my dad came up


Yoongi’s dad is soooooo so so so so nice and sweet to foreigners _(:з」∠)_ he was fussing over us because he thought we didn’t know how to eat 국밥. Helped adjust our plates and showed us what seasonings to add. He came over to our table a few times to talk to us. Always smiling. Always polite. Asked us where we were from and where we learnt our (very basic) Korean. He also said “ah Singaporean girls are so pretty.” ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

I was eating and scrolling Tumblr and Yoongi’s dad came up to me and peered at my phone to ask what I was doing. So I showed him a tumblr post of Namjoon’s twitter video. Then he smiled and said “ahhhh so you’re a namjoon fan?” I corrected him saying I’m a jeongguk stan but I love every member of BTS. (Don’t get me wrong, I love nams very much too ;~;)

Yoongi’s dad beamed and said,” ahhh!! Jeonggukkie. You like Jeonggukkie!“ but then he also pouted cutely and said “ahh how about yoongi?” And I emphasized again that I love and support all the BTS members

I’ll do a review of the place soon via twitter, abt the food in the restaurant and directions there.


My dad came up to us and took these pictures and said “This is what you’ll look like when you have your own family.”

My heart.


Happy Mother’s Day!! 💕👑

Ahh, what can I say about my little Frenchie? This little light skinned lady has done so much for me and I feel like I can never do enough to thank her for everything. She and my dad had me when they were really young and they’ve both done a bomb ass job raising me but we’re not here to talk about my dad. That’s what Father’s Day is for 😂 My mom constantly drives me crazy with her goofiness and her motherliness but she’s also the reason why I haven’t gone bat shit crazy over the past 21 years. She’s gotten me through a lot of things and I am super grateful. She always has my back and I don’t think I could’ve dreamt of or wished for a greater mom. Thanks for all you’ve done Ara! 💕

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, existing and soon-to-be! You all deserve the world today and always 💕


My new dog Zoey! She’s a teacup yorkie and my bff. The first picture is her after her first bath at our house, we put a sweater on her since she didn’t want to be dried off completely. She’s a good girl and “protects” me from my dad. (First night she was laying with me and legit growled at my dad when he came downstairs to wake me up.)

Two Minutes (part 1)

so there was this picture and a (kinda) prompt that came across my dash.  And it sounded like fun - which is to say that the first sentence bit me and once I’d written that, more came.  I feel like there’s more but in these few minutes between chicken chasing and leaving to pick up my dad this is what came out.  @theprojectava I don’t know if this is what you wanted but its my start at least.


He’s not Takashi.

He will never be Takashi.  Takashi, who’s the oldest by a mere two minutes and forty seconds and wears every nanosecond of that birth order in his very bones.

Not that his twin is all straight-laced propriety.  Taka can cut loose and subvert the rules with an almost serene joy.  But he knows it when he does.  Because Taka always knows the weights and balances in everything he does and he manipulates and maneuvers the scale like a pachinko grandmother who’s riding her entire month’s pension check on it.  Ryou gave up trying to match or even meet him when it comes to things like odds or strategy before they were even out of their pre-teens.  Taka can turn on a heartbeat, ride the edge of an eyelash, slip through the tightest spot and keep climbing.  Takashi, bluntly put, is the golden son of the Shirogane family.  And, sometimes, he would be lying if Ryou didn’t admit it was hard, seeing that gleam ahead of him all the time.  It would be harder if his brother was anyone other than his Takashi.  Because Taka never saw him as his shadow, never treated him like an accessory, never loved him with anything less than his whole fierce loyal heart and Ryou - well, Taka wasn’t just the Shirogane family’s golden boy.  He was Ryou’s too.  There had always been a strong, consistent comfort and reassurance in that steady gleam of gold.  Taka had always considered Ryou included in that glow.

If Takashi was the family mon in human form though, Ryou had his own place.  Because every mon needed steel to partner it.  And no one could match Ryou there.

The first time he got into trouble, really got in trouble, it was when he took apart his grandfather’s prized timepiece to see what made it chime.  He’d been six.  By the time he was seven he’d put it back together and for the first time in a century it had ticked time perfectly.  His mind didn’t make the leaps ahead that his golden twin’s did, his mind dug deep and kept digging.  Taka was naming the stars and learning his grandfather’s poetry as soon as he could talk.  Ryou had sat in their father’s study and poured over old, vanilla smelling books about biology and chemistry, learning to enjoy the way things slotted so perfectly into place when enough parts were present.  Taka mastered go and Ryou card games, preferring the patterns he could watch for and manipulate to make things fall perfectly into place.  Taka dreamed up adventures for them around the family fish pond and Ryou built small soldiers out of loose bolts and their grandmother’s fabric scraps to accompany them.  When they were old enough Taka learned to make a hovercraft dance like a petal in the wind and Ryou learned to tune it so that it whispered or purred or sang.  They weren’t complete opposites.  They were almost evenly matched in combat, training together young, with Taka having the advantage of strategy and Ryou the advantage of recognizing patterns quickly.  They both laughed easy, loved bad movies, told worse jokes - but Ryou was the one that would do something just to see what would happen while Takashi preferred figuring it out ahead of time and acting accordingly.  That - last trait meant that more than once it was Takashi that played the hero to Ryou’s messes, not always graciously, but, more often than not, wanting all the details afterward, just as knowledge hungry as his two minute younger twin. 

For twins, they didn’t often play the identical twin joke.  None of the family had ever fallen for it, their cat clever grandmother least of all, and Taka was too soft-hearted to use it on other students or their teachers.  Ryou had empathy.  His just wasn’t as sensitive as Taka’s.  Sometimes a good joke outweighed someone else’s temporary dignity.  As long as it wasn’t done maliciously, Ryou was more willing with the twin hijinks.  And, sometimes, when he was taking his brother’s actions apart in his mind, curious as always, he wondered… if his brother didn’t play twin jokes for Ryou’s own sake.  Because he knew and he knew that his brother could have envied him his golden position.  Sometimes Ryou did.  But that happened less and less the older they got and the more Ryou found his own strengths outside of his brother’s.

Because if Taka could pilot anything - Ryou was the one that could build it.

(part 2)

I don’t think I ever shared my dad’s Christmas present, which was a comic he came up with and that I drew and framed for him.

He emailed me this joke and said “I’ve got an idea for an internet comic that could make you famous”.

My dad doesn’t have a firm understanding of how one gets internet famous, but I love him anyway.


these pictures kinda suck, but look at this beautiful card my folks got made for me…

"You could've chosen me..."

Pairing: Bellamy x Kane Daughter!Reader 

Summary: (Y/N) Kane has been in a relationship with Bellamy Blake since the dropship landed on Earth. However with Bellamy’s choice to align himself with Pike, their relationship becomes strained. (Y/N) must decide what to do. Especially when her dad gets sentenced to death because of treason.

Based on 3x08

A/N: this is my very first attempt at writing something like this so i apologize if i completely butchered it. But in the slight chance that you enjoyed it, please like and maybe reblog? Thanks xx

Tensions were rising all around Arkadia as Chancellor Pike and his guard dogs started to discovered who was working against him. With Octavia going radio silence, we had no contact outside the wall. But per usual, my dad had a plan. The Grounders wanted Pike’s head and the few of us were willing to help them get it. All we had to do was perfectly execute the plan. 

Sinclair was first. He would pretend to work on Rover 1, drawing the attention of the guards. If everything goes well, Sinclair will be placed in lock up where he can tell Lincoln the plan to start a riot. Next came my dad, Kane would ask to set up a meeting with Pike. In doing so, he’ll be able to kidnap Pike. To do so however, comes in the lock up riot. Miller and Harper would act normally as guards until Lincoln and Sinclair are able to trick Bellamy into opening the lock up cage, starting the riot. Then Miller and Harper would fight along side Sinclair and the other Grounders to distract all the available guards with Pike. Once Pike is alone with my dad, Kane will electrocute him and load him into Rover 1 for the Grounders. Now comes me. My job is to distract Monty to make sure he doesn’t receive any intel that will give up our plan. However, that’s when everything went to shit.

I was on my way to Monty when two guards approached me.

Kane, what’re you doing in these quarters?” asked the slightly taller guard.

Can’t a girl just take a walk without being questioned?” I tried to walk past them but they grabbed my arms.

Not when your dad is leading the opposition against Chancellor Pike” retorted the other guard. The guards started dragging me away and that’s how i ended up locked in a room with those two idiots guarding the outside.

I sat there for what felt like hours thinking. My mind drifted to Bellamy. By fate, destiny, or whatever you want to call it, I fell in love with Bellamy Blake. From the moment the dropship landed on Earth, we had something special. However, lately things have been different. We argued almost daily because of his decision to align himself with Pike. I knew deep down he didn’t agree with Pike’s actions yet for some reason, he was being too strong headed to admit he was wrong. I honestly don’t know how much longer i can put up with it. I feel completely split between the love of my life, Bellamy, and the first man i ever loved, my father. However, my thoughts were interrupted by the door unlocking and a figure walking it.

I looked up and recognized the tall figure as Bellamy. 

Did you know about it?” he asked as he walked closer to the table where I sat.

Did i know about what?

Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Please (Y/N). Just tell the truth. Did you know about the plan to kidnap Pike and turn him over to the Grounders?” I looked down. I knew this would turn into an argument one way or another and i really wanted to avoid it.

You know, it didn’t work.” he added.

Well obviously” i muttered back under my breath.

“Your father was caught. Pike charged him with treason.

This caught my attention. I looked up at Bellamy and saw distress written all over his face. His mistake, however, was avoiding my eyes.

What aren’t you telling me?” i asked quietly, scared to hear the answer to the question.

Pike sentenced your dad to death… (Y/N), im so sorry. I never thought it would come down to us killing our own people.

I snapped my head up and looked at him. Why was he apologizing? He was in the riot at lock up. 

Who was it? Who was the guard that stopped my dad from driving out of those gates to finally achieve real peace with the Grounders?” i asked, anger and hurt prominently laced in my voice. 

(Y/N)…” Bellamy said as he looked away from me.

I’ll ask again. Who was it? Who’s fault is it that i’m going to lose my dad?

It was me. I stopped him. But (Y/N) i swear to you, i didn’t think…

At this point i stopped listening. I was numb. I couldn’t even begin to comprehend the emotions coursing through my body. My dad, the only family member i had left, was being sentenced to death because of Bellamy. i could hear Bellamy still talking but his words were going in one ear and out the other. Soon, i couldn’t stop my body from being overcome with sobs as my mind finally wrapped itself around the fact that I might never get to see my dad again. However, i was drawn out of this state when Bellamy came over and laid his hand on my shoulder in an attempt to comfort me. My sadness was now replaced with anger as i quickly stood up.

Don’t touch me” i growled at him. Hurt flashed through Bellamy’s eyes. 

(Y/N) you have to believe me. i didn’t think it would ever go this far. I just thought we could rid ourselves of the Grounder threat. If your dad would’ve-

If my dad would’ve what?” my voice was dangerously low at this point and i could tell Bellamy knew he was threading on thin ice.

I didn’t mean it that way. I just… i dont know, okay? Is that what you wnat to hear? I made a mistake. It all happened so fast and there was nothing I could do.

You could’ve chosen the right side, Bellamy. You could’ve chosen me and Octavia and Clarke. You could’ve chosen The 100 kids who were forced to come down to Earth.

What do you want from me (Y/N)? Please just tell me and i’ll do it.” Bellamy pleaded.

I want you to leave. I want you to walk out that door and never come back. I want you to think about the fact that because of you, my dad is going to die

i couldn’t tell if what i was saying was what i truly wanted but in this moment, it seemed right. I had to stand by my dad and do what’s right. And if that meant leaving Bellamy, then so be it. Bellamy stood there and looked at me for a minute before he sighed and walked towards the door.

Is this what you really want?” he asked, looking back at me one more time. I didn’t answer. I couldn’t trust myself right now. He took my silence as an answer. 

May we meet again…” he whispered as he walked through the door.

Crying, i slid down the wall i was bracing myself on and curled my knees to my chest. I had just lost my dad and my boyfriend in the matter of a day.

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“You’re always so far away from me.”

This is the last thing my abusive ex-boyfriend said to me before I had police in my apartment. I had shown up to Christmas Eve/Day with a black eye and my family went to the police. Because I was over 18, the police department sent them on their way but as they were walking out the Captain came and told them they needed to get to my apartment before he ended up killing me. When the police showed up me and ****** were sitting on my couch eating Greek salads. I called my Dad, begging him to come over and make the police go away and I lied about ****** being over. When my dad showed up he and the officers came into my apartment and my Dad took me in the kitchen and told me that if I wanted this to be over, it could be over. I told the officers ****** was hiding in my closet and they went and got him. He was only going to get a month for violating the restraining order, but I managed to get the courage and tell them everything. He was charged with 3 felonies and sentenced to jail. The last time I saw him was after he got out, in a local bar. I looked at him, he looked at me, and I had him kicked out because I had/have a stay away order of protection and I will NEVER let him think I do not have the self respect to go through with keeping him out of my life forever. Last I heard he is in a touring, signed band, writing songs about domestic violence. Yes, this upsets me greatly because he tells everyone he was in jail for a fight not for trying to kill me and now he is writing songs about what he did to me but no, I will not waste another tear on him. Domestic abuse is not something you ever get over, but I have learned to deal with the fact that it is now a part of who I am and the successful, happy person I have become since.

Nunchi’s Trip to Exo’rdium

Buckle yourselves in guys this is a chaotic mess of emotions. 

The entire thing seemed to pass in a blur because it was just so surreal. 

It was definitely a journey.

Suho: “New York… Thank you for waiting for us.”

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Lost girl | Peter Pan x reader

Trigger warning: abusive father

Tears streamed down my face, my heart raced as I cautiously watched my door. Waiting for my father to march in. A red handprint was visible on my cheek where he had slapped me. I find it sad what alcohol can do to a person.
I was too scared to sleep, so I stayed up and just stared out of the window. I had always liked stars, they calmed me down.
Hours went by and then the dreaded moment came. I heard my dad slowly walk up the stairs. Having no place to hide I began crying again.
Since my door didn’t have a lock I looked around the room for something to hold it closed. That’s when I saw my old Peter Pan book. At this moment I was ready to try anything, I just wanted to get away.
My father’s footsteps came closer and closer. The cold winter weather hit me when I opened my window. My dad had reached the top of the stairs.
I closed my eyes as I spoke.
“I believe.”
My dad threw open the door and stormed in. I had nowhere to go. The dark and twisted look in his eyes scared me, making me jump back in fear. I felt the windowsill against my back and I knew I didn’t have another choice. I jumped.
As I quickly neared the ground I shut my eyes and prepared for the impact. But it never came. I carefully opened my eyes, gasping when I saw what had happened. I wasn’t falling anymore, instead I was soaring through the air in the arms of a shadow. Below me I saw the lit up streets of London. The town looked beautiful from up here.
After a while we weren’t above London but above an Ocean. What looked to be mermaids swam at a fast pace, regularly jumping out of the water.
In the distance I could see land nearing.
We kept flying ‘till we reached the island.
Suddenly the shadow let me go, making me collide with the ground.
I groaned as I slowly pushed myself off the ground.
All around me (a/n are familiar faces) were trees. I couldn’t see anything through the darkness of the forest at night. The sound of a twig snapping made me jump up.

“Who’s there?” I asked, my shaking voice betrayed how scared I really was. About ten figures emerged from the dark woods. All of them seemed to be teenage boys.

“Look at that, boys. We have a newbie.” One of them said, I guessed he was their leader since the others stayed behind him.

“Who are you? Where am I?” The boys laughed a bit, making me glare at them.

“My name’s Felix, and you my friend are in Neverland. Now, what’s your name?”

“Y/n” I said, keeping my distance. I knew I wished for this, but could wishes really come true?

“Well Y/n, welcome. These are the lost boys by the way.”

“So are you like their leader or something?”

“I’m not, he is.” Felix said, while pointing to someone behind me. I turned around to see a young boy sitting on a rock. His dirty blonde hair was slightly messy and his green eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

“Hello, I’m Peter Pan.” He said, walking towards me. His British accent made my knees weak.

“This must be a dream.” I couldn’t believe it. How can Peter Pan be this hot? And of course I couldn’t believe the whole Neverland thing either.

“Trust me, it isn’t.” Peter said. “So Y/n, how would you feel about becoming the very first lost girl?”

“I’d like that.” I smiled, anything was better than staying at home with my father.

“Good, you didn’t have a choice either way.”

A/n two updates on one evening… I’m kinda proud right now 😂 anyway I hope you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to send in your requests if you have any ☺

  • I have a headcanon that, when meeting other superheroes for the first time, Clint Barton waits until they're just about to say their name and then deliberately turns off his hearing aids just to mess with them.
  • ***
  • The Punisher
  • Hawkeye: You're... The Undershirt? I dunno, man; I'm sorry, but that just doesn't sound very intimidating.
  • Punisher: No, I said that I'm The Punisher!
  • Hawkeye: You purchased what, now?
  • Punisher: Black Widow wasn't exaggerating about you...
  • Wolverine
  • Hawkeye: You're Walgreen's? Isn't that some sort of copyright issue? I mean, I'd hate to see the paperwork for those naming rights, y'know?
  • Wolverine: I am not Walgreen's. I am Wolverine.
  • Hawkeye: Maybelline? Impressive, I thought that one would be even harder to get ahold of. Makes a statement about gender and social constructs, though, so there's that.
  • Wolverine: Kinda wish we weren't working on the same side right about now...
  • Hawkeye: *has hearing aids back on* Why's that?
  • Wolverine: So I could get away with stabbing you.
  • Spiderman
  • Hawkeye: Diaper Pan? Kid, I would seriously reconsider that name if I were you.
  • Spiderman: You literally JUST saw me web-swinging around New York City, I KNOW you can figure out what my name is! I am Spiderman, okay? Spiderman!
  • Hawkeye: Diaphram? You have sound powers or something?
  • Spiderman: How did you even hear -- SPIDER. MAN.
  • Hawkeye: Ohhh, so you're a bug dude!
  • Spiderman: Spiders aren't even bugs. They're arachnids. How many times do I have to tell people that? Do I have to hold some kind of insect vs. arachnid seminar for the whole freakin' city or something? This is getting ridiculous, I can't believe...!
  • Hawkeye: *self-satisfied smirk*
Family Introductions

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“You know,” LeFou manages to choke out.

“Of course I know,” Julien retorts, looking miffed. “Son, you were fawning over that oaf Gaston for years and you weren’t exactly subtle about it. And this one—” here he gestures towards Stanley with a spoon “—has been admiring your ass since your junior year in high school.”

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The Attraction


It had been a few weeks since my fall out with Stefon and a lot of shit has happened in the short amount of time. Since that day Stef let Nikhol blatantly disrespect me and didn’t say a word, our encounters with each other had only gone downhill from there. I was stressed.. So stressed dealing with him. The constant arguing, the games, everything had me so fucked up and emotional. You know how sometimes when you’re in a relationship you feel like you might love the person more than they love you? That’s how I was feeling. I was trying to save our relationship but the effort was only coming from one side. He didn’t care, or at least he acted like he didn’t care.. And honestly that fucked me up more than anything. At that point I didn’t give a fuck if he addressed Nikhol or not anymore, I was stuck on the fact that when the going got tough, that nigga got going. All this bullshit with Stefon had me neglecting myself and my baby and it wasn’t until I woke up in a pool of blood that I decided to throw in the towel on this relationship. I called and called Stefon for DAYS trying to let him know what was going on with me. Countless texts and voice messages and I still got no response. Part of me began to panic, as I started to think maybe he was dead.. It wasn’t until I got a half ass text message two days later saying “damn” that I decided I was officially done with that nigga. 

My mother wasn’t having it anymore so she flew up to me that night I checked myself into the hospital and stayed until they released me. I had lost so much blood…and my baby, and between that and Stefon, I was an emotional wreck. My mother insisted that I come back to Miami and leave New York once and for all. Since I had gotten there, things weren’t going the way I thought they would. I couldn’t find a decent salon to hold a steady job at, I had no close friends and my “boyfriend” could honestly give a fuck. So I began to ask myself.. What the fuck am I really doing up here all the way away from my family, friends and my home? So I finally made up my mind and a few days later with the help of my mom, I had packed all my essential belongings and left with her back to Miami. I still had my apartment but I only had less than three months left on the lease. Eventually I’ll go back to get the rest of my shit but for now.. I’m back home with friends and family and where the sun never stops shining on my melanin kissed skin.

I ended up moving back in with my parents instead of getting another place on my own because I felt like it was the best place for me to be. And I’m glad I did because the depression was real. For like three weeks I was legit depressed. I hadn’t told Stefon that I left Brooklyn. I waited to see if he would have taken enough initiative to come see about me. For a week.. A whole fuckin week after I had told him I lost OUR baby, I didn’t hear a peep from him and he didn’t hear shit from me either. Finally that nigga got a clue and decided to do a pop up by my place because i finally stopped hitting his line. When he discovered the padlock on the door, he started blowing my shit up, talkin bout ‘where the fuck you at?’ and ‘why hasn’t a nigga heard from you?’ Like seriously?? I decided not to reply or call back because I knew me and I knew him. He would sweet talk my ass and there I’d go looking stupid running back to him. I’m not gonna lie, it was hard detoxing myself from him, but since I’ve done so, i’m feeling like me again. For almost a year I was with that nigga and he treated me like i wasn’t important to him, but I kept on loving him anyway and degrading myself and my worth. I saw clearly for the first time in a while. Being surrounded by my close friends and my parents things became a little easier each day and now I can say I’m finally coming out of this funk I had been in.

Today I was up and out of my room. My mom was happy to see me lounging on the couch watching old reality tv reruns like I used to. My mother had been my rock this whole time. Usually, she and I don’t see eye to eye, but she’s been there for me in ways I didn’t even know she was capable of being. I always been a daddy’s girl but as I’m getting older I’m finding out that my mom is clutch as fuck too. 

My dad had been out today with one of his work protégées whom I have yet to have met. I figured he’d be older like around my dad’s age since he was moving up so high in rank. My mother told me they would be stopping by the house so my dad could get his duffle bag and uniforms and get back up to the base for a couple of days. Being a military brat, I was used to not seeing my father for weeks at a time but this was the first time he had to leave since I had been back home and I honestly didn’t want him to go even for the four days.

I heard my dad’s car pull up in front of the house and two doors close. I saw the  shadows in the glass door as the locks turned. In stepped my dad and behind him was a tall, young, good looking man.

We made brief eye contact as he flashed his white smile in my direction. I smiled back and looked away. I was mad as hell at myself for looking like a potato sitting here hair all up in a messy bun with no makeup on, chillin in house clothes. I was also pissed because my mom had met this guy before and didn’t even give a bitch a warning. But I guess she figured I’d be too stuck on Stefon’s ass to notice anyone else. And I think she was just happy that today was a better day for me and didn’t want to ruin it by suggesting I get dressed. I could feel his eyes on me as he walked by and I tried to be coy and keep my eyes on the tv but lowkey, I was checking mans out too. My mom had walked out the kitchen where she had been drinking afternoon tea and catching up on her magazines.

Dad and his protégée walked toward my mother who was standing to greet the gentleman.

“Cameron right?” She asked pointing and smiling in his direction.

He laughed “Yes ma'am. You have a good memory Mrs. Brooks.”

“I never forget a face. It’s nice to see you again. How are things going? I trust Clyde is training you well?”

“Oh yeah. He is. Best  Senior CPO I’ve worked under so far. Its an honor to be trained by him.” He answered speaking so eloquently.

As they all stood there making small talk I tried to hurry upstairs without being noticed but of course that wouldn’t happen, not with Dianne Brooks standing there at least.

“Kala, why don’t you come over and say hi.” my mother motioned to me as Cameron’s eyes turned to my direction. 

For a second I stood there frozen and grilled my mom with my eyes but walked over not wanting to appear rude. I was uncomfortable standing there in faded house clothes and looking like i had just rolled out of bed. I stuck my hand out to shake his formally introducing myself. He smiled and licked his lips as he subtly looked me up and down, obviously liking what he saw. Now I’m not gon fuckin lie, that shit right there had me geeked and now he had my attention.

The rest of the conversation, I was physically present but my mind was absent. I couldn’t help but stare at him as he spoke with my parents. He was dreamy af and all i could do was picture how good i bet he looked in his uniform.  He was just my type too. Tall, clean cut, gorgeous smile, could dress, well spoken, had a LEGIT job. ughhh! I was ready to jump on him right there. He knew he had my attention too because in between the chatter he’d look in my direction and do this thing he did with his jaw. You know when niggas bite down and it flexes the jawline making that shit pop out  😍 😍 😍.

My dad ran to get his things as my mother and I continued to chat with Cameron. It was small talk coming out our mouths but he and I were having a much deeper conversation with our body language and eyes. I know I had just got out of a relationship, but I love to flirt. And i can’t lie, it felt good to be noticed and wanted. Even if I never saw this man again, it made me feel better to know that I still had it. It was the confidence boost I needed and i finally realized that I made the right decision leaving that bum ass nigga alone. I hate to say something so cliche but there are so many fish in the sea and I was limiting myself being with someone who didn’t appreciate me.

 By the end of our encounter, my dad came back as we wrapped the conversation up saying our goodbyes. My mother asked the question I was dying to ask but didn’t because I didn’t want to seem too forward. 

“So Cameron, will we see you again?” she asked

“Uh, Hopefully so. Maybe if Officer Brooks invites me back over.” he laughed looking over at my Dad. 

“Oh yeah man, of course. You’re welcome here anytime.” My dad answered patting him on his back. “Alright Honey, we’re gonna head out. We gotta go if we’re gonna make it on time.” he spoke again hugging my mother and kissing her on her forehead. 

I hugged my dad and let him go as my mother hugged Cameron. When it came to me, Cameron gave me a one-sided hug. He was taller than I realized as he stood closer towering over me. When we hugged all i could smell was his tantalizing cologne. His hug was tight and I didn’t want him to let me go.

When I got back to my room, all i could do was reminisce about his fine ass and our flirtations. It made me blush a little bit not gon lie but i said to myself, the next time i see this dude, imma be on point. My granny’s words rang in my head, “the best way to get over a old nigga is to get a new one” and trust, I was finna get mine.