my creys they are so cute

Last minute post before it hits November 1st opps.

The original idea was supposed to be witch Lapis and werewolf Jasper but instead it became this because I’m terrible. 

Happy Halloween 🎃

MOM HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!Please excuse the fact that the thing above looks like it was made in 2 minutes (because it was) I’m still pretty flustered about this all jfdks

Anyway, lordy jesus, its been nearly two years since this blog has been up??? Time flies. I can remember when I first decided to dive headfirst into the Indie scene with this blog and with Riku as a character in general. NGL I was legit a nervous wreck, because I’ve always just been apart of fandoms specifically and I didn’t???? Know what to do lol. But slowly, I branched out. Gained lots of amazing friends, lost some, saw some amazing characters that still hold themselves near and dear to my heart. I as well as Ri have experienced many things, many feelings, and none of which is regretted. 

I hope you continue to follow my progression with this nerd child and make you totes not regret having her on your dash jkds;

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Our muses are sharing a bed. Send “Blankets” for my muse’s reaction to yours hogging the covers.

Jimmy woke up freezing cold and wondered if the heater was busted - it would be just their luck because they were barely able to pay the bills to begin with. Hopefully, he could just fix it himself - like the last time. He looked over at Maggie who was completely wrapped in their comforter on their bed and at first, he thought about just suffering through it because he didn’t have the heart to move her - she looked so damn cute. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and moved to kiss her neck and whisper in her ear. “Maggs. Ya gotta wake up…I don’t have any covers an’ I’m freezin’ my balls off over here…” He kissed a little more insistently. “Come on. I think the heaters busted again…”

At this time of night, Maggie was practically dead to the world, so it wasn’t surprising that she rolled and curled up enough to burrito herself in the comforter without even noticing. 

When she thought she heard Jimmy’s sleepy voice, it began to pull her from her slumber, and his breath against her neck tickled enough for her to consciously return to the waking world. Taking a deep breath, she creased her brow as he pressed his lips against her neck a second time. Why was he waking her up? Why, when she was so comfy and cozy and warm and–oh. Finally, she was able to catch on to the actual words he was murmuring into her ear. 

“Oh, shit,” she groaned, struggling at first to unwrap herself from her cocoon. If he was right, and the heater was busted, she had some serious apologizing to do; they might as well be sleeping outside with how cold their little house could get. Once she pulled the corner of the comforter out from underneath her, she rolled over and onto him, the warm blanket unraveling to cover up her poor Jimmy. 

She still hadn’t opened her eyes, but her face found the crook of his neck, which was, in fact, freezing. “I’m so sorry,” she mumbled against his skin. “I don’t want your balls freezing off.”


“I met Angelina and I sort of drew a line through it all.” Without being melodramatic, O’Connell describes working with her as an intervention in his life. “She’s seen people screw up, and she’s not willing to let that happen to me.”

“As a director, to have Jack in front of your lens is a gift. He draws you in; he makes every moment honest. In his work, he gives all that he has.”

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EngPru home has lots of books as both of them are canonly bookworms. Gil usually cooks and often something baked by Luddy is dropped by there. Funiture's a mix of classy old and punk-ish stuff. There's a wall with portraits of their favourite bosses (such as Frederick the Great and Elizabeth II). The bathroom is full of Lush products for Gilbert's needs. The main bedroom is rather big and there's a second bathroom. The couch is confortable and in front of a fireplace. Everything is clean af

My interior design skill is shitty so have a part of the livingroom //CREI THANK YOU FOR SUCH CUTE HEADCANON AAH

My Seventeen Hi Touch Experience (rip)

The day of the hi touch and also my death date took place on 6/24/16. I’ve lived a great 20 years and have died a happy gyal. I should have already wrote this, but I was still in recovering mode LOL. I still am, but not as bad. So here we go:

DK: His smile is incredibly sunny in real life. I was taken aback from it as I walked towards him. He just seemed SO HAPPY to see lil ol’ me and I creyed inside as our palms touched.

Joshua: He was such a gentleman and so polite. I said hi to him and he told me hello with that gentle smile of his. *swoons*

Woozi: The first thing I noticed was that we were at about eye level to each other. I always lowkey wanted to know how tall Woozi was in relation to me. (He isn’t tho. He’s a little shorter than my 5′3 self) This smol peanut had been my original bias and so this moment was pretty special for me. He gave me a cute smile, bowed his head slightly and I moved along. That was literally it. It was a little anti climatic, but I know that Woozi is pretty reserved and I’m happy that for at least .99 seconds I existed to him HAHA.

Seungkwan: Boo turned to me and gave me the biggest smile ever. You know the opened mouth one? The one where your eyes light up because you’re genuinely happy and excited to see someone? Yeah that one. We didn’t hi five, but actually held hands. He held out his palms and I held his hands for the best brief moment in my life.

Jeonghan: I had to take a breather before writing this LOL. Hannie… First of all he is very tall compared to me. I had to look up and the first thing I met was his eyes and I could feel my soul and breath leaving my body as one. Y’ALL his eyes are so brown. His skin is flawless. His hair was flawless. Everything about this gentle angel was FLAWLESS!!!!!!! He gave me a small, but beautiful smile and held up his hands. I pressed my palms to him feeling like I just gained a new bias LMAO

Mingyu: BRUH. I move along to Mingyu and he bends down slightly to give me a fond smile A FOND SMILE I’m not lying!! This isn’t a fan girl desperate to see something that didn’t happen lmao I’m not like that. I watched the video of my hi touch to confirm it. His smile towards me was so precious. so so so precious. We held hands and I left with no time to process what just happened.

S.Coups: FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. Excuse my french but as you can tell from my tumblr url and my picture that Coups is my bias. This was the moment I’d been anticipating since forever and the time had finally come. I literally hate myself for not saying anything other than hi quietly. LIKE FML. I’m such an awkward brown bean like wtf precious lmao. If I get another chance at a hi touch I’m preparing a script. Anyways, despite me just lamely saying hi and trying not to look star struck I probably failed. It was so hard with how good he looked up close and it didn’t help that he likes exudes this charismatic aura. I was so attracted to it. So anyways THIS BOI leans forwards towards me and gives me the biggest (childish but oh sooooo adorable) grin and held his hands out. I never held somebody’s hand so tight…I held him like I never wanted to let go and he squeezed back. He just made me feel so warm in that moment. I should have said something…I really should have but I let the moment slip past 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。 noooooooooooo

Vernon: Gave me a sweet smile in which I returned while holding his hands. We also held direct eye contact. I mean, I looked in to the eyes of every other member, but out of them all Vernon looked at me the longest. How am I alive you ask? Good question. I don’t even know the answer myself. 

Hoshi: My moment with Hoshi went by pretty quick. He gave me his hand to hold and smiled and that was it but he was super cute up close of course. 

Minghao: One look at Minghao and I just wanted to protect him from the world. Like I don’t know if it was just me, or maybe I’m just being silly, but Minghao didn’t seem very…happy? Maybe even slightly sad? Like I said maybe I’m bad at reading people but I just wanted to give him a hug and show him that he’s loved, ok?

Dino: Just the same as Hoshi my moment with Dino also went by pretty quick. 

Jun: I guess they saved the best for last so that we can walk down the stairs feeling deceased and alive all at the same time? Jun is hella tall. He held up his hands and I hi fived him and then HE HAD THE NERVE to give me an eye smile while looking super charming. He also did a slight bow of the head and I was like :O as I walked off the stage trying not to fall because I was weak.

SOOOO after all of this I was naturally on a high. I touched 12 of my boys hands. They were real. They were beautiful. And I’m just happy to be alive right now. Despite me failing to say something memorable I’m just happy to have met them up close and personal. If they have a US Tour you best believe you guys will see me there…with my script in my hand.

***ALSO at the end when the MC gathered the crowd to take a selfie with Seventeen I held up my S.COUPS light up sign and Seungcheol saw it and smiled. //dies again for the millionth time

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but.. can we talk a bit about tsukiyachi though, I mean... HEIGHT DIFFERENCE

YES ok

Just imagine how much he’d soften up for her, just for the sake of seeing her smile. Sometimes.

But Tsukki likes to take advantage of his height. Pats her head, pulls gently at her stars, makes her stand on her toes to ask for a kiss

I have this image in my head of them lounging around, sharing headphones so Tsukki can show her his favorite songs, and he’s just playing with her little fingers and can’t take his eyes off hers. Until she blushes and looks down out of embarrassment, and then he focuses on the blush instead~


  • omg these two little guys. i crey ;n;
  • “what’s it like settling down with a hunter” dean aaaaaaa 
  • ok i hope this cute internationally-traveling hunter couple makes it 
  • omg gross stomach bug alien glowy baby gave me heebz + jeebz 
  • aw man this also gives me like 7 sads :c 

OK SO there was no chuck in the preview BUT METATRON WAS DEFS IN THE SAME PLACE CHUCK IS IN. 



Alyss in Wonderland

ComMUNtary. Enjoy, I was just highly entertained by the shenannigans of the costumes and whatnot.

Overall the EP took me about 600APs? If I have the time I’ll do a replay~ this EP just had to come out the day after my Spring Break ended. XD
The parents were all very interesting to see– I have no idea what’s up with the twins’ genes– but yeah you can vaguely see how everyone is related.  Lol Kentin’s parents are simply the cutest.

Your negative affinity with other boys really affects how they treat to you to point I almost got offended!!! Haha. Well, Lys-bun was cute so I guess it’s all fine.


photo: sam
edit/terezi: mags
kk: angel

I post these ones because kk’s cosplay is mine.

Just… look at them…………. today we had a hs meet up and a little panel of questions and dares.

I’m so crey because just LOOK AT THEM.










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I am undeserving LET ME LOVE YOUUUU

shush major url envy nsfwufan im crey 

here take some of my favourite kris moments i’ll try to keep it short

some of these are edits i have no sources for i’m so sorry in advance 

surrounded by protection coz boy be an international treasure

kris keepin it klassy

你是很好看 ;A;


squishyyyy squishh 我不知道

fuckin nerd ;A;

he’s so cute and i’m so sad

weird plushie dad

kawaii kris fml

one of his best days imo

dreamy little fucker 

anime game wayyyyy too strong 這是什麼

你好 duizhang r u noodles 

best motherfucking era don’t fight it you know it don’t lie

theory of relativity

the back, the motherfucking back

boy next door hollaaa (idk who made this edit but shite)

yes ur very presh can u go to hell now, satan is waiting we all know u sold ur soul to look that adorable

wu fan and young do standing together what a time to be alive

dat (rly tiny) ass 隊長 pls 

brown eyed monster 我不愛你

frickkkk 我不幸福

piece of shit giant

pimp daddy yifan here to eyefuck everyone in a three mile radius ya’ll best hope ya’ll on the pill or someshit coz he meanin srs bsns


ayyyy lmao that’s an awful sweatshirt maybe i can help u take it off boi

hipster kris ft wubulge

aww helll no from now on cover ur face with a paper bag at all times

ur name shoulda been ew fan

nosebleed city here i come