my cousins everybody

Apparently I don’t notice when people flirt or are interested in me???

My mom told me on Christmas dinner that one of our neighbours kids (older than me for a year or two) always had a crush on me and that’s why he was so nice, and I’m like ???? I just thought he was polite and we were engaging in obligatory small talk????

AND because she shared this story in front of everybody, my cousins both looked at each other then at me and said basically yep she never notices, anytime we go out with her for drinks or whatever and we tell her the bartender was flirting with her she never believes us and thinks we are messing with her.

And just to really shake my world perception, my best friend from high school told me today “oh you remember R? We had a get together with a bunch of people from high school and he asked about you and his friends started giving him shit because of that old crush” and I went “what crush?” “The one he had on you” “…really?” “Caroline he had a thing for you for like the last two years of high school, everybody knew!” “Well I fucking didn’t!!!!” “…omg even the teacher knew! That’s why he was your lab partner in biology.”

NOBODY TOLD ME! Like I thought I was good at this shit, but apparently unless I am interested in somebody and actively looking to see if that person is interested too I don’t notice a thing!!!


@whatbigotspost My cousin is back at it again. I saw that he “reacted” to it and I already knew it wouldn’t be good, and SHOCKER, I was right! He “reacted” to it with the laughing emoji, because you know police brutality (or at least the threat of it) against Black people is fucking hilarious, especially given the 2 most recent and incredibly publicized murders. I reported the image to Facebook but we all know they won’t take it down. I feel like I’ve also reported the page before and of course it is still around.