my craftwork

when you walk in, I’m standing with my back to you, sweat shining on my incredibly defined, rippling back muscles. My blacksmith’s hammer sings clear and true against the hot metal. You sit in terrible awe as i turn and smile

“hey, didn’t notice you there”
“i-it’s fine,” you say, avoiding eye contact. “what are you working on?”
“oh, nothing much,” i say as i remove my thick faux-leather gloves, revealing glistening forearms, “just working on my next text post.”

i smile gently as i set down two teacups filled with organic mango juice

“Latest one got over 1,000 notes. and counting”
“….and the one before that?”

i chuckle heartily. you are filled with a sensation you cannot exactly place.

“5,000 notes”

you nearly spill my expensive juice all over your silk finery.

“ray,” you sputter, “those are practically Funnyman numbers!”
“i know,” my gaze has turned solemn upon seeing your troubled face.
“will you…” you pause, “will you remember me when you’re…. tumblr famous?”

you’re not sure, but you think you see the faintest of knowing sparkles in my beautiful eyes.

“How could I ever forget?”

Collaboration with Olga Kreuzfahrer (

Her sketches, my craftwork. Polymer clay, acrylic, fully handmade

We’re working on some collection together ^__^

Alisa Krinna Maskaeva copyright


Summer 7000 followers Giveaway

Thank you very much for attention to my craftwork, dear friends ^__^

So, I’m giving away this beautiful handmade brooch (pin) from polymer clay. Free worldwide shipping. The winner will be randomly chosen August 17th 2014 and contacted by ask box. If I recieve no answer within 3 days, a new winner will be chosen.


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Not 100% happy with this but close enough to show you guys a picture.

The highlighter yellow is the 2nl Year ML shirt. The slogan is pretty cool. Th e middle bit says “Yes, I am in charge here.” Running a region is probably a bit like herding cats.

I got an xl thinking that it would be just a little bigger than I usually wear.


That thing was hella big, only maybe two sizes smaller than the 5xl that I got. So I did the same as what I did with the venn shirt and slimmed it down to my size.  which worked fine.

I cut the bottom half off thinking that adding in the grey (which is whats left from the venn shirt) would break up the shock factor of the yellow which it did. But there wasn’t quite enough to make the skirt of it truly gathered which annoyed me. 

I’ve still got a lot of scraps left over though. So I might be able to add in yet more to make it more twirly.

And this is basically all I’ve done with my day!