my crib gif


"'Cause you’re looking like the p e r f e c t love song. Girl, you got me going with your clothes on.. We can do this right here, but that be so wrong. So, what you say? Girl, won’t you roll my way?"

"I feel no shame. I want you, don't play. All types of sweet things jump from my lips til' you wanna roll babe. Come meet downtown, send your girls home now. I'm home bound. What you say? 'Cause what I'm really wanting is for you to stay."

"We can take it back to my crib.. We can get away, no photographs. Chillin' all alone in my home, what you on? My crib.. If you wanna roll, let's roll. Why you tryna front? You know what you want."



Henry + his swan nightlight


365 Days of Josh Hutcherson [Day 71]