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 It is said that the woods behind Storybrooke are haunted by the ghost of two lovers, a pirate and a princess.

Their story is long, full of tales of daring and adventure, beanstalks and witches but the tale of their death is the one we tell for today is the day on which, many years ago, the princess fell. The town was set upon by a terrible evil and the people pulled together to fight, just as they always had and the princess led them, just as she always did. They fought long and hard but the power of the town appeared to be no match for the demon. It fell upon the princess to devise a way to save her home and the only way she could think of was to use all of her magic. The pirate protested, as did the king and queen for the only way all the magic of a soul could be harnessed was if the soul left their body.

The princess insisted. They did not agree. The pirate held her and kissed her and asked for her to stay if she loved him. She kissed him and told him that she had to do this because she loved him.

She succeeded and the great evil was defeated. But, the princess fell that day and the pirate held her close to his chest and wept for hours for his only true love was gone from him. He lived many years in mourning, longing for the sight of his beautiful princess once more. He left this world in his sleep, loving her till his very last breath.

Now they are together, here where they loved and lived. They relive the days in which they were happy and long for the days that were stolen from them. So be wary if you ever come upon them, for they will never let anybody take them from each other ever again.

#something i really love about this scene #with emma and past!hook below deck #is that while there’s a lot of passion in the kiss and lots of sexual tension in the bar #hook is still really gentle with her #especially with this part when he strokes her shoulder #that’s such a tender gesture #this big fearsome pirate is still really gentle with her #and i just love it so much

He’s under a curse, his heart is out of his chest, yet, when Killian Jones looks at Emma Swan, it’s like he’s looking at the sun and the moon combined in one. He’s not in possession of his heart, he’s not capable of feeling technically yet, in this expression, his love for Emma is just everywhere, his expression is so soft, ttender, he loves her, it’s as simple as that. And yes, he does transpire even without a heart in his chest.

Killian Jones, ladies and gentlemen