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I made a fancy leather backplate!

Since it’s been Christmas and I don’t have to keep John’s present a secret anymore, I can officially show you all what I’ve been up to! John wears an almost full set of armour to Swordcraft, rain or shine, and the only thing he’s been missing is a backplate. Since he wears a converted version of my old etched breastplate, he’s only been wearing the front steel plate, and as long as he’s been wearing it, he’s been wanting a fancy leather backplate (in the rules system we use, a 5mm leather back plate gives the same amount of HP as a 1.2mm steel backplate). So I made one! 

I started with a raw sheet of veg-tan leather. Creating the pattern for the shape to match the front plate was fairly easy coming from a sewing background. I cut the shape, cleaned up the edges and measured out and embossed the diamonds by pressing the side of my edging tool hard into the leather. There’s also the four straps to go into the existing buckles on the front plate.

Since I’ve had very little experience with leather dying, I used the neck hole cut out as a practice piece (you’ll see what I did with that later). It was looking pretty good so I went for it. I used tape to section off the diamonds like I would have if I were painting. But it turns out it was both similar and extremely different to your garden variety acrylic paint…

There was a fair amount of bleeding, and the tape upset the leather, but there was no stopping now…. Here are some progress photos.

I dyed the rough, inner side of the leather purple and slathered the whole thing in a leather conditioner and rubbed it in really well to give it a nicer finish…. and ta-da!

I purposely left the straps un-attached to I could adjust the size to John perfectly. But the end result would look something like this:

I found the blue dye tricker to work with than the purple dye, and in the light it’s still fairly streaky. But on the whole, and considering it was my first attempt at something like this, I’m super duper happy. And John was over the moon too, of course! 

It adds so much more colour and individuality to his kit, it honestly makes me slightly jealous of how good he looks on field. I see many more projects like this in the future!



I’m currently selling these miniature clay echeveria succulents that I have been hand making! I have two sizes and two colors as of right now and they are…

👆🏻NOTE 👆🏻 these prices include shipping anywhere in the United States

measured across / price
📍2 inches left image / $20
📍4 inches right image / $30

If you are interested in ordering anything please feel free to message me 👏🏻👏🏻📨📬

Many thanks,


We’ll go on an adventure and relive history

So please, please, please won’t you join me

Until the very end

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Ayyyy it's your wizarding world of #larrimation gifery anon sending you mad love and a belated birthday shout. Good looks on the delay of your happy creations. No worries darlin!! That was very kind and considerate. It's all good and will be worth the wait. Like you, I get late night unsober anon ideas. Ima take this bong rip in honor of your bday. Here's to you and another year of great success and many more nights of larry arts & crafts. Cheers💃🔮🎨

oh helllllooooooo there matey oh mine! Thank you thank you for the shout and bong rip in my honour! Here’s an arts & crafts thing i made just for you of me (via Harry) joining in to show my appreciation! You the best.

@danisnotonfire got me & @amazingphil like…


Just finished this cutie! If I ever get off my butt and make an Etsy shop, this is the type of thing I’d want to sell! It’s not really a doll as a cute lil’ pall for your book shelf. Hopefully I can do something with this type of stuff in the future! (Also ignore the big D. A. R. E logo on the ruler, it’s been my trusty ruler since forever and I forget it has the logo)



Put up a cork-board/whiteboard up next to my Desk Pad Planner and it’s just what I needed to make my desk feel cosy. I also cut up some branches and but them in this jar to add some green. I have made sure to have less things on my desk but also implemented big objects to fill the space up.

I love the way it looks now!

Hi Guys!

I’m going to make this short! I haven’t been on tumblr in months. I’m sorry. I know some of you have left me questions and well-wishes, and it means a lot to me. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you.

Part of what drove me away is, this blog was the only blog I ran that I had fun with anymore, and it’s a side blog–so I wasn’t able to just get rid of the rest and focus on this one. So, I went months away from tumblr and focused on my life and my craft–but over the last week or two I’ve been thinking about coming back, and I decided to delete this entire account and start anew with a primary blog that’s focused on myself, my life, and my craft!

If anyone is interested, it’s going to be quite like this blog! My craft still follows a similar path, I still have lots of cool experiences to share and animals to show you–so if you’d like to follow me over there, the new URL is journeywitch !

It’s brand-spanking-new, so I’ll need some rad blogs to follow and a little time to make it pretty, but I hope to see you over there!

This blog will be deleted in 48 hours. Thank you all for your time–lets go on a journey together!


We all know just how important acorns have become to Bilbo Baggins and to us as a fandom. I couldn’t think of a more fitting object to fold into the pages of this movie tie-in version of Tolkien’s The Hobbit, creating a piece of displayable art perfect for any Hobbit fan.


the good thing about having an over-the-shoulder ghost girl is that she can back you up in debates.