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Jack knew, though. He knew.

There hasn’t been a doubt in his mind. Every time he’s been down to Samwell, every time he watched from a corner in the kitchen as Bitty simultaneously baked muffins and batted away Holster’s interference and counseled the tadpoles on affairs of the heart, it’s been obvious. As much as Jack loves Bittle, this team loves him too. All of them love him.

It’s not just love, though. It’s just that Jack understands the love most. But there’s more to it. Another side to Bittle that he hasn’t been privileged to see, that he can’t see from his vantage point as a former captain and now-boyfriend.

Jack gets his first glimpse of it when the tadpole – Whiskey, his name is – comes in and asks Bittle about his wrist shot. Two years ago, a year ago even, Bittle would have turned to Jack and said, “Gosh, I’m not sure I can – better ask the master.” This time, Bittle out-and-out forgets Jack’s in the room. He picks up a spatula and uses it as a prop to explain launch angles from the stick blade, and Whiskey watches with rapt attention. It’s the look on Whiskey’s face that strikes Jack. He’s never looked at Bittle like that; he’s never had cause to. But Whiskey does.

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so. i haven’t written fanfic in years and i keep telling myself to do it but i don’t want to write it all out but i have so. many. headcanons. so here’s a bullet-point fic. idek if anyone will see this bc this is a secondary blog and it has like. no followers basically.

  • Eric’s soulmark shows up on the night of his 13th birthday
    • he cries because all the bullies told him that he’d never get one
  • his mark disappears a month later when Jack overdoses
    • Eric cries bc that only happens when your soulmate dies
  • Jack wakes up in the hospital with his mark crossed out
    • Jack cries bc that only happens when your soulmate rejects you
  • Eric doesn’t believe that his soulmate died bc he thinks he can still feel him. His parents and the doctors make him go to therapy.
  • Jack hates himself more bc he thinks he ruined his chances at hockey and his chances with his soulmate bc clearly his soulmate hated him enough to reject him without ever meeting him.
  • When they meet, Eric doesn’t know he’s meeting his Jack. He’s already met so many Jack’s in his life. Jack tries to hate him on sight once people give Eric his nickname bc of course, the universe hates him and there’s a Bitty on his collarbone.
  • Jack tries to hate Bitty, but ends up hating himself bc he still falls in love with Bitty who is the soulmate. who. didn’t. want. him. the soulmate who thought he wasn’t good enough for them.
  • But then when they’re on the roof of Faber and everyone’s having a heart-to-heart, Jack finds out that Bitty lost his mark, that everyone told Bitty it meant his soulmate died but Bitty still doesn’t want to believe it.
    • Cue Jack having no idea how to tell Bitty bc Bitty wants a soulmate but would Bitty want him???
  • Ransom has perfect timing and tells a story about how sometimes one soulmate experiences life threatening trauma that causes the bond to expend all it’s energy to keep them alive which results in one mark getting crossed out and the other one disappearing.
    • Cue Jack being even more conflicted about this.
  • Fast forward to graduation where Jack still doesn’t know what to do but Bitty hugs him and cries and Jack feels lost bc he’s not complete w/o his soulmate.
  • Jack runs to the Haus and kisses Bitty but his phone won’t. stop. ringing. so he has to go
  • It’s only when he’s almost reached his parents that he realizes that he never told Bitty! *stupid. forgetful. Jack.*
  • So right there in plain sight of everyone, Jack undoes his tie and the top buttons on his shirt and texts Bitty a selfie.
The Devil Wears Laces

“Please tell me you didn’t do it,” Nikandros said as soon as Damen picked up the phone. Instinctively, Damen looked around, as though he were going to find Nikandros staring at him in disapproval from across the street. Or behind him. Or perching from one of the buildings like a gargoyle.

“I only did it because of you, you know,” Damen told him.

“You did this because of me,” Nikandros repeated. “I was the one who told you this was going to happen. Kastor has been jealous of you for years. It was only a matter of time before he made a grab for your position. That’s why he-”

“Why he told our father that I was burnt out and needed vacation time? Why he’s helpfully filling in for me during my forced sabbatical?”

“Yes.” It was exactly what Nikandros had said, though not with those specific details. Nikandros, who knew everything, had told Damen that his brother would jump at the opportunity to show their father he was capable of being CEO. Damen just hadn’t listened. But now Kastor was sitting at the Editor-In-Chief’s desk - his desk - and he’d decided to start paying attention.

“Which is why I’m not going to sit down and be useless while the company prepares for its biggest deal in years.”

“So, you’ve applied at Vere?”

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Please enjoy this photo of me refusing to leave a stadium in Paris because I had just experienced the trip of a lifetime and I had to fly 16,000kms home in 5 hours. Remember this photo—it’ll be the happiest I’ve ever been for a long time. I also vividly remember yelling ‘I could die here tonight and be content’ just hours before this was taken.


Soulmate AU where you only see one colour based on your soulmate’s eyes.

On AO3 here.

Alexei’s soulmate is being cute again.

It doesn’t happen every day, but at least twice a week, Alexei gets to experience another colour. Today, his soulmate’s chosen blue. He can see the blue of his car and the blue of the skies and best of all? He can see the blue of his Falconer’s jersey. That always puts him in a good mood.

He appreciates his soulmate’s choice of blue eyes, especially since he was traded to the Falconers. It makes playing a game so much easier when he can find his teammates easily without relying on the colour bands. Tonight’s game is against the Las Vegas Aces, which isn’t a problem, but sometimes jerseys like the Schooners’ are similar enough in design that Alexei has trouble distinguishing the two when he can’t see in either colour. His team has tried to make accommodations before, of course, but there’s only so much that the league allows them to do, especially for the sake of one player. Alexei’s not the only one on the team who still can’t see in full colour, but he’s the only one with an unpredictable sight.

The league allows for minor add-ons like colour bands to jerseys to help out players. It’s not much, but being able to see a brown streak, or the lack of one, usually makes it easier to find your teammates quickly. It’s a little different when you see in different colours all the time. The league says it will accommodate all players, but they certainly don’t seem to like the idea of there being pink plastered over the Falconers’ jerseys (although, in Alexei’s defense, his soulmate has only decided to go with pink once).

Colours like to work in strange ways. Your world doesn’t just expand to a million hues once you make eye contact with your soulmate. Instead, colours fade in (or out) one by one as your relationship with your soulmate strengthens (or weakens) until you can see all the colours of the world. For now though, Alexei can only see one. Sometimes, when he’s lucky, he catches a glimpse of another, but that comes and goes and he’s yet to find out who triggers it.

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