my cration


Those are my Ever After High crations in polymer clay (aka fimo)

First pic there are Maddie, Apple and Raven, also Earl Grey, Maddie’s pet for my Maddie doll.

Second pic, Blondie’s mirror pad. Since her doll doesn’t come with one i decided to make it ^^ I will do the other girls mirror pads with the help of a post i saw here in tumblr and I will share it with you.

The last one, are Apple and Raven again, but with their Legacy Day keys. It’s size is suitable for an adult person.

-Want one of a canon character or your oc? Don’t hesitate and send me a pm ;)

Just so you know

I may not be the perfect friend

but I will be there when you need me.

I may not be the best person you want to be with

but I want you to be the best person to me.

I may be a crybaby

but you can count on me.

I may be a badmouth girl

but trust me, you will hear no bullshits from me.

I know I’m hard to understand.

Overdrive sometimes, and I can’t stop.

You may not like me

But that’s okay

Because this is me and how I’ll stay.

Just remember, my imperfections will be my strength

my strength to hold on to life’s challenges

that we will be facing together.

I want you to be my friend forever.