my crazy life

Life Update And Upcoming Events

Hello everyone!

I been super busy, and I’m sorry I don’t update that much!

I am currently pretty full with commissions with 37 orders to fill! I feel like I’m gonna close commissions, and just make plush to sell in the meantime while I work on regular commissions. A year can go by quick for how crazy my life can get. I stress on that because I can’t please everyone as fast as I try to be. I am sorry for those who been patient with me.

But yet my depression and life weights heavy on my heart lately. My family health has been really bad and my sister now needs my help to drive her because she had two more seizures in one night and now is without her drivers license for 6 months, my dear Mother has now been diagnosed with ALS, and as well as my Grandma Sue was in the hospital again for having ammonia in both of her lungs and is fading fast. She has been suffering with lung disease for awhile now. x__x;;

So I am sorry for those who been super patient with me, and I promise it’s not on propose! The weighting of commissions to finish have been on my mind all the time, but I am not upset to have business. It’s my livelihood and honored to get the business! I just want to be faster but I am only human. I see a chiropractor once a week now because the amount of time I work has put a number on my back, and I have three disks in my spine that have moved and causes me great pain a times. So bad that I have to lay straight on my back on a wood floor to stop the pain.

I am also going to be vending at Anime Weekend in Atlanta on Sept 26th to Oct 1st!! So I will be getting ready for that too!!


I love you all!!


After a trip to Africa, actress Tippi Hedren, her husband Noel Marshall, and their actress daughter Melanie Griffith, wanted to make a movie about lions. At the advice of Ron Oxley, an animal trainer who said that “to get to know about lions, you’ve got to live with them for a while,” they had Neil the lion live with them. Their life was documented by LIFE photographer Michael Rougier.

It’s impossible to not get a smile on my lips when I see your beautiful face in front of me.
—  Melwowz

Guys. when I went to go see Louis and stuff. I met this chick in line who has met the guys multiple times each. I asked her how and she straight up was like. I used to stalk. And I’m like….. how are you okay with that? She told me she would park in front of their houses until they came out. And I guess this one time last year she went to this restaurant and Niall and his buddies just happened to show up. And Niall called her straight out. “Guys don’t talk to them they are stalkers.” And she said she got teary eyed and defended herself saying she wasn’t and they were at this restaurant before them. He shrugged and was like, “Well I’ve seen you before. A lot actually. So yeah.” And went on to ignore her and her friend. Like. The guys KNOW. They aren’t stupid. Don’t invade privacy.

Reposting my own arts, cause I’m back in this ship, and its so bad dude. I’m telling you, all I think about is them, then I saw this, the only art I save from all of my drawings of them. But hereee loook at it this two cuties again.

When you came into my life, my life got a whole new meaning; a new beginning and wonderful new memories.
—  Melwowz