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Recently I stumbled across an article that used (and cited) a graphic I made, way back once upon a time when I attempted to make graphics. I’m not sure why you would want to use my crappy graphics in the first place so I’m just kind of puzzled by it, but the thing that annoys me about the article is that it’s one of those essays about how Jaime is really just a misunderstood good guy on a redemption arc, and the graphic used is one that I made about Jaime and Tyrion’s relationship, seen here. The graphic was made from Tyrion’s perspective and is supposed to illustrate his relationship with his brother, and it just…rubs me the wrong way to see it used in an article about how Jaime is such a good guy, how he’s such a good guy that he didn’t abuse his disabled kid brother and in fact treated him like a member of the family, what a hero isn’t Jaime a saint?

I mean, I appreciate that Jaime is kind to Tyrion, it’s important for Tyrion that he has that needed support from Jaime especially since he doesn’t have it from anyone else, and we see the effects in ADWD when that support system falls away. Jaime’s relationship with Tyrion is also one of our early clues that Jaime is more complex and sympathetic than he appears.

The problem is when Jaime treating his disabled brother humanely is treated like something heroic, something a regular person wouldn’t do, when Tyrion should have been treated like a member of his family from the start. Tyrion says that Jaime is the only person in his family who ever offered him “the smallest measure of affection or respect” and this is often cited as evidence of how good Jaime is, when really it’s more a measure of how terribly Tyrion has been treated that even the smallest measure of affection or respect is enough to earn his unmitigated devotion.

I’m not saying that Jaime wasn’t good to Tyrion - although I could talk about how he took part in Tyrion and Tysha’s abuse and how he seems to feel that he is owed something from Tyrion for treating him decently, as seen in ASOS when he hears that Tyrion has been accused of Joffrey’s death (even though Jaime could care less about Joffrey and his beef here seems to be more that he claims ownership of Joffrey rather than any fatherly connection):

Kinslaying was worse than kingslaying, in the eyes of gods and men. He knew the boy was mine. I loved Tyrion. I was good to him. Well, but for that one time … but the Imp did not know the truth of that. Or did he? “Why would he kill Joff?”

And his all-around bitterness towards Tyrion after Tyrion doesn’t thank him for telling him the truth about Tysha, and the fact that he calls him “imp” even before their falling out, and the fact that Jaime does things like this:

“I am trying to recall the last time [Cersei] kissed me. I could not have been more than six or seven. Jaime had dared her to do it.”

Imagine Tyrion, no more than six or seven years old, being the brunt of a joke that emphasizes just how undesirable and unlovable he is, reinforced by even his big brother who loves him.

But I’m not trying to say that Jaime doesn’t love Tyrion. Just that loving your disabled brother (and then still being ableist and not really doing anything to protect him from being abused) shouldn’t be treated like a heroic feat. It’s uncomfortably similar to the way that disabled people are treated in real life as burdens to their families and loved ones, and their loved ones treated as saints for putting up with them. It paves the way for asoiaf fans who talk endlessly about how Tywin was justified in abusing Tyrion because having a disabled child is such a chore.

Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh on Jaime. I’m not here to promote Jaime hate. I just want people to realize that Tyrion is not Jaime’s morality pet and disabled people don’t exist to lionize able bodied heroes.

Well, it’s that time of the year; the most wonderful time of year. My favourite time of the year. And to celebrate, I’ve decided to do my second follow forever, complete with a crappy first attempt at a Photoshop graphic – emphasis on the crappy bc I can hardly even Photoshop at all. Anywho. This is just a little somethin’ to thank you all for following me and to show my appreciation for the nearly 400 of you. This is going to be kinda long, bc I’m trying to include every single one of my mutuals (I apologise in advance for anyone I’ve forgotten, it doesn’t mean I appreciate you any less!)

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