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When Amanda woke up, she decided to crawl out of bed to get a bowl of cereal. And eat it on the couch, of course.

“Ain’t nothing beat couch cereal.” She declared to the empty room and dug into her delicious and dangerously sugary cereal.

Almost immediately after taking a bite out of her cereal, she heard footsteps coming from her dad’s room, but, when she glanced up, she saw Damien walking by her.

“Good morning, Amanda dear.” Damien greeted.

“Mornin.” Amanda responded. She KNEW it. Her dad and Damien had been getting pretty close, so it wasn’t a completely wild assumption that they would start dating. And, of course, the footsteps she heard must be…

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McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale Part 2

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent (mentioned)

Words: 4507

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst. Angry reader and allusion to the murder of Jason Blossom.

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: Ask if you want to be removed or added! At the bottom.

A/N: I’ve completely fallen in love with Riverdale mainly because I grew up reading the comics. IT’S AMAZING! With that being said I will be taking requests for Riverdale!

This is to hold you guys over because Ash and I will be unavailable for a little way. I have tons of homework and I’m not at liberty to say what Ash is busy at!

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“What the hell?” Archie exclaimed following the three of you. His friends trailed after him.

“Jesus christ.” You groaned rubbing your arm from where you had been manhandled. Scott smacked Stiles in the back of the head before he looked at you, “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Argent sent us.” Scott said, “Beacon Hills has trouble and we need your help.”

You were pushed back as a tall red head protectively stood in front of you with his arms crossed. To your horror Archie and his tag alongs had joined the group also causing Stiles to curse as he pointed a skinny finger as you.

“Please tell me that the Scooby-gang doesn’t know about the Nogistune.” Stiles hissed.

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parents kissing (stefan salvatore drabble)

you and stefan are the parent figures of your friend group and he ends up suggesting something that’s a little crazy at first.

(gifs aren’t mine!!)

“Damon Salvatore–NO!” You glare at Damon as he and Kai prepare to throw daggers at one another in some sort of game.

“Kai, cut it out,” Stefan walks in the living room and grabs the knife out of Kai’s hand on his way towards the bar.

“Hey!” Kai whines, stomping after Stefan as Damon points and laughs at him.

“Damon, please act your age– you’re almost 200 years old,” Stefan raises his brows at his brother who shrugs almost proudly.

“Damon. Hand over your knife, NOW,” you glare at him and he raises his brows, almost amused by your attempt to scare him.

So you walk over to him with a confident smirk on your face. Seeing the confidence, Damon kind of shrinks down. You stop right next to him and pulls his head lower so that you can whisper to him. You see Stefan and Kai’s eyes on you and so you put a little extra effort into both your performance and the threat that you’re whispering in Damon’s ear.

By the time you’re done, Damon shudders and gives you a disgusted look while handing over the knife. You kiss his cheek and give your audience a little curtsy before walking over to the bar.

“That was so hot,” Kai whispers, clearing his throat as Stefan gives him a look.

“I think you should go to your little friend Damon. If you’re lucky, he’ll tell you what I told him,” you raise your brows innocently and Kai runs over to Damon, almost tripping on his own two feet.

“You definitely threatened to rip his dick off,” Stefan looks over to you and you laugh.

“In very graphic detail. God I almost felt bad. Almost,” you smile as Stefan hands you a drink.

“They’re like children. I mean I get why,” Stefan shrugs. “Neither of him had the best childhoods, so it makes sense that they’re trying to make up for lost time but still.”

“Oh god and they’re both vampires. It’s gonna be like this forever,” you groan and Stefan laughs lightly, taking another sip of his bourbon.

“We’re gonna need a lot more bourbon to get through this life. We’re running out as it is.”

“I call supply runs if you watch the kids?” You raise your brows towards Stefan who looks too hesitant for your liking. “Come on! I’m human! What if these idiots kill me?”

“You know they won’t ever do that.”

“And how can you be so sure?” You take a sip of your drink as Stefan thinks of what to say.

“I know that they wouldn’t dare lay a hand on you because I would murder them,” Stefan shrugs as your mouth falls open.

“Oh come on you can’t do that!” He raises his brows and you hold your hands up. “Look, I’m not saying I want to be dead, but accidents happen where vampires are involved.”

“You can’t just be written off as an accident, Y/N,” Stefan shakes his head and Damon smirks at the two of you, winking in your direction.

“Why does Damon look like that?” You furrow your brows as Stefan rolls his eyes.

“It’s nothing.”

You look back at Damon and this time he and Kai are both giving you a wierd look… Is Kai blowing kisses at you?

“Are they really that turned on by me ripping off their balls one at a time?” You finish your drink and Stefan laughs, shaking his head at you.

“No, they’re waiting to see your reaction after I ask you out. Also they’re listening in on our conversa–”

“I’m sorry did you just say they’re waiting for you to ask me out?” You raise a brow at him. “Why would you do that?”

“Well we’re like the mom and dad of the group, so it’s fitting.”

“Please tell me you have a better reason than that because I want to say yes, but you’re making it hard,” you rest an elbow on the table and Stefan sighs, dropping his head.

“The truth is that I’ve wanted to ask you out for a while, but things managed to get in the way. For one, my mom came back to life. And then Caroline happened. And then–”

“Alright, I’m familiar with the trainwreck that’s been our lives these past few years. Go on.”

“Well the thing that pushed me over the edge is that date you went on with Kol. I haven’t been that angry in a very long time, Y/N,” he sighs, crossing his arms over his chest. “I saw him wrapping an arm around you and making you laugh and it made me angry.”

“So you’re asking me out because you’re angry?” You furrow your brows, determined to fuck with him as much as you could.

“No, Y/N, listen. AGH,” he groans, turning his head the other way. “I knew this was a bad idea.”

“So you’re gonna give up because this is getting hard?” You turn him around to face you again. “I don’t know how this is going to work.”

“See? I knew–”

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You cup his face and press your lips against his in a gentle kiss, a small smile on your face as his hands slowly move around your face.

“Yes, I’ll go out with you,” you whisper, a smile growing on Stefan’s face as he leans in for another kiss to which you gladly oblige.

“Seeing your parents kiss is so disturbing,” you hear Kai’s voice as Damon gags.

You and Stefan burst out laughing at the two idiots who were practically your children. This was gonna be fun.

Imagine: You’re Tony’s daughter and when he goes to recruit Peter Parker, he walks in on the two of you making out 

Peter’s bedroom door swung open and your boyfriend Peter shoved you off of him in record time. “Hello P-Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“Oh my god!“ You sat on the edge of Peter’s bed hugging his sheets to your still fully clothed chest while Peter scrambled to get on a shirt. “I could be asking you the same thing Dad.”

“I’m so sorry sir. I-I was uh-We were just-”

“Don’t finish that sentence. I came to recruit you for the Stark Internship but I can see that you are…busy.” You covered your face with your hands and let out an annoyed sigh. You didn’t have to make eye contact with Peter to know his eyes were wide and he was a blushing mess.

“Dad please just go.”

“Alright, alright. Stark Internship tomorrow at 8am sharp kid. No excuses.” Your dad handed Peter his business card then adjusted his suit before exiting Peter’s bedroom. “Y/N, I expect you outside in 5 minutes. We will talk about this later.”

“S-Stark Internship?” Peter stammered out. He was still recovering from the shock of your dad walking in on the two of you.  

“My dad will explain everything tomorrow. See you later Peter.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek and rushed out of his small apartment, saying your goodbyes to his Aunt May on the way out. 

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Okay story time !

So last Saturday I got a message from Taylor Nation asking me if I was interested in going to a secret confidential event. (UH YES) so they then contacted me the next day saying that they are holding an event in Rhode Island and I was freaking out. I was like omg what is it gonna be. A secret session ??? Am I gonna finally meet taylor after 10 years ???

So the wait was torture. Me and my friend woke up at 6 Wednesday morning and got on the road by 8 so we would make it to Rhode Island in time to get ready and mentally prepare ourselves for what’s to come. We got to the hotel early. Checked in and we were freaking out so we decieded to get ready early even tho we still had three hours to go lol

We finally leave and met at the meeting spot. Checked in and one of the workers for taylor nation recognized me and I started to cry all ready. “Didn’t you have blonde curly hair??” Yes I did. A week ago lol but I went back to my dark hair.

So they then put us on the bus and we waited for about 2 hours. We talked to some people became friends and just freaked out together. We finally got going and we were going to Taylor’s house. At that moment it still didn’t hit me that I was going to be with Taylor.

So we get to Taylor’s house and we eat some chicken nugs and pizza. Her dad is handing out guitar picks !!!!! And her mom came down to hug us and Austin came down to talk to us. We were then escorted to her living room. Me and my friend got front row. We basically could have sat on Taylor’s feet.

Taylor finally walked in and that’s when I losted it and was non stop crying. Like she’s beautiful in person. We then proceeded to listen to the album and every so often she would make eye contact with me and hold it for a while and I just died. She always would talk to some of us and I said to my friend after one of the songs how amazing it was and she was like “you really think it was amazing ?” And I was like uh yes it’s sooooo good. And she was like “ omg thank you so much “ I cried again.

Then we finished listening to the album and hung out with her for a little and then the meet and greets happened. I walked up to her and gave her a big hug and she goes “You’re Jackie right?” And I completely lost it. And she hugged my friend and then we started a conversation on my name lol and then I was like “okay listen. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety and you have helped me so much.” And she cut me off to say “omg I’m so sorry to hear that. I have a lot friends that struggle with that and I have my own bag of crap. “ and then “I was like no like you saved my life taylor. Like I been thinking about ending my life but then I think about how you would not want me to and how I need to be here for you” and she goes “I would never forgive you if you did something to yourself and nethiwr would your friend here. You are so special and so special to me. I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you grow into an even more beautiful person.” And she said other stuff but like I was bawling and I don’t remember lol

So then we took our pictures and like I died. And before we left I hugged her one last time and I said “thank you. I love you so much.” And she goes “ I love you so much too”.

And here I am laying in bed crying writing this. Taylor really did save my life. And I really hope you all get to meet her. @taylorswift

Glitch in the Matrix

So a while back, my mom and dad were making dinner downstairs while I was upstairs watching tv or something- I don’t really remember. All of a sudden, there was this crashing noise, like something big had fallen over. Since my mom is pretty clumsy and often drops pots and pans while making dinner, I assumed that’s what the noise was and didn’t pay much attention to it. A couple minutes later, however, my mom called up to ask if I was okay. I said that I was fine and, confused, asked why I wouldn’t be. Apparently my parents heard the crashing noise as well and thought it came from where I was upstairs. After saying I thought it came from downstairs, the three of us searched the entire house to try and find what caused the noise. We searched and searched and searched but everything in the house was perfectly normal. So, we gave up and eventually forgot about it. Or at least tried to forget, but it’s been bothering me ever since.

I was reading other glitch stories at @sixpenceee and it made me remember my own story. I asked my mom just now if she remembered this, and she didn’t even a little. I’m about 99.99% sure that this happened and that the crashing noise was inside the house. This was a big noise, too. I don’t know, it’s just super weird that we didn’t find the source of it.

I was talking to my dad a few days ago about elder scrolls and he turned to me and asked why do you like it so much? I thought about it and this is what I came up with.

Most games are go, kill things, find treasure, save the princess. That’s okay sometimes, hell even many parts in the tes games have that. Arena is that. It after a while it gets boring and repetitive. I like story behind those games, story that makes you think. The That’s why I love the series, there’s aspects that really make you question things, and the way it diverges from most classic western games.

Take for example Morrowind, and the plot of figuring out who actually killed Nerevar, who actually did the right thing. And slowly you start to realize everyone did some fucked up things, including Nerevar and you realize maybe not everyone as perfect as history makes them. What about Oblivion? As the game progresses you start to see you’re not the protagonist of this story, Martin is. You are just the support in someone else’s story. And maybe you are in real life too, while maintaining your own story. Skyrim? The whole speech with Paarthurnax is pretty deep, but if you look at the overarching theme which I see everyone miss, Skyrim is about diverging from what your told to do, straying from you fate, and how in the end it’s futile. Alduin doesn’t want to destroy the world anymore, he wants to rule it, and dies at your hands because of this. Miraak wants to be free from his master and his fate in apocrypha, but eventually ends up slain at Mora’s hands (tentacles?) And you, the last dragonborn, you may chose to fight your fate, stray from your heroic path, but in the end your trapped like a bird. And as your playing you realize Am I just a puppet of fate? Or can I escape? Is that necessary a good thing? Even daggerfall, you have to go around and find who gets the totem, but you realize they all have selfish means, even your beloved emperor, what’s stopping him from goomba stomping everything like Tiber Septim?

The point I’m trying to make is if you look hard enough The elder scrolls is a very deep series, that really makes you question things you didn’t think about. Maybe I’m overthinking this, maybe most people just see it as go to this dungeon, complete this quest, but for me at least there’s so much more under the tip of the iceberg. And that’s why I love this series.

Montgomery de la Cruz x Reader Imagine (Part 3/?)

Hi guys, thanks you like two previous parts. This part is a little mess I feel, but everyone interrupted me like a million times so I don’t know.

Quick reminder that English is not my first language, s I’m sorry for any mistakes. And for any mistakes at baseball terms, cause I don’t know a shit about baseball.

One more question: Do you prefer parts to be shorter and be published more often or longer but not posted as often?

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At first he was a little shocked, then he put his hands on my hips and slightly pushed me away.

“What happened to you today?”

“You always do that?”, I asked. “I mean, girl basically jumps on you and you push her away? Do you even get laid or just talk about it?”

Monty chuckled.

“Alright, so I treated you the way you did treat me week before and now you wanna fuck?”

“I’m just done with this teasing”, I this point I almost shouted. “We’re gonna hook up, get over it and move on with our lives”, I said with demanding tone.

He didn’t say anything, just stared at me.

“And we’re not leaving this bathroom until you fuck me”, I crossed my arms and wanted to go and sit on the egde of bath.

But Monty’s hands, still on my hips, suddenly tightened, he pulled me closer and kissed me roughly. I tangled my fingers into his hair, when he squizzed my butt.

“Oh, and I’m done with your stupid rules”, he said between kisses, then his lips went down my neck and sucked my collarbone.

“Do you have some collarbone kink, or what?”, I hit his arm.

He grabbed my wirst a little too strong, but suprisingly I didn’t mind.

“Can you just shut the fuck up?”, he asked, looking into my eyes.

“Make me”, I dared him and didn’t have to wait long until he basically punched my lips with his.

The kisses got more and more sloppy, our breaths got heavier, Monty’s hands went all over my body. I unbottoned his shirt, took it of him and threw somewhere behind, it didn’t take long until he took of my dress. 

He pulled me up and pinched me to the wall, I wrapped my legs around his hips. My hands went down on him, to unzip his pants, and that’s all it took for him to hardened. He reached to his pocket and took condom out of his wallet. He tried to open it, but his moves were so sloppy I thought I was gonna go crazy.

“Oh for fuck’s sake”, I snatched it from his hand, opened with my teeth and put it on him, all of this while looking straight into Monty’s  eyes.

“Go on, Monty”, I nodded my head letting him get inside me.

He pulled my panties down, slowly slided in, I bit my lips trying not to make any noices.

“God, you’re so tight”, he whispered putting his forehead on mine.

My legs wrapped stronger around him as he started thrusting in and out. I was about to start moaning, when someone knocked the door.

“Y/N? Are you there?”, we heard Jessica asking. Monty put his hand on my lips before anything came out of my mouth.

I looked at him with eyes wide open. He took a deep breath and said, “She’s throwing up”, trying to sounds normal.

“Oh my God, Y/N, are you okay?”, she asked really concerned.

I nodded my head, letting Monty take his hand off my lips.

“Yeah, I’m good, I just need a minute”, I said.

“Why… Why is Montgomery in there?”

God, just fuck off, Jess, I thought.

“He’s holding my hair away from my face”, I quickly made up a response.

“Don’t worry, Jess, I’ll take care of her”, he said with cocky grin on his face, as his hand was rubbing my thigh.

“Okay, Y/N, listen, there should be spare toothbrush in the shelf above the sink, you can brush your teeth, when you’ll be done”, I rolled my eyes, waiting for her to go away. 

Suddenly, Monty thrusted in me, I had to bite his arm trying not to moan.

“Montgomery, don’t”, I whispered into his ear. 

“I brought you water”, Jessica continued,”I will leave it here for you.”

“Thanks, I love you”, I said, hoping she would finally go.

“Be quiet, or everybody will find out”, Monty rubbed his nose on my neck.

He started thrusting in me again, I scratched his back trying to keep him as close to me as possible. Heavy breaths were all we could go away with, but it was harder and harder to stay quiet.

“Mont…”, I moaned as quietly as I could.

“Fuck”, his hands tightened on my body. He started pumping faster. “You feel so good”, he whispered. One of his hand started rubbing my clit.

“Oh my…”, my body shook. “Monty, I’m gonna…”

“I know, come on, babe”, he started kissing my neck as if he knew it was my weak spot.

I clawed onto his arms, he scratched my hip, and when final wave of pleasure came for both of us he kissed me and I bit his lips so hard I could almost taste his blood. 

My muscles loosened up, Monty stopped thrusting into me, and laid his forehead on my shoulder. I played with his hair, trying to calm my breath.

“You can put me down now, you know?”, I giggled.

He gave me one last rough kiss and put me on the floor. I dressed up again, Monty threw used condom and wrapping to the bin.

“Your hair looks like shit, you know”, I said, looking at him. Well it definitely wasn’t his perfect hairstyle anymore.

“Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”, he asked. “You basically have ‘I just had sex’ written on your face”.

I came up to the mirror.

“Fuck”, I groaned.

My hair were tangled, my cheeks were blushed and I had weird, definitely not post thowing up, glow on my face. I opened a shelf a took spare toothbrush Jessica told me about, found toothpaste and started brushing my teeth. Montgomery looked at me confused.

“What? I’m brushing my teeth after throwing up”, I mumbled with mouth full of foam.

I took last quick glance at his abs, when he starting bottoning his shirt. Not quick enough though, cause he noticed it.

“You like some good abs, huh?”, he smirked.

“Not gonna lie, girls like some good abs and jawline”, I shrugged my arms.

“You know, you can call me some time and I can some you some abs, you can show me some other things”, he came closer behind me and put his hands on my hips.

“Monty”, I turned around to face him, “it was one time action, alright? I teased you, you teased me, we finished it in Jessica’s bathroom.”

“Don’t you say”, he looked down at our hips touching.

“Let’s go”, I said, moved away from him and went to the door. As I was unlocking, he quickly grabbed my ass. “Stop doing this”, I patted his hand.

“I didn’t hear you complaining few minutes ago.”

“You’re a dick”, I opened the door, stormed out of the bathroom, grabbed bottled up water Jessica left for me and went downstairs…


On Monday during lunch break I was sitting with few people when suddenly Jessica came up i basically threw her phone on the table.

“Look at this!”, she shouted to all of us pointing at the picture on her phone.

“What are we looking at?”, I asked.

“This is the corner of the condom wrapping”.

“Aaaand?”, Jeff encouraged her to keep talking.

“Somebody had sex in my bathroom!”, she shouted again.

“Jess!”, I tried to keep her quiet while looking around to check how many people had turned around.

Oh God,I’m screwed, I thought.

“What’s up boys and girls?”, Justin and Monty came to the table.

“Somebody…” Jess started shouting again.

“Somebody have some fun in Jessica’s bathroom during the party and left something”, Sheri interrupted her with quieter tone and showed guys the picture.

“Jess, it was a party, things like this just happen, don’t make drama”, Montgomery rolled his eyes.

“Okay, cool, but can people at least clean after they’re done?”, she crossed her arms. “ I’d be dead if my dad found it”.

“But he didn’t, another happy ending in your bathroom”, I put my thumb up and stuffed my mouth with food, which was typical for me - stress eating.

For the whole time I didn’t even looked at Monty, being paranoid someone would somehow found out. I ignored him to the point, when he said he’s gotta go for a chemistry, I waved at him while scrolling through my instagram feed.

“Hey, Y/N”, Justin kicked me under the table.

“Ouch, what?”, I started rubbing place on my leg he kicked, knowing the bruise would show up before the end of the day.

“Don’t you two have Chemistry together?”, he asked.

“Right. Yes. We have”, I patted my head and giggled nervously. “See you later guys”, I grabbed my bag and went with Monty, who was cracking up trying not to laugh.

“To be honest, I don’t have to do anything, you gonna give us out with your weird actions” he said when we had left the cafeteria.

“Shut up, I’ll start acting normal, it’s just that piece of wrapping…“

“There were probably more people in that bathroom that night, some of them probably had sex…”

Some freshman kid accidentaly walked in Monty, and him being, well, him, grabbed kid by shirt and pushed to the wall.

“Watch where you’re walking”, he said.

“I’m… I’m… I’m sorry”, kid picked up his books from the floor and quickly walked away.

“I’m embarassed just by standing next to you”, I said. “What was that for?”

“He walked in me”, Monty clearly didn’t see anything wrong about his hehaviour.

“That’s not what you do, when someone walks in just by accident!”

I spotted girl walking down the hall, looking down at the phone, I started walking towards her, pretending I’m looking for something in my bag and soon we walked into each other. After few ‘sorry’s’, ‘no, no, it’s okay”, she walked away. I turned to Monty.

“See? That’s what you should do.”

“I have reputation, I can’t loose my face”

“Reputation of a bully. You know more people would like you if actually stopped bulling everyone”.

He didn’t say anything, just rolled his eyes.


When lessons had finished Jessica, Sheri and I went for cheer practice.

“Okay girls, we have busy next week”, coach told when we were stretching before practice. “We have an assembly on Tuesday, basketball game on Wednesday and baseball game on Friday and we’re doing all of them.“

“Since when we do cheerleading on baseball games?”, Sheri asked.

“It’s still just an idea, we’ll do it once and see if it works. There is one more thing”, Mrs. Montez chuckled. “I spoke to the teams’ coaches and you know, it’ll be firsts games of the seasons, and the opponents are hard, um, that’s what they said, so they asked if you could, you know distract them a little bit?”, she was clearly uncomfortable asking for that.

Oh, somebody thought cheerleading is all about supporting your team and spreading good energy or something? Bullshit. It was mostly about distracting the other team with short skirts and splits.

“I guess we can shake ass a little”, Jessica snorted.

We performed on basketball game during halftime. We danced to Selena Gomez’s Me & My Girls* and let’s just say that me winking and mouthing lyrics, and I always lip sync during performance, like “I know we’re making you thirsty” or “You can look but don’t touch, I’m not here to hook up, I’m just here to turn on” did not help the other team stay concentrated on the game.

Monty was watching everything from the bleachers, I glanced at him few times just to see him basically eye-fucking me. Liberty Tigers won, with Zach being MVP of the game, as usual, after few celebrating jumps and handsprings I started picking up my stuff.

“I have a question, but promise you won’t slap me”, Monty suddenly showed up next to me.

“Just hearing this makes me wanna slap you”, I said without looking at him.

“Whatever, I’ll take the risk. You wanna hook up sometime?”, he asked.

“Subtle”, I sighed and turned to face him. “Thank you, but no. See you around”,

I took my bag, passed him and went to my car.

“Oh come on, you liked it last time”, he cought me up.

“Monty, half of the girls in this school wish they could make out with a devil, it’s you, go molest someone else”, I rolled my eyes.

“Then why did you teased me with that winking and cocky smiles during dancing?”

I bit my lower lip. Fine, maybe I was teasing him a little bit again, but this little fucker deserved it.

“You’re sucker for this cheerleader suit, huh?”, I laughed throwing my bag at the backseat. “Fine, maybe there is some sexual tension between us”, I finally admitted, “but it doesn’t mean we have to do something about it.”

“It’s unhealty, you know?”

Suddenly I came up with something. He played baseball and damn, he was good, but not THAT good. Plus home run wasn’t easy to score.

“Okay, we’ll make a bet”, I said finally.

“I’m listening” he smiled and leaned on my car.

“It will be baseball metaphor, and I’m not too good at it, so focus”, I cleared my throat. “You do home run on Friday’s game, you get third base with me”, I said looking him straight in the eyes.

He squinted his eyes, took a deep breath, and answered, “Deal”.


He fucking did it. Not only that he got home run. He got two. We did the same performance we had done at basketball game, I lipsynced, winked, when he was going to batter’s field I accidentally droppen one pompom and bent down to reach it, knowing he was looking at me, everything just to distract him at least a little bit, but no, the second he hit the ball, everyone new it was gonna be a home run.

“Fuck”, I mumbled at it took me good few seconds before I realised I should cheer.

Before his second home run, he literally pointed at me.

“What was that about?”, Justin was seating at the bleacher above the place where cheerleaders were standing and he could talk to us.

“We made a bet”, I said. “About, umm, chemistry project”.

Before he could answer something Montgomery Fucking de la Cruz got his second home run.

“Well, looks like he’s not gonna do much about that project”, Foley said after everyone stopped cheering.

“Yeah, looks like whole work’s gonna be on me…”, I sighed as I spotted Monty winking at me.


*This song is dirty as fuck, just like this whole fandom, trust me

Let me know what you think, hope you like it even though it’s a mess lol

Dream boat

Part 5:
“Shiro?” Lance asked his voice quivering.
Shiro looked around. There was no way out, between the things and the fire they were trapped.
The figures were slowly approaching, teasing them knowing there was no where to go.
“Shiro!” Lance tugged on his sleeve gaining the older mans attention.
Lance was pointing upwards and it took a moment before Shiro realised what he was doing.
“Lance your a genius!” Shiro waisted no time grabbing Lance putting the boy on his back. “Hold on tight.” He yelled as he powered up his prosthetic the purple glow lost in comparison to the orange flickering flames surrounding them.
He dug his glowing fingers into the bark and began to climb.
He didn’t look down just climbed higher and higher. Shiro didn’t know what they would do once they reached the top. Even if the things couldn’t climb the fire would get them.
Lance was coughing as the smoke became thicker and thicker.
They just had to get above the tree line.
“Hang on buddy, almost there.” Shiro said through gritted teeth as he pulled them up higher and higher his back screaming with the strain put on his wounds. From the wet feeling on his back the stitches likely popped.
By time they reached the top Shiro’s arms felt like jelly and his head felt light from blood loss.
Up this high the air was a little clearer and they couldn’t see the things beneath them.
But they could feel the heat radiating from below.
Shiro didn’t say it. But he knew there was no way out of this. He was fine with dying. He had lived much longer then he had ever expected, but it wasn’t just him. Lance was here. Lance was far too young to die, too young to have to be in a situation like this.
“Shiro what do we do now? How do we get out of here?” Lance asked trying to put on a brave face but was failing as tears fell down his cheeks.
Shiro pulled the boy into a hug “I don’t know… I’m so sorry I let you down.”
“It’s ok… Shiro your still my friend… are you my friend?” He asked hesitantly like he expected rejection.
Shiro smiled “yeah buddy Your my friend too.”
“Really?” Lance asked holding out his little finger.
“Yeah really.” Shiro linked his little finger with Lances smaller one.
Then the tree began to sway, seconds from falling. Shiro did the only thing he could. He grabbed Lance and held him close as they fell towards the ground far below hoping to take the blunt of the force.
Shiro didn’t feel the impact. He felt like instead of falling he was being dragged upwards into a blinding white light.
Shiro sat bolt upright in bed in the infirmary breathing heavily with his heart racing.
Allura and Corran were running around yelling something back and forth.
Shiro was confused for a moment before his eyes ended up on Lance lying on his side and coughing his lungs up.
Shiro jumped off the bed almost falling over in the process as he crossed the distance between them putting a hand on his shoulder and rubbing soothing circles on his back.
“Lance are you ok?” He asked.
The blue paladin looked up just as he made a gagging noise and black smoke began to pour out of his mouth.
“Shiro move!” Allura snapped all but shoving him out of the yay and she put a strange mask over Lance’s mouth that seemed to actually suck the smoke away.
As Shiro watched it all came back to him. The kid in his memories, how he acted, how he looked, that unbeatable optimism and need to help.
The boy he had met it had been Lance. His Lance.
The next few days were tough. Allura said that the spell had been expelled from his body but the strain it had caused left Lance with a high fever and bed ridden.
The entire team took shifts sitting with him trying to get his fever down.
By the end of the week everyone was exhausted but Lance’s fever had finally been broken.
Shiro sat by Lance’s bed. Since waking up he hadn’t had a chance to actually talk to Lance about what he had seen in his mind and now that Lance was at least sort of coherent he wasn’t sure how to bring it up.
Luckily he didn’t have to.
“I was six.”
“Hmmm?” Shiro hummed questioning.
“What you saw I’ve been having that nightmare since I was sick.”
Shiro pulled his chair closer to the bed helping Lance sit up, propped against a few pillows.
“We didn’t have much, we always needed money and when my mama found out she was pregnant again my dad… he got a loan from some not very nice people.” Lance swallowed “Mama lost the baby, and we lost Mama a few days later, used all the money on hospital bills. The men dad borrowed the money from still wanted it paying back.” Lance pulled his knees up against his chest. “We didn’t have anything… they wanted to take my sisters to work of the debt. My brother stepped up and worked fighting in this betting ring. But it wasn’t enough and they still wanted my sisters. So one night we were all going to run away. But the men came… Dad held them off while my siblings got away but I hid in the back room and I saw when they ….they.” Lances lip started to trembled.
Acting on instinct Shiro pulled him into a hug.
“I couldn’t get out. His body blocked the door. It wasn’t until the police came knocking almost a week later did I get out.”
Shiro ran his fingers through his hair making quiet shushing noises when Lance began to sob.
“Did you find your family?”
Lance nodded not looking up from where his face was buried in Shiro’s chest. “We all moved in with my mama’s parents in America.”
Shiro nodded “look Lance everything I said I really did mean it. Your amazing, having gone through something like that but still acting so happy all the time looking out for everyone.” Shiro pulled away cupping Lance’s face with his hands “your the best blue paladin we could ever hope for. I know I don’t say it enough, but you hold this team together. Thank you for that Lance.”
Lance began to cry again throwing his arms around Shiro’s neck “I didn’t realise just how badly I needed to hear that. Thank you. Thank you so much.”


Jughead x Reader (twins)

Requested: -Anonymous said: Hey! I really love your writing <3 And I was wondering If I could request something? I’m kinda thinking like Jughead has a twin sister but they’re basically polar opposites like she’s part of the southside serpents because they look after her and protect her. And maybe something happens, but basically the gang end up figuring out who she is and she’s super badass and it’s angsty. I’m sorry it’s so vague hahaha.

Words: 647

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any

Originally posted by bipolar-faerie

I went back to the trailer today for the first time in a year. I heard the news from the other Serpents, that Keller had searched the trailer and arrested my dad, so I stopped by to check if Jug was okay. I climbed the trailer stairs and braced myself for what it was going to look like inside after Keller searched it. I opened the door b
Crossing my arms over my chest,I leaned into the couch, “You know why I left Jughead, you know I wasn’t safe here when mom and dad were together nor when mom left.”

“And it was safe to leave Jellybean and I behind?” He shot back, his voice quivered and Betty squeezed his arm. I got up to leave, it was evident he didn’t want me there but he pulled me back by my arm before I could get out the door. “I’m sorry Y/N/N, please, don’t go.” His brow furrowed.

“I came here for you Jug, I wanted to make sure you still had a roof over your head, but this is what I get in return?” I looked between the two and sighed while dropping my bag to the floor, “I’m not here to patch things up Jug, I’ll come back but if I have to deal with the fighting again I’m going.” He nodded vigorously and clambered towards me wanting a hug.

“I missed you so much.” He wrapped his arms around me, I never let people hug me but for his sake I let him. “Please just stay for now at least.” He let out a shaky breath and pulled back.

I nodded, “Then come on kids, let’s have dinner then, I’m famished.” I picked up a my jacket and slipped it on and turned to the two behind me, Betty stared at Jug in disgust as he eyed it up and down.

“You joined the Serpents?” He blurted and turned me around tracing a finger over the logo, I nodded. “You can’t wear that out to Pop’s.”

“I thought we were going to the Whyte Wyrm?” I smirked.

Betty’s eyes widened as Jug looked down to her, “I’m not going.” He took her hand, his face still in a constant subtle frown.

“I know.” I chuckled. “You guys wouldn’t last a minute in there.” I winked and walked out the door causing them to stumble out trying to catch up to me.

“Hey! Jug! Betty!” A red haired guy waved us over to the table, with him was a raven haired girl. We caught each other’s eye as I walked behind Betty.

“Who is this beautiful lady.” The girl asked Jug as we reached the table, he looked away nervously.

I smirked and held out a hand which she took almost instantly, “I’m Y/N, Jughead’s twin, I’m older by the way.” I chuckled.

“Okay! Really, you don’t even know them and you throw in the ‘I’m older card’.” He joked.

The other two looked between us in pure amazement, “Twins! Omg! Jug! Why have you never said anything?” The girl squealed, “Oh I’m Veronica and this is Archie.” She chuckled when she realized she hadn’t introduced herself yet. We filtered into our seats, “So Y/N where has Jug been hiding you?” Veronica carried on.

“The South Side, usually the White Wyrm.” I said bluntly, Archie let out and awkward cough as Veronica lost her words and Jug dropped his head into his arms.

“She’s thinking of moving back home though.” Jug said, I shot him a questioning look and went to protest but he pulled a face which probably meant ‘don’t you dare.’ So I just smiled and nodded as they all cheered which actually made me feel quite good about it. Jug smiled at me once the conversation had subsided and I gave him a reassuring smile back before he turned back to Archie.




Misguided Ghosts

Originally posted by wonhontology

Mafia!au; Wonho

Two souls from opposite sides. 

Caution: Smut ahead.

“Hello sweetheart.”

You turned to come face to face with a familiar face. It was Shin Hoseok. The heir to your families rival mafia family. You shot a glare in his direction. “I see someone doesn’t care about his own safety.”

Hoseok entered into your bedroom through the window, a cocky smile spread across his face. “Please,” he chuckled. “You couldn’t hurt me if you wanted to.”

You took the gun that was placed under your vanity, lazily pointing it towards Hoseok. “You really wanna bet your life on it?”

Hoseok continued to saunter over towards you, not concerned about the firearm pointed at him. He took your hand that held the weapon to make the nozzle press against his chest. “Then do it,” he breathed.

You rolled your eyes as you withdrew the pistol. “You seriously have a death wish.” He shrugged, but that smug smile never left his face. “So do you wanna tell me why you risked coming here? You know that if one of my fathers men catches you they’ll kill you without a thought. Especially with you being in my room.”

Hoseok took your hands, pulling you up and into his body. His arms snaked around your waist. “I like to live dangerously,” he whispered into your ear. The breath hitting your sensitive skin, causing chills down your spine. His head dipped to leave a teasing kiss on your neck. You closed your eyes, tilting your head to allow him better access. “Tell me love, how much did you miss me?”

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Edlikescoldcoffee Masterlist

Originally posted by minmiin1d

Requested: no

Bucky Barnes x Plus Sized Reader 

Word Count: 2133

Warnings: mild cursing 

  Summary: The reader turns into a twelve-year-old boy when Bucky is around.

The headline of the magazine you were reading read:

Tony Stark is finally tying the knot.

You had re-read the headline at least five times, each time it made you feel all mushy inside. For as long as you could remember Tony Stark had been a huge part of your life. He was there for everything, every birthday, every holiday, even all your graduations. The day had finally arrived one you had anticipated for so long, him and your mother—Pepper were finally going to get married.

This had been a dream of yours since you were a little girl. Ever since your mom introduced you to him, you knew for some reason that he was the man your mother was going to end up with. Honestly, you couldn’t be happier, because tonight was going to be one of the best nights of you and your mother’s life.

The wedding ceremony was something else. Your mother had at least five panic attacks before walking down the aisle. Then when she finally did, Tony was standing at the end of the aisle wearing a red suit. A few months ago, he had joked about wearing a red suit. It had sparked up a huge argument between the two of them until he confessed that he was just joking. And if your mother wasn’t so busy walking down the aisle trying not to trip, she would’ve torn him apart. The best part of the whole ceremony was Tony crying while he read his vows out loud. You swore you could almost hear the shocked faces of your friends and family. Everyone knew Tony Stark wasn’t completely emotionless, but crying was certainly something he ever did. Which, made the whole situation completely enjoyable.

Right now, you were trying to enjoy your time at the wedding reception, but you just couldn’t. Tony and your mother had asked you to give a speech since you were the maid of honor saying no wasn’t an option. Here you were looking at the wedded couple dance, hoping the song never ends. Public speaking wasn’t your thing, even though you were surrounded by family and friends, your nerves wouldn’t die down. It reminded you of that time in college, when you had to give a speech in front of your speech class. Tony had found you in your room so distressed that he decided to stay over and help you through. He stayed up with you all night, easing your nerves as well as giving you pointers on what to do and what not to do. It worked, the next day you had given a bomb ass speech that you even ended up impressing yourself. But right now this wasn’t a speech class or a speech Tony could help you through, the song had finished and the pressure was building.

You could feel your cheeks getting red as you stood up and did the whole fork tapping on the champagne glass, grabbing everyone’s attention. All eyes were on you and it made you feel even more anxious than you were before. “Wow.” Was the first you said followed up by, “this is a lot of people.” Making everyone laugh, you closed your eyes for a second, counted to ten and opened them again looking at the wedded couple. They were your parents, your family and now a sense of comfort.

“So, Tony and my mom asked me to give a speech tonight, God knows why they know I’m terrible at these kinds of stuff.” You said while placing your glass of champagne down along with the fork on the table in front of you. Your hands were shaking so much, that if you didn’t they would’ve fallen. “But, it’s time to put my big girl pants, and get this over with.” The crowd laughed and you well, you did the most logical that you could think off, you face palmed yourself. Only earning more laughter from everyone.

“That’s embarrassing I’m sorry.” You smiled gripping the side of the table to steady yourself from falling. Knowing if you didn’t you could’ve easily fallen from how much your legs were shaking.

“So anyway, I’ve honestly tried writing this speech at least a couple thousand times. Every time I sat down I would either get really distracted or the right words wouldn’t come. I decided to not write anything and just stand here in front of you all in my most vulnerable state and speak from my heart.” You finished and looked at your parents, while they smiled nodding for you to go out.

“I never knew my dad, in fact, I would stay up at night wondering who he was, what he did for a living if he was the reason why I was so stubborn. For years, I wanted to meet him, ask him he had been, or why he left my mom and me. I wanted to see him at my birthday parties, at all the holiday celebrations. I wanted him to console me whenever I cried. I thought that if he just came back to us he would automatically be the best father ever.” You blinked trying to keep yourself from crying.

“Tony you’re the only father I’ve ever known and hands down you are the best dad in the universe. I know we aren’t biologically related, but family isn’t just blood. You helped my mother raise me and I couldn’t thank you enough. I hope I managed to make the two of you proud.” You smiled. “Congratulations, I love you guys.” You finished and rant to your parents, while everyone else clapped. They both hugged you and kissed your head, it felt to right, you felt so at home.

The night carried on with lots of drinking and dancing. Currently, you were sitting with Nat and Wanda talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones. The three of you had been obsessing over it for years. Wanda was in the middle of saying something about character development. When you noticed, Bucky walking over to your table in the coolest way possible. If this were one of those cheesy romantic comedies you liked to indulge yourself in. You were sure that he would’ve been walking in slow motion, throwing out like guns with his hands, winking at all the girls he passed by as they fainted. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case because you would’ve been one of those girls.

Bucky arrived at your table just as Wanda finished her statement on character development. Which you hadn’t paid attention to at all. Your mind was on Bucky overload and your heart, well if it kept beating at hard as it was you would’ve gone through cardiac arrest. Before he could greet the three of you, you stood up. The three of them looked at you raising their eyebrows. Your mind generating thousands of excuses, finally, you had settled on one. The one that screamed: THIS IS A SHITTY EXCUSE.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” And before you let either of them reply, you ran away. Literally ran out of the reception hall.

Since you didn’t really need to use the bathroom, nor did you want anyone to find you. You made your way up to the roof. If anyone was going to go out looking for you, the roof was the last place they’d look.

You sighed and looked up at the night sky, wishing light pollution wasn’t a thing and wishing you didn’t turn into a twelve-year-old boy whenever Bucky was around. You weren’t sure when you had developed this middle school crush on him. You were 24 years old, acting like a middle schooler in front of a man that was almost thirty or a hundred, depends on how people liked to look at it. You ran your hands over your face groaning, he made you so nervous, as well as reckless, you hated it.

“Thought you were going to the bathroom.” You jumped and turned around meeting face to face with the one person you wanted to avoid right now. He was standing so close to you that you could literally feel his body heat. “I-I got lost.” You took a step back trying to give yourself some distance. Except he didn’t agree with this and took another step closer to you.

“Uh-huh.” He said raising his eyebrows at you, clearly not believing you. “Anyway, wanted to come find you and tell you that you owe me a dance.” He smirked and ran his flesh hand through his hair. “What, wait how’d you find me?” You asked wrapping your arms around yourself, the wind had picked up since being here. And everything Bucky just said made your skin rise.

“A dance, it’s what I came to ask you before you walked away, and you’re always up on the roof.” He shrugged. You looked around, avoiding his eyes, maybe if you did he would’ve laughed in your face and tell you, you were being punk’d. There was no way in hell this was happening right now. You didn’t get enough chance to come up with any sort of response because the next thing you knew Bucky’s arm was suddenly wrapped around your waist.

“W-What are you doing?” You asked watching his every move.

“I’m dancing with you.” He answered nonchalantly while taking your left hand in his metal one. The coldness catching you off guard giving you goose bumps once again.

“I don’t mean to ruin the mood, but to dance don’t you need music?” He chuckled and shrugged. “You could, but this is better.” He started swaying the two of you. Now you were sure you were being punk’d. This only happened in cheesy romantic comedies, and somehow Bucky had found out your obsession with them. That he decided to prank you because there was no way this was happening.

“Don’t look so confused, just relax doll.” He whispered in your ear before twirling you around. His chest was now against your back. Surprisingly, your heart hadn’t stopped beating. “You look so beautiful tonight (y/n).” He whispered in your ear before turning you around to face him again. Again, you wished light pollution or light was a thing. Your cheeks were so red from blushing, you looked almost like a fucking tomato. Your mind had gone blank once again.

“Do I make you nervous doll?” Bucky asked as he stopped the two of you from dancing. “W-What why would I say that?” You replied looking at the single strand of hair that had escaped his perfect hair do. You had to fight the urge to push it back, knowing if you did it would’ve made the situation more awkward than it already was.

“It’s just that every time I’m near you or in the same room as you. You get all jittery or run away.” He answered catching you off guard. You knew Bucky was an observant person, but you didn’t realize he was also observant of you. Instead of answering him back you just stared at him, the city lights making his blue eyes shine like diamonds. The wind carelessly blowing through his hair, making it messy, and your knees were seconds away from giving up on you.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret.” He said before taking his suit jacket off and placing it around your shoulders. He smiled at you and began to unbutton his dress shirt, making your eyes go wide. A few minutes ago, you thought you knew where this was going, now you weren’t sure.

“What are you doing?” You swallowed

“Relax.” Was all he said as he finished unbuttoning his shirt. He took your hand in his, this time he didn’t hold it. Instead, he brought to his chest and placing it on his chest where his heart was located. You gasped and looked up at him. His heart was possibly beating just as fast as yours if not faster. “You make me nervous too.” He smiled down at you and blushed, you were at a loss for words and you did the only thing you could think off.

You kissed him and he kissed you back. You knew it was the most reckless thing you had ever done, but it felt so right. Like you and Bucky were supposed to be kissing. Your body was on high alert and you could tell that so was his. The two of you pulled away out of breath and just stared at each other. “Took you long enough.” Was all he said before stealing a kiss from you. You laughed and smacked his chest playfully, before wrapping your arms around his waist, pulling his closer to yourself as he hugged you back. For the second time tonight you had felt like you were home.

anonymous asked:

My friends and I discussed snoring headcanons and then it branched off into how the dads all sleep in general and I was wondering what sleep headcanons do you possibly have? (My favorite one we came up with is that Craig sleep talks)

Craig: The ultimate bed hog. He usually ends up spread out across the bed and whoever sleeps with him has to learn to just shove him so they have enough room to sleep. He’sa very good cuddler and will keep you feeling secure all night. I like the sleep talking headcanon, Dadsona probably wakes up quite often with stories to tell about strange conversations he had with Craig while he was asleep that don’t make a lot of sense but are funny.

Brian: He snores like a dad, if you know what I mean. Those snores that can keep you up even if you’re 3 rooms away. He lets Maxwell sleep in his bed every night and he takes the other pillow, until Brian has someone in his life, then Maxwell has to relocate to the foot of the bed (which he isn’t too happy about). Brian is big on sleeping close and his arms are always very warm and welcoming, a nice place to fall asleep.

Robert: Surprisingly cuddly, but only after he’s comfortable with you. His bed probably smells perpetually of cigarettes. Robert either sleeps in his clothes from that day or naked, there’s not really an in-between. Also he bought Betsy her own bed but she likes to sleep curled up with him. He’s an extremely heavy sleeper and probably snores a bit, especially on nights where he’s passed out from the whiskey.

Damien: Sleeps with at least 5 pillows and silk sheets. Most nights he falls asleep reading, book still in hand or toppled onto the floor. He keeps a glass of water on his night stand and he uses a sleep mask. Damien’s a light sleeper and he often checks on Lucien in the middle of the night, even when he’s a teenager, it’s just a habit he developed when Lucien was growing up.

Mat: Mat’s really good at sticking to his side of the bed, even when no one else is sleeping with him. He can’t fall asleep without some sort of noise, so he made his own playlist of soft music to fall asleep to. If someone is sleeping with him he likes to have an arm around them even if they aren’t cuddling, or at least he likes to hold their hand.

Hugo: A messy sleeper, the poor guy probably drools a lot. He usually reads before bed but he’s good about putting his book aside and turning off the light before he actually falls asleep. Loves to spoon. He also snores quite a bit, but nowhere near as bad as Brian.

Joseph: Joseph Christiansen has an entire nighttime wardrobe with everything from a robe to fuzzy slippers. He can’t sleep without something covering him so even on hot summer nights he has to have a sheet. Before bed he likes to take a bath then put on his robe and settle down into bed with a book and his grandpa glasses. Likes to go to bed early because he’s got 4 kids and they don’t let him sleep in late.

Imagine: The That 70’s Show series finale opens with Eric on a plane saying to the passenger beside him, “And I bet that that is exactly what happened while I was gone! I’ve only been in Africa for six months but I had to come home and make sure my whole life hadn’t turned to crap. It came to me in a dream. It’s like when Luke Skywalker….” The other passenger rolls his eyes and asks a stewardess for another drink. When Eric gets home he finds that nothing has really changed that much after all. His dad is tinkering away in the garage and calls him a dumbass who can’t remember what month it is before clapping him on the shoulder and leading him into the house. His mom is in the kitchen preparing food for the New Year’s Eve party they are throwing and cries when she sees him, telling him that he isn’t allowed to leave her ever again. Her sobs cause someone to enter from the living room and there is Donna, still blonde and beautiful and smiling at him as she charges forward to wrap him in a hug. She pulls back after a second to smack him on the chest and calls him a dillhole for not telling her he was coming but less than a second later her arms are back around his neck and she tells him it’s more romantic this way anyway. After being reassured by his parents and girlfriend that nothing too out of the ordinary happened while he was away Donna leads him down to the basement where he is met by the welcomed sight of Hyde and Jackie sitting on their usual chair, and Fez across from them in the lawn chair; all of them watching a random rerun on the television. They all stand up and greet him with hugs, even Jackie who then proceeds to shove her left hand in his face showing off the diamond ring that Hyde had put there after they returned from Chicago, and he congratulates her before glancing at his best friend who has a smile plastered on his clean-shaven face. He realizes that the unholy couple looks happier than he ever remembers them being and he congratulates them both again with more sincerity. Hyde answers by pulling Jackie back to their chair as he suggests a welcome home circle and they all eagerly gather around the old wooden table. Fez proves to be his usual pervy, fun-loving and awkward self and takes it upon himself to fill Eric in on all the boring details of what he’s missed as they pass the joint. Just like old times. Once their highs begin to wear off Eric follows Donna as she starts to drag him yet again, this time leading him out the basement door, up the stone steps and across the driveway to her house for a more private reunion. When they finally make it back to the Forman’s they find everyone in the living room where the party has already started and they are just in time to see Kelso enter through the front door with Betsy and Brooke and the last piece of the puzzle shifts into place. Jokes are told, burns are made and a minor crisis or two is averted until finally it is time to move the party to the driveway and ring in the 80’s. Fade to black.

Not Him~ Part Two


Not Him~ Part One

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: Protective Bucky, Pregnancy, CANON DIVERGENCE!, Older man younger woman (reader is 19), swearing

A/N: Sorry for the delay in updating everyone! We have had some family problems, my grandpa has been in the hospital which has disrupted everyone’s schedule. Sorry again! Hope you enjoy the new update!


“We need to get to Siberia. We can’t let this guy get ahold of the soldiers.” Steve thinks aloud. You can practically see the wheels turning in his head as he begins to formulate a plan.

“We’re gonna need some backup.” You know that with everyone on the lookout for the four of you, you’re gonna need some extras help. “I’ll call Clint and see if he’ll get Wanda.” You leave to go give him a call.

“I think I know a guy.” Sam says as he walks out of the room giving Bucky and Steve some space.

“So you and Y/n?” Steve asks carefully. “Not exactly what I expected when I asked her to find you.”

“Yeah it’s not what I expected when I saw her in my apartment. She knows about all the things I’ve done and she still loves me. She always tells me that the Soldier isn’t who I am. She says I’m her man, I’m the guy who helps people and protects her. I’m the one who makes her smile.” Bucky smiles when he thinks of your beautiful smile.

“Why does the Soldier recognize her but no one else?” Steve asks cautiously.

“Because she’s my everything. The soldier somewhat recognized you Steve, I think because you’re like my brother and I love you. But with Y/n, I don’t know how I’ve lived without her and I don’t want to ever try to again.”

“I don’t want to live without you either Buck.” You came back towards him. You had finished talking to Clint awhile ago and had been listening in.

“Eavesdropper,” Bucky accuses with a grin. You smile as you wrap your arms around his waist and he places a kiss to your forehead.

“Clint said he’s in. He’s heading to get Wanda now and then he’s gonna pick up Sam’s friend.” You explain as Sam walks back in shaking his head.

“He’s not my friend. He’s a guy I met a few months back and I only called him because I think he could help us,” Sam clarifies.

“Y/n are you sure about this? You don’t have to do this. Your dad may not forgive you easily for this.” Steve points out.

“I know but I can’t join him. He’s wrong, about the accords and about Bucky. I have to stand up for myself and be my own person. He’ll forgive me eventually just like I’ll forgive him. But guys, one thing, no matter what don’t tell him about Maria and Howard. It would destroy him, he made his peace with it awhile ago, it won’t change anything if he knows.” You say more to Sam than anyone else.

“Yeah I get it. I promise I won’t say anything.” Sam agrees without hesitation.

“Let’s go see if we can get a car. You two stay here, we should be back soon. If we aren’t back by,” Steve pauses to check his watch. “Four. That gives us a few hours. We’ll see you soon. Stay hidden and stay safe.” Steve and Sam head out leaving you alone with Bucky.

“Buck, promise me no matter what we will stay together.” You plead fearing his answer.

“You know how much I want that Y/n,” he hesitates.

“But?” You prompt.

“I don’t want to put you in danger. Just by you being near me you are in danger and then to add on all the police and special forces after us, me. I love you, you know that but I won’t lose you. If I have to let you go to keep you protected and safe then I will.” He vows more to himself then you.

“Like hell you will,” you dig into your backpack, finding the secret you had been keeping from him for the past couple weeks and shove the pregnancy test at him.

“I don’t understand. What are these lines?” He asks confused.

“They mean I’m pregnant. Obviously it’s yours and guess what my baby sure as hell is gonna have his or her daddy around!” You had been waiting for a better time to tell him of course but with all that had happened you figured now was as good a time as any.

“Her?” Bucky asks and his face goes white.

“It could be a boy or a girl Buck.” You explain putting your face in your hands.

“I never thought I would have a kid. Not after everything. Why didn’t you tell me?” He demands, the hurt is evident in his eyes.

“I was planning on telling you when you came home yesterday. I was gonna make us a nice dinner and tell you about it. But then everything went to shit and I thought you should know before you made any rash choices.” You explain carefully.

“What do we do?” He asks.

“We are going to get to Siberia, clear your name and announce that we are retired. My dad has a place in Upstate New York. We can stay there until we find a house. I work for my dad and make a shit ton of money. We can give this baby and any other potential children a good life.” You don’t actually know where any of these ideas came from but they sounded fairly good.

“I want you to go back to your dad’s place until I clear my name. I don’t want the two of you in any danger. Do you understand me?” Bucky demands.

“Bucky no,” you shake your head at the idea, you don’t want to go sit at home while the love of your life is in danger.

“Yes. I am going to find a way to send you home. I won’t put the two of you in potential danger.” He argues, he gives you his signature Bucky Barnes look that tells you arguing will get you absolutely no-where.

“How are you going to get me home? We’re kinda fugitives Buck.” You ask.

“Steve plans on stealing a quinjet from the airport. I’m going to send you back to the compound with Wanda and Clint. If the others show up then you’ll go with your dad. I promise Steve and I will both be ok. We’ll be back as fast as humanly possible I promise. Until then I want you to stay at the compound with the others. I know your dad will keep you safe.” He explains his plan with great confidence. He must have already planned this and telling him about the baby just gave him more ammo.

“Ok,” you agree reluctantly. Worst comes to worse you just don’t listen when it’s time or you sneak off to him. You know you won’t win this argument but you’ll see what happens.

“You know I love you right doll?” He hasn’t used his favorite pet name for you since yesterday morning before shit hit the fan.

“I love you too Sergent.”

“Promise me you will let me protect the two of you,” he pleads as he wraps his arms around you and places a gentle kiss to your lips. When he pulls back he gives you a prompting look.

“I promise, as long as you promise to come back to me,” you bargain. Even if the words have no control over what might happen you need to hear him say it.

“Of course doll.” He smirks. His smirk quickly fades when the sound of the warehouse door creeks through the silence. Bucky immediately pushes you behind him and gets in a fight stance.

“Buck, chill, it’s just Sam and me. We got a car. We ready?” Steve asks looking between the you and Bucky curiously.

“One thing Steve. Once we get to the airport, Y/n is gonna need to go back to the compound, with Wanda and Clint.” Bucky announces making Steve and Sam turn to you confused.

“Can we ask why?” Steve asks trying to remain diplomatic, but Steve knows you and he knows all about the fights you and your father had where you demanded to fight. The girl he knew would never agree to go sit at home and wait patiently for her knight in shining armour to come back to her.

“I’m pregnant.” You squeak before ducking behind Bucky. As much as you loved Steve he had always been a protective uncle figure.

“Pregnant? Like you got a growing person inside you?” Sam asks looking you up and down with a shocked expression.

“Yeah that’s kinda the definition of pregnant Sam.” You say rolling your eyes.

“Does anyone else know?” Steve asks cautiously.

“No I only just told Bucky when you guys left to go find the car.” You explain.

“Are you ok with going back to the compound? To be honest with you I have a feeling your dad may have made us and is planning to intercept us at the airport.” Steve asks you carefully.

“Yeah. And I think your right. I don’t know if he will be receptive to our information though. I might be able to throw him off with the news and then you guys can get to the quinjet. I’ll buy you as much time as possible.” You suggest.

“No.” Bucky growls. “We aren’t gonna use you as bait.”

“Bucky it’s not really using me as bait. They won’t hurt me. I know my dad. He may want to kill you even more for knocking me up but he would never lay a hand on me.” You reason gently grabbing Bucky’s hand in yours.

“You sure?” Bucky asks.

“Yes.” You say confidently. You know your dad. He would do anything to protect you.

“Alright. Let’s head out. We all know the plan?” Steve clarifies, clapping his giant hands together. All three of you nod your heads before you all head out to the car and pull away from the safety of the warehouse.


Not Him~ Part Three

Flufflet #4 for @lifeinahole27 as a reward for writing her CSBB!

Little Neverland Renaissance inspired by the prompt from @runningwithscalpels. Not as fluffy as the rest, but whatever–

Killian found it awkward sitting around the campfire with the prince and princess. Snow White had very clearly not forgiven her husband for hiding his fatal condition, and to avoid talking to David, she kept trying to talk to him.

Meanwhile, Killian was distracted. Swan was also still angry at her father for his secret, and at both himself and Neal for what happened at Dark Hollow. She’d stormed off after they’d made camp for the night, saying something about needing fresh air, and to his dismay, Neal had followed.

Not that Neal was that much competition, if Killian was being honest. It wasn’t Neal whom Swan had kissed. It wasn’t Neal who’d promised to win her heart while she stared in hopeful wonder. And it wasn’t Neal whose name she called out in terror when they were both being torn asunder by shadows.

All the same, though, he was not happy at the thought of them alone together.

Fortunately, not five minutes later, Neal returned, looking quite disgruntled before announcing he was going to sleep.

But Swan did not return. Eventually, Snow White declared that she was going to bed as well. David looked around camp. “Emma’s not back yet.”

“I’ll go find her,” Killian volunteered.

“No, it’s fine, I’ll go.”

“No, I insist.” Killian threw a meaningful look towards Snow, who had her back towards him. David caught the glance and his shoulders sagged. But he nodded; better to let someone else retrieve Emma while he tried to mend things with his wife.

Swan wasn’t far from camp; he only had to walk for a minute or so to find her sitting on the ground, back against a massive fallen tree. “What do you want?” she asked sullenly.

“We’re retiring for the night.” She shot him an amused glance, as it has been night since they’d arrived days ago. “You know what I mean. Your parents sent me to make sure you were all right.”

“I’m fine.”

“You sound fine.”

“Well, I am.” She shivered. Of course she was shivering; her arms were bare and the material of her shirt was incredibly thin.

He pulled off his coat and held it out to her. She stared at it for a moment before sighing and reaching up for it. As she wrapped herself in it, he wondered, briefly, how much it would smell like her when she returned it.

“You can sit with me, I guess,” she said when he didn’t move.

“How could I refuse such an offer?” The ground was cold and hard, and he wished that he still had his coat to sit on. But better to have her be warm than to have his arse be cushioned.

They sat together for some time, staring at the jungle in front of them. He couldn’t help but feel a little triumphant; by this point in time, she’d clearly already sent Neal back to camp, and judging from his mood and expression upon his return, whatever she’d said to him had left him unhappy.

“What if we fail?” Her voice was so small and sad. It hurt to hear.

“We won’t. You won’t.”

“I have before.”

“I don’t know if I believe that.” She snorted derisively. “I mean it, Swan. You recall how we met, don’t you? You saw through me. You got the compass. You defeated Cora and got back to Storybrooke. You stopped me from killing the bloody Crocodile. You saw through Greg and Tamara. You found a way to save Regina and your town. I find it hard to believe you won’t succeed here as well.”

“You know, a lot of what you just listed involves you being a villain.”

“I know. But my point still stands. When have you ever failed?”

She sighed. “I lied to Henry.”

He frowned. “When?”

“About Neal. This was a while ago, when I first came to Storybrooke. He just …” She took a deep, shuddering breath. “He just was so interested, and I didn’t want him to know. So I told him his dad was this firefighter who died heroically.”

He wasn’t sure what a firefighter was, but he understood the sentiment. “I knew Neal when he was young,” he said. “I always assumed he would make a fine young man. To be honest, I’m struggling to comprehend that he could have hurt you so much.”

“He said he loved me,” she said quietly. “That we were going to have a life together, a home. And then he left me behind, and I ended up in prison.”

He wanted to ask why–why had Neal left her? Why had that resulted in prison time for Emma? But if she wanted to explain, she would have. What mattered was that Neal had left. And she hadn’t deserved that.

But more than that: “You did not fail when you lied to Henry.”

“You didn’t see how upset he was.”

“I didn’t say he wasn’t upset. You were trying to protect him; you had no reason to think that you would ever see Neal again, or,” he said wryly, “that he would end up being the son of Rumplestiltskin.” She chuckled, and he smiled, pleased he was able to elicit that reaction from her. “What I’m trying to say is that Henry obviously forgives you, and someday he’ll understand why you lied. Given the many ways in which parents can and do fail their children, this hardly registers.”

“Well, thanks.” She shivered again.

“You’re still cold?”

“A little.”

His heart sped up a bit. “May I?”

“May you what?”

May I wrap my arms around you and pretend that the gesture is romantic instead of platonic? wasn’t something he was sure would be well-received were he to voice it aloud, and so he settled on action.

Swan stiffened as his arm settled around her, but she didn’t speak. His heart continued to hammer in his chest; it was impossible to think that she could not hear it. He wished now that he hadn’t given her his coat, so that his hand could touch her bare arm instead of cool leather, or even that the coat could be gone entirely so that he could feel the heat of her as their sides pressed together.

Gradually, though, she relaxed, and while he waited for verbal protestation or a snide remark, neither came. Instead: “So we’re gonna win?”

He smiled. “Aye.”


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“And they all lived-”

“Happily ever after.” Her little voice squeaked out as you closed the book.

“That’s right.” You said, smoothing down her hair and planting a kiss to her head. “Goodnight Lillian.” You said as you put the book with the others on her shelf and went to walk out of the room.

“Mummy!” She cried, causing you to stop and turn around. “You forgot to check for monsters.” She whispered, pointing to the space under her bed.

“Oh right, I’m so sorry baby.” You said, walking back over and bending down to look under her bed. You reached far underneath, making sure there was nothing there.

“Is there anything under there?”

“Nothing, you’re safe. Now try to get some sleep.” You said, giving her another kiss. You walked back out, ready to hit the light when she called you again.

“Mummy, when’s Daddy’s coming back?” 

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