my creys

Not at all painful parallels
  • Celaena:has to endure Sam dying
  • Dorian:has to endure Sorscha dying
  • Celaena:was abused by Arobynn
  • Dorian:is abused by his father
  • Celaena:has to endure her best friend dying
  • Dorian:has to endure his best friend hating a big part of him
  • Celaena:had to lie about her heritage
  • Dorian:is probably being lied to about his heritage
  • Celaena:had to hide her powers from everyone
  • Dorian:had to hide his powers from everyone
  • Celaena:was trained to be a ruthless killer by her father figure
  • Dorian:was turned into a demon by his father