my craftwork

Our collection of crochet hooks aranged from biggest to smallest. And im sure we’re still missing a few , even excluding the one i gave aki. Crochet hooks give their size in mm, like the diameter. That is, unless you’re american because they like to be special and have their own ordering system.

11.5, 10, 10, 8, 7, 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 2.5, 2, 1.25.

Dear god, if I ever comment about wanting to make something with the 1.25mm hook just strike me with lightning ok?


This is my WIP collection. And this is the first time I’ve pulled it out since we’ve moved.
In this is a cunning Jayne hat, a Teemo cap, a few scarves, a few beanies, a few more baby beanies,a bouquet of flowers, and the makings of a knee rug.
Oh, and the belly of a teddy bear that was too difficult.
I have such a short attention span.
Im planning on unpicking most of it. So thats going to free up a lot of yarn.
What I did not find however is the crochet hook I wanted. Grr.

Not 100% happy with this but close enough to show you guys a picture.

The highlighter yellow is the 2nl Year ML shirt. The slogan is pretty cool. Th e middle bit says “Yes, I am in charge here.” Running a region is probably a bit like herding cats.

I got an xl thinking that it would be just a little bigger than I usually wear.


That thing was hella big, only maybe two sizes smaller than the 5xl that I got. So I did the same as what I did with the venn shirt and slimmed it down to my size.  which worked fine.

I cut the bottom half off thinking that adding in the grey (which is whats left from the venn shirt) would break up the shock factor of the yellow which it did. But there wasn’t quite enough to make the skirt of it truly gathered which annoyed me. 

I’ve still got a lot of scraps left over though. So I might be able to add in yet more to make it more twirly.

And this is basically all I’ve done with my day!

Either one of my hands is smaller than the other or I miss counted a stitch. 

Going to pull theses apart and redo them because they’re supposed to be for a commission and I should actually try and make something really good if I can, but at least I’ve got the pattern down mostly.

Debating adding thumb covers. I think with the vertical stitches they would actually attach better, I’ll have to run up another model and see.

Also, My hair is curly this morning!