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Noisy Neighbor

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Summary: Final part of the scenario where your first impression of your upstairs neighbor involves getting woken up at two in the morning to the sound of her and her friends singing along to trashy pop music. You thought it would get better, but it all just goes downhill from there.

Part I | Part II | Part III (End)

Word Count: 5,832

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A Quiet Meeting Part I

In which Mezato and Takenaka are magnets for trouble even when they’re not trying to be bc noir always makes me think of gosho aoyama’s universe.

[supposed to take part after the imminent threat on takenaka’s life is dealt with, but the organization that sent it is still active; actual events intentionally vague]

also i hate @bakanohealthy

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anonymous asked:

wait why do you die a little every time some says that vex might be pikes crush lmao?

mostly cause of this

“She dreamed of home and about a certain someone. Another reason she chose to leave is the desire for the one she really loves (which was hinted at in one of the games). Maybe one day she will tell him, if she ever finds the courage. These lyrics perfectly represent the aching a heart can have for someone you know is all wrong for you.” -Pike’s Spotify Playlist (x)

I love the headcanon of wlw!pike and the art and stories and gifsets and everything that comes out of it. but the general tendency to ignore that pike’s crush uses he/him pronouns generally rubs me the wrong way? it’s such a little detail and I know there are plenty of people who just don’t know because they weren’t watching when the first batch of playlists came out but like. idk it’s always felt like people are ignoring her preferences to ship her with someone else

which isn’t to say it’s a bad ship! pike and vex have had so many cute little shipper goggles moments. and y’all know I’ve made stuff for them; you can check my tag and I’ve got fic and aesthetics and whatever. but the assertion that That One Crush is vex just like. really bugs me. idk how else to put it

Okay, for couple of days I was wondering whom I like more: Garrosh or Kargath and because I couldn’t find an answer (I swear to cod, I love both insanely) I just made their hybrid and now I am totally done (❤️3❤️) 

His name is Karg’Rosh (lel) and I will redesign his tattoos a bit (to do not copy design which isn’t mine) and I’ll throw this beautiful boy into my modern AU :3

I don’t know who guy looking like him could be in “our” world, metal band singer or something hah, but I have enough time to think about it ^^

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Tell us about someone good in your life? Tell us what makes them great?

((OOC: I’m going to say my mum. Her name is Cathy, and she is where I got about 80% of my cuteness from. She is an absolute sweetheart, and she has devoted so much of her life to making sure her family is safe and supported. When my sister and I were very wee, my dad decided that he wanted to get his BA in Music, which meant moving across the country, taking acting jobs to pay for school, but otherwise being unable to provide much financially. My mother took on a job in the school dad went to, in the HR department. And she has worked university jobs ever since, doing the full 9-5 work week, so that my dad could have the freedom to pursue his dream. Now they both work in different schools, and mum writes novels on the side. She’s an absolute wonder, and I love her to bits.

Also, she makes incredible dumplings, and she has a wicked laugh, and she will occasionally now send me pictures of hunky actors with their shirts off. She’s given me permission to marry Daniel Radcliffe if I want to, because she thinks he’d be a laugh at family get-togethers. She is the best mum.))

Please do not re-post, edit, trace, steal character design, steal anything, and please do report and ask the art thief to take down the picture. Please do enjoy, RE-BLOG and give me a follow, thank you~ [also ask lizz/elizabeth questions


Just hear me out.
1. I knew bang wouldn’t die.
2. I thought it was CEO byun who put the knife back.
3. I thought there was going to be some kind of flirtation if not a future romance between what’s her face (aka Na Ji Hae) and Eun Hyuk.

eight things tag  ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง

i was tagged by the lovely @jungnoir thank you !!

last movie watched: mulan !! 
last song listened to: ‘grace’ - blue hamilton 
last book read: a thousand splendid suns 
last thing eaten: crackers
if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: wherever @sambashua is because i haven’t seen her in weeks and i miss her and @aegyovendingmachine
a fictional character you would hang out with for the day: probably tris from the divergent series lmfao, she’s such a badass even though the last book was so frustrating to read. 
what fictional world/universe would you want to spend a week in: narnia or something like the maze runner. i just like adrenaline rushes even though i’m literally the biggest scaredy cat the world has ever known. it’s nice to imagine i’m not.
last video game played: probably spyro or final fantasy x 

i’ll tag the same people i’ve tagged since year 2000 @babycommedes ; @shupuhjuni-or and also @cypher-98 ; @colorjiwoo ; @micarino !!

do this if you want to !

MadaSaku Weekend 2017
Age rating: all ages
Warning: um loss of control, dancing, the f-word?

Note: I have not written in my entire life anything in my native language (such as this one) or in English. I apologize in advance for any mistakes I have made i’m sure there many :(


His steps kept echoing as he wandered the unfamiliar halls of an unfamiliar castle. Madara has no knowledge of such a richly decorated  house - if it could even be called a house -  of the Uchiha Clan. Sure, there were always whisperings of a remote relative in possession of mysterious inheritance, but it was pointless to believe in such rumors. The possibility of coming across the like is rather low bordering the plot of most, if not all fairytales.

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LAST BUST NOT LEAST IS AN APPRECIATION POST FOR @HARDLIQUORHAZ. She was my first mutual on this blog omg, and I’m SO glad we found each other. I don’t even have the right words to describe how amazing she is. FIRST OF ALL. She’s probably tired of hearing this, but she has SO MUCH talent when it comes to writing. (She’s gonna be a published author one day, YALL JUST WAIT. ILL BE BUYING ALL OF HER BOOKS. She will have her own bookshelf in my house.) I would even praise her to do lists and reblog them. ANYWAY, she is SO kind. She is always there for me, and I appreciate that so much. She tolerates me popping into her ask box 24/7 (when I’m not on vacation LOL). ALSO SHE IS SO PRETTY?! Who would have thought I would have stumbled upon such an amazing human, and been lucky enough to call her my friend. I JUST HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS GIRL. SO BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A GOOD PAL IN MY LIFE AND I WOUD NOT TRADE HER FOR THE WORLD.