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Human’s eyelashes are weird.

Inspired by the contacts post and eyelash that got into my eye.

But imagine that humans are the only species that needs/has eyelashes.

Or, there are other species that also have them, but this particular alien hasn’t payed attention to them or hadn’t given them much thought. Then there’s this human in their crew with really long or black eyelashes or something so this one alien sees them and is curious, so they decide to ask about it.

Xanar: Excuse me, Human-Jane, but may I ask what those little hairs that come out of your eyelids are?

Jane: They’re my eyelashes.

Xanar: Yes but what is their purpose?

Jane: They stop stuff from getting into my eyes.

Xanar: I see. *writes down*

Then you know how they can be “traitors”:

Xanar: Human-Jane, we need you to- excuse me Human-Jane but wHAT ARE YOU DOING AND WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING YOUR EYE??!?

Jane: There’s an eyelash in it.

Xanar: You mean INSIDE your eye?

Jane: Well it fell from my lid and now it’s stuck between it and my eye, so I’m trying to get it out.

Xanar: But I thought they stopped things from getting INTO your eyes??

And then there’s some fancy dinner or something so Jane’s getting pretty.

Xanar: I think I saw those “cupped-cakes” around her– HUMAN-JANE STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!??!!? I know your little eye hairs are annoying but please DON’T TRY TO REMOVE THEM ALL AT ONCE!!

Jane: What? Oh hey Xanar, don’t worry, I’m just curling them.

Xanar: Do they come out easier that way?!??

Jane: No, they’re just curly, look. *she moves the curler so the alien can see*

Xanar: Oh is that it? You just leave them there?

Jane: Yeah.

Xanar: But what is the purpose of doing that? Does it improve your vision? Are they more protective this way? Will they no longer fall?

Jane: They’re pretty.

Xanar: …pretty?

Jane: They make me look prettier this way.

Xanar: So humans BEND their hairs in HALF so they look PRETTY?

Jane: Yes, that’s about it.

Xanar: *worriedly looks for somewhere to write down*