my crazy otp

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OTP Asks

1. Who texts more often?

2. Who is better with kids?

3. Who tops/bottoms?

4. How do they eat ice cream? What’s their favorite flavors?

5. Do they go on dates? What are they like?

6. Do they stargaze? Expand.

7. Who’s the laziest?

8. Who complains more?

9. Who wakes up earlier?

10. What do they smell when they smell amortentia?

11. Who sets the other’s ringtone to something loud and obnoxious behind their back?

12. Who uses chopsticks/Can either of them use chopsticks?

13. When they can’t sleep what do they do?

14. Who’s clumsier?

15. Who would hold the umbrella in the rain?

16. What do they argue about most?

17. Which one is a secret snuggler? 

18. Which one offers their jacket to the other when they complain they feel cold?

19. Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

20. Who reaches for the other one’s hand while driving?

21. Who gets the window seat?

22. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it say?)

23. Who wakes up first?

24. Who falls asleep while watching a movie? 

25. Who’s prone to wearing socks indoors (or to sleep)? 

26. Who has bigger cravings? 

27. Who reminds the other to put on sunscreen before going to the beach (or pool)?

28. Who carries all the important documents while traveling? 

29. Who sneaks in cookies in the shopping cart? 

30. Who cooks at 2 in the morning? 

31. Who gets extremely competitive playing Mario Kart? 

32. Who takes longer getting ready? 

33. Who likes doing the dishes? 

34. Who points at a dog when they see it? 

35. Who’s prone to road rage?


The last one to get married (but the first one to have children after Kelso and Brooke) was Fez.

When Eric and Donna announced their engagement, Fez saw in Caroline’s face maybe it was time. He has been told a million times by friends and other people that he must be careful and think about it real good if he wants that kind of comitment with someone like her, which only made him furious and willing to propose right in the moment.

So, he gets Kelso and tells him about it. His friend is still scared of Caroline but if she makes him happy, so be it. He says he should totally get her a pretty ring, though. Because if the ring isn’t as pretty as the one he got Brooke, she may as well half kill him.

Fez rolls his eyes at that, but agrees in one thing: his cherry pie deserves the biggest, most expensive ring he could find. So he gets it costume made.

Destiny seems to not want him married because everything goes wrong with it. They first don’t make what he asked for, then the arc is too big, then too small, and when he isn’t looking, it’s been a damn year since he asked for the thing and he can see Caroline has started to act weird about wedding and so.

With Eric and Donna’s coming up, he feels the preassure and this time, calls Hyde for help, who gets shit done by applying some Firm Voice™ to the employee checking these stuff and they both hope for the best.

A month goes by and nothing.

Finally, at almost two months mark, the ring comes home and– Caroline firms for it. She doesn’t know what’s in the box and has it over the dinner table. Fez sees it and he almost fainths there. Caroline thinks he’s being weird, he thinks he has to be more careful about the thing.

Like we know he would, he plans everything perfect: he makes dinner for her and prepares everything, when she gets home she knows whats going on what will happen next. Yet, when he finally asks, she acts all surprised but her happiness and excitment is real.

One month later, she wakes up to get her head to the toilet because it seems like yesterday’s dinner didn’t do her well. But Fez knows it has been happening for almost a week, and as she goes throught some maths and dates, they just stare at each other.

“Uhm,” he says, “I guess we will be having that wedding sooner”.