my dad came up


My dad came up to us and took these pictures and said “This is what you’ll look like when you have your own family.”

My heart.

Guys. My wife came up with this headcanon and I embellished it because I’m a sap.

So we all know that Chirrut has a kyber crystal piece embedded in his staff, and that he can feel its vibrations and it helps him to always know where it is, how it’s oriented, etc, even in the middle of a hectic situation.

In one of Baze’s many pockets, Chirrut has stashed away a kyber crystal in a place where Baze will neeeeeeeeever find it, which serves the same purpose as the crystal in his staff.

Baze never mentions this, but he secretly knows about it.

When he thinks about Chirrut - not just your average, every day “I like Chirrut, he’s a goddamn cutie pie” thought, but the serious, intense, “This man is the love of my life and I am nothing without him” kind of thought - he can feel the vibrations of the crystal in that curiously sewn-up pocket on his chest.

Chirrut can feel it too.

24 Hour Fatness

             Heading home for the holidays wasn’t something I was looking forward to initially. My family’s a drag, my old friends’ lives seem to revolve around the small town drama, and everyone there is just so… skinny. To be honest I’ve always preferred my men on the chunkier side, and by that I mean just about as big as I can get them. Nothing gets me going more than see a big fat gut hanging out of a snug shirt. And I knew my hometown just wouldn’t be able to give that to me.

At least that’s what I thought before I arrived.

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When did Pon Farr first appear in Vulcan society, I know someone joked that it was “punishment for getting rid of all emotion” (i think that was dr.mccoy but…), but that just seemed like a joke to me?

I looked onto the wiki and I didnt find anything in canon that gave an idea of when it started, but what if it was an inherent part of Vulcan Biology that they believed would go away when the emotions went away. After all, those who go through kohlinar no longer go through pon farr. Pon Farr is always regarded as a reminder of what vulcan used to be like before the reformation, so perhaps Pon Farr has always been around as well?

But also, If its always been around…

do Romulans go through Pon Farr?

I mean, we know almost n o t h i n g about Romulan biology and culture, except that they are very militaristic. So what if they never found a way around the Seven Year Itch? Is it even seven years for them? What if theirs is like 3 or 9 years apart? Romulans use military discipline to control their emotions and keep themselves in line, save for the occasional sass and snarky attitude.

Can you imagine Romulans going through Pon Farr though? The Heightened emotions, the short circuit mood swings? Romulan already dont tolerate people, they are already snarky and sass filled beyond belief, they tend to be manipulative, orchestrating complex plans and convincing other people to do the dirty work, just imagine what Pon Farr is like for them.

Pon Farr comes up and they’re like, bursting with as much sass and sarcasm as soon as someone says something. Interacting with a Romulan would either be a Non Stop Roast fest or end in a bar fight. One day you’re talking with a Romulan, and they seem nice enough, and then the next week they hit Pon Farr. But if you are with them, would they be very passionate? Romulans are passionate people and have deep feelings, so would feelings of love towards someone become stronger?

I must know if Romulans go through Pon Farr

Confession from a follower

Here’s a story. I sent my step dad nudes on COMPLETE accident. I thought I was sending them to this guy up in springs. My step dad came home early from work and came in my room. Normally I just walk around in my panties and a big hoodie. He slammed my door shut, his cock hard as hell, he came to me and said “daddy knows you’ve been naughty” and dragged me off my bed and bent me over his knee spanking me. I enjoyed it and my pussy got wet. He fucked me so hard, at dinner last night he sat next to me, I couldn’t help but rub his cock under the table

Sometimes I walk off stage and wonder if it was really necessary that I talked about my recovery in that particular situation, like do I always have to find a way to mention it? But then as I was leaving the venue last night one women told me she was 6 months sober and she had that wild look in her eye of someone who is still holding on tight. Someone else told me she is coming up on 4 years and she appreciated my openness. A dad came up to me and told me that his son is currently in a dual diagnosis inpatient treatment center and it made him hopeful to know that a dual diagnosis program helped me. So now, with immense amounts of gratitude, I am thinking about the people who I heard speak from the stage about recovery when I first stopped drinking. Monday will be 18 years off the sauce for me. And even if it’s not relevant to most of the audience or feels a bit redundant I’m gonna keep talking about it. Just in case. Because I know.

Love and service.

***To be totally transparent - I have smoked pot a few times since I quit drinking and was reminded why I was never really a pot smoker. I hate it. I also tried mushrooms twice a few years ago. I discussed it before and after with my psychiatrist. She thought it might pop the cork on a lot of shit I had deeply bottled up. (It did). So this is why I don’t claim to have been sober for 18 years but rather I say “off the sauce”.

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Tonight we had a bunch of sleet and the wind chill was close to subzero, and our store didn't close until 11. My dad showed up at 11, came in and told my coworkers to go start their cars so they could heat up, and then went back outside and made sure no one bothered their cars while we closed. I have the best dad in the world!!!


Charmed meme: optional scenes [2/?]
↳ Cheaper By The Coven (7x03)

actual sweetheart Victor Bennett smiling sweetly to himself at his little girls bickering

Don't Fear the Reaper.

I’ll say it right now, I grew up in a broken home. Dad drank. Mom drank. That might be why I’ve never touched a drop. But I’m getting on a tangent here.

Most of you already know where this story is going. Dad used to get drunk and blame mom and I for all his problems. Mom used to lock me in my room while he… while you knock what aggressive drunks do when they’re upset. i’d say more often than not my mother’s screams and my own sobs were what rocked me to sleep.

Then my mom started drinking and became numb to the whole thing. First dad kept hitting her and left me to cry in my room. I guess he got bored eventually. Three days after my fifth birthday dad came up to my room for the first time. He had never done that before. Mom had stopped him. He broke my nose that first night. We went to the hospital and I told the doctor I fell down the stairs. He seemed to believe me.

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I was rewatching a date with markiplier

And I kept saying bonjour, my dad came up to me and said ‘if I hear bonjour one more time’ because apparently my brother was playing the videos out loud downstairs and for some reason I thought this was funny ????

I don’t know why, but I was just remembering a conversation I had with my dad a few years ago. I think it came up that he’d lived in Arkansas for a while and I said something like I would never willingly move to the south because I’m awful in the muggy heat and most people who live there don’t agree with my politics. For some reason he took personal umbrage with this statement.

my dad: Well what if your dream job is there?

me: It wouldn’t be my dream job because I don’t want to live there.

my dad: Well–what if your future husband lives there?

me: Chances are I’ll meet a guy where I already live, so I’m not moving to the south to find out. Also, statistically, we wouldn’t agree on politics if he’s living there. And that’s a big deal for me.

my dad: Well what if you met a guy, got along, but then his dream job was in the south? Wouldn’t you move there for him?

me: No. Because I’d have a job of my own, and I’m not leaving that and moving somewhere I have no interest in being.

my dad: You’d give up what might be true love because you’re stubborn?

me: A few things. One, you’re defending a hypothetical guy’s preferences for where he wants to work over your actual daughter’s. Two, if we met in the northwest, where I live, we already know he’s willing to live there. Three, if it was true love, he wouldn’t make me move there. And four, if he still wanted to go, he loves his job more than me, so fuck him anyway, and good riddance.

my dad: *very unhappy sputtering about cannot believe*

I came out to my parents and I know where I get my awkwardness from
  • Me: hey dad, it came up organically in conversation with mom, but I wanted to tell you too. Um. I'm bi...sexual.
  • I explained a bit more and we hugged. Very sweet.
  • Me: So yeah. I just wanted to let you know.
  • Dad: I have something to reveal to you too.
  • Me: uhhh ok.
  • He then brought me to the laundry room to show off the sign he made that reads "Not responsible for lost socks."
  • I have a headcanon that, when meeting other superheroes for the first time, Clint Barton waits until they're just about to say their name and then deliberately turns off his hearing aids just to mess with them.
  • ***
  • The Punisher
  • Hawkeye: You're... The Undershirt? I dunno, man; I'm sorry, but that just doesn't sound very intimidating.
  • Punisher: No, I said that I'm The Punisher!
  • Hawkeye: You purchased what, now?
  • Punisher: Black Widow wasn't exaggerating about you...
  • Wolverine
  • Hawkeye: You're Walgreen's? Isn't that some sort of copyright issue? I mean, I'd hate to see the paperwork for those naming rights, y'know?
  • Wolverine: I am not Walgreen's. I am Wolverine.
  • Hawkeye: Maybelline? Impressive, I thought that one would be even harder to get ahold of. Makes a statement about gender and social constructs, though, so there's that.
  • Wolverine: Kinda wish we weren't working on the same side right about now...
  • Hawkeye: *has hearing aids back on* Why's that?
  • Wolverine: So I could get away with stabbing you.
  • Spiderman
  • Hawkeye: Diaper Pan? Kid, I would seriously reconsider that name if I were you.
  • Spiderman: You literally JUST saw me web-swinging around New York City, I KNOW you can figure out what my name is! I am Spiderman, okay? Spiderman!
  • Hawkeye: Diaphram? You have sound powers or something?
  • Spiderman: How did you even hear -- SPIDER. MAN.
  • Hawkeye: Ohhh, so you're a bug dude!
  • Spiderman: Spiders aren't even bugs. They're arachnids. How many times do I have to tell people that? Do I have to hold some kind of insect vs. arachnid seminar for the whole freakin' city or something? This is getting ridiculous, I can't believe...!
  • Hawkeye: *self-satisfied smirk*

An old woman at Kmart was just watching me for a while. She came up to my dad and asked “Is that your son? Is he your first born?” I think she was an old timey fairy tale witch. I just wanna know what she needed a first born for. I can’t tell if I’m happier that I’m passing in public more often or honored that she considered using me for a spell.