my curlies

calling all curly haired cuties !!!! I am starting an art series called the curly hair project that is all about learning to love the unruly mess on your head. I am one of many people I know that has spent years hating my hair and trying to straighten it or hide it or weigh it down with a ridiculous amount of product– but I wanna end this pattern and find love in the curls that are on my head. and I want to help you to do so as well, so if you are interested in participating, then please message me (@moonfairiie) for more details. the idea of this is to draw your curls and present it alongside as small blurb about your hair journey throughout the years (bad haircuts, flat irons, perms, and all). please please let me know if you wanna participate – whether you have spiral ringlets or loose waves, everyone is welcome ❤️❤️


🥔Spiral Potatoes🥔