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Me ‘n Vio are going on an adventure

A book adventure!

Vio:  Look!  It’s me!


#557 Dwebble

Day 36 was actually Dwebble! I really like it in Magikarp Jump because it looks cute sleeping and I think it’s silly that Magikarp tries to push it and can’t really


I made this Kereru as a Christmas present and I’m really happy with the way it turned out! I’m amazed at how far I’ve come since I started crocheting; I never knew that doing a project freehand could be so fun.

Marvel themed crochet products!

So most of you guys know I crochet. If I started selling Marvel and Sherlock and Harry Potter themed crochet items would you guys buy that? Stuff like slouchy beanies, and fingerless gloves, pillows, and throw blankets and the like? I need a new way to generate money that I can do from home, but I don’t wanna spend a shift on if money on yarn of the stuff won’t sell.

Let me know what you guys think and I’ll go from there!


Rose Quartz! Another appliqué design for my growing collection of Steven Universe crochet pieces.

I had lots of fun figuring out how to do her beautiful curly hair - and although you can’t see it in the photos, the wool for her dress has silver thread running through it, so she sparkles! I haven’t got a proper decoration for her gem yet so there’s just a doodle in paint for now. Also - I popped her alongside Ruby and Sapphire to show a size comparison - they’re both about 6 inches in height.

For anyone who’s interested, I’ve managed to cobble together a pattern here.

Other crochet work:
Pop Star Steven
Lapis Lazuli (plus pattern)
Ruby and Sapphire
Steven and the Crystal Gems

Starting a business

So I am taking the leap to try and sell some of the things that I create, most of them being crochet, but others being different kinds of soaps and sugar scrubs and bath bombs.  So to anyone that has experience in this field, what should I be trying to do?  Should I try to make my little creatures in bulk? is it easier to make a few of each item and then take orders for any additional ones?  Is it better to sell on line or at craft shows?  Is there some kind of licensing thing I have to do?  I know that my state has some for the soaps, but what about the crochet?  Should I worry about copyright?  I have so many questions, and I willing to have answers to these and other helpful tips sent to me!