my dad came up with this one you guys

I don't get paid to flirt with you.

Recent posts on the whole “guys flirting with the cashier and not taking the hint” thing reminded me of the worst experience I’ve had with this situation.

One of my first jobs when I was still a minor, this guy came up and kept trying to ask me personal information and trying to ask me out. I was VISIBLY uncomfortable with this guy that looked twice my dad’s age, and when I made a point to tell him not only am I uncomfortable but I’m also A MINOR, he then decided to park his ass near my work station and yell at everyone that came by me that I was rude and nasty and mean and deserved to be fired and a bunch of other bs.

At the place I worked at I didn’t have a way to call another employee or security over to help me with the guy so I had to deal with him spouting nonsense and scaring away my nice customers for almost 10 minutes before a really nice guest offered to find the nearest security person for me. They eventually returned with a security person and one of my managers and pushed the guy out.


Stiles x Reader

Stiles stiffened and began to almost vibrate as anger coursed through him. He’d been tricked, trick by your lie to cover your tracks, so much so that he ignored Scott when the pack decided something was off about you.


“Stiles I can explain.” You said quickly and he slammed the papers in his hands down into your duffle bag.


“You used me.” He mumbled and you shook your head.


“No… I mean maybe to start with but I…!” You started to explain but Stiles threw his hands in the air and scoffed at you.

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lucia-ik  asked:

omg drunk keith is so cute. what would happen if keith got drunk for the first time infornt of the kids when they are teen. Somehow I think lance would have blast/could not believe that this is his daddy. And would it escalate if Shiro wasn't there?(Keith doesn't seem to have any impulse control when drunk) btw I love the little knb picture when I go to your askbox it's adorable!

LMAO Yes! Drunk Keith is worse than Shiro tbh. XD 

[The Voltron Family]  Shiro was away to attend one of those conferences for doctors outside of the state and Keith was missing him so bad. It has been 8 days now and Keith didn’t wanna be clingy but sometimes he just missed Shiro’s kisses and cuddles.

The kids were at a party of a friend of theirs and it was only 9pm but Keith drove there anyway to pick them up, despite saying he’d pick them up at 10, they were teens now after all. They earned it after acing all their exams. Keith arrived at the party and he entered frowning. Ugh. Teenagers are too rowdy at parties. Back in my days…crap, I sound like an old man.

He went looking for his three kids when some dude came up to him.

Some Dude: *offers a cup of beer* Whoa. You’re a new pretty face. Might I offer you some beer?
Keith: *glares* I’m a wine type of person and I’m old enough to be your father.
Some Dude: *chuckles* Right. Of course. I’m guessing you’re about 25 or 27 by the looks of it? *gives Keith a once over* *points at the leather jacket* *whistles* Nice.
Keith: *ignores* Where’s Lance, Pidge and Hunk? *looks around*
Some Dude: They’re by the library last time I saw them. 
Keith: Thanks. *leaves*
Some Dude: Hey! I have wine. Can’t have a guest walking around without a drink of their choice. *smiles*
Keith: *stops* Do you have 1947 Cheval Blanc?
Some Dude: *blinks* What? I have no idea what you’re talking about but we could check it out by the bar? *points at the bar* The bartender might know. *eyes Keith* You looked so stressed, man. You okay?
Keith: *sighs* I am the epitome of stress. 
Some Dude: Awww, sorry for hitting on you, man.
Keith: It’s fine.
Some Dude: I’m Leonard. Finals are over but you’re probably the type to stress over results, huh? Forget about it tonight. C’mon, let’s get you a drink. You need it. *places an arm around Keith’s shoulder*
Keith: Oh boy, do I. *rubs temples* 

Lance, Hunk and Pidge were about to leave the house to wait for their Daddy Keith to arrive to pick them up when Pidge spotted something.

Pidge: Oh sweet baby mac and cheese. Is that Dad by the bar?
Hunk and Lance: *turns around and sees Keith*

Keith was drunk and he was ranting and ranting to their poor friend Leonard who had to hear everything. The three teens approached the bar.

Keith: And then he would usually surprise me to a lunch date when he visits me at work. *sobs while taking another drink* Such a wonderful man and now… *hiccups* He’s not even here with me. 
Leonard: Oh damn. You have a bad case of love sickness.
Keith: *nods* I do and I hate the fact he’s out there somewhere miles away and I’m here like a mess. *turns to his side and sees a girl* *cups her face and leans in*
Hunk: Is Dad drunk?! *shocked* He would NEVER do THAT! 
Pidge: Dude, we gotta do something!
Lance: No no, wait, you guys. Let’s see what happens first. *amused* I’ve never seen Daddy Keith drunk—ever.
Girl: *smirks at Keith* Hey, pretty boy.
Keith: *scrunches his nose* Pretty boy. You’re not Shiro. *frowns* He calls me pretty boy when we snuggle at night. *cries* *hugs the girl* I miss him so much. I want to see him. *turns to another person* Do you know where Shiro is? He’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Have you seen him?
Pidge: Wow. He got drunk because of Daddy Shiro.
Keith: *gets up from his seat* *wobbles as he walks towards the dance floor*
Hunk: Uh, guys, should we do something now?
Keith: *walks randomly to every guy and cups their face to look at them* *shakes head* Nope. Not Shiro. Not you. Too short. Too tall. Too lanky. Not my type. Leave. 
Lance: Are you guys seeing this? *laughs* This is GOLD. 
Hunk: No. This is horrifying! Daddy Keith’s so broken.
Some other random dude: *walks up to Keith dancing* Hey, sexy.
Keith: *glares at him* What are you doing?
Some other random dude: *chuckles* Thought we could have some fun tonight. *touches Keith’s arm*
Keith: *grips the guy’s hand* Don’t. You. Dare. Touch. Me. Only one man can touch me.
Some other random dude: *grins* Shit, that’s hot. I could be that—
Pidge: Dad! *shouts and approaches Keith*
Keith: *turns head* *smiles* Oh, baby girl. I came looking for you and *sees Lance and Hunk* your brothers.
Some other random dude: *looks at the three teens* Hey, I saw him first.
Keith: No, you didn’t. *glares* Shiro saw me first.  
Some other random dude: Who the heck is Shiro? 
Hunk, Lance and Pidge: Our Dad.
Keith: My husband.
Some other random dude: What the shit, dude? You’re married?!
Keith: I am. *teary eyed* And I miss him. I miss my husband. *sobs as he wipes his tears* I… *walks wobbling*
Hunk: I got you, Dad. *catches Keith and embraces him*
Keith: *sobs* I miss Takashi Shirogane. Bring me Takashi Shirogane. I love Takashi Shirogane. *clings to Hunk*

Hunk drove them all back home and they put Keith to bed. The following morning, Pidge handed him the phone. Shiro was on Skype.

Shiro: Hey, sweetheart. Good morning.
Keith: Shiro. *whispers*
Shiro: I heard what happened last night. *frowns*
Keith: Oh my god. *groans* 
Shiro: *chuckles* Hey, I think it’s nice to know you rejected everyone’s advances because they weren’t me.
Keith: *whispers not looking at Shiro* I only want you.
Shiro: *flushes* Keith, you’re not playing fair.
Keith: It’s true though.
Shiro: Why don’t we go out tonight on a date?
Keith: *shocked* *looks up* Tonight?
Shiro: *smiles* Yeah, I’m coming home, pretty boy.

Always Be There (Archie x Reader)

Request: Can you do a romantic Archie Andrews Riverdale Imagine?

“Are you alright?” You asked Archie as he came out of the boys locker room holding his hand in the other.

“I’m fine. What are you even doing here?” Archie answer back. Not believing him you picked up his hand, and as you did Archie winced at the touch. Rolling your eyes at the lying boy you made sure there was no bruising and everything looked in place. He probably just twisted it the wrong way.

“I heard you got hurt during practice so I rushed here, and as I can tell it’s a good thing I did.” You said as you crossed your arms giving Archie a look of disappointment. “Why did you keep on playing if you knew you were injury? You could’ve made everything worse” Archie looked at you at a loss for words not wanting to fight with you since you were right about the situation.

“I just really want to make captain. Everyone is depending on me to and I can feel the pressure building.” Archie mumble out ashamed of his actions as he thought it through more clearly now.

“Your lucky that nothing got worse. If it did captain would of been off of the table and then you would of let everyone down but most importantly yourself. If you want this, fight for it but don’t put yourself at risk Arch, you will only get burned in the end.” You said softly trying to comfort the upset boy in front of you. Lacing one of your hands with his, you pulled his face up with the other. “You know I’ll always be proud of you no matter what’s on the front of your jersey. So will the rest of your friends and family. We love you Arch captain or not we still will.” Archie finally gave you smile but you could see the pain in his eyes.

“I didn’t really think it through I just knew I wanted it. I didn’t care about myself at that point and now I’m regretting it” Archie let out trying to keep calm as the pain was now shooting through his wrist.

“I think we should take you home Arch, get some ice to put on it and something for your pain.” Archie nodded and let you lead the way to your car so you could bring him home.

“Good evening Mr.Andrews” You called as he walked into the door after a long day of work. You were sitting down on the couch with Archie head in your lap. His hand was now wrapped up but he was still in pain. Not wanting to hurt himself anymore you guys decided to have a night in to watch movies.

“Evening Y/N and Archie” Fred said but stop when something caught his eyes. “What happened to your hand Archie?” Sitting up from your lap Archie started to explain to his father

“I injury it during football practice today, it’s not broke or anything just really hurts”

“Next time try to be more careful, we wouldn’t anything to happen to your wrist. It would take away two of the things you love the most, football music” Fred warned, Archie just nodded his head happy that his father wasn’t upset with him. As Fred left to go cook supper Archie turned towards you.

“What would I do without you?”

“Probably not much since you would have a broken wrist”  You joked and Archie smack your chest lightly as you both laughed.

“And heart” Archie said changing the mood to serious. You smiled it always made you feel some type of way when he would say sweet things to you. Only Arch managed to make you feel like this was all you needed in life. “I love you Y/N” Archie said with a grinned pasted on his face.

“I love you too Arch” Leaning in to kiss him you couldn’t help but feel lucky. Archie was every girl dream guy and you managed to get him. Feeling his lips against yours was alluring, you didn’t need anything else in this moment. Both of you guys pulled to catch your breath after the overwhelming feeling.

“So pizza?” Mr.Andrews questioned as he reentered the room, making Archie and you look at each other wide eyes. Knowing if he came in moments before he would of caught you guys making out on his couch.

“Sure dad” Arch spoke as blush came upon his cheeks.

“Great” As his dad left the room, Archie took your hand and said

“Come on let’s go to my room, where we have more privacy” Getting up to go you couldn’t help but feel like you were on cloud nine.

The Night Manager: Secrets of Le Carre revealed at TV Festival

The BFI Radio Times Festival hosted key members of The Night Manager’s cast and crew last month, with Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier, executive producer Simon Cornwell and cast members Alistair Petrie and Tom Hiddleston sharing backstage secrets on this magnificent edge-of-the-seat spy thriller.

There will be some paraphrasing – you try deciphering my notes a month later! And apologies to any of the speakers if I attribute a quote wrongly or misquote.

Radio 4’s Front Row presenter Samira Ahmed was on hand to chivvy the info out of them.

What made you want to do it?

AP: The scale – even though it was the BBC – the settings, the budget to make it happen. Thanks to Tom and Hugh’s involvement, AMC and others got on board. The budget worked without being gratuitous.

SB: I come from low budget film, so I’m used to expanding small into something worth looking at.

SC: The budget was bigger than many films, we were free to do stuff we wouldn’t normally do.

SB: The story is about being drawn into the world of lavishness. You can’t do that without it being rich. Crucial was Roper’s location. That would set the bar for everything else.

A lavish location was key for The Night Manager

TH: The crew make it look more expensive than it was. The interior of the Alps hotel was inside tents! It’s a testament to an impeccable crew.

SC: When we found the Majorca location – originally Greece in the script – we had to rewrite.

AP: The private jet was a cardboard loo roll.

SB: It was a private jet!

AP: There was a guy with a light pretending to be the shining sun. Secrets revealed!

(At this point, Susanne’s reactions made it unclear whether AP was making this up!)

We revisited the clip of Danny’s attempted abduction, closing in on Pine’s eye through the hole in the door. Remembering how the tenseness set in almost immediately, you could almost taste the IMAX audience relive the original moment. The panel discussed how that frantic scene came together.

SB: Whenever you direct a scene you have one single idea. We had this leisurely, relaxed scene completely turned over.

AP: Susanne’s method is to go straight into rehearsal, thrust straight onto set. The crew can get nervous when cameras aren’t turning and you’ve nothing in the can.  There are so many elements of the story to fit in but endless rehearsal means everyone knows where they should be. Being in the middle of it is a privilege.

The panel discuss the intricacies of a busy scene

SB: You have an idea, you collect material. You know this particular moment is going to be there. There needs to be real emotion. You don’t see the actors acting, you’re in the emotion. And child actors are just as ambitious as adults.

TH: The casting of Hugh Laurie was genius. His presence, his casting presented a conflict, so affable and likeable (in comparison with evil Roper) he (Roper) is charming, funny, loves his family but is responsible for awful things – all the stuff is paid for by arms.

SC: That scene was a Masterclass in acting and directing. A brilliant piece of construction. It’s in the book but came alive on screen.

AP: The nanny was the director’s daughter, Alice, just 19. I felt like a creepy old man but she put me at my ease: no, we’ll have a dance, no worries.

They moved onto the fire alarm test scene, where Pine breaks into Roper’s office looking for evidence.

SB: This shows why Tom is so brilliant. What he does, he thinks, “Who is Roper? Where would he put stuff?” Not many actors can do things just with their face like Tom.

TH: It’s my favourite scene in the book and a testament to Le Carre. You read it with a propulsive momentum. The internal compulsion within Pine is active even when he’s still. It’s classic suspense, a ticking clock time window. The props were chosen carefully: Churchillian. Boxing. Stalingrad. Roper’s fantasy of powerful statesmen yet rough enough for a boxing ring.

We took a moment to appreciate the glory of Tom Hollander in the restaurant scene where Corky loses it.

Corky tries to warn Roper about Pine

TH (jokingly): The manhandling was improvised. He didn’t ask permission. I’m scarred for life.

SC: John le Carre loved the whole experience on set. The scene is in the book but not so bold and exciting.

SB: Tom Hollander went way more extreme than we’d all anticipated.

TH: It was such a pivotal scene and so exciting. The moment of Corky’s demise and Pine’s elevation to the top rank. JLC was magnificent in that scene. Pine settles him quite quickly in the book but JLC refused to be settled – like any great actor, he forced me to achieve more.

SB: I had to direct him to accept the apologies! He was: “What about her? What about him? (being brought their correct food). Well, I think this is very shoddy.”

AP: We’re on the coffee and mints by now on the next table.

“I must apologise for my friend’s behaviour” “I think you bloody well should!”

Pine v Roper

TH: The whole character was an exploration of the malleability of identity. There is something broken and unique about Pine. All his grief curled up inside. It’s why he’s a night manager, he hides behind darkness. Burr identifies that Pine is able to slide between characters. He had to embrace the side of himself that is quite like Roper. They’re looking in a mirror divided by a moral red line.

AP: My dad was an RAF pilot who came across interesting people. One guy became a good family friend. Great company – but he was a legit arms dealer. There was a disconnect between the job he did and what it led to, and the human being. You start with the human being, before the ‘what do you do?’ They do normal things and you layer in everything else.

We’re reminded how Roper likes to show off his arsenal – and then Pine blowing it all skyward.

SB: You need the scale and the drama of the explosions but it was a metaphor of the shoot out between two men. Roper doesn’t know how powerful Pine is until then.

AP: Looks bloody good on IMAX!

TH: There could only be one attempt at the explosion, everything after that had to be shot very fast while we had the smoke and flames. Hugh is magnificent. He realises he may have lost and loses his cool.

Capturing lightning in a bottle

AP: Dr. House, put the gun down! Sometimes, when you’re pressed for time, magical things can happen. Tempers can get frayed. Then it crackles and Hugh grabs the gun, unscripted. An extraordinary thing captured under time pressure. We were blessed with catching lighting in a bottle moments.

SB: In a way, limitations can be advantageous. It forces you to be accurate and push the boundaries.

Twitter got a bit shirty over Pine having sex with the women he rescued after they were tortured – apparently, even Bond doesn’t do that.

SB: That’s not true – Jed is rescued by Olivia Colman. I don’t think they had sex.

TH: He’s in love with Sophie. She awakens his moral duty and he’s motivated partly by guilt.

Any scenes that took you to the brink?

SB: Every day! There’s always an element of not knowing what’ll happen, it’s part of the creative process.

TH: Fight scenes always look violent but have to be very safe. I love shooting action, it’s choreographic, like dance.

The will is there for Series 2!

How do you feel, watching it now?

SB: It was a heart in mouth process but now I can sit down and enjoy! It was so much fun to do – none of us anticipated the impact . We showed it at the Berlin Film Festival and everyone loved it. So rewarding.

AP: If you’re really lucky as an actor you get something that strikes a chord. I’m genuinely bonded to the people involved. You share something very special. A special little gang. You’ve no idea the emails I’ve been sending with ideas for Series 2.

SB: It’s a privilege. I’m also sending emails. JLC doesn’t respond – I’m joking – I’m really scared of saying anything!

TH: I’m really proud of the team effort. The commitment and detail of every department adds up to more than the sum of its parts. It’s like a 1000 piece jigsaw landed intact. I couldn’t possibly comment on my email correspondence.

Having raised the bar for TV drama, is there a green light for Series 2?

SC: We are working on a story for Series 2. There’s no book and no Le Carre adaptation without a book. We’d love to see it happen. There’s an unspoken contract with each other but we have to come up with something really great.

It’s the greatest export in British cinema! (Audience member)

AP: Aw, shucks!

We need to see more of the Petrie Dish

If you think Hiddleston a bit of a charmer (yes, yes, me too) it has to be noted I did leave the room with a bit of a crush on the very funny Alistair Petrie. You might say he’s now my … Petrie Dish. #sorrynotsorry

I Really Love You (13 Reasons Why Jeff Imagine)

Description: It’s Jessica’s party, and things don’t quite go as planned.

Request: None

A/N: Thank you for your nice comments on my last post. I’m feeling a lot better than I did before physically and I’m getting there emotionally, but I thought maybe writing about it would help me?? Idk here it goes.

You were at Jessica’s party. You couldn’t believe summer had gone so fast. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend for a lot of the summer because you were working and he was training for baseball and coaching little league teams. You were happy that you got to see him that night. He was always touching you. He had an arm around your waist or your shoulders or he was hugging you close to him so you couldn’t move. He missed being able to be with you whenever he wanted, and tonight was the first time in a while he was able to do that.

“I love you a lot,” he whispered in your ear as you sat on his lap in the middle of a game of truth or dare. You turned and stroked his cheek with your hand.

“I love you,” you smiled at him.

“Hey! Jeff! (Y/N)! Pay attention!” someone called your attention back to the game. Jeff wrapped his arms around your waist and squeezed you gently, just to let you know he was there.

“Jeff, truth or dare?” Justin asked him, clearly drunk out of his mind.

“Truth,” he said as he put his chin on your shoulder.

“Ah, you’re so boring! Do a dare!”

You could feel his chest rise against your back as he laughed. “Fine, dare.”

“I dare you to take your hands off (Y/N) for the next round of turns.”

“Nah,” he laughed as he kissed your cheek causing you to giggle.

“It’s not that hard,” you mumbled as you stood up.

“No, come back,” he whined. He pulled you back on his lap. “You know,” he whispered in your ear again. “We can get out of here if you want. Have a movie night.”

“Will there be pizza?” you asked very seriously.

“There can be,” he laughed. “Whatever you want. We can stop and buy stuff on the way home, pizza, popcorn, you name it.”

“I love you,” you said before you kissed him. “Let’s do it.” You stood up and grabbed his hand. “See you later guys.”

“You guys are leaving?” Justin groaned. “Why?”

“We have things to do,” Jeff said as he intertwined his fingers with yours. “Hey ‘text me about that project, Foley.”

“Okay, nerd,” he laughed.

Jeff rolled his eyes and lead you through the crowd of people. Once you got to his car he hugged you close to him and kissed you for the millionth time that night. “You know I love you, right?”

“You’ve only told me a million times, but tell me again.”

He pulled away from you slightly and grabbed your hands. He looked you in the eye as he said, “I love you.”

He opened the door for you and you shook your head at him. “Didn’t you drink?”

“Like two hours ago, come on, babe.”

“Please let me drive. I don’t want anything to happen to you, baby,” you pouted at him. “You can pick the movie…”

“Fine,” he rolled his eyes. He grabbed his keys from his pocket and handed them to you. “I love you,” he said once again. You kissed his cheek.

“I know, baby.”

You got in the driver’s seat and started the car. Jeff put his hand on your thigh and tapped it only to the music that was playing. It was your favorite playlist, one that you and Jeff had worked on for months to put together. You pulled up to a stop sign and looked before pulling onto a street when a car slammed into your side. You screamed as you stopped the car. “Are you okay?” Jeff asked after helping you pull over.

“Y-Yeah, I-I’m so sorry…your car…”

“As long as you’re okay, everything’s okay.” He hugged you close to him as he kissed your head. You got out of the car to see Sherri getting out.

“I can’t believe this happened,” she mumbled. “My dad is going to kill me.” You quickly called the police and everything was sorted out. Jeff’s mom came to the street after the police had left.

“Are you guys alright?” she asked frantically.

“We’re okay, Mom,” he looked down at you. “Just shaken up.”

“Let’s get you home then,” she hugged you both.

“Mrs. Atkins, I’m really sorry about the car-”

“Don’t worry about sweetie. As long as you and Jeff are okay…it’s just a car. It’s replaceable, but if we lost one of you…I’d be devastated,” she said as she lead you both to the car. “Did you call your parents?” she asked you as she drove to their home.

“Yes, they’re out of town, but they said they’ll pay for everything…I’ll do whatever I-”

“Hey,” Jeff said as he grabbed your hand and your attention. “Don’t worry about that okay? At least not right now.” You nodded as he grabbed your hand and kissed your knuckles. “Can she spend the night, Mom?”

“Of course, you two need each other after that,” she said. “But nothing inappropriate, J,” she said as she looked at him through her mirror.

“I know, Mom,” he laughed.

Once you got to his house, Jeff lead you to his room and gave you one of his old shirts to wear. You changed and sighed as you sat on his bed. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t even see-”

“I know you didn’t see her. Neither did I. But we’re both okay. I known it was scary, but accidents happen. It’s shitty, but we have to deal with that sometimes.” He laid on his back. “Come here,” he mumbled as he opened his arms. You rested your head against his chest as he wrapped himself around you. You wrapped your arms around his waist and just listened to each other breathe. “I really love you, (Y/N),” he sighed.

“I really love you, Jeff.”

The Wedding Planner (Part 5)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Word Count: 1,302.

A/N: Finally a new part! Sorry this took a while to post, went through a slight hiatus but not anymore. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Wedding Planner Masterlist

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Request: “An imagine where the reader is Chibs’s daughter who is a trained killer who does kills for other SOA Charters. She meets Happy when the reader is burying a body. They fall in love until she is shot in the head in front of Chibs and Happy.”

Guys, I cried while writing this, omg! Don’t forget to comment, reblog, like and follow! I love hearing from you guys! Xoxo

Mo Ghra is Scottish for ‘my love’


           “Yes dad, I’m fine, just a little knick to my side, “ you told Chibs, “the other guy looks much worse, trust me.”

           “Where are ye?” he asked, to which you immediately gave your location. “I’m sending one of my guys to help ya, no arguments please mo ghra.”

           You rolled your eyes but agreed, hanging up the phone and began digging the hole you were set to put the body in. You weren’t sure how long you’d been digging when the sound of a bike made you look up. A slim, tan guy with no hair came up to you.

           You nodded to the second shovel you had brought with you, “I’m Y/N.”

           He nodded, “Happy.”

           You laughed, “That doesn’t fit you at all dude.”

           He shrugged, “You did a number on this guy. What’d he do to you?”

           “Oh nothing. This is just a job to me. Lee from the Tacoma Charter called and said he needed someone dead, and I’m the girl for that, so here we are,” you explained nonchalantly, continuing to dig, “It didn’t help that the bastard grazed me with his blade. That did make his death a little more painful.”

           Happy laughed, which took you by surprise because, despite his name, he did not seem like a joyful person. “Damn girl, you’re somethin’ else,” he told you as the two of you hoisted the body into the hole and covered him with the dirt.

           “I’ve been called worse,” you told him, winking as he helped you take your tools to your truck.

           “Where ya headed?” he asked, leaning up against the truck, lighting up a cigarette and offering you one.

           Taking the offer, you shrugged “Nowhere in particular. What ya got in mind?”

           Happy shrugged, “You could come back to the clubhouse and see who can outdrink who?”

           “Oh, you’re so on, man,” you told him, laughing as you jumped in your truck to head to the clubhouse.

*Two years later*

“Babe,” you called out from the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Happy said, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

You giggled as he trailed kisses from your jawline to your neck. You moaned, “As much as I would love to stay in bed with you, I have a job. I’ll be back later okay?”

He groaned but nodded, “Alright, I love you girl.”

You kissed him, “I love you, Hap.”


Despite being contracted with SAMCRO, you sometimes took jobs with other people too. You went where the money was. Getting out of your truck, tight grip on your gun, you walked up to the man you had talked to on the phone the week prior.

“Y/N,” he said with a smile on his face, extending his hand.

“Hello Mr. Pope. What can I do for ye?” you asked. You were shocked when more men came out from behind the buildings, which made you immediately raise your gun.

Pope laughed, “Put that away, Y/N. Regardless of who you shoot, you’ll be taken down right after.”

You slowly set your gun down and kicked it to him as you were grabbed from behind and forced to sit on your knees next to Pope’s feet. “What do you want?” you asked through gritted teeth, “I’m not gonna beg for my life, dickhead, so shoot me if that’s what you’re gonna do.”

He laughed, “Oh, Y/N, you may not beg for your life, but I know two people who will. I need you to be as quite as possible or I’m gonna shoot your dad and your old man, do you understand me?” You nodded as you heard the rumble of bikes in the distance, and Pope walked off.

“I want the bald one and the Scott in cuffs hooked to the ground, “You heard Pope order and tears filled your eyes as for the first time in your life, you were terrified of what was about to happen. A long time went by before Pope came back and jerked you off of the ground, pulling you behind him as he walked.

You gasped as you saw Happy and your dad tied up, struggling against the ties once they saw that he had you.

“Let her go you fuckin’ prick,” Chibs yelled, with his own tears welling up in his eyes as Pope tossed you to the ground.

“Get up and kneel girl,” he ordered, watching you do exactly as he said, “I told you all from the beginning that I was not one to fuck with, and you fucked with me. There are consequences for your actions, boys.” As he said this, you felt the cold steel against the back of your head and watched Happy and Chibs both struggling against the cuffs, begging Pope to take them instead.

“I love you,” you mouthed to your two favorite men.

Happy wailed as the gun went off, falling to the ground as your lifeless body fell. “Maybe this will teach SAMCRO not to fuck with Pope Enterprises. All of you have more family, just remember that. Your guys are on their way with a key. Have a nice day, gentlemen,” Pope said before getting in his car and leaving.

“Happy! Chibs!” They heard Jax yell.

“Over here,” Chibs called back.

“Holy shit,” Juice said as he came around the corner and saw Y/N’s body on the ground. He quickly went to unlock the cuffs on Happy and Chibs as the rest of SAMCRO came around and took in the scene. Happy immediately got up and ran to his bike, taking off before anyone could say anything. “Juice, follow him, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid,” Jax ordered.

Chibs went over and picked your lifeless body up as he cried, smoothing your hair out of your face. “Mo ghra, I love you.”

Molotov Nightmares - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Reader.


Originally posted by imlostinsantacarla

“You’re leaving us in charge? The only humans in this god forsaken town?” Your jaw hits the ground and Stiles exhales comically.

“Personally, I think we’ll make a great team.” He points at you and winks.

“We can’t even lift twenty pounds collectively!” You start to panic.

“Hey, it’ll be fine.” Scott comforts you and you look at Stiles, the excited look on his face almost frightening.

“I just..can we not? Is this like an obligation or can we just skip out on it?” You suck in air between your teeth and Scott chuckles.

“You’ll be fine. I promise. We’ll keep an eye on you.”

“Stiles come help me make the weapons.” Lydia smiles at him.

“Weapons!? No one told me there’d be weapons! Oh my god..” You put your face in your hands as Stiles runs after Lydia.

Everyone’s prepping your backpacks as you get ready to go.

“Now remember, light and throw. Don’t hesitate, okay?” Lydia confirms that you know what you’re doing.

“Yeah, we know.” You nod and step outside.

“Don’t compromise the camera.” Scott adds.

“You guys sound like frickin’ cops.” Stiles raises an eyebrow as he follows you. “You sound like my dad.”

You arrive at the location, ready to fight off the new mysterious men. You’d never seen their faces, they always wore masks. Lydia came to the conclusion that fire was the only way to kill them. The only problem with that was that the building they hid out in had mountain ash surrounding it. You two were the only ones who could get in.

You follow Stiles closely, just about peeing your pants when a man walked up to you.

Stiles stopped walking and you bumped into the back of him. “Jesus…” You whisper, trying to compose yourself.

“Nope. Just me.” The man smirks at you as Stiles bites his lip.

“Where are the rest of you?” Stiles asks.

The man looks at him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Stiles rubs his hands together. “I would, actually. Yeah. I’d love to know.”

“You’re a witty one, aren’t you?” The man steps closer.

“Actually, he’s more of a pain in the ass. You get used to it though.” You speak up, trying to protect Stiles.

You sense people watching you and you nudge Stiles. “You’re quite the beauty.” He smiles as he approaches you, tilting your chin up with his hand.

“Do you want to know my skincare routine?” You hear Stiles chuckle at your remark and the man slides his hand down to your neck, drumming his fingers against it.

He squeezes you lightly. “Hey, look. You’re probably gorgeous under that mask there, my dude. I just thought I’d put it out there that, as kinky as it might be, I’m not totally into choking.” You manage to breathe out, your air flow starting to decrease.

You gesture for Stiles as other men step into the room. He throws the Molotov cocktail that he helped Lydia make after lighting it. The explosion blasts the men back, distracting the one with his hands on you long enough for you to escape. You toss another one in his direction.

You walk out the front doors, feeling like a total badass. “Hey. Quick question.”

“What?” Stiles asks as he get in the Jeep, tossing his bag into the backseat.

You sit your bag in your lap. “Was the glitter really necessary?“

He looked like he was thinking as he pulled out of the lot.

Not really, but it added a nice flare to the explosions, don’t you think?

“Yeah…I guess you’re right. It made the experience a whole lot more interesting. Does Lydia know that you added glitter?”

“Does Lydia need to know that I added glitter?”

You laugh. “Well okay. That answers my question.”

You arrive back at the house and Scott high fives you. “That was awesome!”

“But honestly, I’d love to know your skincare routine.” Lydia laughs.

“How’d you two learn to work so well together?” Isaac raises an eyebrow.

“We’ve been best friends since preschool. It’s natural.” You shrug and Stiles smiles at you.

“Well, how did you two become best friends?

You exchange a look with Stiles. “He stole my markers…I punched him in the face and he gave me a high-five.

Scott laughs. “That sounds about right.”


Summary: Stiles thinks he’s funny. Derek sometimes agrees. 

Notes: Based off this photo set. It gave me a kind of fun, silly idea, and I went with it. (On AO3)

Stiles shoots Derek a sly look and picks up his phone. He tips his head back against the couch cushion as it dials, letting his fingers trail lightly down Derek’s arm. “Hey,” he says brightly when Scott picks up. “Derek and I just had sex, and you didn’t call or text to interrupt. Are you okay? We’re both concerned.”

“Stiles, that was one time,” Scott huffs. “And I promise, it wasn’t on purpose.”

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“Family” Part Two

Words: 1,581

Norman Reedus x Daughter Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Link to part one

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“You have got to be kidding me.” Anna showed up at my doorstep. It had been a few days since my encounter with my dad. I haven’t seen him since, he had to fly to San Diego for Comic Con, but he’d be back next week.

“Anna? What are you doing here? We don’t usually meet until seven.” I say, looking at the clock. It was barely six in the morning- the sun wasn’t even up yet.

“I told you to watch The Walking Dead, not have coffee with Norman fucking Reedus!” Her eyes are wide.

“How do you know about that?” I questioned her, letting her come inside. She obviously wasn’t leaving.

“Have you been online lately?”

“No, I’ve been busy trying to finish my homework. AP Calculus is kicking my ass. But that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Search up Norman on Google. Look at the recent media posts about him.” She looks at me weirdly. I pull out my phone, typing in his name. I gasp at the results- there were pictures of the two of us drinking coffee together, being swamped by fans, and getting into the taxi together. The headlines were worse. ‘Norman’s new woman?’ ‘Hot young girl getting coffee with Norman Reedus- See the pics!’ ‘Norman is dating a mystery girl!’

“Oh my god.” I want to scream.

“I just want to know how the fuck you managed to score him! I’ve been trying to get his attention through Twitter forever.” She seemed frustrated.

“Ew, listen, I did not ‘score him.’ We’re not, like, together.” I try to say calmly.

“I don’t understand.”

“Look, if I tell you something, you can’t tell a soul.” I tell her.


“He’s my dad.”

“No way.” She shakes her head. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not. I just found out.”

“Wow.” She seems like she can’t figure out what to say. “Okay.”

“It’s a lot to process, I know. Trust me.” I grab some water from the kitchen.

“I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to tell people.”

“People are going to treat me differently. I don’t want people to want to be my friend just because I have a famous dad.” I admit.

“Oh, hun.” Anna laughs. “People are going to treat you differently regardless. They think you two are, like, dating.”


I underestimated his fame.

People stopped me on the streets while I walked to school, asking me questions about my “relationship” with my father. I ignored them and just kept walking, but people still looked at me funny. The whole day throughout school, everyone looked at me weird. Some girls looked jealous, other disgusted. Most of the guys just smiled at me.

“So, dating a big shot, huh?” One of my soccer teammates came up to me in the locker room after practice. “I’m jealous. He’s like a sex god.”

I looked at her in disgust before slamming my locker door, walking away.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m sorry, that wasn’t supposed to make you mad.” She followed me.

“We’re not dating. Not even close. So please leave me alone.” I say with attitude, opening the door and walking outside. “And feel free to tell everyone else that. I’m tired of being stared at.”

I get in bed as soon as I get home, exhausted. All I want to do is talk to my mom, but she’s nowhere to be seen. I grab my phone, going through my twitter feed. It’s filled with people talking about me. Shocker. I don’t even read them. They’re probably just more bullshit rumors.

I was about to shut it off when a new post pops up- a video from the San Diego Comic Con. I click on it, seeing that it was the Walking Dead’s con. It starts off with the announcer talking to my dad, who is not paying attention to him at all. My dad was too busy messing around with the guy who’s name tag says “Andrew Lincoln.” I frown, realizing that this was the guy who I’ve been telling Anna is hot for ages, and he’s seemingly my dad’s friend. Crush gone.

“Norman, we’ve got a question from a fan.” The announcer says, and my dad starts paying attention.

“Hi, Norman! We’ve been all wondering- who was that girl you were with a few days ago?” This blonde lately asks.

“She’s my daughter.”

The crowd goes crazy. I guess they didn’t know I existed.

“You have another kid besides Mingus? What’s her name?” A fan yells from the crowd.

“I don’t know if she’s comfortable with me telling the world that.”

Then the screen cuts black, and the video is over. Half of me is glad he told everyone, so people will stop looking at me like I’m some huge seventeen year old slut dating an older guy. But another half of me is upset. My life is about to change dramatically. Suddenly, I’m not just Y/N anymore. People are going to look at me and just see Norman’s daughter.

I pull out my phone and call my dad.

“What’s going on?” He answered. There was talking in the background, like he was out with friends or something.

“I can call you later if you’re busy.”

“Give me a minute.” He says to someone in the background, and then the noise stops. “Sorry, all the cast members and I are together in the hotel room. Celebrating for the last night of being here.”

“Don’t apologize. I just needed to talk to someone. My mom’s not here, and I’m just super stressed out. People are stopping me on the streets and taking pictures of me. Everyone at my school are treating me weird. I don’t know what to do.” I sigh.

“Hey, look, I go through this all the time. So did Mingus. It’ll die down eventually.”

“Mingus?” I question.

“Yeah, I uh, I have another kid.”

“You’re a busy man.” I joke.

“Shut up.” He laughs. “You know, I fly back into New York tomorrow morning. Why don’t you come stay with me for a few days? I don’t have much to do, but I got a cat and a bunch of South Park recorded on TV if you’re into that thing.”

“I have school.”

“I live in a different borough, not a different state. You can still get to school. Hell, it’s only for a few days, you could skip school if you wanted and we could actually hang out. I don’t have long until I have to fly back to Atlanta to film.” He drove a hard bargain.

“Fine.” I finally say. “Can you just pick me up after school tomorrow? I don’t want to have to walk all the way home just to have to leave again.”

“I’ll be there. See you tomorrow, Y/N.”

“See ya.”


The next day was worse. People literally stopped me on the streets to take a picture with me, which was the weirdest thing. They all knew my name, so I guess someone spilled information to the tabloids.

School was about the same. People stared at me all day, but at least not in disgust this time. A few people tried asking me if they could meet my dad but I just ignored them. Finally the bell rang, indicating that school was over. Thank god.

“You coming to practice?” Anna asked me as we took our stuff out of the lockers.

“Nah.” I shut my locker door. “Got shit to do.”

“Coach is going to be mad.”

“No offense, but I don’t really give a flying fuck what coach thinks. I go to every single practice. I have never missed one, and I participate in every single game. Now, if you’d excuse me, I still have shit to do.”

Yeah, she is a little annoying sometimes, but I didn’t mean to be that rude to her. “I’m sorry. I just have a lot going on.”

“It’s fine. Go. I’ll tell her you got sick.” She smiles weakly at me.

I hug her before I go outside. I see a car sitting in front of the school with dark tinted windows. The window to the backseat rolls down, and my dad smiles at me.

“You ready?” He asks. The people outside gasp, but thankfully don’t freak out. I nod and get inside the car.

“Upper East Side, please.” He tells the driver.

“A driver, huh?” I raise my eyebrows at him once I get settled in the car.

“I’m not a pretentious douchebag, if that’s what you’re hinting at.” He laughs.

“Jesus, I feel like I’m in Gossip Girl. Serena, where at you?” I joke.

“What?” He asks.


We get to his apartment building a while later. It’s nice-definitely the Upper East Side. The driver let both of us out, and we walked up to his apartment.

“This is where you live?” I gaped. It was huge, at least for New York standards. It was also really messy, but the nice furniture and the cute cat meeting us at the door made up for it.

“Yeah, sorry it looks like a tornado blew through here. I’ve been sleeping all day and didn’t clean.” He admits.

“I don’t mind. You saw where I lived.”

“Want some food? There’s leftover Chinese in the fridge from lunch.”


I reheat the food, and then take a seat on his couch while I turn on the TV.

Maybe being his daughter isn’t so bad after all. 

It Only Takes Once

Anon: Cameron Dallas- you accidentally got pregnant

This was a request from forever ago. For the anon who requested, I’m sorry it took so long. A lot has happened recently and Tumblr has slipped my mind. But here we go!

My hands are shaking. The timer is still ticking away. I just took a pregnancy test. My brother, Aaron would be so pissed. I went and visited him at Magcon while he was on tour and hung out with the guys. Cameron and I hooked up on the last night I was there, and we never told anyone. Cameron was my first. He took my virginity. And now, our lives might be ruined. The boys don’t come home for about a week. Aaron is going to be so pissed. It feels like an eternity, but only a minute has passed. Two more to go. I’m not ready to be a mom. But if I’m pregnant, I can’t kill the kid. Finally, the timer goes off. It’s now or never. My hands start shaking even worse as I approach the sink where the test is laying. My eyes are screwed shut, terrified of the answer. I attempt to pick up the stick, dropping it about a dozen times before finally gripping it. All I can hear is my heart pounding in my chest. I force my eyes open. The test has two pink lines. I’m pregnant. Tears begin flowing down my face, as sobs wrack my entire body. I collapse on my bathroom floor. Thank God nobody is home to hear and see me like this. Thoughts keep swirling through my mind.

‘What do I do? What if Cameron wants nothing to do with me or the baby? What if everyone calls me a whore?’ 

Suddenly, my phone goes off. Sierra was calling me. 

“H-hello?” My voice croaks.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? You sound like you’re crying.” She immediately becomes serious. Sierra is literally my best friend ever. 

“I’m pregnant.” I said the words. The line is silent. Even saying it didn’t make it feel more real. 

“Who? Who’s the father?” I gulp, trying to find the words. “Come on. I won’t be mad.” 

“Cameron. Your brother Cameron.” The phone is quiet before I hear the loudest squeal ever. “I’m gonna be an aunt! How did he react?” 

“He doesn’t know yet. I literally found out less than five minutes ago when I looked at the test I took. I don’t know what to do. Aaron is going to kill me. Cameron and I aren’t even a thing. It literally happened once and now look at me. I had sex for the first time and it got me pregnant. Some luck I have.” I didn’t notice my brother standing in the doorway. 

“Y/N? Tell me you’re not being real right now.” My whole body tenses as I hear Aaron’s voice. I remained silent. “Who is it?” He finally asks.

“Cam.” I heard a long and loud sigh. I turn, the tears coming back. “He doesn’t know. You and Sierra are the only ones who know. Just please, don’t leave me or call me a whore. I just need my brother.” I blurt.

“I would never do that to you. You’re my little sister. I’m always here. And honestly, I would rather Cam be the father than anyone else. At least I know he’ll take care of you and Bean. Don’t think he’ll leave. Because he won’t. I know it.” I smile, forgetting Sierra is still on the phone. 

“OMG! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO A REVEAL THING FOR HIM. LIKE ONE OF THOSE TUMBLR THINGS.” I jump at the screech from the phone. I roll my eyes and laugh.

“Okay, let’s do it.” 


My hands are shaking again, but for a different reason this time. Aaron and Sierra decided to invite ALL of the guys and make it a party. Sierra helped paint my stomach. Right now, I have a tshirt on with a bikini top underneath. I tend to always do that at Summer parties incase I want to take my shirt off. Nothing will seem out of the ordinary. We painted a picture of a little pair of feet with a retro loading bard underneath it, at 10 percent. It was adorable. One by one, all of the guys came and hugged me. Mahogany was there too. Finally, the guest of honor arrived. 

“Cameron!” I yelled, he turned his head and grinned. *it’s now or never*. I walk up to him, taking my shirt off in the process. “I don’t know how else to tell you, but you’re going to be a dad.” His face goes blank. My heart thuds. “Cam, please. Say something.” All of a sudden, he does his signature Cameron scream. 

“I’M GONNA BE A DADDY!” He screeches. Then, the biggest surprise ever happened. All of the rest of the guys went silent. That’s never happened before, at least not voluntarily. 

“I’m the favorite uncle!” Taylor screams, which causes an argument over who will be the best and favorite uncle. I shake my head laughing. 

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Cam whispers.

“I can’t believe Aaron didn’t kill you.” He smirked and dipped me like the old fashioned movies and kissed me. 

I’m Coming Home- Brother Sister Mitch Marner

Originally posted by wonthetrade

This one is a sibling on Y/N is Mitch older sister the they are really close but Y/N is in the Army and for the Home opener she comes home to surprise her little brother at his first game in the ACC 

Listen to this song when reading :

Mitch sat on his bed as he read the letter he had gotten over a week ago from his best friend 

Dear Mitchy 

YOU MADE IT  I’m so proud of you Mitchy your going to play in the NHL and for the Toronto Maple Leafs no less it’s always been your dream to play for them and now it’s coming true. But I’m not going to be there to watch you play your first game and your home opener I’m so sorry Mitchy I wanted to come watch you in person but I guess listening to a radio will do for where I am. Mom and dad told me they would record the game on their TV for me to watch the next time I’m home! We can watch it together like when we where little in our PJ’s Saturday night hockey night in Canada Mitchy I miss you like crazy your my best friend my little brother and you mean the world to me okay there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I really wanted to watch you play in person maybe meet some of your new friends maybe catch up with Stromer hows he doing by the way I heard the Coyotes sent him back to Erie that most have been hard on him. But remember just because I’m not their doesn’t mean you don’t have the time of your life okay you play you heart out and score a goal for me yeah

Lots of Love

Your Big Sis


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Who’s This Guy, Mom Pt. 3 (Erik Durm)

a/n: part one is here (x) and part two is here (x


Your son pumped his fists up and down, running around in circles. Erik laid on the grass, faking dejection as his splitting image cackled. You gave him a big hoot, clapping your hands in delight.

They had been playing football for a while, and just like his father he’s really good. He has more of an eye for goal it seems though. Erik was so great with him too, you didn’t expect him to be anything less. You were super comfortable with him being alone with you guys’ son now. Being a dad came so naturally to Erik, it almost made you jealous. All those years you put into raising the little blonde-haired boy alone for him just to pick up parenting like it’s nothing…that was annoying.

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For the prompt from the amazing @vannguyen0507: Dick’s raped by a crime group in Crime Alley. It’s up to Jason to rescue and help him through this trauma. 

Dick had been staring at the same brick in the same wall for the last half hour. He could see pale flesh in the corners of his blurry eyes, but he refused to acknowledge it. He’d lost feeling in his body a long time ago. Well, it wasn’t that he’d necessarily lost feeling, he just lost the ability to acknowledge it. He was ignoring a lot of things at the moment. He was ignoring everything other than the brick in front of him. It was a normal brick, chipped at the edges, ridged and had spots of blood on it. The blood was fresh. Dick wondered where it came from. One of the men holding him down wrapped his hands around Dick’s neck and Dick was suddenly reminded exactly where the blood came from. He chocked and swiped at the man, but someone else grabbed his hands and held them down. The man slammed his hips into Dick’s ass mercilessly, the dry pressure making everything hurt more than it should. Dick tried to choke out a scream but was silenced with another particularly vicious slap across the face. Suddenly someone was in front of him, gripping his hair in a fist and shoving his face toward unzipped jeans. Dick felt tears leak out of squeezed shut eyes. He hiccuped a sob, but that only got him another slap. He bit his lip to silence himself, but was screamed at for not opening his mouth.

Suddenly a bullet whizzed past his face and landed straight in the brain of the man screaming at him. Dick’s eyes flew open in time to be splashed with blood. The hands bruising his hips let up, as did the ones holding his wrists and legs. The ones touching his chest were forcibly ripped away. Finally Dick was freed. He fumbled around his ankles for his pants. He could barely pull them up with his shaking hands. When he finally got them around his hips he shuffled himself back into the brick he’d been staring at earlier. He could feel the blood stick to his back, shockingly cold in the dark October air. He watched with wide eyes and Red Hood murdered the men in front of him. There were five of them, he hadn’t been counting earlier. He didn’t even know how many of them had… had a turn at him. One was already dead, blood oozing from the hole in his head. Jason snapped another one’s neck, and slammed another’s head into the wall until it smashed in a explosion of blood and the crunch of bone. Jason shot the next one who came at him in the crotch, then again in the chest. Finally only one was left. He was tall and fat, but his arms were corded with muscle. His cock was hanging out of his pants, and it was clear he’d been the last one in Dick. Jason grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the wall. He cocked his gun and shoved it in the mans face until it was dissenting his cheek and brushing his eye.

“P-please,” the man pleaded to the blood splattered emotionless mask in front of him. “Please don’t kill me.” Jason tilted his head and started to lower the gun. Dick’s breath sped up, then stopped all together when Jason shot the man in the thigh. The man screamed and fell to the ground. Jason stood in front of him, still holding the gun to his face, even as the man tried to crawl away, blood trailing behind him.

“That’s your femoral artery,” Red Hood growled, hatred ingrained in every word. “You’ll bleed out long before anyone gets here. But, if I’m being honest, I don’t think that’s a painful enough way for you to die, but seeing as my options are limited at the moment, I think I’ll just shoot you some more.”

Jason fired off three more shots; one in each kneecap, and one final one in his crotch.

“That’s better,” Jason said. He slammed his foot into the man’s gut to stop his crawling.

“Make no mistake,” Jason hissed. “This, all this pain, all this torture, it’s inevitable. I had no choice. And do you wanna know why?”

The man shook his head frantically. He was paling, he was losing blood fast, but Jason wasn’t about to let him die until he’d made his point.

“It’s because you’re life was over the second you touched him.” He snarled. He turned his back on the man, and finally made his way over to Dick. He put himself in Dick’s line of sight so that Dick could no longer see the bodies lying in front of him. He took off his helmet, and removed his domino mask until all that was left were those earnest blue-green eyes staring Dick in the face. He pulled Dick’s jeans the rest of the way up, and zipped and buttoned them. He put his hands on Dick’s cheeks and gently lifted his head so that they were eye to eye.

“Dickiebird, can you hear me?” He asked softly. Dick was silent for a moment, his whole body was shaking. Jason needed to get him inside.

Dick finally nodded, and so Jason ran his gloved fingers through Dick’s hair, careful to make his moves gentle and soothing.

“Ok, good, let’s get you inside, ok? You’re not staying out here any longer.” Jason picked Dick up in his arms and carried him away from the alley. He had a safe house in Crime Alley, but he knew that staying anywhere near there was not a good idea. The police would find the bodies soon, someone had undoubtedly heard the gunshots and even in the shittiest shit hole in Gotham someone would be called eventually. Besides, he didn’t want Dick to have to see the place anymore. Not ever again if he could help it. He carried Dick a few streets over, to the next closest safe house, which was about a ten minute walk away. He brought Dick in through the fire escape, and carried him to the bathroom.

“Okay Dickiebird, I need to check you over ok? And then you’re going to take a shower, and I’m going to tape you up, alright?” Jason spoke softly, using the tone he saved for frightened children. Dick wasn’t looking at him, but he was acknowledging him, which Jason took as a win.

It took Jason over an hour to get Dick fixed up. The shower was good for him, but initially he wouldn’t let Jason see him naked.

“Dick, you have to let me see. If I can’t see, I can’t fix it. Please, Dickie, you have to let me see.”

Dick shook his head furiously, and Jason sighed. He rubbed his forehead, and saw only one option.

“When I was ten I was living in Crime Alley, barely making ends meet. My dad was in prison, and my mom was passed out, too high on something to comprehend anything, so I was the one making the money. It wasn’t good, what I was doing, but that’s a story for another time. I was in the Alley, when these three guys came up behind me,” Jason choked on the words. He could barely finish them, but Dick was finally looking at him again. His grip on the button of his jeans was loosening. “By the time they were finished I could barely walk.” He finished in a whisper, and had to look away. He remembered that night all too clearly. He didn’t think he’d ever forget it, but that wasn’t the point. He wasn’t doing this for himself, this wasn’t his therapy session, this was for Dick.

“But I stumbled home, and when I got there all I wanted was someone to make me soup. Someone to sit with me and tell me everything was going to be ok, but when I did get home I found my mother passed out in the bathroom. She was safe, but completely unconscious, so instead I took a shower, crawled my way into bed, and went to sleep, and that was it. I didn’t have anyone Dick, no one. But you do, you have me. I will never leave you, even if you want me to. I will be right beside you until the day I die, because I love you Dick, and nothing will ever change that. Not this, not anything,” Jason spoke slow and forcefully. He had never believed something so fully in his life. “Now, I need to make sure you’re ok, so let me see.” Jason said. There were tears leaking out of the corners of Dick’s eyes. He surged up and kissed Jason lightly on the lips, the only part of him those men hadn’t touched. It was a simple brush of lips, but it was the sweetest kiss Jason had ever had. Slowly, Dick unzipped his pants, and finally let Jason see.

Hours later, when Dick was cleaned, bandaged up, and finally asleep, Jason got a call.

He was sitting on the bed, brushing his fingers through Dick’s hair, the soft sound of Dick’s careful breathing lulling him to sleep, when a shrill rang jerked him out of his trance. After making sure Dick was still asleep he stood from the bed and took the phone into the other room. Bruce was calling him, as was expected. He sat on the couch and answered.

“What?” He asked.

“You know what,” Bruce growled back. “You say you’re not a murderer and then you go and pull something like this. What was this Jason? This was ruthless, this was barbaric. What the hell were you thinking?”

“There were extenuating circumstances,” Jason replied, emotionless. “They had Dick.”

There was silence on the line, and then, “What do you mean they had Dick?”

“They had him Bruce,” Jason choked out. “They were touching him, they-” He cut himself off, squeezing his eyes shut to keep them from leaking. He took a deep breath and solidified himself.

“There are security cameras in Crime Alley, right?”

Bruce’s reply was hesitant, but softer than he’d been before. “The police don’t use them, but yes.”

“Watch the tape, then tell me those men didn’t deserve it.” Jason ended the call.

Bruce watched the footage, at Jason’s recommendation. He watched it multiple times, tortured himself with it. He should’ve been able to stop it, Dick never should have been in that position. Bruce watched it until tears blurred his vision, until he could no longer bring himself to hit rewind. He shut off the bat computer, and made his way to the box sitting on one of the tables in the back of the cave. He’d send Jason a package in the morning. A thank you package full of bandages and Dick’s favorite cereal. The last thing he put in the package was a brand new handgun. He stared at the barrel and flashed back to the night when he was eight years old. He almost pulled it right back out of the box, but then he looked at the monitors. The computers were off, but what he’d seen on them was still replaying in the back of his mind.

He left the gun in the box, and mailed it to Jason’s safe house before he could change his mind.

My Number One, My Always Will Be King

Pairing/Characters: Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader, Mom!Pepper, OC (Derek)

Warnings: Not much, Reader gets caught kissing/making out, angst, swearing, heated make out sesh

Summary: Tony’s daughter is growing up a little too fast, he knows this because she’s brought a boy home which she did not intend for him to see.

Word Count: 1764

A/N: OH LORDY THANK YOU FOR 100+ FOLLOWERS!!! CAN’T BELIEVE THERE’S SO MANY OF YOU READING MY FICS! Also PEPPER IS SUCH A QUEEN!!!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you @purplekitten30 for requesting the Dad!Tony fic :*

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New chewie day!!! A little sad my dad opened the package before I could get to it and insulted it but I still love these so it made up for it!!

The first one is from chewigem and the second one came from @stimtastic and they’re both great!!! The stimtastic one came super fast and it’s so pretty it’s a visual stim now too!!


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Dirty Imagine #5 - HOLIDAY TO BORA BORA - Part One (For Sophie)

First imagine I’ve written in 11 months, I’m back! This is part one, there will be a part two soon. It’s quite long, but the build up is worth it. This is for Sophie. It’s very sexual, so don’t read if you aren’t into that. 


It was the day of the family holiday. I’d been waiting for this  the whole year. It had been a long and stressful year of high school but finally, I was on holidays. Me and the rest of my family were heading to Bora Bora, a small but beautiful island near French Polynesia. Basically, in the middle of nowhere. I’d never been there before but I’d seen photos and wow – it looked simply amazing.

“C’mon Sophie, it’s 8:30, we don’t want to be late for our flight”

“Coming mum! I shouted back”.

After a 40-minute drive we were at the airport and it wasn’t long until our flight boarded. I sat patiently, browsing Tumblr and Facebook on my phone, until finally, our flight number was called. Within a few minutes we were on the plane and it wasn’t long until take off. I took this time to browse my phone one last time before I had to switch it to flight mode. That’s when I read something that made my heart race. 

“Singer/Songwriter Justin Bieber spotted holidaying in Bora Bora” 

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading. Justin was in Bora Bora, literally the same place I was about to go!? While all this was going on, the flight attendants had requested flight mode be activated on all phones. I tried quickly clicking on the article but the internet was slow and the flight attendant soon spotted me. 

“Flight mode now, please” 

I apologised and had no choice but to switch it over to flight mode, which of course meant I couldn’t use the internet, and therefore couldn’t read the article. Damn. 

As the plane took off all I could think about was the article headline. A lot of things were running through my mind. Was it true? A lot of media articles are just false, only written to attract readers. Also, so what if it was true? I would probably never catch a glimpse, and even if I did… He is on holidays. I probably wouldn’t be allowed to bother him. I tried not to think about it too much, but it occupied my mind for most of the flight.

After many hours, we touched down in French Polynesia. From there, we were loaded onto a small-ish barge (boat) that took the people holidaying to the remote island. There weren’t many other people going to the island by the looks of it, just my family, and two other small families. The boat trip took about an hour, and then we had finally arrived at our destination. Bora Bora. 

The place was beautiful, and for awhile I was so blown away by the views that I had forgotten that Justin Bieber could actually also be on this island. We arrived at our resort, found our room and began unpacking.

“First thing I want to do is swim at that nice beach we saw!” said my mum. 

We all agreed, as the water looked crystal clear and fantastic. We finished unpacking and then headed down to the beach. I put on my brand new two-piece bikinis/swim suit. I would be lying if I said it didn’t show off my curves well.

We headed on down to the beach, and it truly was amazing – the best beach I had ever seen in my life. That’s when I saw him. Swimming in the water, I noticed him straight away. JUSTIN. BIEBER. He WAS here! The article was true. He was here, and he was right in front of me! What were the odds of me seeing him at all, let alone on the very first day of the holiday! I couldn’t believe my eyes. My family soon realised something was wrong so I told them.

“That’s Justin Bieber. Right over there, swimming with his friends. OMG. I can’t believe it. He is right there!!” My heart was pounding in my chest and my legs felt like jelly. 

My family all knew how much of a fan I was.

We began swimming but my mind was elsewhere. Should I try and get a photo with him? Just talk to him? He was obviously on a holiday, and I wanted to respect him and not spoil it. I decided that I would just try to say hello to him when he was getting out. So for the next 15 minutes, me and my family swam at the beach, with Justin only about 20 metres away swimming with some friends.

All of a sudden, things took a dramatic twist. Justin started swimming towards me. In fact, he swam right over to me. I froze. I couldn’t even say anything or move my body. 

“You’ve been staring at me for the past 15 minutes”

I stumbled with my words still in shock…

“Uh um I’m so sorry for staring Justin I just can’t believe you are here… I love you so much, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to bother you because I know you are here on holidays, I’m so sor…”

“Sshhh. It’s okay. So you are a fan… Well that’s very kind of you to not want to bother me on holidays… But I always have time for polite fans like yourself. What’s your name?” 


“How are you Sophie?”

For the next two minutes me and Justin talked. He was the nicest person and he took a lot of interest in what I had to say. He was so polite, and I was so star struck. 

“Anyway, I gotta get going. It was nice to chat to you” Justin said as he gave me a hug in the water. He was shirtless so I felt his back muscles as he hugged me, and they were perfect.

As he headed for the shore I couldn’t help myself. I yelled out.

“Justin! Wait… Can I get a photo with you before you go?” 

He seemed hesitant at first and then I realised why. He was swimming in his undies. 

“Ummm.. I didn’t bring a towel, I wasn’t expecting visitors… Ahh what the heck, it doesn’t matter. Sure, we can get a photo, just don’t put it on social media if that’s okay” he said smiling.

I headed for the shoreline and signalled mum to come as well, so she could take the photo.

Justin reached the shore first but I wasn’t far behind. He came out of the water and turned around to face me. My eyes widened as I looked down at him in nothing but his Calvin Klein underwear. I realised now that I was staring for a long time, but I couldn’t help myself. His bulge in those Calvin’s was massive, and it looked so nice. His whole body looked so nice.

“It’s rude to stare you know” he said to me, as he winked. 

“OH MY GOD, I’m so sorry Justin” I replied, blushing.

“It’s fine” he said, as he laughed. “I get it all the time” he added, this time with a sexy smirk.

I kept blushing, I was so embarrassed. Mum was now at the shore, and I gave her my phone. I stood side by side with Justin and he put his arm around my waist like he does with most photos with his fans. My mum snapped the photo. I thanked Justin and hugged him one more time. That’s when the craziest thing in the world happened.

As I hugged him, Justin ran his hand down my back to my ass, which most of it was exposed because I was wearing my bikinis. He grabbed a handful of my ass and squeezed. 

“That’s for staring, naughty girl” he whispered in my ear. 

He let go of my ass, and he left. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I immediately felt damp in between my legs, and it wasn’t just water from the ocean. Justin Bieber just grabbed a handful of my ass, and I fucking loved it. 

It was almost dinner time so the family and I headed back to our room, all still chatting about the encounter with Justin. As I said they know I am a big fan, so they were all very happy for me. They didn’t know that he had grabbed my ass though.

We got back to our room and got ready for dinner. It was night 1 and the resort was hosting a big, FREE, all-you-can-eat dinner in the community hall as a thank-you to all the clients staying with them at Bora Bora (it wasn’t cheap to stay at Bora Bora!). I put on a short black dress that was my favourite, and off we went. 

There weren’t many people in the hall, probably twenty max. So it didn’t take long for my breath to be taken away when I AGAIN saw Justin. He was there, sitting at a table with some of his management team. He saw me walk in.

“Hey! We must be staying with the same resort company. Pretty great they are doing this free dinner, huh?”

I could barely find any words “Uhh yeah, yeah. Yeah it’s awesome. I can’t believe you are here again..” I stumbled…

At the point, the memories of Justin grabbing my ass came flooding back and something just snapped inside of me. The people he was with all seem preoccupied so I spoke quietly to him: “What you did earlier at the beach, that was cheeky” I said with a smile and a wink. 

“So you liked it huh?” he replied.

I blushed again. I had to say a quick goodbye as most people were now seated for dinner, so I returned to my seat with my family. Dinner was delicious. After dinner, drinks and dessert came out and it was a free for all. It was time for the people staying on Bora Bora to have a few drinks and chat with the other people, and get to know them. Mum and Dad were off chatting to some older couple which I found boring, so I went and sat at a table by mself with a drink. I didn’t think Justin would stay for this ‘after party’ and I thought correctly – well sort of. Him and his team were heading out the door when he must have seen me out of the corner of his eye.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later” he said to his team as they left.

He came over to me. “You’re all by yourself?” he aked.

“Yeah, mum and dad are talking to some oldies about stuff I don’t care about” I replied.

He laughed.

“So, you never answered my question before. Did you or did you not enjoy me grabbing that perfect ass of yours at the beach” he said, almost aggressively.

Immediately my heart was racing and I felt a tingling between my legs. I was never usually one to talk sexually, and in fact, I never had many sexual encounters with boys in school. But this was Justin, the sexiest man on Earth, and something in me had changed.

“I did enjoy it, almost as much as I enjoyed seeing your massive bulge” I replied. 

“Ohh, you’re good. You’re a horny little girl aren’t you” he whispered seductively.

“Justin… there are people everywhere, you’re making me wet” 

“Whats the matter? I’m making your pussy all wet?” he again whispered, this time right in my ear as he sent shivers down my spine.

Right as he said this, he put his hand on my inner thigh. We were sitting at a table with a large table cloth hanging down, so nobody could see what was going on under the table. On top of that, I scanned the room and everyone, including my family, seemed to be engaged in conversation. I couldn’t believe nobody else in the room even noticed Justin Bieber was here. 

“Yes, you are making it wet, you can’t do this here. Someone will notice”

“Cant I?” he said, moving his hand up under my skirt to my panties.

He ran his fingers along the fabric of my panties, right over the top of where my pussy would be if I wasn’t wearing panties. I felt his finger run over my clit through the fabric and I swear I almost orgasmed right there and then.

“Justin I.. I can’t believe this… I”

“Shhh, I know you want this, you naughty little girl”

I was still speechless, but he was right, I did want it. Before I could say anymore he pulled the fabric of my saturated panties to the side, exposing my pussy to the cool air. He ran a finger up the middle, collecting all my wetness on his finger. He pulled his finger out from under the table and looked me dead in the eyes, before shoving his finger in his mouth. He was a freak.

“You taste delicious Sophie” 

This just made me more wet and now I was hungry for him. He returned his hand under the table and inserted a finger inside of me. I jumped as he did this banging my leg on the leg of the table. I looked around, but nobody seemed to notice.

“You want Justin Bieber to finger your little pussy?” he said calmly.

As much as I wanted to say no because of how many people were in the room, I couldn’t

“Yes… Please Justin”

“That’s what I thought” he replied. He began fingering me slowly, before deciding to add another finger. I was scared at first, but I was so wet his 2nd finger slipped right in. 

“Look at me Sophie” he demanded. 

I looked at him, and he was staring back at me. Whilst doing this he picked up the pace, and he was now fingering me quickly with two fingers. I could feel an orgasm building as the boy I always loved, Justin Bieber, was fucking me with his fingers under the table. His pace only got quicker and quicker and he was looking at me with a look of aggression now. 

I started shaking, trying not to let out any sound at all.

“Justin I’m going to come… Stop I don’t think I can be quiet! Stop!”

He looked around quickly before putting his hand over my mouth with his other hand 

“Do as I fucking say, you’ll cum on my fingers right now Sophie. Come on, cum on Justin’s fingers! You want to perv on my bulge at the beach? Well you’ll cum on my fucking fingers when I ask you to!” he said aggressively in my ear, still covering my mouth. 

I let out a big moan – luckily he was covering my mouth. My orgasm arrived. Justin kept fingering me as fast as he could without being seen, and I was now shaking. FUCK it felt good, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life. I felt all my juices come running out, I cummed more than I ever had in my life, and they went all over Justin’s fingers that were still instead me. After my orgasm washed over me, he left his fingers inside me. He kept staring me dead in the eyes. I had a quick look under the table and saw my juices running down his fingers onto his hand and even down his arm. A few seconds later her took his hand out and showed me. It was saturated with all my juices. He looked at me, and one by one sucked every one of his fingers clean.

“Look at you, you’ve made a mess of the floor”. 

I looked down to see that some of the juice from my pussy had landed on the floor. That’s how wet I was and that’s how big my orgasm was. I bet whoever had to clean that had no idea what it was, that made it kind of hot.

I stood up from the table, out of breath. 

“Justin, that was fucking amazing”.

He smiled. “Give me your number, I’m not done with you. You’re a dirty girl Sophie”. 

I gave him my number and headed off back to the room. My family was still talking to other people on holidays, they had no idea Justin Bieber had just fingered me and made me cum in a room full of people. As I made my way back to my room I realised I still had juice running down my leg just thinking about what had happened.

This was going to be the best holiday ever.

Part 5... I think lol

Two weeks later, It was officially Michonne’s birthday. Rick and his friends had planned a huge party for her at his house. Michonne didn’t know that it was planned and after spending the entire morning with her dad, Rick came to pick her up. He took her to the lavender garden while everyone at the house handled the finishing touches to the party.

They were sitting in the field, surrounded by nothing but beautiful flowers, talking about every subject in the world. The sun was shining so brightly, it actually put a beautiful color to Rick’s eyes. Michonne saw so much light and promise whenever she looked into his eyes. She loved to get lost in his sea of blue.

Breaking her out of her reverie, Rick took her hand and stood up. The two friends ran down the field and watched all the flower petal lift into the sky and collapse back down like water droplets. It was Michonne’s favorite thing to do now and her all time favorite thing to watch. Once they made it to the end, they collapsed onto the lavender flowers and smiled at each other. The air was thick now, and once Rick grabbed her face with his rough hand, there was no turning back. They both leaned in and when their lips connected, it was most beautiful thing in the world. At first, it was innocent and sweet and then it turned hot and sexual. Their tongues collided and by this time, Michonne was on top of Rick, pulling off his clothes.

Once they were completely naked, Rick pulled away to look at her gorgeous body. From her beautiful face, to her beautiful breasts, her toned stomach, her perfectly shaved pussy, right down to her thighs and her pretty feet. Rick took two handfuls of her ass and squeezed, it turned her on more than he knew. Rick’s eyes met hers, asking for permission to touch her. She granted and her hands latched onto his curls. Rick’s fingers dove for her center. She was already so wet. Rick gasped and rubbed her slick folds. He wanted–no needed– to be inside of her. She positioned herself over his throbbing dick. She was so scared, being a virgin and all. Rick paused and then reached into his pants pocket to get a condom. Michonne put it on for him and then repositioned herself over him. She lowered herself slowly, once he was completely inside, she hissed in pain.

“Est ce que je t'ai blessé?” Rick asked nervously.

“J'étais vierge.” Michonne didn’t give him a chance to respond as she rotated her hips. The pain was gone and all she felt was intense pleasure. She moaned in pleasure and Rick followed suit. He told her how wet and tight she was and it seemed to turn her on even more. She began bouncing on him, causing him to groan. But it felt so damn good. Rick flipped them over and plunged carefully into her. He kissed her beautiful lips as she moaned into his mouth, telling him to go faster and harder. A few moments later, they both were about to reach their climax.

“Je suis cumming.”

After they both moaned in pleasure, they were spent. Michonne was so happy she did this with him. She cared about him so much.

“I love you.” She told him breathlessly. Even though things between them quickly went from friends to lovers, she did love him. For 6 weeks he had been nothing but nice to her, he had helped her and made her feel welcomed and in France, if you find someone like that, you never let them go. She did love him, for giving her all the things she never had and for being the person she always dreamed of.

Rick lifted her head with his finger under her chin and whispered, “I love you too.” Before capturing her lips with his. It was fast, after 6 weeks of knowing each other, they were already having sex, but he loved her. She filled that dark place in his heart and he knew that he never wanted her to leave her side. He loved her for being all of the things he had wished for. He loved her for saying all the things he never heard.

Rick took Michonne home so that she could shower and put on something different.


“Hey, honey.” John hugged his daughter and kissed her forehead.

“Rick showed me.” She told him. He didn’t have to ask, he already knew.

“He came over and  asked for my bénédiction to court you.”

“Court? Personne ne dit cela.” She couldn’t believe Rick asked for her father’s blessing to date her. He really was perfect. “Je pense que je l'aime lui, papa.” Michonne smiled.

John knew his baby girl was growing up and she had made it to womanhood. He also knew that her feelings for Rick ran deeper than anyone would ever know. “Je connais bébé, je sais.”

Two weeks later, it was party time and in less than 6 hours it would officially be her birthday.

Michonne went to her room, dressed in her aunt’s favorite blue skinny jeans that showed off her curves, her black crop top that left little to the imagination and her black Nike’s. She wanted to impress her boyfriend. She covered her body in perfume and put her diamond earrings in. She walked down the long flight of stairs and told her father goodbye. He wished her well and she left. Rick was outside waiting for her. She got into the car and it smelled like him. His fresh, masculine scent. Rick leaned over and kissed Michonne’s lips. He complimented her outfit and she thanked him.

They arrived at the house party 15 minutes later, there were kids outside, drinking, smoking, laughing, talking. Michonne was kind of hesitant but Rick grabbed her hand and smiled at her. Some of the nervousness went away and they got out of the car. Rick took her hand again and walked into the house. He was greeted by a bunch of people. Some Michonne recognized and a lot of others she didn’t.

“Où sont les gens qui étaient a votre maison?” Michonne asked.

“They’re around here somewhere.” Rick responded, distractingly.

A guy came up to them and clapped Rick on the back. Rick smiled at him and asked him something.

“How was your vacation?” Rick asked his friend, John Ellington.

“Ah, you know. Same old, same old.” John responded.

“You were gone for an entire year, Elli.” Only John’s closest friends called him ‘Elli’. Rick being one of them.

“I know, man. But you know my moms kicked me out. She said I was a no good bastard like my dad.” John said.

“Well, this is a party and no parents are allowed. Be free.” Rick said and then he introduced his girlfriend. “And before you go, This is Michonne, Michonne, ce est John Ellington, un vieil ami.”

“Nice to meet you.” Michonne said, her accent was thick.

“Nice to meet you too.” John said with a raise of his eyebrows. He smiled and walked away.

Michonne and Rick spent the next 30 minutes dancing with each other. Michonne was having more fun than she ever thought she’d have. Moving to America was proving to be one of the best things she and her father ever did.

Later, Michonne and Rick were sitting down on a red couch. She was cuddled into his side and his arms were wrapped around her. His friend from earlier, John, came up to him asking him to hang out. Michonne told Rick to go but he said no.

“I told you I wouldn’t leave you, I meant it.”

“Je sais que vous voulez vous amuser, alors allez.” Michonne smiled at him. He reluctantly let go of her and left her to go speak with his friends. He didn’t feel good about it. Not one bit. He knew how the parties could get. He’d keep an eye on her.

Michonne was walking around, waving at everyone who looked at her. She knew nothing about parties, well, not these kinds of parties. She knew elegant, soft music, long dresses. Not crop tops, short skirts and hip-hop. She liked these parties more.

Michonne made her way to the snack table. She saw all kinds of foods she had never tried before. Chocolate was big in France but there was a specific one that she always wanted to try, Big Kat’s.

She overheard a conversation between two girls. She listened really hard to try and decipher what they were saying.

“I wonder if that new bitch is gonna show up.” The dark haired one said.

“Technically she’s not new. She’s been here for like a month.”

“It doesn’t matter how long she’s been here, Jessica. I still don’t like this whore and I’ve never even seen her.”

“She might be cuter than you.”

The dark haired girl turned to her friend, “Shut the hell up.” She huffed and flipped her long hair, “No one, is cuter than me.” She said.

“When you find her, what are you gonna do?” Jessica asked.

“Make her last year in High School a living hell.” The girl laughed and then she noticed Michonne. Michonne pretended to be searching for food. She looked up, smiled and tried to walk away until she ran into the back of some guy.

He turned around, “Watch where you’re— hey you’re fuckin’ hot!” He said. “Name’s Phillip, what’s yours?”

Michonne didn’t respond, hoping he’d insult her and walk away but he didn’t.

“That’s okay, baby. We’ll work on it. Why don’t you meet me upstairs in 5?” He winked and walked off. Michonne had to find Rick.

She kept walking, she got touched by so many people. Girls and boys. Some people whistled in her direction, some people gave her dirty looks. She couldn’t take it. She was far too sensitive for this. She finally made it outside and looked into the night sky. She thought about her aunt and what she would say if she was there with her. She’d tell her to be strong, to persevere. That’s what she had to do.

Meanwhile, Rick was searching everywhere for his girlfriend. He went up the stairs, checked the bedrooms, the bathrooms. He went back downstairs and asked his friends to help him look for her. He was starting to panic.

“Calm down, man. She’s gotta be around here somewhere.” Shane said.

Rick was trying to calm down but his heart was beating so fast it felt like it would beat right out of his chest. He knew he shouldn’t have left her side. He promised her and himself that he wouldn’t.

After searching the entire house, with no sign of Michonne, Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn decided to leave the party to search for her. Rick told them he’d bring the car around front and once he stepped outside, he saw her sitting on the steps. Breathing a sigh of relief, he knelt behind her and wrapped his arms around her body.

She jumped slightly but once she felt that familiar scruff on her face, she knew it was him. She relaxed into him and then he let her go to sit next to her.

“Je suis tellement désolé Michonne, j'ai promis de ne pas vous quitter.”

Michonne didn’t respond, she just put her face in his neck and cried.

Rick held onto her for dear life, “Did someone hurt you?” She shook her head ‘no’. “You can tell me if they did, Mich. I’ll go in there and–”

“Personne ne m'a blessé.” Michonne interrupted, softly.

Rick nodded.

Negan walked slowly to them. His signature lean and all, “Well well well. If it ain’t King Rick.” Negan said sarcastically. “I didn’t think you had the balls to show up here.”

“Why not? It’s not like it’s your party.” Rick said.

Negan chuckled, “You know what I like about you, Rick?” Without giving Rick a chance to answer, Negan said, “You got guts. I mean, really. First you steal my girl–”

“Hold on, your girl?” Rick cut him off. “She’s not ‘property’ Negan and she was never anyone’s ‘girl’ to begin with.”

“Bullshit, I saw her first! What happened to the fuckin’ bro code?”

“See the thang is, you actually have to BE someone’s ‘bro’ to have a ‘bro code’. You and I are not bros and we never will be, go inside and enjoy the party.” Rick was getting irritated.

“I liked Jeffrey way more than I like you.”

Low blow.

Rick didn’t say anything. Nothing at all.

“Yeah, I hit somethin’ didn’t I? I did. See, Jeff wasn’t really as fun as you, but He. Was. Loyal. Damn shame what happened to him. You were in the car, right? You watched him die?”

Michonne lifted her head from Rick’s neck. She was tired of this guy bothering her boyfriend, “Enough!” She yelled. Rick and Negan looked at her in totally surprised. Neither had ever heard her so angry before.

“You are such an asshole! You take pleasure out of making people upset, no? You need serious help.” She grabbed Rick’s hand and they stood, she said, “Chienne..” under her breath as they both walked away, leaving Negan speechless. That was the most he had ever heard out of her, and for Rick, it was the clearest english she had ever spoken.

“Michonne, your english was perfect just now!” Rick said as they walked hand in hand down the sidewalk. She had gone quiet and her facial expression was somber. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“The people at that party are a joke.” She said and shook her head. “Il y avait une fille qui a dit qu'elle ne pouvait pas attendre pour rendre ma vie un enfer vivant.”

“Who said that?” Rick asked.

“Ça n'a pas d'importance.”

“It does matter, someone is threatenin’ to hurt you, you don’t think that matters?” Rick asked.

“You cannot protect me all the time, I have to learn to protect myself.”

“I know that. Nobody knows that better than me. But baby, when you love someone, vous do tout ce qui est en votre pouvoir pour les protéger. Vous ne pouvez pas me demander de ne pas vous protéger.” Michonne stopped walking, Rick did too and she got on her tiptoes to kiss her boyfriend on the mouth.

“Je t’aime.” She told him.

“Je t'aime, aussi.”

{I’m scaaaaaared! I hate this chapter but enjoy it anyways}

PS: Oh, wow, we are both answering this.

PW: Um, I have a lot.

PS: I think the early 2000s were one big fashion regret for me.

PW: Like, everyone does crazy fashion stuff, but to do it on, like, the cover of Rolling Stone is the wild part.

PS: Yeah, I think that’s one of the hardest things is that for a while, when I started dating my wife, her dad googled me. Like, “Who is this guy? He’s in a band, I’m gonna google him.” And the first picture that came up was me in the absolute worst outfit I’ve ever worn, and it was apparently the top Google Image result of me at that time, and that’s a bummer. Where you’re like, well, that picture’s never leaving me, with that olive print hoodie. It was a moment. And it was very highly photographed. We were dressing really bad.