my cute double chin

i kno its not healthy to look at models for body goals but tbh plus size models rlly helped me to like…………….not obsess over trying to be like……………115 pounds….lol


I dyed my hair pink and purple today! But when I was laying outside taking selfies a spider crawled on me and now bees think I’m a flower so I’m inside protecting myself from the evil bugs


Pictures of me crouching behind my sister feel like cheating, so here are some full body shots of me, not necessarily chosen for being the most flattering angles either :P Part of being fat for a long time is hating most pictures of myself–on top of the weight there were always pimples, my nose, the double chin I had even when my weight was low, my stringy/greasy hair. I still flinch a little at some pictures, but I’ve come to appreciate my nose (it’s my dad’s nose. It makes me look like my dad), and I’ve figured out my hair, sort of. I think my double chin is cute. 

I’ve also realized that pictures taken at a flattering selfie angle (slightly above and from the side, yas) don’t really show the person that my friends see. My friends see someone who squints up her eyes when she laughs and makes dumb faces while she tells stories and has terrible posture, and who looks like a cuddly, beautiful marshmallow. And that’s the person they choose to be friends with and love, so that’s the person I choose to love too <3