my dad came up


My dad came up to us and took these pictures and said “This is what you’ll look like when you have your own family.”

My heart.


I used to be interested in film-making in general. I just got into acting, I got my first gig on Craigslist. - I’ve gotten every role I’ve auditioned for up until the one before Stranger Things and i was devastated, i was like “i’m never acting again if this is gonna happen.” i pretty much gave up. Then one day my dad came to my room and told me about an audition, so I did [the audition for Stranger Things] sick from bed.

Bruce posts three types of posts on his social media (which includes Facebook, and Instagram because Tim said he had to have them or he’d be fired from WE)

The first is posts about where he’s working out. He likes to challenge himself in more places than just the cave so he goes to a bunch of different weird places.

Some of his top workout photos include:

  • Bruce doing pullups off the side of the WE building
  • His cliff diving off of some of Gotham’s most famous cliffs
  • The one time he was spotted chasing Damian up a children’s jungle gym (this was more of a Damian get down incident, but it was also tagged MY SON and Workout)
  • The short video of him literally swinging through the trees in one of Gotham’s parks
  • Him swimming out to one of the bouys in Gotham’s pier

The second is where he eats:

When Bruce isn’t eating at the manor he’s usually on a date or at some charity thing so he posts about these often. Most of the time he’ll talk about the charity, discuss his food, or talk about the person he’s with. 

The Batkids get very interested if he’s posting a lot about a woman. They’ve learned how to tell how serious Bruce is about his current date by how much he says about their date on FB. They also keep close tabs on his relationship with Selena this way, because it’s easily more reliable than either Bruce himself or the Tabloids.

The third is his kids. Some favorites are:

  • The time Bruce posted on his FB: “Just went shopping with Tim and learned the ingredients in a Red Bull, needless to say they are off the shopping list forever”  
  • The infamous Steph winning the Waffle Eating competition Facebook and Instagram cross post. During this event Bruce gave a moment by moment break down of the contest, right up to the point where Steph won then proceeded to ask for ‘another plate of waffles.”
  • Multiple shots of Damian looking put out at a meeting or a charity event, even more shots of Damian beaming while accompanied by animals. A favorite on Instagram is him with Batcow.
  • A lot of selfies with Dick, mostly of them doing mundane things like eating ice cream or arm wresting, there is also the rare photo of them working out together.
  • The famous shot of Bruce and a ‘mystery son’ (aka Jason) washing a motorcycle together. It looks like it belongs in a magazine and is captioned: Bonding Time. A lot of the comments for this read like: They look so happy.
  • The FB post where: “Cassandra and I just finished watching Inside Out, and we’re both still sobbing”
  • And the follow up post including a picture with Cass surrounded by plush figures of each of the characters, an ear-to-ear grin on her face captioned: Got her these because she loved the movie so much #Best idea ever
  • The Facebook post announcing that Bruce and Barbra started a team for the annual GCPD charity run and anyone is invited. A ton of people signed up and they raised a record amount of money that year. Plus Bruce got a great photo of him and Barbra together at the finish line.
  • The short video he posted of Duke trying to teach him how to skateboard cross posted on both Facebook and Instagram. This sparked a Meme of Famous People on Skateboards where people Photoshopped faces over Bruce’s in the video. (His favorite is the one someone did of Superman. He sent it to the League the moment he found it)

Hands down, everyone’s favorite posts are the ones that include the entire family, most of these come in the form of Instagram posts, but the Facebook conversations that happen in the comments are not to be ignored either.


Good news- the small child was perfectly enchanted by her mermaid surprise unlike the first mermaid party I did where the birthday girl wanted to be as FAR AWAY FROM THE MERMAID AS POSSIBLE

they wheeled me out on a desk chair which was pretty hilarious but actually worked a lot better than a Throne of Dads

and then omfg to get me in the pool

they put me in one of those disability chairs that you sit in and it sloooooowly lowers you into the pool

so I just sat in it, princess-waving for a full 5 minutes while I’m majestically lowered into the water. hilarious

Unlike the last party I actually was SWIMMING the whole time! They plopped me right into the deep end and I paddled around with the kids (who had floaties on and were swimming with their parents). Birthday girl was more than happy to show Marina the Mermaid how she can dunk her head in the water and jump off the side into her mom’s arms (she had just turned 4). Super cute.


audience interaction at the great fuckckn comet

so i saw the great comet yesterday (august 1st) and i’m still screaming but i thought i’d make a list of all the audience interaction that happened in my seat

-before the show started brandt martinez brought us dumplings and talked about the strobe lights

-we were in the armchairs right in front of the pit in the middle and paul pinto was at the drums getting ready to play and when it was about to start he said “too late to leave now” and he smiled at us a lot during prologue

-during prologue all the characters kind of cycled around at the end and each person sang right into my face.

-pierre slammed his empty glass down right in front of my dad and when we came back to our seats there was an empty vodka bottle there

-during no one else natasha passed by our section and made eye contact with me, and i think it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen

-during the opera dolokhov came close to our seats and sort of nodded at me, then knelt down and held out his hand and took mine and kissed it. then he kissed his own hand and held it out to me and said “kiss it” so i did. then he just held my hand for a second and stood back up, but winked at me later when he was walking away with helene.

-josh canfield in leather underwear flirting with my dad

-also marya in her leather getup and whip just making eyes at our section

-i don’t remember what song it was but billy stuck his whole body into our section through the railing

-azudi was sitting right in front of us for letters and i was mouthing the words and he kept smiling at me and nodding

-oak sang right into my face for a good fifteen seconds brandishing his book

-balaga was right in front of us (unfortunately blocking the danatole kiss) singing to us a few times

-during the abduction i held up my glass and three ensemble members came and clinked it and my dad held up the empty vodka bottle and ensemble members clinked that too

-josh canfield flirting with my dad again

-i was singing along with the russian part of the abduction and i had like four ensemble members singing it back to me right in my face

that’s pretty much the end of actual audience interaction but they still played out the scenes literally a foot away from us and i only saw it yesterday and i already miss it so much i wanna go back hhhdnnnnng

Dadzawa love!

Okay so we have all these Dad Might hc’s but we need more about dadzawa!! So here are some of my thoughts…

  • Head pats when he sees one of the kids down, and if they hug him well… He won’t say no but he’ll rarely initiate one
  • Unlike dad might he’s more strict with the kids and is constantly telling All Might that he needs to more tough with them.
  • So to make sure Dad Might stays in Dadzawa’s good graces, he always brings him coffee and his advil
  • Is always keeping an eye out on his sons and daughters even if it doesn’t look like so he always know when one of them starts to act strange
  • If absolutely necessary he will pull one of his kids and have a talk with them, though that isn’t much his style
  • Say a bad thing about his children and he will wreck you with his words and fists if necessary

For now I’ll leave things like this :> I just love these two dads and their children a lot ❤


Happy Mother’s Day!! 💕👑

Ahh, what can I say about my little Frenchie? This little light skinned lady has done so much for me and I feel like I can never do enough to thank her for everything. She and my dad had me when they were really young and they’ve both done a bomb ass job raising me but we’re not here to talk about my dad. That’s what Father’s Day is for 😂 My mom constantly drives me crazy with her goofiness and her motherliness but she’s also the reason why I haven’t gone bat shit crazy over the past 21 years. She’s gotten me through a lot of things and I am super grateful. She always has my back and I don’t think I could’ve dreamt of or wished for a greater mom. Thanks for all you’ve done Ara! 💕

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, existing and soon-to-be! You all deserve the world today and always 💕


Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Description: You and Peter have been best friends for about a year now, and one day you get a call from your dad, Tony Stark, and he starts to act super weird. 

Requested by: Anon

Tags: @zook7430 @maxisprettygay

A/N: Like always, inform me if you want a part 2 :)

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“That may be the dumbest thing I have ever heard!” You laugh, talking to one of your best friends, Peter Parker. You were outside for gym class, but no one was really doing anything so you two, Michelle, and Ned were just sitting down on the grass. “Oh, come on, you know that was a UFO last night! Don’t even try to tell me it wasn’t,” He retorts, grinning widely. “Okay, I think the conclusion is that you two are both huge dorks,” Michelle interrupts, making you all laugh.

All of a sudden your phone rings and you press the home button to see the face of your dad, Tony Stark. “Got to take this,” you tell them and head over to a tree away from everyone. “Yes?” you ask, leaning against the tree. “What did I tell you about just saying “Yes?” when you answer the phone. A “Hello dad, how are you?” would be great,” “Hello dad, how are you?” you say, smiling and rolling your eyes. “I’m doing well, thank you. Hey, um, I’m going to send someone over to pick you up after school and bring you to Stark Industries. I have to work a little later today and I’m not sure if I’m okay with you being home alone for that long with everything going on,” 

“Ugh, okay. What time do you think we will get home?” “6:00ish” You sigh deeply. “Fine. See you then.” “I’ll see you,” You hang up and trudge over to your friends. “What’s up?” Ned asks. “Nothing,” you respond, “Just have to go to Stark Industries after school ‘til 6:00. I’m going to be bored out of my mind.” “How could you be bored at Stark Industries, dude?” Michelle asks. Before you can answer, you get interrupted by Peter. “Wait, why would you go to Stark Industries?” he asks. “Oh, yeah, don’t you have an internship there? Anyways, I guess this never came up in a conversation but my dad is Tony Stark,”

 He starts to laugh in bits. “You um… you uh… you don’t… heh your last name isn’t Stark… though?” “When have I ever told you my last name?” “Uh… okay. So you are Tony Stark’s daughter.  That’s…” he gulped, “cool, very uh… nice,” He started nervously laughing even more and got up. “I gotta… leave,” “We’re in class,” Michelle obviously states. “Yeah, well you know what they say…” and he rapidly walks towards the school. “What are you doing? Come back here!” Your gym teacher shouts, sitting down eating a Twinkie. Then he just swats at the air and continues looking at his phone. It’s been quite an odd gym class.

7 Years

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: It’s been 7 years since you walked away from the love of your life.

Warnings: angst, mentions of cheating, bullying

You watched the little girl with brown hair and blue eyes play with the children around her. 7 years old was her age. 7 years ago was the last time you saw the love of your life. 7 years ago you caught your fiance cheating on you. 7 years ago you were about to tell him he was going to be a father.

But all of that is in the past now. You were happy and so was your baby girl Isabelle Rebecca L/N-Barnes.

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Two Minutes (part 1)

so there was this picture and a (kinda) prompt that came across my dash.  And it sounded like fun - which is to say that the first sentence bit me and once I’d written that, more came.  I feel like there’s more but in these few minutes between chicken chasing and leaving to pick up my dad this is what came out.  @theprojectava I don’t know if this is what you wanted but its my start at least.


He’s not Takashi.

He will never be Takashi.  Takashi, who’s the oldest by a mere two minutes and forty seconds and wears every nanosecond of that birth order in his very bones.

Not that his twin is all straight-laced propriety.  Taka can cut loose and subvert the rules with an almost serene joy.  But he knows it when he does.  Because Taka always knows the weights and balances in everything he does and he manipulates and maneuvers the scale like a pachinko grandmother who’s riding her entire month’s pension check on it.  Ryou gave up trying to match or even meet him when it comes to things like odds or strategy before they were even out of their pre-teens.  Taka can turn on a heartbeat, ride the edge of an eyelash, slip through the tightest spot and keep climbing.  Takashi, bluntly put, is the golden son of the Shirogane family.  And, sometimes, he would be lying if Ryou didn’t admit it was hard, seeing that gleam ahead of him all the time.  It would be harder if his brother was anyone other than his Takashi.  Because Taka never saw him as his shadow, never treated him like an accessory, never loved him with anything less than his whole fierce loyal heart and Ryou - well, Taka wasn’t just the Shirogane family’s golden boy.  He was Ryou’s too.  There had always been a strong, consistent comfort and reassurance in that steady gleam of gold.  Taka had always considered Ryou included in that glow.

If Takashi was the family mon in human form though, Ryou had his own place.  Because every mon needed steel to partner it.  And no one could match Ryou there.

The first time he got into trouble, really got in trouble, it was when he took apart his grandfather’s prized timepiece to see what made it chime.  He’d been six.  By the time he was seven he’d put it back together and for the first time in a century it had ticked time perfectly.  His mind didn’t make the leaps ahead that his golden twin’s did, his mind dug deep and kept digging.  Taka was naming the stars and learning his grandfather’s poetry as soon as he could talk.  Ryou had sat in their father’s study and poured over old, vanilla smelling books about biology and chemistry, learning to enjoy the way things slotted so perfectly into place when enough parts were present.  Taka mastered go and Ryou card games, preferring the patterns he could watch for and manipulate to make things fall perfectly into place.  Taka dreamed up adventures for them around the family fish pond and Ryou built small soldiers out of loose bolts and their grandmother’s fabric scraps to accompany them.  When they were old enough Taka learned to make a hovercraft dance like a petal in the wind and Ryou learned to tune it so that it whispered or purred or sang.  They weren’t complete opposites.  They were almost evenly matched in combat, training together young, with Taka having the advantage of strategy and Ryou the advantage of recognizing patterns quickly.  They both laughed easy, loved bad movies, told worse jokes - but Ryou was the one that would do something just to see what would happen while Takashi preferred figuring it out ahead of time and acting accordingly.  That - last trait meant that more than once it was Takashi that played the hero to Ryou’s messes, not always graciously, but, more often than not, wanting all the details afterward, just as knowledge hungry as his two minute younger twin. 

For twins, they didn’t often play the identical twin joke.  None of the family had ever fallen for it, their cat clever grandmother least of all, and Taka was too soft-hearted to use it on other students or their teachers.  Ryou had empathy.  His just wasn’t as sensitive as Taka’s.  Sometimes a good joke outweighed someone else’s temporary dignity.  As long as it wasn’t done maliciously, Ryou was more willing with the twin hijinks.  And, sometimes, when he was taking his brother’s actions apart in his mind, curious as always, he wondered… if his brother didn’t play twin jokes for Ryou’s own sake.  Because he knew and he knew that his brother could have envied him his golden position.  Sometimes Ryou did.  But that happened less and less the older they got and the more Ryou found his own strengths outside of his brother’s.

Because if Taka could pilot anything - Ryou was the one that could build it.

(part 2)

Mine and Only Mine

 Shawn Mendes x Reader



Word Count- 1123

Summary/Request- could you do one where you and Shawn and Shawn are going to his friends’ house and his friend is being weirdly flirty with you

“So you just showed up at Shawn’s house even though he was in Amsterdam?” Ian asks you sit down on his couch. 

“Yeah well I missed his family and I wanted to hang out with them.” You laugh. 

“Well, why were you here in the first place?” Ian asks, still very confused at the situation. 

“That’s when my dad came up to Pickering to play in that golf tournament with your dad. You were still in school.” You say, “You want a beer?”

“Yeah.” You hand him a drink from the fridge, “So wait- can you explain the story again”

“What are we talking about?” Matt chimes in as he walks through the front door.

“Matt no!” Ian yells. “(Y/N) back to your story.”

“Hey Matt, Ian is being a confused little idiot so give me one minute to explain some shit to him and then I will get back to you.” You smile to him and then turn your head to the boy you see as a little brother, “Ian, my dad came to play with your dad to play golf. I had a weekend off from school so I decided to come with him. I texted Manny, my boyfriend and your best friend’s dad, to tell him that I was coming and I was planning on having dinner with them. When I got here I decided to FaceTime Shawn when I was right outside of his house and he was really confused too. Then I explained all this to him and he got kind of jealous because I was with his family without him. Then I surprised Aaliyah and Karen and we all had dinner and I got to go shopping with Liyah. Then at the end of the weekend I went home.”

“I’m going to need this drink.” Matt says.

“No that’s mine- uh Ian do you get it? Its not that hard.” You whine. 

“So why did you do this?” Matt asks.

“Because I wanted to hang out with Aaliyah!” You yell.

“Oh okay why didn’t you just say that.” 

“BecaUSE I TRIED TO YOU IDIOT “ You scream and you shake Ian’s frame with the material of his thick sweatshirt. 

“I’m so confused by this whole situation!” Matt chuckles while before taking a swig of his chilled drink. 

You sit back in the couch and place your hand on your forehead, “I’m so done with this conversation!” Ian Warburton is the idiot among all idiots, but you love him like a little brother. You actually have known Ian longer than you have known Shawn. You and shawn have been dating for six and a half years now and you and Ian have been friends for over ten years now. 

“I’ll keep you company.” Matt says out of nowhere and he sits next to you. You and Matt have a weird relationship. He has always kind of just been there. You never really connected on a more than friendship level. He obviously knows that you and Shawn are in a very serious relationship. He is that friend that you always have a great time with in a group but you could never be one on one with. Yeah, thats Matt. “So when is Shawn coming?” Matt asks as he slides closer to you on the couch. 

“Umm…” You take a look at your phone and you notice that you have a more recent text from Shawn that you missed, I’ll be there in 5 minutes babe, You decide not to reply. “He’ll be here any minute.” You tell a little white lie in hopes that he will move father away from you. 

“Good at least I have another minute alone with you.” He places his hand on your thigh. 

“But Ian’s right here.” You point to the teenager in the corner. 

“Dude maybe too much beer in too little time?” Ian laughs half joking half real.

“No I mean alone without Shawn.” Matt says honestly, “I always get to see Shawn and I get to see you whenever you are visiting as well, but I never get to see you without Shawn. It’s refreshing.” He squeezes your thigh a little with the word refreshing. 

Your face when he says this looks like you just took a big sip of spoiled milk. You literally feel disgusted. You look back to Ian and he is completely shocked, which only makes you laugh. 

“Yeah okay.” You laugh at Matt. Trying to keep your breathing under control but overtime you try to look away from a very confused Matt, you only look at Ian who is dying laughing himself. 

“Dude what the fuck was that?!” Ian laughs. 

“Hey kids whats up?” Shawn says as he walks through the door. He is clad in grey sweatpants and the classic iHeart Radio sweatshirt. Sometimes he looks the most sexy when he is wearing comfy clothes. 

“Shawn!” You cheer. You had seen him not even two hours ago, but your heart skips a beat every time you look at him. 

“Hey baby. What are you doing so close to those morons?” He pats the small left of the armchair. You giggle at the idea of sitting so close to him as you spring up from the couch. You sit your bum on the empty cushion and your back rests against the arm of the chair. Your legs sit comfortably across Shawn’s thighs. “He’s always trying to get so close to you.” Shawn whispers in your ear. 

“I know but you are here now.” You smile at him. 

“You better watch out Shawnie, you leave her alone and I’ll make her laugh like that again.” Matt says referring to your laugh earlier.

“Matt, hun, she wasn’t laughing because you made her laugh.” Ian begins, “She was laughing because the thought of you thinking about her like that made her feel so uncomfortable.”

“Dude I was totally joking!” Matt awkwardly laughs. 

“Mm yeah okay.” Ian laughs, the alcohol hitting him a little bit. You and Shawn have yet to drink anything and you assume you’ll just take care of Matt and Ian tonight. 

Shawn has one hand on your right thigh and the other on the arm chair behind your back. “I miss this when I’m gone.” He whispers in your ear as Matt and Ian join in some kind of conversation about people at their school. 

“I know.” You smile and brush your hand across his cheek, lingering around the scar below his right eye. 

ok so i was talking to my dad about how i love the idea of sirius black being stunningly gorgeous and incredibly short. Just the idea of turning around the whole “guys have to be tall to be attractive” b.s. And my dad came up with my new favorite idea that further goes against what’s expected. What if sirius black’s animagus form… was a poodle?

Think about it. Not a miniature poodle, but a standard one. They’re incredibly noble looking creatures, they’re show dogs, they’re a mark of breeding. Imagine sirius black’s reaction when he finds out he’s a poodle.

He’d probably be upset at first of course. Not wanting to be associated with yet another reminder that he’s a pureblood (or purebreed lol), or the fact that he’s a fricking poodle. But what are some of the things that fandom has widely accepted about sirius? That he is mad about his hair.

Imagine sirius black taking impeccable care of his hair, both in human form and in doggy form. Having moony walk him down to the groomers every few weeks, just to get that perfect cut. The only times he ever went without being perfectly groomed were when he was in azkaban and when he was in hiding.

Which brings us to the only real descriptions of sirius black’s animagus form throughout the books. Large, black, shaggy, and scary. Have you guys ever seen an overgrown poodle?

idk but if i saw that in the middle of the night i’d definately take that as an omen of oncoming death. 


Sirius Black is a poodle. Case closed.