my crush yall

i told myself i was gonna finish that really old sketch of maevaris and i finally did it :’0)


“When the moon fell in love with the sun
All was golden in the sky”

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17 jikook so fitting

17: “The salad here is really good.” - “Do I look like a fucking rabbit?”

a/n: a cool dialogue challenge

bless ur heart for sending this w “so fitting” im hrfgddg

valentine’s special: couples get in free,” is what jimin reads out loud, head tilted in curiosity at the restaurant sign. jungkook’s head snaps up immediately, because, good god, he knows the face jimin is sporting.

“jimin,” he starts, shuffling nervously. jimin’s shopping bags hang even heavier than before on his forearms, like dead weights pulling his heart into his stomach. “jimin, no.”

jimin grins, too mische its for jungkook’s liking “jimin, yes.”

the next thing he knows, jungkook is being dragged into the restaurant, burdened arms first, and plopped right in front of the hostess, who greets his confused, half-protesting face and jimin’s bright grin with a professional smile.

“table for two, please.” jimin hooks his arm around jungkook’s, and jungkook has to calm his heart down from imploding here and now, because man, jimin’s wearing a short sleeve even in february, and hus skin is really damn soft. jungkook’s neck heats up, and he swears the hostess’ eyes light up with a sort of glittery humor, as if she finds them cute. actually cute. them.

“right this way,” she leads. jimin smiles even wider, and jungkook wants to gag - did jimin just bat his lashes like some school girl?  is he serious? what? why?

he goes numb at one point, he thinks, and once they’re at their table, his soul has officially departed his body and his limbs are dead to the world from being pulled by jimin. the hostess swirls away, leaving menus in her wake, and as jungkook sets his best friend’s heavy bags down below the booth, jimin flips through appetizers.

jimin hums. “the salad here is really good.”

jungkook glares at him. he’s still miffed that jimin dragged him, a platonic best friend, into a restaurant for free food. what pettiness. jungkook snaps sharply back, “do i look like a fucking rabbit?”

“don’t be such a prick.” jimin’s chuckle is dry, yet humored, and it makes jungkook’s glare intensify.

the ambience of the restaurant is fancier than what jungkook’s used to, and the insecurity he feels irks him even more. “i’m being forced against my will to go on a date with you in this place. how can i not act like prick?”

jimin lowers the menu, one skeptical brow hiking. jungkook stares at him for a bit, ensuring that his glare is full of daggers and fire breathing dragons. 

suddenly jimin sets the menu down, leaving it to the side. he clears his throat before leaning in just the slightest bit, as if to tell a secret between just two platonic best friends, and whispering, “because you’re on a date with me.”

then he winks.

and if anyone says that jungkook’s face turns red, they’re definitely not to be trusted, because, no, he is not blushing.

(well, at least, he won’t admit to it.)

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Okay so here's how I kinda unintentionally seduced my crush YALL I was Iiterally was dancing to house of cards by bts at this dance hall I go to because I rent a room for practice every couple weeks. And he saw me dancing cus I left the door open. And was like: "You looked...whoa." And he looked very VERY FUCKIN EMBARASSED??? I WAS TOO BUT HE WAS LOWKEY CHECKING ME OUT IM NOT OKAY™??? I was like: "Thanks..." *Turns off music CUS HECK* And we talked and I now have his number EH ~🎶music anon

bts + gayness = heaven

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I know we don't talk much but you seem cool! 💛💜💙

thank you!!

💛: ahh like you said we don’t really talk much so i don’t really know much about you but pal honestly ur mobile theme kicks ass i love it 

💜: they’re one of the best people i’ve ever met and they’ve helped me so much and i feel blessed to be able to call them one of my best friends 

💙: i want to stop talking to them bc i know distancing myself and self isolation is the only way i can stop myself from falling more and hurting myself and my sorry pining ass but i can’t rip rip 

The Deets™

y’all i have a raging crush on this girl i’m friends with and i’ve been trying to forget about it bc it’s a definite no-go but like my uni literally emails me about her twice a week. my school is tormenting me by updating me on her academic accomplishments on a weekly basis. i literally got a pamphlet in the mail the other day about my college and she was in it. i was sent a video of a speech she gave. like what kind of weird fresh hell is this

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C. U. T. I. E. See what I did there?!




Three biggest wishes?

1. I wish for everyone the opportunity to live heir happiest life

2. I wish to have the freedom to make my own choices

3. I wish that I could travel through space foreve

Time you woke up?

5 am for work :(

In love?


Easiest person to talk to?

My best friend Allison and Liz but I don’t see them v often

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If you could date one of your OCS which and why?

Time skip older Cog!

Because he’s more patient and understanding than his current, He doesn’t act tough and knows his own fears, will always try to find another way around a problem. He can still be pretty mean tho but I like when he gets aggressive omg also he’s handsome LMAO Specs u lucky man