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The shock of the Assassin’s Creed Movie NOT premiering in my country this December really hit me hard. So I decided to cheer myself up by sketching my two current muses ( @therealjacksepticeye and Hugh Dancy) as modern day assassins.

I don’t think I’ll be lining or coloring these fully because I really liked how the sketches turned out. :)

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send me a crystal and i'll tell...
  • abalone: what kind of situations compromise my muse emotionally
  • aegerine: my muse's opinion of the supernatural
  • agate: how my muse calms down
  • blue lace agate: my muse's favorite form of communication (verbal, letters, texting, etc.)
  • fire agate: if my muse is brave or cowardly
  • moss agate: if my muse has a high or low opinion of themself
  • amazonite: what kind of situations call for my muse to be dishonest
  • amethyst: what my muse would most like to be able to shape-shift into
  • ammolite: how lucky or unlucky my use is
  • angel aura quartz: my muse's opinion of LGBT+ issues
  • apache tears: a sadness headcanon
  • apatite: a headcanon about my muse's intuition
  • apophyllite: my muse's religious/spiritual beliefs
  • aquamarine: where my muse feels most calm/relaxed
  • biotite: the biggest problems my muse is currently dealing with
  • bloodstone: how my muse sees themself as part of the world at large
  • calcite: my muse's social tendencies (introverted vs extroverted, parties vs one-on-one conversations, etc.)
  • carnelian: an art-related headcanon
  • celestite: how my muse deals with anxiety
  • chalcedony: the saddest my muse has ever been
  • chalcopyrite: how my muse deals with ending relationships
  • charoite: who my muse looks up to
  • chrysocolla: a money-making headcanon
  • copper: how I think my muse will end up when they're older
  • coral: how my muse views the natural world
  • diamond: a sex headcanon
  • dolomite: a sleep headcanon
  • emerald: how my muse tells someone they love them without words
  • fluorite: what my muse's room looks like
  • fossil: what my muse's dream job is
  • galena: what it's like to be in a relationship with my muse
  • garnet: what my muse's perfect partner would be
  • gold: my muse's financial situation
  • hematite: how squeamish my muse is
  • hiddenite: how much of an "inner child" my muse has
  • iolite: my muse's drinking habits
  • jade: if my muse would ever cheat on a partner
  • jasper: what my muse would be like as a parent
  • kyanite: an anger headcanon
  • lapis lazuli: where 'home' is to my muse
  • lodestone: what kind of people gravitate towards my muse
  • malachite: what my muse as a child thought they would be when they grew up
  • mica: what my muse views as their worst personality trait
  • moonstone: my muse's opinions on outer space
  • mother of pearl: if my muse tends to lift people up or bring them down
  • nebula stone: how good my muse's memory is
  • obsidian: which of the seven deadly sins my muse would be
  • opal: how creative my muse is
  • pearl: a mental health headcanon
  • petalite: what my muse would do if they found a wallet on the street
  • pyrite: a physical health headcanon
  • quartz: how my muse thinks other people see them
  • rhodonite: if my muse prefers elegance or convenience
  • rubellite: if my muse has any 'triggers' that inspire painful memories
  • ruby: a happiness headcanon
  • sapphire: if everyone my muse knew was hanging off a cliff and they could only choose three to save, the rest certainly dying, who they would choose
  • serpentine: how my muse would seduce another [alt: how my muse makes their money]
  • silver: if my muse prefers masculinity or femininity
  • tsavorite: if my muse believes in destiny or fate
  • ulexite: how empathetic/sympathetic/compassionate my muse is
  • unakite: what my muse's ideal pet would be
  • verdite: my muse's ethnicity/family history
  • zebra stone: what gets my muse excited
  • zoisite: does my muse believe everything's going to work out for them in the end or not?

Another bethyl piece~ they are my muse currently x3

But this was the image in my mind of where Daryl’s mind goes when he’s lost all hope~

The dialogue goes something like this…

Daryl: “M’ sorry Beth… We lost it all again. Everything. I couldn’t-”

Beth: “Shh… Daryl… It’s okay. You can get through this. You always do. Like I said before- you’re gonna be the last man standing.”

Muse song meme

Send me a symbol and I will tell you a song I think connects to my muse at the time, or songs for random time

🚼- Childhood

♨︎- Teenage years 

❤︎- When my muse in love 

♤- For how my muse feels about one of their family members (specify) 

😭- when my muse is sad 

😀- when my muse is happy 

💃🏾- my muse’s favorite song to dance to 

💋- How my muse would feel after their first kiss 

🎵- Song my muse connects to personally 

🚙- song my muse would like to listen to in the car 

🚫- song my muse hates 

💔- song my muse would listen to after a break up 

⏰- song my muse has set for their alarm (or if they would have if they have for an alarm 

🍺- song my muse would sing when they’re drunk for karaoke 

🚿- song my muse sings in the shower 

🍳- song my muse cooks to or would cook to 

🌺- my muse’s current favorite song 

🐚- a song from my muse’s past 

// Also, I will work tomorrow on Phoebe’s in-game ability kit if she were a playable Overwatch hero! I had quite a good idea today and talked with my bf about it and he approved of it. (Though the kit might be problematic to balance probably…)

I am already excited to present it to you and curious about your opinion!

And well, I’ll clear my ask box tomorrow. Good night all! <3

Roleplay: Official Post

So, a few of you thought it’d be neat to have roleplay on this blog, and I miss roleplaying so I thought “well, why not?” 

Here are the Notes / Requests!: 

1. To start a roleplay, send me an ask saying whether you want me to answer privately or publicly, who you want to roleplay with, and your prompt. 

2. Currently, my only two muses are Dark and Anti. Here’s the note about them: they are not nice. 

Dark: is more smooth and calculated, also quite formal

Anti: more impulsive, childish, and playful, also short-tempered

3. Please be literate! Try to use proper grammar and spelling if you’re going to send something in. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. (Small mistakes are okay! I just need to be able to understand what you’re saying.)

4. I don’t roleplay smut. Teasing is fine, but I will not roleplay full-on smut.

5. This won’t just be a roleplay blog, of course! Most of the time, it’ll still be fanart, occasional asks/posts, etc. This is just another part of it.

6. The tag for roleplay is “#kayla roleplays”

Survival Strategy

Since I am a writer, I spend a significant amount of time inside my head.

These days, my head is not a healthy place to be.

For one thing, we are living in a country that plays like a disjointed Cold War spy novel. Yesterday a Russian spy ship was cruising off the coast of Connecticut, and ruthless, posturing North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un’s gentler half –brother was assassinated in a Malaysian airport.

I am an imaginative person, and my imagination is not serving me well.

I wake to sleep, and my sleep is filled with anxiety dreams.

We still meet deadlines, keep appointments, watch Netflix. Rather than my current musings- which country will drop the bomb first? Russia? North Korea? Us?- I want to think about the idea I have for a novel, and what I’m going to do this weekend.

It requires intentional disconnect (like unsubscribing to the text new alerts) to ignore what is going on in the country, in the world, and just focus on the discrete path under my nose. My day will then turn from chaos and ambient dread to a cautious slog, one foot in front of the other. Is this any way to live? Hardly. But these days, living seems too ambitious. I just want to function.