my cousin(:

A couple years ago I was on vacation with my entire family and my cousin was like 11 and called himself the chosen one and started dubbing everyone like ‘chosen one #37578’ ect. And one time we got a pizza and when the pizza guy got there my cousin got this thoughtful look and said 'You. You are chosen one #2. My second in command.’ And the pizza guy looked so touched


Today on #MelaninMonday I congratulate my love for graduating from UCLA this weekend, earning her BA in Sociology.
She will be attending The University of Laverne in the fall to pursue her Masters degree in Health Administration.
The love I have for this woman is out of this world, she is the definition of a Strong Black Queen 👑💕
Read her story here 👇🏾
I love you Shay!😘

Uma vez, quando eu tinha 12 anos, eu fui para uma psicóloga ela me perguntou “Como é depressão?” e eu tive que pensar por alguns instantes e respondi “É como se você estivesse se afogando. Exceto que você consegue ver todo mundo a sua volta respirando e eles não fazem nada. Eles te observam afundando”.