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omega hux au where he’s unknowingly pregnant when alpha kylo turns back to the light and leaves him and he gives birth to their baby boy and raises him on his own

four years later and hux & his son are captured by the resistance, and ben senses something is off as soon as hux disembarks the shuttle with a small boy held in his arms whilst the surrounding resistance fighters point their blasters at them

ben gets permission from his mother to sit and talk to hux, who refuses to acknowledge ben’s relation to the boy, arguing that kylo ren is his father and was killed by ben and that’s what he’s been telling his son

but the boy, in ben’s presence, tells his mother than ‘that man looks like papa’ and hux just hugs him tightly and tells ben to get out

ben doesn’t know what to do; it’s the first time he’s been conflicted since he forced himself to forget hux when he broke their bond when he left the dark side behind

even leia doesn’t know which path to take, because the boy, bless his innocence, looks so much like ben did when he was younger, with his messy brown hair and big wonder-filled eyes, but hux is a war criminal

so, take the boy, give him to ben to raise and lock hux up for his crimes? or allow ben to take hux and his child somewhere safe where no one will ever find them and let them live in peace but potentially lose ben too?

but one night, when hux takes ill and passes out and ben feels his son calling out to him for help through the Force, and ben holds his son for the first time whilst watching vigilantly over hux in the medbay, he knows what he wants; he wants his family back, he wants hux, and he’ll do anything to revive kylo ren

you’ve heard of an all nighter now get ready for

all mighter

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Okay, so we all agree that after Keith is revealed to be a Galra, all the drama happens, and things are sad, right?

But what about, after things have calmed down, Keith trying his damn hardest to make the best of his situation. He’s a Galra, right? Time to help the team figure out Galra weaknesses. He trains against them all, one by one, so that they can figure out the best ways to take a Galra soldier down. He lets Pidge and Coran and Allura perform scan after scan, test after test, so they can fully understand Galra anatomy and physiology. No matter how uncomfortable he may feel, if this helps the team, he’s willing to put up with it.

But the most important thing to him is helping Shiro. Shiro, who still flinches when he catches sight of Keith, who sometimes will freeze up when they’re fighting. Shiro is (understandably) terrified of the Galra, and Keith wants to help.

How? Well, the fun thing about Galra is that their fur? Actually happens to be really soft. Like, think giant purple chinchillas. His ears are even softer because they’re super fluffy. Keith gets the idea from Pidge, who mentions off-hand that they wish they could pet Keith’s ears, and Keith figures why not try it? If letting Shiro pet his super fluffy and soft ears will make him feel better, then he is gonna try it.

Of course, the tricky part is how to approach Shiro with the idea. He can’t exactly go up to his leader and just say, “Hey I noticed you’re still kind of scared of me but if you want you can pet my super fluffy ears and maybe that will make you feel better?”

(Actually, it turns out you can do that. And Keith doesthat because he can’t think of anything better. And it’s weird and awkward at first but somehow it actually works and it turns out petting Keith’s ears is actually really soothing and therapeutic and he ends up kind of offering to the rest of his team sometimes too except he only does it when they’re having a really bad time because it’s kind of embarrassing for him but Shiro’s allowed to pet his ears whenever because Shiro is always having a really bad time and Keith just wants to help so yeah Shiro has unlimited ear access. And all is well)

Just wanted to throw that out there. Consider the fluffy possibilities

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Hi! 😊 May I request what would MTMTE Megatron & Bayverse (or TFP) Optimus Prime do if they found their s/o hiding & crying from a difficult day. ❤

Oh, boy!  I feel this in my very soul…  DX  I’ll do TFP Optimus since I haven’t seen the movies yet.

MTMTE Megatron

  • He’s extremely startled when he first finds you crying alone in your habsuite.  His first thought is that someone must have done something to you to make you cry (he tends to project quite a bit unintentionally).  Whether or not that’s the case he’s immediately concerned for you. 
  • He ask you what’s wrong right off the bat.  You’re clearly upset.  He wants to help you in anyway he can.  And don’t try telling him you’re “fine” or that “nothing’s wrong” because he’s not buying it.
  • He might press you a bit at first for answers to get you to open up (he still has a bit of war commander in him - he likes to get to the bottom of things), but if he sees that it’s making you more upset or that you don’t want to talk about it he’ll back off and just let you feel.
  • He’ll cradle you against his chest and whisper softly in your ear as he gently strokes your back and hair to soothe you.
  • After that, he’ll wait until you’re ready to tell him what’s wrong.  He values trust and open communication in your relationship, and wants to make sure you realize that he’s here for you in any way you need for him to be, even if it’s just having him in the same room.
  • He’ll gladly help you work through any problems you might be having.  He’s very good at evaluating situations and finding creative solutions.

TFP Optimus Prime

  • As caring as he is, he’s not super great at handling situations like this…
  • When he comes back to base to find you upset and crying, his first instinct is to freeze.  He wants to help, he just has no idea what to do.  It’s not as if he has a lot of experience with this sort of thing.
  • He’ll awkwardly try to ask you what’s the matter, but if you brush it off or tell him you don’t want to talk, he’ll quietly excuse himself and let you have some time to yourself.  
  • If you’re the kind of person who likes to be comforted when you’re upset you literally have to ask him to stay with you, because OP will not pick up on it.
  • If you do choose to open up to him, he’ll quietly sit and listen to your sorrows without judgment (he’s very good at active listening)
  • He’ll give you advice for dealing with whatever situation you might be dealing with, but won’t try to force you to do anything.  It’s only if you choose to take it.
  • He makes sure to tell you how much he loves you, and how strong a person you are.  He reminds you that having a moment of weakness does not make you weak.  You’re still amazing, and he’s so, so proud of you.
  • He takes you outside for a walk or for a drive to get you some fresh air after you’ve calmed down somewhat.  It’s very relaxing, and Optimus’ silently supportive presence gradually puts you in a state of ease. By the time you’re finished, you’ve likely forgotten what you were even upset about in the first place.

Beware the Tower-Witch Papyrus. He travels with his baby brother Sanspunzel throughout the Underground searching for victims. If you cross their path, throw candy at them to distract them enough for you to get away. If not you’ll have to answer Papyrus’ question: “Do you think my brother is cute?” Do not answer yes; he will kill you (no one is allowed to know how cute he is). Do not answer no; he will kill you (how dare you not think otherwise). Rhetorical questions do not work on him, he will repeat his question until you answer. The only way out is candy. After all, “Trick or Treat.”

Happy Halloween!


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dear msi lynz loverz

I understand that LynZ is an amazing person, and I fully agree. I did find out about it when I was looking up the wives of the amazing MCR members, then I found LynZ. I looked up more about her and saw her amazing back bends and found out she was in MSI. I listened to their music and fell in love with it. I started doing Lynz inspired back bends with my dad’s bass guitar and posted it to Instagram. Eventually my dad asked, “when are you actually going to play that thing?” And soon enough, I learned the basics of playing the bass guitar. I love LynZ and if it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t know how to play bass. But let’s get to the point. 

I look up MSI all the time. You know what I see? LynZ fans. Not MSI fans, LynZ fans. The majority of what comes up is LynZ. Let me remind you about something. MSI consists of Jimmy Urine (James Euringer), Kitty (Jennifer Dunn), Steve Righ, LynZ (Lindsay Ballato/Way), and if you want we can include ex bass player Vanessa YT (who left the band to start a family). LYNZ IS NOT THE ONLY MEMBER!!!!!!!!! If she was the only member, it wouldn’t be a band, it’d be LynZ’s solo career. Now let’s all take a moment to appreciate the other members, shall we?

My dad on EXO's PATHCODE teasers...
  • Dad: this looks like...
  • Me: Crave? Tease? I know.
  • Dad: they definitely got your concept.
  • Me: coincidence?
  • Dad: someone must've read it and made it as their concept for these videos.
  • Me: lol you saying they read my story?
  • Dad: and inspired them to do this. You know you shouldn't be posting your stories for free.
  • Me: hehe