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so, about my new desk setup- i have reached maximum marker-hoe capacity and (after lurking pinterest lmao) decided i wanted to make a shelf unit for them for easy access. because i hoard every box ever to be put on our doorstep, i armed myself with those, scissors, acrylic paint, sloppy measurements, and did this while i was without my computer. (Drawing only goes so far before i get twitchy.) needless to say, i love it. it’s so spacious and convenient and rainbows are everywhere. i really love how small and neat the trays are- they fit spectrum noir, prismacolor as well as copic and some others from reviews i read! 

my room was a bit smelly all week from the paint, but it was worth it.



I’m currently selling these miniature clay echeveria succulents that I have been hand making! I have two sizes and two colors as of right now and they are…

👆🏻NOTE 👆🏻 these prices include shipping anywhere in the United States

measured across / price
📍2 inches left image / $20
📍4 inches right image / $30

If you are interested in ordering anything please feel free to message me 👏🏻👏🏻📨📬

Many thanks,


We’ll go on an adventure and relive history

So please, please, please won’t you join me

Until the very end

I made a fancy leather backplate!

Since it’s been Christmas and I don’t have to keep John’s present a secret anymore, I can officially show you all what I’ve been up to! John wears an almost full set of armour to Swordcraft, rain or shine, and the only thing he’s been missing is a backplate. Since he wears a converted version of my old etched breastplate, he’s only been wearing the front steel plate, and as long as he’s been wearing it, he’s been wanting a fancy leather backplate (in the rules system we use, a 5mm leather back plate gives the same amount of HP as a 1.2mm steel backplate). So I made one! 

I started with a raw sheet of veg-tan leather. Creating the pattern for the shape to match the front plate was fairly easy coming from a sewing background. I cut the shape, cleaned up the edges and measured out and embossed the diamonds by pressing the side of my edging tool hard into the leather. There’s also the four straps to go into the existing buckles on the front plate.

Since I’ve had very little experience with leather dying, I used the neck hole cut out as a practice piece (you’ll see what I did with that later). It was looking pretty good so I went for it. I used tape to section off the diamonds like I would have if I were painting. But it turns out it was both similar and extremely different to your garden variety acrylic paint…

There was a fair amount of bleeding, and the tape upset the leather, but there was no stopping now…. Here are some progress photos.

I dyed the rough, inner side of the leather purple and slathered the whole thing in a leather conditioner and rubbed it in really well to give it a nicer finish…. and ta-da!

I purposely left the straps un-attached to I could adjust the size to John perfectly. But the end result would look something like this:

I found the blue dye tricker to work with than the purple dye, and in the light it’s still fairly streaky. But on the whole, and considering it was my first attempt at something like this, I’m super duper happy. And John was over the moon too, of course! 

It adds so much more colour and individuality to his kit, it honestly makes me slightly jealous of how good he looks on field. I see many more projects like this in the future!

hello~ I need some financial help so I’m opening a small kind of commissions.

It’s flat colors and you can either ask me to design the outfit for the character or just straight up give me reference.

It’s 15 euro each. If you’re interested you can either message me here or on ym art blog @tartkumi​. Make sure you’re ok with sharing your e-mail with me.
Payment’s through PayPal.

My general commissions are also still open.

Thank you very very much.


saturday as shauntal and drifblim!! and thanks to the guy who snapped that fullbody pic for us! you can see some cosplay wips i took on my craft blog @busybeecrafts if you so desire, too.

we saw a drifblim a drifloon gal during this con, as well as the most badass haunter! ahhhh! AND shoutout to the cutest Acerola who took selfies with us and had her own drifblim balloon!

@danisnotonfire got me & @amazingphil like…


holy shit i cant believe i finished these in time

its like half an hour before i have to leave im so happy holy fuck

there are wips here and here in you wanna see them

I meant to do a lot more documentation of my zine fest preparations but I’ve been really busy and stressed. But anyhow here’s another picture of some of the knitting stuff I’m doing


Hey! I am Tobias(he/they pronouns) and I am a demiboy.
I love to talk to others and make new friends. Some hobbies of mine are reading, writing, and crafting! I’ve been to 4 gender therapist appointments and hopefully I can start T in December.
Yesterday I went to the movies and the person who tears tickets referred to me as “bud” and a woman I was holding the door for called me “sonny”! I was not even binding and yet I was presenting very masculine! So happy!!!
You can find me @merciful-rainbow-overlord and please follow my crafts blogs @cool-queer-keychains and @cool-queer-crafts

I Got That PMA

Every morning when I roll through the Dunkin’s drive-thru (medium ice caramel cream only), I greet the intercom with the peppiest voice I can muster.  Seriously, my boyfriend literally rolls his eyes and asks “why?”  I also work in food services and am a firm believer in karma.  I think that by starting off my day with “outside humans” on a happy, upbeat note, I in turn will receive happy, upbeat customers. It definitely doesn’t end up like that, but in my mind I tried.

People often associate my positive attitude with an easy going life.  I don’t think that any of it has been easy.  I’ve lost my only sibling and both parents, had a fiancee who did heroin, been homeless, had an abusive relationship, abortion, and just plain old taken advantage of.  All of these things fucking sucked.  But after the tears and anger subsided, I would always think, what is the bright side?  There had to be some good, I had to find it.  

The answers I found were not to placate that constant human query of “why?”  Which, please don’t get me wrong, I often ask.  The answers I got taught me to be a better person.  I found lessons of empathy, responsibility, even something as simple as saying no.  I think that because of my optimistic attitude, I am able to always try to make the best of a shit sandwich.  

When I was young my dad told me the story of twin brothers.  One was spoiled and got everything he wanted, the other humble and kind.  For their birthday, the spoiled boy was given a beautiful stallion, but instead of being thankful the boy complained of its stink.  The humble brother was taken to a stable filled to the brim with horse shit.  He started digging feverishly and when asked why he replied, “there’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”

Don’t ever stop looking for that pony.