my cupcake is perfect & angelic

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

Can we just pause for a second and treasure how happy Emma was in this episode? The beaming smiles, the giggles, the spring in her step, the hearteyes.

All I’ve ever wanted is to see her this happy. I know there’s things she doesn’t know so she’s blissfully oblivious to stuff that will harsh her mellow, but for now I’m just gonna bask in the glorious sunbeams of her smiles.

Jimin as your Boyfriend
  • What a confusing boyfriend
  • One minute he’s an adorable smol bean
  • And the next, he’s showing off his hot bod
  • Uses cute nicknames like “baby girl” and maybe “kitten” idk how kinky he is
  • Probably really kinky lol sorry not sorry
  • Likes to stay indoors and cuddle with you when it’s raining to keep it chill
  • But takes you on picnics and to the pool when it’s sunny
  • When you don’t listen to him he might say one of two things:
  • 1) “Jiminie wants you to listen! Pweeeeaaaase!”(In which you respond by cringing)
  • 2) “If you don’t listen to me right now, princess, I’ll have to punish you later”(In which you respond by cringing).
  • If he’s on tour he’ll Skype or Facetime you every night so that he doesn’t have to wait a single night without seeing that beautiful face
  • He most likely steals your pillows because they smell like you WHICH HE SWEARS ISN’T A WEIRD THING TO DO AT ALL
  • Jimin sux at cooking so you’d have to cook for him a lot or get takeout
  • But when you do cook, he’s always trying to learn how you’re making things
  • “Okay, but how do you crack an egg so well? Don’t the shells get everywhere?”
  • He does bake well though, surprisingly enough
  • He’d make you little heart cookies and cupcakes on Valentine’s Day and stuff
  • Jimin knows how it feels to be insecure so he compliments everything about you as many times as he can throughout the day
  • “Oh your hair look as perfect as always!”
  • “How are you so pretty?????”
  • “Woah, I thought you were an angel, but y/n is better!”
  • I feel like Jimin loses things very easily and needs you to help him find a lot of stuff
  • And he’d use one of those
  • “y/n! I lost something, can you help me find it?”
  • “What did you lose this time, Jimin?”
  • “Oh wait I lost my heart, but it looks like you’re keeping it”
  • Jimin gives you a lot of shy kisses when he thinks you did something cute
  • So basically, always
  • I could see you being that couple who plays board games like candy land at a frat party
  • But I can also see you being that couple that grinds on each other all night?
  • Grinding+Candy Land= SIGN ME UP YES
  • You like to joke about his baby face, but then…
  • “You won’t be laughing when this dic-”
  • But at the end of the night when you’re all tired and flustered
  • You’d probably have sex
  • Just Kidding(not really)
  • But at the end of the night, Jimin would massage all of the worries from your body
  • And he’d whisper on and on about how grateful he is to have you in his life
  • And you can wrap your arms around him in comfort
  • Knowing he’ll always be there for you the next day

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Imagine Kara accidentally slips to Clark on phone that she's hanging out with Lena and five minutes later he appears at Lena's balcony. He storms in and almost yells "What are you planning, Luthor? what you are trying to do with my cousin??" and Lena is like "Um I think we're planning to try a new Chinese place today after work"


She just wants to splurge on excessive amounts of food and watch her girlfriend eat pot stickers and pizza all day. Is that too much to ask? I really don’t think it is!


Today a really great person is becoming older and seems a life that we know each other~ i definitely consider you @talented-nerd-01 as my best friend💝 ;//w//;
You amazing girl much more mature for your age~ you don’t have idea about all the strength you own! Inside of you i can see a beautiful woman that soon will literally shine like a star!🌟
For you my adorable angel (cause i know how much u like this name ;3c) i wish a life full of happiness and thanks to your talent all your dreams will surely come true!❤
As i will be able to travel to America… We’ll finally see each other and have fun together as we’ve planned!❤❤❤ *w*

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Your posts are so perfect. I just love every inch of your images that I could just stare at them forever. <3 Thanks for sharing your stuff with the world.

You’re an angel ;__; thank you so much for this! I’m forever in awe by the fact that people actually appreciate my stuff T__T<33

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So if you had to rank your favorite ladies, how would you rank them? I assume Julianne Moore is first

LOL I like to refer to them as “my wives.”

But, okay. While I can’t really order them for you, I CAN tell you how I would (jokingly) refer to them!!!

In no particular order:
Lana Parrilla– Perfect Cinnamon Roll
Sarah Paulson– Adorable Cupcake
Pamela Rabe– Owner of my Life
Helen McCrory– Perfect Angel
Julianne Moore– Flawless Woman
Adele– Adorable Dorkmuffin
Helena Bonham Carter– Special Snowflake

I’m half kidding, but mostly serious. Ahaha that being said, I can use these terms interchangeably! :)


Arashi ni Shiyagare [2015.11.14]
┗ Cute cupcake muffin Matsumoto ♥

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So I like twenty one pilots, I think the music is super catchy and the guys are adorable! But there seems to be so much negative things going about them, am I missing something? Like I don't want to seem like a dumb follower who ignores if they're problematic ☹️

so i don’t wanna sound hella evil and harsh but they (mainly tyler) have done some low key gross stuff. i dont have sources really but 

  • during Love Wins tyler like refused to tweet about it (which like ok not tweeting doesnt make u evil ,,, BUT THEN) he posted some weak ass “apology” saying he couldn’t handle the gay burden and how his mind was ground point zero or something,,,, it was shit
  • He called his wife his prized possession!!! on instagram and like thousands of young fans now think thats cute and #goals, which its really not its so gross
  • his whole family is so fucking gross and transphobic… they (mainly Zach) liked a bunch of nasty things about Caitlyn Jenner and when anyone called him out they got blocked (i know like 3 ppl who got blocked)
  • hes racist and elitist. Neither him nor his fan base can acknowledge that he fucking raps !!! its not “fast poetry” its rap like accept it. his lyric in lane boy “i wasnt raised in the hood but i know a thing or two about pain and darkness” ???????????? go back to the cornfields mr. ohio
  • the fan base is soooooooooo fucking elitist too like i know every artist has fans who think they’re better for listening longer but fuuuck man top fans will attack you and flip on you for not knowing josh’s brothers middle name like calm down,,,,,,,,,,,, plus their name is literally the Clique which is exclusive enough…
  • Josh was also friends/roommates with a known pedophile for a while?? Dustin Heveron, who would ask so many underage fans for nudes and shit. I’m pretty sure Josh stopped talking to him a while ago tho, but i left the fan base so i wouldn’t know

i hope this helps u out my dude. u can still listen to them but just know that they’re not “perfect lil angel bean cupcakes uwu”

list of things i’ve seen people call bellamy blake:

  • mother hen, dad, pack papa, momma bell, mama blake, perfect angel, mom, actual cupcake, actual angel, fearless leader, momma, precious baby, precious special snowflake, big brother of all the kids, dad with league of children in tow, darling child, mother duck, nerd supreme, earth dad, little baby asshat, sunshine, sweet child o mine, bellayummy, papa bellamy, light of my life/love of my life, my rebel puppy, goddamn prince, sunshine, papa bear, mama bear, the bae, my trash baby, hot dad bellamy blake, league of puppies in disguise
Soulmates 3

Catch up on the story!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2 


Written by: @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie

Words: 1,542

Summary:….Yeahhhh I did it again, I don’t remember this

And away we go…


“I can’t believe you did that!!!” You laughed as Sam groaned.

Dean was telling the story of how Sam had gotten drunk and peed on his bike once. The night had been filled with embarrassing moments and laughing so hard you all at least once had to go run and pee somewhere in the sand. At about 1am Sam and Dean took off to McDonald’s to get you all something to eat.

“Are you having fun?” Castiel asked, and you smiled.

“Definitely. This is the most fun I’ve had in years”

“I’m glad I could make you happy” he kissed your head and the two of you sat in silence.

“Hey Cas?” You asked, breaking the silence. “Do your brothers know about us? Gabriel and Michael that is”

He nodded and rubbed your arm gently. “Yes they do. I remember when I first found out about us I went to see Gabriel. He freaked out, wanting to plan our wedding” he rolled his eyes and you giggled.

“Michael sat me down and had a very interesting talk with me. About being intimate with humans and that I needed to be careful because of your fragile body. There are a lot of things I have to remember when being with a human” He explained and you nodded.

“He’s right, you’re very strong and I admit sometimes I’m afraid if we do get intimate, it might be a little…?”

“Rough?” He answered, using the word you couldn’t think of.

“Yes” you sighed. “I know you won’t mean it. But what if it’s too much for me?”

“Y/N, we don’t need to have sex to be a couple. It’ll take some getting used to of course. But our lives won’t be centered on sex. We have to test the waters first. I’ve asked Dean and-”

“Whoa whoa whoa, you asked Dean what?” You looked at him.

“I asked him how to have sex with a girl” He answered, tilting his head.

You groaned and smiled. That was Cas for you.

He continued, “I asked Dean and he says you have to treat a lady like fine wine. Going nice and smoothly, with a few surprises”

You shook your head and blushed. “I think nice and slow with long hard strokes would be nice”

He shifted a bit and you felt something against your back.

“Castiel. Tell me that’s not your-”

“We come bearing food” Dean announced loudly. He tossed you a couple of tightly rolled bags and the four of you started eating.

At 3am, the boys said their goodbyes and Castiel surprised you yet again, you would be sleeping on the beach. While you were away with the boys. Gabriel snuck in and set up a canopy bed. That would block the sun so you didn’t have to be woken up and no one could see it, should someone discover your private beach area.

You crawled under the covers that regulated to the absolute best temperature and snuggled into Castiel’s side.

“I’m sorry about my little, Uh, problem from earlier” Cas whispered an apology.

You blushed and closed your eyes. “I really didn’t mind it”


You woke up tangled in Castiel’s arms and wings. You wiggled your way out and checked your phone that had miraculously charged overnight. 1pm. Later than you had slept in a long time. You stretched and looked around. Neatly folded in a basket, there were some dangerously short shorts, a crop top and a bra.

There was a note with Gabriel’s signature on it. You rolled your eyes and began to get dressed, making sure to stay below the bed so Cas didn’t see you.

Castiel woke up a half hour later to find you playing temple run. When you got eaten, he laid his head in your lap and it wasn’t until he laid small kisses across your waist he realized how little clothing you had on. You blushed when he pulled away and got out of bed.

“Gabriel got me an outfit apparently” you said.
Cas took his clothes from the basket. A white tank top and basketball ball shorts. He also had a note.

“Go for a walk, show off your girl and she can show off her man”


“But I’m an Angel?” He questioned. A second note fell out of the basket as he grabbed his keys.

“You’re pretending to be a man”


Cas nodded, understanding what his older brother meant. He told you no peeking and changed. Your eyes widened when you saw the arms on your Angel.

“Oh…my…god” you whispered.

Castiel looked at you “why are you talking about my father?” He tilted his head and you sighed.

“No- I-, Never Mind” you smiled.

“Let’s go for a walk” Castiel suggested holding out his arm. You blushed and held onto it.

“Let’s go”


Over the year, Castiel took you on date after date. The two of you just wanted to be around each other all the time. Cases had surprisingly slowed down for a while and the boys joined you on a few of them. When Castiel took you ice skating, it was hell on ice. He had no idea what he was doing as you and Dean skated figure 8’s.

“Where did you even learn to do that?!” Sam asked Dean, falling for the 6th time. You skated over and helped him up.

“I had spare time and the chick I liked at the time loved ice skating” He shrugged.

Sam rolled his eyes and you went to help Castiel up.

“Angel’s do not ice skate” He sighed when you pulled him up. You kissed his cheek gently and he smiled.

“I’m still enjoying this date. Even if you do suck” You laughed and gently pulled him along, showing him how to move his feet. Dean did the same with Sam, telling him to give him his moose paws. The two of you skated along pulling Sam and Cas with you.

That was one date you would always remember. When Castiel took you to the amusement park that got wild. He was reluctant to take you on the big rides at first but after his first few rides he wanted to try them all.

Being with Castiel wasn’t always easy though. Sometimes his not understanding things made life a little stressful.

“Castiel. I just want privacy” You groaned. He wanted to always be with you and make you happy, but you just wanted time to wind down after a shitty day at work.

“Y/N I can sense you’re aggravated. I just want to help” he sighed.

“You can help. By LEAVING ME ALONE” you balled your fists and huffed.

“I thought when people are upset they want to be with loved ones” He tilted his head.

“Not every freaking time! Sometimes I just need time to myself I just want to be ALONE.”

“Does that mean you don’t want to be with me?” He asked worriedly.


Castiel stared at your door. Sam poked his head out from his room and smiled slightly

“She’s just upset Cas”

Castiel looked at him, with slight tears in his eyes. Sam sighed and came out

“Come on man, she still loves you” He put his arm around his shoulders and led him away to the kitchen.

“She’s stressed with work and other things Cas. She just needed a little relaxation time. It’s like how Dean goes and lays in the impala when he’s upset. He needs a break”

“Why am I crying Sam?” Castiel looked up and sure enough there were tears running down his face. Sam grabbed a napkin and handed it to him.

“Because you’re sad. She’s your soul mate and you’re probably blaming yourself for it aren’t you?”

After a couple hours Castiel came into your room. You looked up from your spot on your pillow and smiled. He set a tray down with two cupcakes and some milk. He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and began reading.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I should have given you your space and kept my mouth shut. I bring you this piece offering and ask for your forgiveness. Love Castiel. Me”

You got on your knees and opened your arms.

“Come here you big dork” You hugged him tightly and apologized for freaking out. 

 Things were rocky sometimes and things were cloud nine hundred and ten. But that never stopped you from loving your Angel. Because you knew that relationships weren’t always perfect. They weren’t always going to be sunny wild days and a white house with a red door and a white picket fence, with roses growing everywhere. No, some days you wouldn’t be able to stand the sight of each other, you wouldn’t even be able to be in the same room. The only thing that mattered was coming back to each other at the end of it. That was what a relationship was.


P.s Tell me if I made mistakes, It’s okay to do that, In fact I WANT you to do that because I want my work to be up to par

00Q Fanfiction Recommendations

anonymous asked:I love you, you wonderful, beautiful, glorious, majestic, stunning, perfect, intelligent, gifted, talented, hilarious little angel shaped cupcake you. YAH FOUND THE FIC THO. Thank you!!!!!! <3 xxxx

Oh, hell, nothing to it.  It’s an absolute pleasure to recommend a good fic!  If I had my way I’d be accosting random strangers in the street recommending good 00Q fics, so it’s no problem at all to hunt one down for an interested reader, especially since I only had to go so far as to check my bookmarks.  In fact, while I’m at it, the start of a new year seems like a good time for a rec list, no?  Really you can’t go wrong with anything by these authors, but I tried to pick one of my favorites from each.  And, while you’re at it, feel free to check out my 00Q fics as well.  ;-):

dr.girlfriend’s 00Q fanfiction rec list:

The Prowl Series by lizeckhart (professorfangirl)

The Jagged Little Pill Series by beederiffic

Tremeraire by lizeckhart (professorfangirl)

Mercenary by bootsnblossoms and kryptaria

The Courtship of Mr. Bond by marlowe_tops

The Earpiece Collection by jen (consultingwriters)

this city, oh how it sings by skylights

The Mating Dance of Fox and Wolf by epithalamium, thecatonthemoon

The Quiver/Shift Series by beaubete

Mutually Assured Destruction by a_bit_not_good_yeah

The Sheer Lack of Professionalism by scioscribe

and, of course, the one that started this rec list:

The Suit Shaped Hole by scrabble

[Once again, this is a reblog from a prior post, which for some reason Tumblr wouldn’t let me reblog (maybe because it was started in reply to an Ask? Who knows what Tumblr does) so I cut and pasted it into a new post.  Sorry if it overlaps a lot with the other ones.]

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Your work is beautiful and you are an angel for posting it on here for us to see :) if you are taking requests and if you have time can you just draw kisses? Like bull kissing Dorian literally anywhere, just sweet stuff? :)

Aw, you’re a sweetheart, thank you! ♥

((Sweet kisses are my favorite, so of course….))

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Jane Crocker is back and she's perfect I mean look at her???? fucking look at her. she's a precious angel and she's with Callie??? and JADE???? holy shit. hoooooooolyyy christ im gonna shove cupcakes into my ass ive never experience true happiness until today
Rules of Clone Club:
  1. don’t use the C word
  2. seriously don’t do it
  3. i’m serious jUST DONT you’re gonna piss Alison off
  4. she’ll stab you with her multi-coloured scissors
  5. no one is dead
  6. for real
  8. katja’s just sleeping in the back of the car
  9. beth’s napping in the morgue
  10. helena’s taking a break in the soothing confines of the basement
  11. cosima is totally healthy and not sick at all NOPE NOPE NOPE
  12. kira’s at summer camp