my crib 2.0

I'm Doing A Giveaway!!!

Giveaway will end June 7, 2017. Winner will be selected on June 8, 2017.


$10 gift card to Build a Bear


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3. Winner will be chosen at random. Must be comfortable with giving me there address so I can send them there prize. Only One Winner will be selected.
4. Winner will receive a Private Message from me telling you that you’ve been selected.


what if svt stay over at josh’s house and they all sleep in josh’s room

josh voice: welcome 2 my crib

[enters his bedroom]: and this is where the magic USED to happen

I know. You’re oppressed by the lap/crib binary. I get it.
—  Me, at 2 AM, to my teething son, who was crying to be let down from my lap and then mad when I let him down in the crib and then mad when I put him back on my lap. Like. Buddy. It is 2 AM. It is not playtime. You get either my lap or the crib. Deal with it.

Via @westbrooklyn instagram

#relaxtothemax nice getaway with these mongs @busypantswilson @deanogormanphoto @mindablue

my crib at summer street at the @busypantswilson @deanogormanphoto community mansion! 🐬🌴🎈summer fun!

after dinner walk with batman @busypantswilson

@busypantswilson so happy these duetz are here, gonna fall out of my pants <3