Norton Show with your daugther fast asleep in her stroller, waiting for the boys to finish off their last task for the day when Graham fully changed the conversation to ask about your newborn baby. "Congratulations on becoming a dad" Graham smiled. “Thank you” Calum said. “How is Y/N? Are you two taking good care of the baby?” he asked, “Yes, they are both very well and very happy” Calum smiled resting his head on his hand. “We’ve seen a lot of pictures of her recently, you love to post them don’t you?” Grahan smiled signaling the monitors where different pictures of your baby sleeping or being held by you where being shown. “Yeah, I’ve been kinda of obsessed with Instagram lately and with my daughter so I uhm combined them? but our fans love it, like they literally go crazy when I post pictures of her” he said. “She is definitely so cute, congratulations once again”. “Thank you, she looks a lot like her mom actually” Calum pointed out. “Sorry, what’s her name again” Graham asked “Y/N, just like her mom”. "And what about you boys, what do you think about little Y/N?“ he asked, looking at the other boys. "Well she is absolutely gorgeous and she always laughs when you tickle her little belly” Luke said. “Yeah, and she is always so quiet, she doesn’t even cry. Guess she didn’t got it from you mate” Michael said towards Calum. “The other day I walked into Cal holding her trying to teach her how to master the pouty face.”  Ashton said, raising his tone and making the room errupt in laughter.  “He’s really good at it!” Calum tacks on proudly.  “Dude, she’s not even a month old, that’s just how his face is!” Luke adds making Calum pout in national television. "Your daddy never changes" you tought to yourself looking at your sleeping daughter.

Luke: Luke was in an interview with the boys while you stayed at home with your 2 month old daughter. He had just texted you saying they would be on in 5 mins, so you turned on the TV. “So, Luke, how have things been for you and Y/N with the little one in the house now” the interviewer asks. “Amazing!” Luke exclaims, a wide, proud grin on his face. “But of course, Y/N and I are both exhausted all the time” he chuckles. “Babies demand a lot ot attention obviously” the interviewer nodded signalign him to keep talking. “But it’s absolutely worth it to have suck a beautiful baby at home with us”, he finished making you tear up a little. “Plan on getting any tattoos dedicated to her?” the interviewer smirked “I was thinking about getting my first tattoo dedicated to her, just not sure what yet,” he chuckled while clasping his hands together on his lap. "And, how are you adapting to being a dad?“ the interviewer asks. "Pretty well actually, Y/N handles most of it to be honest but I’m always there to relieve her of whatever duties I can. But I can say I totally hate diaper changing!” he added, making you and the audience laugh. “He is a pro at it though” Ashton added, laughing. Y/N is always commenting what a great dad Luke is: very helpful, loves spending time with the baby, stuff like that" Michael added, mimicking you. The audience gets a laugh out of that before the interviewer continues with more questions about your daughter.


This is the third preference on my baby series! Will be posting a new one daily til 12/08.

Hope you liked, feedback is always appreciated.


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tails & talons - mesmerized

Continuation of my Valentine’s drabble and also
part (3) of my Florist/Tattooartist AU series
read more: here

“So you’ve always loved flowers?”

Lucy laughed softly at the question.

It was nice outside, even nicer than the last few days, and she had only grabbed her cardigan on the way out. The wind was rustling in the treetops and playing with her hair all the same. It would have flown around her, had she not tamed it in her usual braided side ponytail.

She looked down at her skirt, the one with the floral patterns. How ironic.

Had she always loved flowers?

“I guess so. I never not liked them. Though I can’t say it always was my dream to be a florist. It just happened, somewhere along the way.”

She smiled as she looked up at the sky, unaware of his eyes lingering on her face with an almost mesmerized expression. Bringing the cup of coffee to her lips again, she tore her gaze from the clouds and smiled over at him.

“Do you have a favourite flower?”

The question seemed to take him by surprise. He rubbed the skin behind his ear, where the hair was so very short. Unlike on top of his head. There, his hair fell unruly, rosy curls like she had never seen before. It suited him so very well, even though he was the very first man she had ever seen sporting a pink hue.

“Uh, red ones?”

“What?” she giggled.

“I like red flowers.” he grinned at her sheepishly. “Don’t know any specifics though. Sorry, heh.”

“It’s alright,” she laughed.

For a moment, it remained silent as they both sipped on their beverages. Lucy inhaled deeply, enjoying the sun hitting her face. Yes, spring had finally arrived.

“Did you always like tattoos, then?”

He laughed, and licked his lips.

“Sure. I always loved drawing, you know. My dad was an artist.”

Past tense. For a moment, Lucy hesitated, but then chose it was not her place to ask. She had only met him, after all.

“And then,” he continued, watching her intently. “I kinda got into it over a mate. Got my first tattoos when I was 17, and then never stopped, haha.”

Oh, she wanted to ask. The question was burning brightly in her mind. But she held herself back. Maybe one day, in case they would actually get to know each other better.

For a second, an image flashed before her mind’s eye; how she traced her fingers over the patterns and colours covering his skin. She’d start at the neck, and then work her way over his shoulder and over his bicep until - but it was too fleeting, too vague, to grasp it properly. The patterns slipped from her as she tried to imagine them.

She wanted to know what his tattoos looked like.

With a loud harrumph, Lucy shook her head slightly, ridding herself of these beckoning thoughts. There. Better.

But when she turned her head, she found Natsu staring her with a very amused expression, his right brow raised high.

“What was that about?”

“W-what? Nothing!”

“You’re weird, you know.”


“It was more of a compliment, I think." 

The tip of his tongue cheekily poked out between his lips, and she had to look away again.

What was he doing to her??

"Oh. Thankyou.”

She hoped her cheeks didn’t look as hot as they were feeling. What was this, anyway? A date? No way. Just a coffeebreak with her new almost-colleague. They were simply getting to know each other a little better.

“Oh!” He suddenly called out. “I forgot to ask - what are your favourite flowers? Not like I’ll know what they look like, but hey, gotta ask right?”

She shook her head at so much likeable honesty.

“Nothing all too special.” she smiled, her eyes dropping to the small meadow in front of them. “If I had to choose - I just really love bellis perennis.”

She grinned cheekily as he blinked at her like a deer in the headlights of a car. Realization dawned on his face.

“You did that on purpose!”

“Maybe,” she chuckled. Then, she pointed a slender finger at the meadow in front of them. “Daisies.”


He bent over to pluck a stray flower from right beside his feet, and held it up in front of his eyes.

“These? They’re everywhere.”


She picked it out of his hands, twiring the stem between her fingers, watching the white petals spin and blend.

“They’re heralds of spring. Persevering beauties, is what their name means.”

He didn’t reply, as if he seemed to be waiting for her to continue, to dig deeper. And so she did.

“I like them, I guess, because they are so ordinary. Nobody pays them much attention, but everybody likes them. They’re pretty. But they’re also strong, and resilient.”

She brought the small flower, now bereft of its life source, closer to her nose.

“They smell nice, too, if you bother coming close enough.”

The toll of a nearby churchbell suddenly brought her back to earth.

She really had to get back to her shop.

“Oh noo, we’ve done it again!” she laughed.

He grinned in response, ripped from his dazzled state, but from his eyes it became clear that he had no clue what she was referring to. It only made her laugh harder.

“We forgot the time!”

“Oh shit, you’re right! Damn. Gajeel’s gonna slay me, like a dragon.”

He groaned, and she laughed at his fake agony.

“Well, tell him the princess forbids it.”

His eyebrows rose again, and she turned the words over in her head.

“Oh - oh no! I didn’t mean it like- I mean…well. Shit.”

They both broke into roaring laughter as they stood up from the crooked stone wall they had chosen as a resting space.  Comfortably, they began their way back to work. When they arrived in front of their shops, they had managed to calm down, at this point not even sure about the cause of their laughter anymore.

“Well,” Natsu started. “This was nice.”

He flashed her a grin, so congenial and innocent that she did not even scrutinise his words for any added meaning. Natsu was refreshingly different, in a way, like the wind that was still blowing through the streets.

A welcome change.

“Yeah,” she agreed.

They both stood there for a moment, reluctant to enter their respective shops. It was silly, she thought, because they were sure to meet again no matter what they did. Nevertheless, it took her a moment to come up with something to say. Nothing clever would pop into her mind, and he was still just standing there, smiling.

“So… say hi to Gajeel from me.”

“Oh, I will - if he lets me live.”

And with that, the awkward moment had passed, and Lucy was happy to reencounter her usual self-confidence.

“Oh, don’t worry. I know just how to soothe him.”

She gave him a wink he did not seem to understand. And she could not blame him - he did not know what she knew. But she would make sure he would come to know her ‘secret weapon’. She grinned. 

Everybody deserved to know how to calm a grumpy Gajeel, after all. Especially his coworker.

“I might drop by in the next days. With the right amount of coffee, this time.”

His face lit up again, a sort of boyish joy that made her heart feel light.

“Sweet! Promise?” After realizing just how excited he sounded, he cleared his throat to add: “I need my caffeine, after all. Don’t want these dragons to look like lizards.”

Dragons. Lucy was quick to keep that information.

She was going to find out more about those dragons of his.



You had been driving for what felt like forever. The drive from London to your parent’s house was easily a few hours, but the distance felt much longer to Harry. His fingers drummed on the steering wheel anxiously, and his bouncing knee kept tempo with the music softly playing from the speakers.

“Harry, relax,” you said, placing your hand on his thigh. The action didn’t calm him as you had hoped.

“I am,” he said, feigning calm. He was looking at you with wide eyes. You smiled in sympathy as you saw that Harry genuinely thought he was controlling his nerves. It was okay to be nervous, you wanted to tell him. Meeting your parents for the first time is a big deal. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous yourself. As small as you thought the possibility was, if your parents didn’t approve of your relationship with Harry, it would only drive a wedge between your relationship with them. Nothing was going to tear you and Harry apart.

“You’re shaking, Harry,” you told him. “And sweating a little.”

“Am I?” He ran a hand through his long hair and exhaled deeply. His tanned skin was unnaturally pale.

“Are you okay?” you asked with concern in your voice.

Harry swallowed. “I…M’ just going to pull over for a bit I think. Been driving for too long.”

You nodded briskly as he pulled off onto the side of the road. You just expected him to catch his breath, maybe take a sip of water. Him throwing open the car door and releasing the contents of his stomach into the ditch wasn’t on your radar. Wasting no time, you grabbed the packet of Kleenex from your purse and went around to his side.

“I’m okay, Y/N,” Harry said, crouched over. “Go inside. You don’t need to see this.”

“Don’t be silly,” you mumbled, bringing a tissue to his pink lips. “All better?” You asked a few moments later.

Harry nodded hesitantly and opened the car door, taking a seat.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” You asked again. Harry was staring straight ahead into the distance.

“Yeah, just a bit car sick….and nervous,” he admitted quietly.

“I know, Harry. It’s okay to be.”

“I don’t get it. I’ve performed in front of audiences of thousands of people, but in front of your parents, I don’t think I’ll be able to even get a word out.”

“Oh come on, they’re not that bad. They raised me after all,” you defended your parents.

Harry turned to look at you sharply. “I know they have. So obviously they’re good people. That’s why I care what they think. What if they don’t like me?” You opened your mouth to try to get a word in, but Harry kept speaking. “Oh God, what if they hate these tattoos? What was I thinking to get them? And my shirt is low in the front. You can practically see my nipples. And your dad, oh God your dad. What if as soon as he sees me he somehow just knows we’ve slept together? I’ve made love to you and I don’t even have your father’s blessing yet. What kind of gentleman does that?” He was out of breath by the time he finished his ramble.

“Harry, please,” you said, taking his face into your hands. “First of all, don’t worry about what they think of your tattoos. They have nothing to do with the type of man you are. And besides, my dad has a tattoo.”

“Really?” Harry’s eyebrows arched.

“Yeah, a cross on his upper thigh,” you told him.

“Well, that’s one I don’t have,” Harry muttered.

“And my parents don’t have to know about everything we do. But they weren’t born yesterday, you know. We’re adults, as long as we’re safe and there’s consent and we don’t do it in their house, they’re okay with us sleeping together.”

Harry still didn’t look convinced.

“Look, does your mum think less of me because we’ve been to bed together?” you asked.

“What, God, of course not,” Harry said with reddened cheeks.

“Exactly, don’t think my parents will do the same.” Your hand smothered Harry’s hand on his leg. “They’ll love you Harry, because I love you.”

Harry lifted your joined hands and kissed your knuckle.

“I’m ready to drive again,” he said. “And I think I can do it without a trip to the ER.”

If Harry had been anxious, all traces of nerves disappeared as soon as your parents opened the door. He was charming and polite, and you swore that your mother was falling in love with him herself. Aside from the small frown your father wore when he saw Harry’s hand gently graze your thigh on the couch, he had quickly become a fan.

“So, Harry, those are some interesting tattoos you have going on there,” your dad commented.

“Thank you, sir,” Harry said sheepishly. “I’ve been thinking of getting a new one. Maybe a cross on my upper thigh.” He winked in your direction.

AUTHOR’S NOTE Thank you to the anon who requested this! Fun fact: my dad actually has the tattoo I described! Thanks for reading!

Christmas Approveal - Requested (Michael)

HELLO, this is the first Christmas request done because it the FIRST!!! Woop, Christmas is coming, anyways this was requested by aleciasometimescries. ENJOY!!!!!

‘You’re joking right?’ You hear Michael on the phone and frown as he does. 'Okay, shit, let me know where you are once you’re sorted’ and then he hangs up.

'What’s up?’ You ask as he comes over flopping into the sofa and throwing his head back. 'The lads flight isn’t going, the pilot is too ill to fly, Paul is trying to gets them another pilot but they won’t be home at earliest till tomorrow morning’ he explain, you can tell he is worried about them. It’s Christmas Eve and they have just finished a promo here and they had a private plane to get them home later this evening so they were able to spend Christmas with family. Michael had agreed to stay in your home town for Christmas, you were seeing your dad tonight and your mum Christmas Day and then fly to Sydney Christmas night to spend a couple of days with ////.

'That’s terrible, do you want to go and see them?’ You ask, he groans and you smile a little at the sound. 'Yeah but we are meant to be at your dads in an hour’ he moans and you laugh a little. 'I don’t mind, go see the boys and come to my dad’s when you can’ you explain. You can see he is thinking it over, so while he does you decide to take advantage of his neck being in full view, you lean forward, placing one hand in his chest and depressing your lips to his neck, you trace then up and down, sucking and licking his neck in all the right places.

'If you don’t stop neither of is will make it to your dads’ his voice is groggy with his need and you notice his jeans getting tighter. 'Sorry baby’ you tease pulling away, but before you can sit back he grabs the back of your neck pulling you on top of him and pressing his lips to yours. You let his hands snake under your shirt as you pull at his hair, and roll your hips a little hearing him groan you laugh and jump off.

'Better get going so you have time see the boys’ you wink as you head into your room to change for your dads.


'Dad quit whining he is coming’ you moan rolling your eyes towards Kelly your step mum and she smiles trying not to laugh.

'See, see didn’t I tell you he would ruin it, ruins everything does that boy, waist of space’ he goes in, you shake your head, your dad has never liked Michael, said he isn’t looking towards the future, doesn’t want anything serious, changing his little girl.

'Dad please just gives it a rest, no one can enjoy themselves while you are making things awkward’ you tell him.

'Well no one is enjoying themselves waiting for it to turn up’ he snaps back, you look at him eyes a little wider to tell him he went too far.

'For a start he has a name, second of all no one is waiting, we are all fine, dinner isn’t even ready yet and the only person this is an issue for is you and finally if you don’t stop acting like a petulant little child I will leave, it’s Christmas Eve everyone is happy and you can’t drop your hatred for one god darn day’ you half yell before brushing his shoulder as you leave the family room and enter the kitchen. Your grandma isn’t far behind you and she rubs your back a little, you turn giving her a small smile.

'Ignore him, we all understand, Michael is a very nice young man and the only reason your dad hasn’t held his hands up yet is because he is too proud to say he was wrong’ she explains, 'but you were right your dad was a very petulant child’ she half laughs and you can’t help the smile she forms on your lip.

'Michaels here’ Jimmy rushes into the kitchen before turning back out, you an grandma follow him out to see Michael being welcomed by the family as your dad stands of to the side arms crossed

'I hope you just don’t mind but I bought a couple of friends’ Michael tell them winking at you, as Ashton, Luke and Calum come in behind him. 'Oh hello boys, it’s lovely to see you again it’s been so lo…’ Kelly is cut off by your dad.

'It’s rude to invite people when you’re an unwanted guest yourself’ your dad pipes up, his voice harsh, but you notice the smile in Michaels face turn slightly into a smirk and you frown a little as you watch him.

'I called but you have the no phone rule so I couldn’t check’ Michael tells him smoothly which you know is a straight out lye because you snook your phone back into your pocket after putting into the 'Phone Stop’.

'It doesn’t matter, they can stay, and you can leave with them seems as your so ungratefully late’ your dad snipes back, you laugh a little as his face contorts in annoyance and how Michael isn’t bothered by a word of it.

'Don’t be so rude, I bought you up better than that’ your grandma snaps at him, 'Now I’m sure there will be plenty of food after all we are two down so it’s only really an extra one and we always make too much food, wasteful really but I’m sure you strapping boys can help up with that’ grandma goes on. 'Right jimmy go on up to your room and bring down that deck chair of yours’ she tells him with a small wave of her hand.

'Come in everybody, close the door is deathly cold, the fire is in in the family room, who wants drinks?’ Kelly calls and takes the order of a number of drinks as everyone files into the family room you wait behind, you give Calum, Ashton and Luke a quick hug before Michael wraps an arm around you.

'What’s going on with the flights?’ You asks the boys, 'It’s getting sorted, we found a pilot he is okay to set off at nine tonight’ Ashton explain and you smile. 'Thanks great, I was so upset for you guys’ you explain and Calum coos.

'Shut up, go on, get in there’ you tell them nodding to the door to the family room. When they are gone you turn to Michael and press your lips to his, your hands on his chest, his on your waist. 'You’re terrible’ you tell him as you pull away and he frowns 'why?’ He asks shocked and you smirk a little 'You only bought them to piss him off’ you whisper, he fakes shock and grabs his heart 'Like I would do such a scheming thing’ he gasps 'You would’ Kelly interrupts making us jump a little as she wears a smirk across her lips 'But it’s awfully funny want hung his squirm’ she chuckles leaving again and you laugh following her into the rest of the family with Michael behind you.


'Hush everyone’ your grandfather calls over the chatter at the dinner table, we have all finished our meals and been chatting but it so dyes down. 'We all have traditions and our is something we treasure, after a meal at Christmas we share what we are grateful for and what we hope the new year will bring, Michael seems as you’re a guest for four would you do the honour of starting’ granddad sits back down and Michael nods smiling a little, his arm is resting on the back of your chair, and you noticed when he first did it your dad staring at his tattoos.

'Okay, erm I’m thankful for our band, our support, but erm mostly in thankful that (Y/N) is still in my life after five years.’ He speaks out, his eyes meeting with yours when he speaks about you and you smile before leaning forwards and leaving a quick peck in his lips.

'Get on with it’ your dad growls making a couple people at the table laugh. 'Sorry of course, erm I’m hoping the new year will bring changed attitudes’ he states and it’s clear to everyone as Michaels eyes bore into your dads as they glare back. We move on and have gone around the most of the travel when we get to your dad.

'I’m thankful for my wonderful children and close family’ he tells us, ruffling Jimmy’s hair as his other hand entwined with Kelly’s 'and for the new year I hope it brings sense, to my daughter, enough to get her away the things that’s are no good, the sense to throw out the trash’ your dads words are harsh, his voice sharp and nasty so much so not one person at the table who had been finding dad behaviour to you and Michael humorous, not one of the laughed or smiled, instead they all watched him shocked.

'Wow’ you mutter, pushing your chair back and standing up ’(Y/N) (Y/L/N) don’t you dare leave this table’ your dad calls to you as you head for the kitchen door, your fuming, your whole body in fire as you spin around.

'Don’t I dare? Don’t I dare?’ You repeat, your temper and patients’ gone which is clear to everyone at the raise and tone in your voice. 'How’s about don’t you dare, don’t you dare offend Michael, don’t you dare try press your ugly thoughts of him into other, don’t you dare tell me how to live my life, don’t you dare be so rude’

'This, this has been an amazing night, fun and full of laughter, I real Christmas family time, but there is one thing that would have made if so much more present, and that you, not being here, with your comments, your glaring. You haven’t enjoyed this night because all you have done is hash Michael at every opportunity’ you start to calm the voice so it’s more of a scold then a temper shout. 'So no dad don’t YOU dare’ you finish, you glance around the table at your family and friends and you can see the pity in their eyes. 'Sorry everybody’ you sigh before getting into the kitchen and closing the door. Taking in deep, calming breathes.

'You didn’t have to do that’ you hear Michael behind you and spin around, your still angry and just see red. 'You know what Michael, don’t bother moaning at me, you’re okay with the shit he gives you, and most of the time I don’t mind either but why can’t he just accept it, why can’t he just acknowledge that I did well, that I picked the right guy’ you flare, Michael just nods a little and you sigh 'sorry I didn’t mean to tell at you’ you apologise but he shakes his head opening his arms.

'You listen to me okay, it’s been five years since we rocked up at your house, it’s been hard, even at fourteen your dad hated me, but you know I don’t care, because I love you, you are everything to me, so he can hate me all he likes as long as it doesn’t change the fact that you love me. I mean sure, I would love to have his mark of approval but I’ve worked for it, I ignored the shit I did everything he wanted, I fought the shit, I asked about it and then we got here, were we just give it to each other. And I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m not the kind of person he will approve of, I’m sorry if that’s my fault, but you have to promise me one thing…..never fall out with him over me…I can’t be the resin for your hurt in any way shape of form. I love you and if your dad hates me for another five years I can deal with that of it means spending those five years with the live of my life’ Michaels words flow, his voice smooth and soft as he hold you in his arms, your ear against his chest, your eyes closed as you listen to his meaningful words.

'I’m sorry’ it’s your dad untrusting this time and you spin with Michael to see him standing in the door way. And he’s look guilty the guiltiest you have ever seen him.

'You know I am a stubborn guys, and when you wondered in my house all that time ago with your awful hair and dreams of being a rock star I wrote you off, my little girl could do better. But if I could change anything I would go back, and I’d tell that me to give the kid a chance, because in five years’ time he is working for his dream and he is still holding my little girl like a princess, still loving her with his whole heart. I’m sorry if I’ve been difficult, I do approve I was just too stubborn to admit I was wrong about you’ his words surprise you, and when he holds out his hand to shake Michaels your eve more surprised, however not as surprised as he was when Michael pulled him into a hug.

'Thanks, it means a lot’ Michael tells him and you feel your hear swell as you stretch your arms around your dad too. 'Thanks dad’ you whisper, he pulls away and nods as he turns to leave, but before he disappears round the corner he turns back and says. 'Merry Christmas to the both of you’

From Chelsea

My 18th birthday is tomorrow (march 20th)

Tomorrow’s my 18th birthday, and i’m not sure how I feel. Since I was about 12 i’ve never really been able to “celebrate” my birthday because we never really had the money to do stuff. Like, I’ve haven’t gotten a birthday present since I was 12, unless you consider birthday cards presents. I haven’t had parties or done anything since I was 11 because my parents were always working, and most of my family worked or lives far away. I’ve also never really had friends who cared, in fact I never was that kind of person to ever mention my birthday at school n stuff because I felt like it was pointless cause I knew no one cares regardless. 

Idk, I have no plans tomorrow besides getting my first tattoo, which I have to do alone because my mom picked up extras at work and my step dad is working for his friend who runs a cable locating company. I’m also applying for a credit card tomorrow and i’m getting my license updated from provisional license to my actual license that has no restrictions on it.  

I hope one day I’ll get to celebrate my birthday with all my family and friends (when i get some). 

I know this was just a silly post but I wanted to share. 

If your birthday is tomorrow too, Happy early birthday!