my crush was there

lucas and max totally grow up to be the friends to sit in the background and talk shit about everyone else with each other and say they’re “too good for drama” but as someone gets the tiniest bit confrontational they’re on their feet throwing fists

spreading some love

My Tumblr Crushes

These are some super awesome people who are getting most of my love and whom you should be following if you’re not already!

1. @dancewithmejensen
2. @fuckyeahfeysand
3. @misswhizzy
4. @what-is-what-should-never-be
5. @jensen-jay
6. @manawhaat
7. @emilywritesaboutdean
8. @inmysparetime0
9. @doomedbrothers

My Biggest Fans

I just wanna say thank you to these wonderful people for giving me some of their love! Y’all rock! If you’re not following them, you should be. I’m just saying.

1. @riversong-sam
2. @supernaturally-writing
3. @myfand0msandm0re
4. @babypieandwhiskey

was flirting w/my crush and just suggested that we punch each other

im blaming drarry for this

  • me: can't wait to go swing dancing this weekend especially with the boy
  • the boy: *can't go*
  • me: oh that's okay i'll just go with my friend and have fun
  • my friend: *posts on Instagram a photo of flowers and chocolates from a nameless someone, very possibly the boy*
  • me: .....nevermind