my cousin(:

A couple years ago I was on vacation with my entire family and my cousin was like 11 and called himself the chosen one and started dubbing everyone like ‘chosen one #37578’ ect. And one time we got a pizza and when the pizza guy got there my cousin got this thoughtful look and said 'You. You are chosen one #2. My second in command.’ And the pizza guy looked so touched


Guys I was babystting my little cousin and she wanted me to tell her the story of Sleeping Beauty and I was like “okay.” So I began to tell her and I’ve never seen Sleeping beauty before, so I asked her what the prince’s name was. She told me she didn’t know, and that we should just call him Shiro from Voltron, and Allura as the princess, because she’s a princess.

Guys, I’m crying.

My seven year old cousin created a Shallura AU……

Without even knowing it….

My cousin's pretty quiet but when she talks it's gold

Aunt: Guys, remember to leave some ice cream for your cousins, okay?
Annika: awe. This is what I hate about families

- cinema warns us that the movie is PG 13 -
Annika: Ha! I’m thirteen now. I don’t need parental guidance anymore

Uncle: I feel like we all got fat during the vacation
Annika: Not for me. That’s, like, my whole life.

Caption: she has been burnt by grillby. Poor girl. He’s not that easy to get ;)

Ok so I’ve been inspired by mystic messenger and undertale for the decor, by undyne, lara croft, and a singer of dreamcatcher for the red-haired girl, by MC and jaehee for the second girl, by a drawing of my cousin ( hello @calypso-dans-la-lune) for the pose and finally by my behavior for the story lol

And I did all of this while I was working math -w-

So I showed my younger cousin the music video for Fall Out Boy's song Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet
  • My Cousin: And who are they?
  • Me: That's Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith from Panic! At The Disco.
  • My Cousin: OH OH, *points at Brendon* is he the lead singer?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • My Cousin: He's hot.
  • Me: You have good taste in men.

Today on #MelaninMonday I congratulate my love for graduating from UCLA this weekend, earning her BA in Sociology.
She will be attending The University of Laverne in the fall to pursue her Masters degree in Health Administration.
The love I have for this woman is out of this world, she is the definition of a Strong Black Queen 👑💕
Read her story here 👇🏾
I love you Shay!😘