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Okay, so we all agree that after Keith is revealed to be a Galra, all the drama happens, and things are sad, right?

But what about, after things have calmed down, Keith trying his damn hardest to make the best of his situation. He’s a Galra, right? Time to help the team figure out Galra weaknesses. He trains against them all, one by one, so that they can figure out the best ways to take a Galra soldier down. He lets Pidge and Coran and Allura perform scan after scan, test after test, so they can fully understand Galra anatomy and physiology. No matter how uncomfortable he may feel, if this helps the team, he’s willing to put up with it.

But the most important thing to him is helping Shiro. Shiro, who still flinches when he catches sight of Keith, who sometimes will freeze up when they’re fighting. Shiro is (understandably) terrified of the Galra, and Keith wants to help.

How? Well, the fun thing about Galra is that their fur? Actually happens to be really soft. Like, think giant purple chinchillas. His ears are even softer because they’re super fluffy. Keith gets the idea from Pidge, who mentions off-hand that they wish they could pet Keith’s ears, and Keith figures why not try it? If letting Shiro pet his super fluffy and soft ears will make him feel better, then he is gonna try it.

Of course, the tricky part is how to approach Shiro with the idea. He can’t exactly go up to his leader and just say, “Hey I noticed you’re still kind of scared of me but if you want you can pet my super fluffy ears and maybe that will make you feel better?”

(Actually, it turns out you can do that. And Keith doesthat because he can’t think of anything better. And it’s weird and awkward at first but somehow it actually works and it turns out petting Keith’s ears is actually really soothing and therapeutic and he ends up kind of offering to the rest of his team sometimes too except he only does it when they’re having a really bad time because it’s kind of embarrassing for him but Shiro’s allowed to pet his ears whenever because Shiro is always having a really bad time and Keith just wants to help so yeah Shiro has unlimited ear access. And all is well)

Just wanted to throw that out there. Consider the fluffy possibilities

Beware the Tower-Witch Papyrus. He travels with his baby brother Sanspunzel throughout the Underground searching for victims. If you cross their path, throw candy at them to distract them enough for you to get away. If not you’ll have to answer Papyrus’ question: “Do you think my brother is cute?” Do not answer yes; he will kill you (no one is allowed to know how cute he is). Do not answer no; he will kill you (how dare you not think otherwise). Rhetorical questions do not work on him, he will repeat his question until you answer. The only way out is candy. After all, “Trick or Treat.”

Happy Halloween!


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My dad on EXO's PATHCODE teasers...
  • Dad: this looks like...
  • Me: Crave? Tease? I know.
  • Dad: they definitely got your concept.
  • Me: coincidence?
  • Dad: someone must've read it and made it as their concept for these videos.
  • Me: lol you saying they read my story?
  • Dad: and inspired them to do this. You know you shouldn't be posting your stories for free.
  • Me: hehe