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Imagine R running a tumblr blog...

Let’s be honest, this blog is a mess of history/Greek Mythology posts juxtaposed with memes (oh. my. god. so many memes, someone please stop him). He also posts music videos and poems he’s written, and is constantly getting into debates with other blogs (which is how Enj started following him, but only realized it was Grantaire after watching one of the videos R had posted).

Of course Enjolras doesn’t tell Grantaire that he found his blog, just subtly follows it.

Enj loves Grantaire’s blog, not just because of R’s posts, but because while Grantaire will rarely say anything in real life, he likes to use his blog as a place to vent and write all of the negative thoughts in his head, which means Enjolras knows which days to be extra nice to R (making sure he watches what he says in their debates) and will text him or hang out with him.

Then, one day, Grantaire posts some of the hate he gets, which pisses Enjolras off, because how can someone say that to the boy he likes Grantaire.

So Enjolras being Enjolras, and because Enjolras can’t do anything small, he starts spamming Grantaire with positive anons, but once Enjolras starts he can’t stop: he just keeps on writting all of the reasons he’s in love with R…

The only problem is that about halfway through spamming Grantaire with positive anons while borderline confessing everything to him, Enjolras stops making sure that he’s clicking the anon button…

And it’s not that hard for Grantaire to see all of the asks from this one activist blog, that oh, look–has Enjolras’s name on it…

He texts Enj: did u really mean all of it?

And Enjolras just smiles and texts back: You know that I believe in you

For @boys-of-the-barricade because I for one frickin love your blog…

sans aucune originalité, bien que je n'ai vu aucun dessin de ce tag sur tumblr, je fais, moi aussi, le MEET THE ARTIST!
admirez cet anglais (parce que je suis une bille en anglais, donc profitez, c'est un des rares postes dans une autre langue…)
puis bon… j'ai oublié pas mal de chose dans le “j'aime/j'aime pas” mais j'y ai mis l'essentiel….
donc voilà, vous en savez un peux plus sur moi :)

I did a drawing for my friend ilyafay because it was her birthday ! Thank you for being such a nice and beautiful friend ! ♥ 

(Btw I’m so sorry I’m laaaaate D: But I really wanted to draw you something !)