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there he is, that space defending dude keith

I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, but all that came out were love poems that made me think of you.
—  thinking of you makes me happy | a.m

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.


“The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too. The people that love you, simply for being you. The once in a lifetime kind of people.” - Unknown

secret notes

For @snowbaz-feda day 24. Do I come up with all my ideas for fics by taking a random meme and turning it into a spell? Absolutely.

It’s fine. This is absolutely fine. No big deal.

It’s just a crush. A stupid, meaningless crush, and it’s just because he’s attractive, it’s not like I have real feelings for him (not really, well, I do think about him a lot, don’t I?) and it’s not like I actually want to be with him or anything (but only because I know it’s impossible) and besides, Baz never has to know.

I’m going to write him a note. Like a little schoolboy with a crush. I’m not going to sign it – obviously – I just want to say something to him. I know that he’s cold and distant and will probably sneer at my note and make fun of the sender, but it makes me wonder why he’s like that. Why he can’t express any emotion other than sadistic amusement (and I know he feels other things, because he cares about his family, and he gets angry at me. You don’t get angry if you don’t care.).

I guess I just need him to know that he is loved.

(I mean. I don’t love him. Obviously. It’s just a crush.)

I ask Penny for a spell to disguise my handwriting. She gives me a knowing look (I haven’t told her anything but she’s my best friend and she’s too smart not to know) and casts it on me. Quickly, before the spell wears off, I grab a spare piece of paper and write:

I think about kissing you all the time.

I fold the note in half and stuff it in my pocket.

I know it’s dumb. I just wanted to be able to tell him that. Even though he’ll never know it was me.

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Writing Prompt #31

“Okay, so, places.” She turned to face him, her eyes as sparkling as the swirling stars above them. “If you could be anywhere on the planet right now, where would you go?”

“Ooh, that’s a toughie.” He feigned contemplation for a moment, instead focusing on the way the wet grass felt beneath his back. She smiled, waiting. “I’d say… hmm… in your bed.”

Her laugh took him by surprise.

Dating Severus Snape (as his student)

*In this imagine, the student came back to Hogwarts after the second battle to finish school. Meaning, they’re eighteen. Also, Snape obviously didn’t die. Just wanted to get that out of the way*

•You keeping your head down during Potions class because you know you’ll blush if you look at him

•You being absolutely horrid at Potions and constantly being tutored by Severus

•Sev giving you house points for every correct answer when he quizzes you

•Severus never staying away from you during trips to Hogsmeade. He can’t risk you getting hurt.

•You being the only reason he smiles anymore

•Severus singing love songs to you when you’re alone

•Secretly ‘borrowing’ books from Severus, hoping to return them to his room before he notices their gone

•He always notices, but never says anything, instead letting you think you’ve tricked him

•"I don’t like you hanging around Mr Potter, (Y/N).“

•"I promise you, Severus, you’re the only man I have eyes for.”

•He also gets a tad jealous when he sees you around Draco… or any other boy your age

•It’s easy to see how insecure he is when it comes to his age

•Kissing him every chance you get

•He really enjoys the attention you give him

•Which was surprising at first, seeing how much he disliked being around others

•You’re his angel