my crappy attempt

It was stolen glances
from across the room.
It was music you said you hated
shaking the forest that afternoon.
It was your hand in mine
and fingers on wrists.
It was that consuming fire
from all the oil that had spilled.
It was all my dreams,
recognising you.
It was all my nightmares,
bowing down to you.
It was all that I love,
loving you even more.
It was all that I feared
and all that I hoped for.
It was the blood in my veins
while you had your eyes closed.
It was me driving,
and you telling me where to go.
It was the car halting
and time with it, too.
It was your own demon,
taunting one of my own.
It was being on the verge of death,
burning acid and burning lungs.
It was you kneeling,
desperation and salvation.
It was you on the bed
with a dream in your hands.
It was me gathering courage,
replacing dreams with lips.
It was you tracing ink -
claws and beaks.
It was nails and teeth,
defending themselves by all means.
It was me dreaming,
and you coming with me.
It was despair stilling me.
It was you sitting beside me.
It was your hand around my neck,
and a choice I would never make.
It was you begging to be stopped -
It was me letting you -
It was you but it isn’t -
It was me whispering desperately -
It was you and me,
and the world tumbling down.
It was you leaning on me.
It was me holding on.
It was the darkness
unmaking me.
It was your voice
shaking me.
It was leaves and petals
and a hastily written note.
It was claws and beaks
and nails and teeth.
It is you giving me a fairy tale.
It is me believing every word.
It is the forest coming down.
It is you becoming you.
It is me, always me.
And then it was you and me.
It was me staying,
knowing this is my home.
It is you leaving,
promising you’ll be back soon.
—  the dreamer and the magician at 2.27am