my dad came in while i was making this


“I truly care about giving everyone equal opportunities. My parents came from Cairo, Egypt, to give their three kids an opportunity they would not have had over there. They worked so hard to do so. My mother, while pregnant with my brother and I, was taking three buses to get to her job. My dad was working door to door trying to sell insurance. They were given a chance. I worry that these opportunities aren’t available for people anymore, and I question why that is, and what we can do to change that. That’s what I care about. What do you care about?

He’s in Love - Carl Grimes x Reader

A very short one and i am sorry that it is both disappointing and late but I have had a mixture of illness and work as well as an exam tomorrow and it is all a little hectic. Things should get better after this week and I may return to the joker!! 

“What’s that smirk for?” Rick came up behind Carl on the porch making him jump as he was sat on the porch step. Carl sighed and shook his head,


“Oh so you gazing across the street at (y/n) is nothing, is it?” he moved to sit beside me,  “Carl, young love is tough, you really like her huh?”

“I never said anything about love, dad.” I groaned sinking my head into my hands as if I could disappear into my hat. I had to admit, what I felt wasn’t far from it. The way she pulled her hair up while she worked or how she would just slump out on the couch at ours after a long day and pass out and look peaceful. Or even the way she would look after Judith, bouncing her and bringing little things back for her on runs.

“How long?”

“Ever since she started talking to me” this is quite probably the most embarrassing thing, my dad giving me advice on love and not just that, love in an apocalypse - pretty damn impossible if you ask me,

“I reckon you tell her, just get it out”

“And if she says no?” I asked crossing my arms after pulling my head out of them, finally giving him a sideways glance

“No to what?” great, Michonne.

"Our Carls finally a teenager.”

“Go on” she laughed leaning on the post next to dad,

“He’s in loooveee” I smacked Rick on the arm

“Oh boy!” I could hear the smirk on Michonne’s face, “you need to tell her, it’s Chiana isn’t it”

“It’s not her” I lied beginning to blush. My dads head turned and I could see his smirk,

“Denying it will get you no where, son. Handle her heart with care. (y/n) is strong, but she is also delicate. Don’t ruin that. Do not be responsible for really messing her up.”

“Thanks for the confidence dad,” I sighed

“You’ll be fine, Carl, go talk to her either now or later after chores. I know that dates aren’t really  thing anymore… god knows what is you can do now a days, ask her to hang out a bit or something then ask her to go steady.”

“Go steady?” Michonne chuckled, “God, Rick this isn’t the 1940’s.”

“Might well as be in this state.” I stood and paced up and down before them before stopping to face them.

“What do I even say? Hey (y/n), mind if I hold your hand around everyone and kiss you in front of people? You know, just cause it turns out I don’t actually wanna be your friend anymore - oh no I definitely don’t want to be your friend anymore I want so much more than that because seeing you around Ron drives me insane and if I could just kinda have you to myself that would be great thanks.”

“Well,” dad smirked,

“Yea sure, I mean kissing you doesn’t seem to bad of an idea.” I froze for a moment before turning on my heel. Her face was pretty close to mine. We looked at each other for a moment and I thankfully heard two sets of footsteps moving away. “Ron drive me insane too to be honest but, ain’t got much choice with an apocalypse and all that.” Even now she still joked and played around but I was still stuck on her first sentence,

“Wait, what?”

“The apocalypse?…”

“No, no I noticed that a few years ago actually” I laughed nervously.

“Well you know, kissing does pass time pretty well” she smiled, “I have wanted to do that for a little while actually.” for the first time she blushed a little and glanced down so I ook my chance. I leaned in a little making her look up before I carefully pushed my lips against hers.


There is one thing that is keeping me calm in all of this insanity. Throughout my life, there’s never been anything my dad couldn’t fix. Cars, appliances — I’ve seen them taken apart to their pieces before coming together to make something greater than their individual parts.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, I learned to be proud of both the city and myself for being human melting pots. Irish, Ukrainian, German, Swiss, polish, Austrian, Scottish — the branches of my family have proudly documented our history, including those ancestors who came through Ellis Island. I often wonder if, while passing by the Statue of Liberty on her arrival to the land where “the streets were paved with gold,” my 16-year-old great grandmother could imagine that her grandson-in-law would some day repair Lady Liberty’s crown with his own hands.

Thirty years ago, when I was an infant, the Statue of Liberty was refurbished for its 100th anniversary, and my father handcrafted the windows in her crown. Windows through which millions of us have looked upon the harbor where our ancestors arrived. The windows through which you can look down and see the poem which declares our national values, that declares we are better than what is happening today.

Read more here: Her dad built the windows for the Statue of Liberty. “So ain’t nothing gonna shake that crown”

Why Philip could Identify Ryan and Lukas couldn't

I’m seeing quite a few posts everywhere asking how Philip was able to identify Ryan from under the bed and Lukas, who was in the closet and had a bit of a better view, couldn’t. Think about it this way; its all about headspace.

Lukas, a violently closeted teenage boy, had been making out with another boy in his dad’s cabin. While he and Philip were making out, he was more worried about caught kissing another boy than Philip and when four strange men came into the cabin, Lukas wasn’t worried or focused about what was happening until Ryan shot everyone. He was more worried about being caught with Philip.

Philip was under the bed and that bed looked pretty high off the ground. I did a little experiment with my sister and I crawled under my bed as my sister walked around my room. I got in the headspace of Philip; a 17 year old gay kid who doesn’t really care if anyone knows about him and Lukas and is more concerned about the strange men in the cabin and what’s happening. I even mimicked Philip position under the bed and glancing up, I could see the details of my sisters face.

Philip was able to identify Ryan because he was in a more clear headspace than Lukas. He wasn’t concerned about people knowing, only Lukas was. And Ryan had been standing in spots where Philip could easily see Ryan’s face and make out details.

Both boys were scared, but for different reasons and if you’re in a certain situation and depending on what is on your mind and whats going through your thoughts and what you’re really worried about, your headspace is all that counts.

17black-poetry  asked:

Can you write an imagine about Misses Styles giving birth to Harry's first child and make it all cute and cozy. Love youuuu ❤️

Rating: PG
Warnings: none!
Category: cute (i hope) pregnancy fluff
Word Count: 1,834
Request: Yes! Thank you for requesting, i liked this one a lot!!! Remember requests are still open! ❤️

Note: This pulled at my heart strings and the ending came to me while sitting with my mom scrolling through baby photos. If you guys liked this DO LET ME KNOW cause i have ideas for a full out pregnancy fic…

13. Baby, baby.

Time was surely going slower than ever. Maybe someone had stopped the world. Maybe someone turned out the sound, but turned up his heart, and your voice.  It felt like a scene from a movie, and he wasn’t the one in pain, or the one feeling anything, other than panic.

Your hand was griping his with force, as he griped the steering wheel with his free one. He kept huffing out puffs of air, and his thumb caressed your palm.
“Breathe fo’ me, love”

Harry could perfectly pin point, and remember every detail of the day you’d asked him to join that useless parenting class. You were excited and he had not seen you this cheerful since week 4 of the pregnancy, he remembers sighing and rolling his eyes, the idea sounding so bland, and thinking why did he need to partake in this, but joining all together because he loved you and you were already hormonal as it was. He could perfectly remember being the only guy in the room, and the instructor congratulating them on it. He could perfectly remember all the other ladies gossiping about ‘Harry Styles’ being sat right there. He could remember having to think of anything but that, because you were there, and this made you happy, so he was going to take it and learn as much as he could. As much as it pained him to admit, he did learn a lot, and found himself deep in pregnancy magazines every time he found one – he might have subscribed for “Mommy Monthly” but, let’s keep that a secret – and getting documented on all the things this class has sparked.
“Baby’s about the size of a peach now!” He’d press his lips to your growing belly and smile.

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My story

Now the last thing I want is for pity or for people to feel as though I need to be taken with care. I just want to get my story out. And I honestly don’t care if anyone reads this or not.
Recently I’ve been going to therapy. While talking to her I realized just being able to tell my story makes me feel 10x lighter. When I was 6 years old my mother married her second husband. I never thought much of him just that he was my “new dad”. Thinking back on it now it almost disgusts me to the point of panic knowing I called him my daddy. Around the time I turned 11 he started asking me about what I thought sex was, were babies came from, etc.
This moment was when my world came to a halt. Still thinking of it now is hard even after finally coming out about it. I was sexually abused for almost 3 years. Until my mother left him. Every moment that I was alone I sat in fear of him coming in my room. When I began to recognize what was going on; not only was i mortified but extremely ashamed. It was the fact that I saw him as my father. Someone who protects their little girl but used my trust to his advantage. I hide this for a very long time. I went all through high school till I graduated. Never telling my mother an only a few friends, it was weighing on me more than ever once I started college. It still affects me sometimes. But the reason I wanted to say my story is so that others know that it’s not the end. What happened to you does not define you or your future. You are stronger than anyone could ever know. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Don’t be afraid because you have lived through hell and back. And don’t be afraid to tell someone. If I had, had the courage back then that I do now I would have spoke up sooner. Don’t be ashamed. It was in NO WAY your fault. Stop looking down on yourself and love yourself. Let people know you. I know it is hard but not everyone is a monster.

Henry IV Pt. 1 Character Blogs

Prince Hal: URL- Theprinceofeastcheap. Mostly blogging about hanging out with the #squad and memes. Lots of Fall Out Boy lyrics, sometimes dumps about his bad relationship with his dad under readmores.

Poins: URL- Tothepoins. Reblogs a lot of stuff from Hal. When a post makes him think of Hal he tags it as “my sweet honey lord.” Also a lot of pictures of Tom Hiddleston. A worrying amount of “I hope you know I love you” kind of aesthetic posts.

Hotspur: URL- hotspurofthenorth. The intention of his blog is mostly pictures of swords and horses, but ends up with long reblogged arguments with others. Hates “The Signs As” posts. Sometimes posts pictures of his dog Lady and stuff about Kate.

Lady Percy: URL- Alwayswaitinglady. Aesthetic posts, often with sad Snow Patrol lyrics. Wants to tag stuff as #relationshipgoals but doesn’t. Sometimes cute pictures of her and Hotspur. Once Hotspur labeled a picture of her and their setter as “My two ladies.”

Fallstaff: URL- Johnfallsack. Usually drunk posts, sometimes untagged porn. Way too good with anons and trolls, has the best comebacks ever and is surprisingly intelligent, just don’t ask him for advice.

Francis: URL- Francislikesthings. Mostly recipes, pictures of food, kittens, and things happening at the pub that he thinks are funny. Gets a lot of annoying anonymous messages. They’re all from Hal and Poins and he doesn’t realize who they are or that they’re trolling him.

Douglas: URL- Douglasinscotland. Lots of posts about Scottish politics, football, and photography of Scotland. Gets into a lot of those long reblog arguments with Hotspur but they still follow each other.

Glendower: URL- Shakingearth. Similar to Douglas, lots of posts about Wales. Also reblogs every “The Signs As” post he sees.

Dame Mortimer: URL- CatrinGlyndr. Posts in Welsh. (Catrin was her name historically)

Edmund Mortimer: URL- CatandMorty. Reblogs everything Dame Mortimer posts even though he doesn’t understand it.

Henry IV: Doesn’t have a blog but if he did it would be “disappointed-dad”

Haikyuu As My Mexican Family Members

Daichi - Dad

- cooks carne asada every sunday

- complains abt bills but be in the mall eryday

- collects watches and shoes ???

- the worst

Sugawara - Mom

- nice ass hell but dammit “limpia tu pinche cuarto!” ( clean ya damn room lmao )

- makes the bombest mf food

- dont like what he make? “ pos a qui no es un restaurante “ ( this aint no damn restaurant so you gon eat what ever i make )

- always working… has like 6 jobs …

- the best

Asahi - The BEST uncle

- somehow has a thiqq lit ass partner like?? how???


- gives you money when youre sad bc he dont know how to talk to ppl lmao

- trying his best

- foreal the best uncle

Nishinoya - Uncles Boyfriend


- always damn talkin, wont shut the fucc up

- cant cook for shit lmao

- beautiful ass hell

- ( i had a crush on my uncles girlfriend yall she was so beautiful.. she was so thiq how did my uncle get her oh my god ) ( i w  AS 10 ) (  i was “straight” bacc then too lmao )

Tanaka - The drunk uncle

- this boi … always damn drunk

- wont give you money when ya sad bc he broke


- has a weird voice

- calm down

Kageyama - ME

- tries his best at school yet he failin :::))))

- lowkey loves all his friends

- not so secretly likes kpop

-acts like a white child in the streets but in his home? ya best know he say “ yes ma’m” and “ yes sir” bc he aint tryna get his ass beat

- dont wanna talk spanish infront of his friends even th o … they mexican

- has the bombest friends?


- funny ass hell

- makes self deprecating jokes without realizing it  

- H Y P E R

- always laughin and smilin how ya damn cheeks not fallen off

- a scammer , liar, messy bih

- the besST

Tsukishima - Little bitchj

- shut the fuck up

- fight me

- they bf amazing ass hell why he dating a bottle of salt

- think he listen to the bombest music when its all top 20 hits and a few stupid ass indie bands

- dehydrated

- looks like a gringo,family teases him abt it

- never speaks spanish







- all ya aunties love him


a couple days ago at work two dads and their toddler came through my lane and they were so so nice, one of them bagged for me while the other one entertained their daughter and when i had to get the price checked on something they were super nice and patient about it and they were just such sweet guys and it was obvious that they’re a really happy loving family and my heart was Warmed


“People always trolled me”

Once when we were filming for Kadhal Konden, there was this guy who came up to me and asked who was the hero of the film. Not wanting to get insulted further, I pointed to the second hero, Sudeep. He then went to greet Sudeep and took pictures with him. After a while when he came to realise that I am the hero of the film, he started laughing and said things like, “how can he be the hero”, “he looks like an auto driver”. Not only him but the whole crowd started mocking at me. I was only 17/18 at that time and I did not have the maturity to handle that kind of situation. I went inside my car and started crying. I was so angry with my dad for making me join the cinema industry. I could have just joined college peacefully.

Whoever with talent can be a hero.

zayelex  asked:

I saw your blog, I'm not a fan of mpreg but I saw *more like stalked cause even tho I hate tomtord I like knowing stories and seeing others ideas* I find it inspirational that you're able to come out and overcome it and cope even ThoSomeDontLikeMpreg

(Thanks, getting over the grudge of my abusive ex step mom was really hard for me. I’d like to thank my real mom for suggesting me therapy, my dad for protecting me from my step mom, and my friends and family members support after I came out as an abuse survivor. And I’d like to thank Eddsworld for always making me laugh and cheer up while living with my abusive step mom.

miserablesoldier  asked:

I've only just came back from dads house and he has terrible wifi there so I didn't hear about the great news that you've returned! You make my mornings and late nights more bearable and I want to thank you for that. I hope you're doing okay and I hope the break helped you. Much love, MiserableSoldier.

I recognize you! You’ve messaged me before.

Thank you so much for being here! ♥ It’’s been a while, right? Thank you for that.

Well, i’m glad you find this blog to be some sort of escape. It’s what it was made for. However, when things aren’t going that well, don’t forget about your hobbies. Music can always make you feel better too. Just take care of yourself and always remember to live life as happily as you can because it’s too short. So no wasting time. ;) More treating yourself.

Sending you a hug. X.


but what about military service member/dependent aus?

  • “i met you in germany when we were ten and we thought we’d never see each other again, but it’s ten years later and i’m 98% sure i just spotted you at the gas station on our latest base” au
  • “i’ve lived in this town all my life and you just moved here with your mom because your dad was killed in iraq and you broke down in my auto shop and told me all about your dad” au
  • “i’m only stationed here for two years, but we hit it off after i crashed into you while trying to read a map and it came out that i passably speak your language and now you’ve invited me along with your college group to see the sights” au
  • “my husband was killed in action four years ago and i’ve been raising our daughter alone, but then you moved into the apartment upstairs and your uniform makes me want to cry and now my heating is broken, it’s the middle of winter, and there’s a snowstorm raging” au
  • “i’ve been content focusing on my career and making my dad proud, but then we almost mowed each other over while out running and you have really gorgeous eyes, miss prosecuter ma'am” au
  • “i’m security forces and you’re k-9, but your dog loves me even though you hate me and my ”ridiculous small southern town accent“ which i find to be quite rude, considering that nice texan drawl you’ve got” au
  • “I just got an honorable discharge after being wounded in action, and i’ve more-or-less estranged myself from my family because i can’t stand their pity, but i can’t help but notice you because we always end up in the grocery store on the same day and you’re always smiling even though you’re in a wheelchair” au
  • “we just spent the whole night laughing in a bar together, got kicked out and you just told me that you’re on your last day of r&r from afghanistan and i don’t think my chest is supposed to hurt like this after knowing you twelve hours” au
  • “i was supposed to take a buddy when i left base but i didn’t and now i’m lost and you caught me staring helplessly at this subway map in a foreign language and offered to help me, in english, and i really want to hug you now” au
  • “you’re driving from california to your next duty station and i’m the night shift waitress in the diner you stopped at and the only other patron keeps leering at me and trying to feel me up, do you mind if i sit over here with you?” au
  • “i got hit by a car who i didn’t see coming and now you’re above me asking if i’m okay and i swear i had something else in my head to say other than "is my knight in shining armor in kevlar?” au


i woke up early and washed my hair and sat on the windowsill for a while looking at how calm and quiet everything is.. and then my dad came (he doesn’t live with us) and brought mum flowers for mother’s day (she was woken up by that and it made her very happy and that warmed my heart) and i made her breakfast (i put very much effort into making everything as nice as possible) and coffee and it felt like a very wonderful morning for a while

something happened and i felt the lowest i have this year or maybe ever for two hours and i wrote a lot of it down. and then suddenly everything was alright and that made me slightly angry because it felt like a ridiculous play and then i realised others do not seem to care about things that have an incredible impact on how i feel at all and i felt like i was treating people unfairly and i felt like i was being treated unfairly

we went for a bike ride and drove to an island i had never been to before and everything seemed to be blooming and the air smelled wonderful and it felt like this was not a world meant for me - in a way that i felt alien but not quite

i met a friend i hadn’t seen in some time for a couple of minutes and she looked very very beautiful

we sat in grass and me and my sister drank my mum’s wine and laughed and i felt silly and insecure (not because of the wine)

my grandma baked the most magnificent cake i have ever tried and we all had coffee (some of us tea) and i read and we talked and i felt light & easy.. and i started doubting many things and thinking about many things then decided all the thinking i could possibly do wasn’t worth it because as long as being with them fills me with love and joy that is all that matters

i had a very good conversation =

i have a lot to think about

an incomplete list of things my dad has done
  • gotten into a car because somebody drove past and shouted ‘alright kev’
  • shouted ‘ya bastARD’ at 3.00 am when he came in from work and fell over his work boots
  • replied ‘yeah’ to the question ‘tea or coffee’ twice, then got annoyed he got tea
  • complained that the menus were french in a french restaurant
  • was making bread, punched it while kneading and got an oat stuck in his thumbnail
  • doesnt scream on rollercoasters, just white knuckle grips onto the handles and shouts whooooAAAAhH with increasing volume
  • hates rollercoasters but continues to ride them
  • for three years him and his mate were called ‘Pot Noodle’ and ‘Little Kev’. no explanation given
  • refers to his dog as ‘the big man’
  • came home and informed us he’d bought 2000 bees
  • shouts ‘go on my son’ when watching any sports game. could be golf
  • bought a play station to play a golf game. also bought a ds for the same reason
  • has owned version of fifa from 2006-2014, gets stick from my grandad for playing ‘crap games’. he takes them very seriously and some times excitedly tells me if he wins the league
  • when he was 8 he had a girlfriend and announced it to my nan by sliding a note under the bathroom door
  • complained some chinese was censored on sky news bc it didnt matter as he couldnt speak chinese
  • had his police hat stolen only to be placed on top of the large metal jaguar at the Jaguar garage       
Creepypasta #393: Door In The Attic

When I was younger, just on the cusp of being a teenager, my sister and I were in the attic. We were hunting for some old toys we had stored up there that we wanted to pull out and give a run for their money. It was a simply designed attic; old floor boards, steepled roof, everything bare to the eye. That’s why it was so bizarre when we noticed the small cubby door on one of the walls, logically leading to what would have been the outside of the building.

Being the curious creatures we were, we just had to open it. The long and narrow crawlspace we discovered defied imagination; how was it possible for it to be there? It violated everything our young minds knew about space and architecture, and so I ran off to get my dad while my sister stayed and watched it just to make sure it did not disappear while I was away.

When I came back with him, he was just as stunned as we were with the discovery. After pondering it for a short while, we all knew there really was not any choice; we had to know what was in there. Getting down on our hands and knees, we went inside to investigate the seeming impossibility. We found more attic. The same décor, just more walls, and a much, much larger space, filled with shelves and storage containers. It was utterly fascinating that it was filled with all manner of things; art, tools, appliances. We wondered how it had all gotten there. Some of it could not have even physically been brought in unless it had been built from scratch in that space, or the building was erected around it, such as a matching washer and dryer.

But even stranger yet was that my father began to recognize the things stored there. Things he had lost. Things he had thrown away over the years, renewed and in prime condition. These were his things, from the years of his life. It was amazing. We vowed to come back in the morning and remove everything we could, because there was so much history, nostalgia, and genuinely useful objects held there.

The next day came, and for some reason, we all seemed just far to busy to go back; ‘it will be there tomorrow’, we all said. And the next day. And the day after that, we barely even thought about it, as it slipped away from our minds like fog. Before too long, only a few weeks out, I was convinced I had dreamed the entire thing, and no one spoke on it anymore. I did not even bother looking in the attic, that was how far removed from reality the idea was.

Time passed, and my sister and I grew into our twenties. We both moved away, and she had kids of her own, both of us married. Unfortunately, tragedy struck, and my father fell ill. We both had to return to care for him, and prepare his estate for the inevitable conclusion of his terminal disease.

It probably comes as no surprise that this put us both in the attic again; many things needed to be organized and removed. And it probably comes as no surprise that when we were there, we stumbled across that same cubby door we had seen more than a decade prior, and in that instant, we looked at each other and remembered. We could see it in each others’ eyes; we had both forgotten for no reason. We were determined to not let it go to waste again. I told my sister I was going to go get some boxes so we could start moving things out, and she agreed to go inside and start gathering what she could to bring out.

I had just left the attic when my phone rang. Answering it, my mother came on from the other end in hysterics. My father had just passed away. I went back up to get my sister after hanging up, no longer concerned with pilfering the strange room, numb from shock. Except, the door was gone. I stared at the wall where it had been, feeling the terror of betrayal. I began to scream and yell hysterically for my sister, but there was no answer. I clawed at the wall, and took a hammer to it, only to eventually break through to the aluminum siding of the house, creating a hole I would later have to patch to sell the building.

I had no idea what to do. I did not even think I could realistically call the police; I had no idea what to tell them. Eventually I gathered myself up and went to the hospital to be with the rest of my family, expecting them to ask where my sister was.

They never did.

Not even her husband.


A few years have passed since then. Every once in a while, I see pictures of my sister around my house, and I remember that once upon a time, she existed. Sometimes I think I made her up, or that I’m misremembering a stranger’s face in those old photos. No one ever came looking for her, no police, not her job. No one acknowledged she was missing. When I would ask my mother, she would stare blankly at me, and after some prodding, slowly nod. She remembered, yes, I had a sister. And that was as interested as she got. My sister’s husband gave me much the same reaction; he would ask me who I was talking about when I mentioned her name. Eventually he would concede that he seemed to recall being married at some point, and his lack of conviction would make me think I made it all up. I probably did. Either way, he has a new girlfriend, and his children are calling her mom. They never missed a beat.

But sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night because I hear someone walking in my attic. I hear a voice I think I recognize, but I can’t place who it belongs to anymore. She asks for me to help her, but I don’t even know why I would be helping her, or what I’m helping her do. Either way, she’s in the attic, and there is nothing in my attic, so it must be my imagination.

I just wish I would stop hearing her voice after I wake up.

Credits to: FenrirSM

I came to the realization last night

That 19 years of just shutting the fuck up and saying okay while my dad talks down to me has made me like a million times more likely to let people treat me like shit and to never be bold enough to stand up for myself.
I love my dad, I really do, but he’s making me into a person I don’t want to be and it’s just really shitty.

to all the younger shawols like me who came with an adult to the fanmeet in Chicago/Dallas, i hope u appreciate the time and money that ur parents spent to get you there. while i was at the venue, I saw a dad asking his daughter questions like “what exactly is a fanmeet?” and “so.. they sing and dance?” which was almost the exact same thing my dad and probably many others asked. there’s nothing sweeter than a parent doing something to make their kid happy even if they don’t exactly understand what that may be. next time u get mad at them, remember that they took u to see the shines ok? ok.