my cousin and his girlfriend are going to kill me

I could have died being with her

Note: this is a same-sex relationship

We met in college. She was hanging out with a mutual friend of ours. They talked and texted. Eventually, he friend introduced us. We became fast friends.

Shortly after, she got sick. He became clingy, and accused her of cheating with me. She then told him she wanted nothing to do with him. He persisted.

Amid all of this, we had started seeing each other. He found out and texted me about how he was going to kill me. I showed the text to campus police who said they couldn’t do anything. My dormmate was his cousin, so he was always in my room.  I was afraid for my life. Eventually, I was able to switch dorms. But I had demerits on my record instead of him.

When he found out, he started sending threatening messages to my girlfriend. Things like how he would hurt her and myself. We went once again to the campus police. They still couldn’t do anything, even with all the proof we showed them.

He followed us everywhere, and sent threatening messages through his friends to us. We went to the dean, who went to the campus police, who still didn’t do anything. None of this stopped until we moved last summer.


Best Friends: Alex Gaskarth Imagine: Part 3: Finale

A/N: I put Vic and Jenna in because I was listening to Hold On Till May and yeah. I used Remembering Sunday, because I was listening to it at the time as well, so I hope you enjoy!


You and James were sitting in the bleachers of the football while everyone else was in class. “James, how long are you and the rest of your brother and sisters staying at our house?” you asked him. “Just until my mom gets the house papers in order. Then, we can movie in. Why? Won’t miss your big cousin?” He teased as he squeezed you. “Okay, don’t kill me!” You laughed. “I’ll probably have to kill you, and Hailey would be devastated… maybe. I mean, who wants a mean boyfriend?” You joked referring to his girlfriend Hailey. “At least I have someone, Ms. I’m in love with my best friend.” He joked. “Okay, that isn’t fair. He’s with Lisa. I don’t know what to do.” You sighed as you ran a hand through your hair.

“You’re related to me. You have to go for what you want. You can’t just mope around about how he’s with some slut.” You smiled and looked out towards the empty football field. “He won’t go for me. He went to prom with her, he probably fucked her, and he didn’t even apologize to Rian… I guess I’ll have to get over it.” You said. “I’m going to ditch the rest of my classes. I’ll see you at home.” You got up and left James sitting and thinking to himself.


“Hey!” I heard a voice call towards me as I walked down the empty hall. I turned and saw that guy James running towards me. “What?” I said in a harsh tone. I didn’t mean to, but knowing he had Y/N and I didn’t made me bitter. “I need to talk to you.” He sighed. “It’s about Y/N. I know she wouldn’t tell you this so I’m just going to have to do it. She’s in love with you. You’re killing her by being with that school slut and it hurts her that you haven’t apologized to Rian.” He spoke quickly. “Wait, she’s in love with me? But, she’s with you!” I loudly whispered, so teachers wouldn’t come out. “Whoa dude, she’s my younger cousin.” Well didn’t I feel dumb… “I never wanted to go with Lisa… I just couldn’t get the courage to ask Y/N. I punched Rian because I couldn’t stand to see him there with Y/N. Fuck… How do I fix this?” I asked. “That’s for you to figure out.” Was he last thing he said as he left.

I walked the opposite way and though of ways I could make this better. As I turned the corner and heard two people singing. I saw some guy from the soccer team, Vic Fuentes, and some transfer student, Jenna McDougall, sitting on a bench and singing. I watched Vic play guitar and both of them sing their hearts out. “Hey guys, can you help me with getting a girl?” I asked them as they finished their song. “Sure, man.” Vic responded. “How do we help?” Jenna asked. “Well…”


After leaving the school, you came home, and jumped into bed. You didn’t know what to do. You had two choices, either get over your love for Alex or chase after it. How can I compete with Lisa? You thought to yourself. She was popular, pretty, and just everything a guy could want, apart from the skimpy clothing she wore everyday. . “Y/N?” You heard your little cousin, Jasey, say quietly as she opened your door. “Yes, darling?” You whispered as she walked up to you and you lifted her to your bed and set her on your lap. “Are you okay?” She asked. You smiled and kissed her forehead, “Hopefully I will be. You’re too little to know.” She seemed confused, “Tell me.” She said. “Hmm… pretend there’s a princess and she loves the prince. But, the prince loves another, prettier princess.” You told her. “Are you the prettier princess?” She asked. “I wish I was, love.” You smiled. “I know how you can be the prettier princess.” She said with a toothy grin. “Oh, really?” You questioned. “I got paid five dollars to do this. Come on.” She said. She got up from your lap and pulled you up so you were standing. She still held onto your hand and opened the balcony doors and led you to the railing. “Look down.” She said. You looked down and saw Alex there with Rian, Zack, and Jack on the side. Vic and Jenna were standing with Alex. You’re mouth
dropped and you looked down at Jasey as she stared down at the guys.

Vic started strumming the guitar and you were amazed when you heard Alex sang. You heard Alex sing to himself before, but no one else ever had. You were surprised when he sang in front of the guys. Forgive me i’m trying to find my calling i’m calling at night. I don’t mean to be a bother but have you seen this girl? She’s been running through my dreams, and it’s driving me it seems. I’m gonna ask her to marry me… What was he actually saying? He continued to sing… …following me in my desperate endeavor to find my whoever, wherever she may be… Jenna started singing and Alex left the mic and began climbing the pipe up to your window. He made it up to the balcony and stood face to face with you as you heard Vic finishing the song. “Alex, what are you doing?” You asked. “Something I should’ve done a long time ago.” He whispered. He took a step closer to you and placed his hands on both sides of your face. He gently pressed his lips to yours and you closed your eyes as the taste of his lips took over you. You heard cheering from the guys downstairs on the lawn and Jasey was dancing around the room. You pulled back and wrapped your arms around his neck and he held you tightly to his body. You loosened the hug so you were able to rest your forehead against his and your hands were resting, intertwined on his neck. You both smiled and you took in a deep breath, making sure it was real. Alex leaned closer to your ear and whispered seven words you’d never forget, “Y/N, I’m desperately in love with you.”

Open to: F/NB 18+
Suggested Connection: Ex girlfriend, fling, stranger he invited, etc. 

“I know I told you I didn’t give a shit whether or not we were late but if I don’t show up at all my mums probably going to kill me.” Cade called out as he cheated the time on his phone. He truly didn’t care too much about the event which was evident by his formal dress, consisting of a sweater and slacks. However it was his cousin’s wedding and his mom had made it perfectly clear she expected their entire family to attend and encouraged each of the boys to bring a date. As if their family wasn’t already completely aware of the reputation Cade and his brother had built for themselves. When he finally saw her emerge from the bathroom, he shut his mouth. His light brown eyes widened as he tried to find the words to describe what he was seeing. “You look… Incredible.” 

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“ It’s my first day being like this, please for the love of god don’t ruin this for me “ Carson had been training all summer. Mostly alone because his best friend didn’t want to join him. He would rather watch. “ I have finally managed to get some courage to talk to Enid since I heard her and her boyfriend broke up. This is my chance to finally get a girlfriend for god sake “ 
“ ENID!” the blonde screamed while she looked at the clock. They had overslept and if the girls parents found out that she had managed to get her cousin to school late on the first day after summer they were going to kill her. “ WE NEED TO GO NOW!” she yelled while she dressed up in some clothes so that she could drive her older cousin to her first day as a senior.

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Can I request a scenario where you are Joshua's cousin from the US and you come over to visit him and the other members have a hard time trying to talk to you because you can't really speak Korean and they try to get Vernon and Joshua to help?

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Seventeen’s 14th Member for a Week

Italics = Korean (or Chinese, but only China line would speak in Chinese)

Regular = English


You pulled out your little compact mirror as you waited for your cousin Joshua to answer the door. Joshua had invited you to stay with him while you were on spring break after you had mentioned that you didn’t have any plans and all of your friends would be away on vacation, over your weekly FaceTime session. He had told you he and the rest of the Seventeen members were getting a week’s worth of rest, so they’d all be in the apartment as well. Being in an apartment full of attractive guys sounded like the perfect getaway. Just as you had finished checking to make sure their wasn’t any food on your face from when you snacked on the plane, an unfamiliar face answered the door.

Oh, hello? Can I help you?” You recognized the person as Woozi, only because he’s the only boy you’ve met who’s shorter than you. Well, at least now he’s the only boy you’ve met who’s shorter than you.

You smiled, nervously. What did he say? “Crap, I knew I should’ve studied Korean before I decided to fly half way across the world to another country,” you thought. “Uh, I’m Joshua’s cousin, Y/N.”

His eyes lit up upon hearing Joshua’s name, assuming you were here to see him. “Joshua! Someone is here to see you!

Joshua’s head peeked from around the corner and his eyes creased into a smile. “Y/N, its so good to see you. Come in, come in. Woozi, let her in.” You sighed in relief, thankful that at least someone could communicate easily with you. Woozi took ahold of your suitcase and you gave a slight bow. Joshua embraced you in a hug. “Ah, it feels so good to have you here, its been too long.”

You snorted a little. “Way too long. cos. I haven’t seen you since you went through that awkward phase.” You laughed, recalling how he dressed back when he was a kid.

He pulled back, laughing it off. “I didn’t have an awkward phase. What do you mean?”

“You definitely had an awkward phase, man.” You turned your attention to the other English speaking member, Vernon.

Joshua scoffed. “You’re one to judge.”

Vernon narrowed his eyes and jabbed a finger at Joshua’s chest. “Never speak of those videos. Hi, I’m Vernon. Joshua, you didn’t tell us you have a girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend!”

“I’m not his girlfriend!”

You and Joshua shrieked in unison, cheeks red hot. Back when Joshua lived in the states, you two would spend so much time together that people mistook you for siblings all the time. You were practically joined at the hip. But never has someone mistook you two for a couple.

You turned to Joshua with an eyebrow raised. “Did you even tell them that I was coming?” You hated showing up to places uninvited or unannounced because you felt like you were being a burden.

Joshua turned sheepish and blushed. “I was so busy preparing for your arrival that I may have forgotten to mention it to the others. But its fine, you’re my guest so I’m the only one who can kick you out.” You angrily hit Joshua’s arm. He immediately clutched his arm. “Ouch! You’ve gotten stronger over the years.”

“Maybe you should work out more, then.” You shot back.

“Ohhhh, she roasted you, dude!” Vernon laughed and Joshua just rolled his eyes.

“Follow me, I’ll introduce you to everyone.” Joshua led to the kitchen where everyone was fighting over food cooked on the stove.

Yah! Minghao, leave some ramen for the rest of us!” Jun shouted, shoving Minghao away from the pot of ramen. Minghao stuck his chopsticks in Jun’s face before walking away with a bowl of overflowing ramen.

I’m sorry, hyung! I just wanted to learn how to play!” Dino squealed while being chased by a psychotic Woozi, guitar in hand and broken guitar strings dangling from the neck.

I’m going to murder you, Lee Chan!” Woozi looked like a demonic version of the small old man you met at the door.

“Is this how its usually like? A bunch of teenage boys acting like children shouting in Korean?” You skeptically asked as a screaming Woozi and a crying Dino passed you once again.

“Oh, you haven’t even seen the half of it.” Vernon said, sighing.

Guys! Guys, can you all sit down? I have someone I want to introduce!” Joshua cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, but not even you could hear him above the sound of testosterone.

Everybody shut up! Joshua wants to introduce his girlfriend!” Vernon shouted, followed by a smirk. Well, that’s one way to get everyone’s attention.

Joshua, you have a girlfriend?!” Jeonghan asked, jaw dropping and eyes widening.

Joshua reached behind you to smack the back of Vernon’s head. “Cut it out! That’s disgusting, Hansol.” He murmured, Vernon snickering. “No, she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my cousin from the States. Everyone, this is Y/N. She’s going to be staying with us for a week, so be kind. Oh, and she’s off limits unless you want me to kill you.” You had no idea what Joshua was saying, but the devilish smirk at the end told you it wasn’t sweet.

The welcome committee came rushing towards you, filing into a line.

Say the name, Seventeen! Annyeonghaseyo, Seventeen imnida!” They shouted in perfect unison, complete with their hand gesture and bow. You internally fangirled, trying hard not to let it show, but you ended up letting out a squeal, anyway.

Y/N, how old are you?” Dino bluntly asked, a slight rosy tint to his squishy cheeks. You smiled awkwardly, looking over at Joshua for some help.

“He asked how old you are. Dino, why do you want to know?” Joshua suddenly narrowed his eyes at Dino, making the maknae shrink away behind Wonwoo.

“Ah, I’m (Age) years old.” You smiled, but only got a confused look in return. You held up the number of fingers on your hands that matched your age. Dino seemed to understand and nodded his head.

“You must be hungry after that long plane ride. I’ll make you a plate of ramen.” Joshua said, beginning to walk into the kitchen.

“Actually, if its alright with you all, I think I’m just going to turn in for the night. I’m really jet lagged.” You said, feeling slightly bad for not eating dinner with the boys.

“Oh, sorry, I should’ve known. Unfortunately, we don’t have any guest rooms since theres only four bedrooms for the thirteen of us, so you’ll have to bunk with someone. I share my room with Jeonghan and Hoshi. Seokmin, Woozi, Dino and Seungkwanl bunk together and Jun and Minghao bunk with Vernon and Seungcheol. You can fit in Mingyu and Wonwoo’s room, though. I wouldn’t want you to sleep on the couch and I’m pretty sure we have an inflatable mattress lying around here somewhere.” Joshua suggested.

“Are you sure? Not that I mind, but I brought a sleeping bag with me. I can just sleep in the living room.” You reasoned.

Vernon and Joshua shook their heads. “Nonsense, you’re our guest. Come on, Joshua, I’ll help you look for that mattress. The rest of the boys will show you around.” Vernon said, walking over to Mingyu and Wonwoo, probably letting them know I’d be staying in their room.

“You from America? What it like?” You felt someone tap your shoulder and you turned around to meet Hoshi’s contagious smile.

You stifled a giggle, finding Hoshi’s broken english adorable. “I’m from Los Angeles, same as Joshua. Its definitely a lot different from Korea. Its always hot and sunny, so I usually spend my time surfing at the beach or going into town to shop at Brandy Melville. (idk what LA weather is like so I apologize if I’m wrong) Each Friday, my friends and I would hit up In N Out after school. Its a fast food restaurant that sells the best burgers and fries ever.”

“Brandy Melville. In N Out.” Hoshi repeated a few times, working on his pronunciation. You and Hoshi continued talking, more like it was him asking questions and you did your best to speak clearly and slowly enough to understand at least some of what you were saying. The other boys split up, Mingyu and Wonwoo went to their bedroom to clean and make room for you, Vernon and Joshua disappeared to look for that mattress, and some of the members lingered around. “I go eat now. It was nice talking to you, Y/N.” Hoshi bowed, padding into the kitchen.

You eyed the suitcase standing by the door where you had left it and decided it was about time you unpack your toiletries while you wait for your accommodations to be set up. You retrieved your bag and wheeled it down a corridor that you assumed would have the bathroom, but found only open doors to the boys’ bedrooms. Minghao walked out from one of the rooms with a towel wrapped around his neck and had changed into a plain grey t-shirt and a pair of long pajamas pants with Mario characters printed all over. He looked like he was getting ready for bed as well and had just taken a shower.

“Minghao!” You said, a little too loudly, trying to get his attention. He jumped, dropping his toothbrush and he placed a hand over his heart.

Geez, you scared me.” He breathed, speaking in Chinese.

You blushed. “Mianhaeyo. Can you show me where the bathroom is, please?” 

Minghao quirked an eyebrow, shaking his head slightly. “Yah! Hansol, what is she saying?

She’s looking for the bathroom.” Vernon said, walking by with one end of the mattress in hand, the other being held by Joshua. “Ouch! Watch where you’re going.” He pouted at Joshua, who had made Vernon walk into a wall.

Joshua scoffed. “Yeah, that’d be helpful if I wasn’t walking backwards.” The two of them continued bickering and sticking their tongues out at each other.

“Oh!” Minghao’s eyes lit up. He waved his hand in a ‘follow me’ gesture. You followed his lead past the living room where Dino and Seokmin were watching a drama together on the couch, and past the kitchen/dining room area where the majority of the boys were, filling up their plates with large helpings of food. Minghao took you down a corridor, which you hadn’t noticed when you first walked in, that was connected to the kitchen. At the end was a single opened door, showing a pair of sinks, one bathtub, and a toilet.

Setting your toiletry bag on the counter and beginning to unpack, you thanked him. He smiled at you from the doorway and then turned to leave. “Oh, wait. Do you have any-” You started, but soon discovered you were only talking to yourself. “-toothpaste that I can borrow …” Of course you forgot to pack something. This always happens when you go on vacation.

They had to keep some toothpaste somewhere is that bathroom. There’s thirteen of them, their whole bathroom should be stocked. You rummaged through drawers, cabinets, something even made you think there might have been toothpaste in the shower, but nothing.

“Joshua! Vernon! Can you come here for a second? I need some help.” You shouted out for the english speaking members, too tired to try and communicate with the others.

“Help?” Woozi popped his head through the door. You felt yourself easing up a little. Woozi was known as the best English speaking member who wasn’t from the States.

“Hey, Woozi. Listen, do you guys keep any toothpaste around here?” You tried adding gestures just for extra measures. You held your toothbrush in one hand and made a tube shape with the other, dragging it across the top of the toothbrush.

Woozi snorted, suddenly making you feel like an idiot. “You’re out of luck. We stopped believing in toothpaste after our trainee days.” He said, then left, leaving you utterly clueless. You sighed, too tired to go looking for Joshua or Hansol again and quickly finished getting ready for bed.

You gathered your things and found Meanie’s room that you’d be staying in. It was easy to find amongst the other rooms because of the obvious shouting from behind a door.

What?! You gave her my bed! Where am I supposed to sleep?” You heard Wonwoo shout. He sounded angry and not the least bit pleasant.

Wonwoo-hyung, you can sleep with me.” Mingyu chirped up cheerfully. There was a slight pause before Wonwoo continued complaining again.

Joshua, you better fix this or so help me I will sleep outside if I have to because I am not sharing a bed with him for a whole week.”

You slowly entered the room, but you didn’t find the mattress set up, instead you found one neatly made bed and one messily made bed. “Sorry guys, but the mattress has a hole in it, so it won’t inflate. I don’t want to make her sleep in the living room. Can’t you make this work for one week?

And have him sneeze on me all night? No thanks, I’d rather sleep on the couch.” Wonwoo huffed just before Mingyu sneezed into his hand. Wonwoo shivered in disgust. 

Joshua was the first to notice you enter. He smiled sheepishly. “We might have one small problem …”

This is going to be a long week.


  • *knock knock*
  • Barry: Oh, maybe Harry changed his mind and decided to come to the party after all.
  • Patty: Harry?
  • Patty: Harrison Wells?
  • Patty: Harrison Wells who killed your mom?
  • Patty: Harrison Wells who's supposed to be dead?
  • Patty: Harrison Wells who Joe told me not to mention to you ever?
  • Barry: Um, no. I was talking about my cousin Sam.
  • Barry: We call him Harry.
  • Barry: We don't really know why.
  • Barry: I mean, lol, why would I invite dead murderer Harrison Wells to a Christmas party with my girlfriend and possibly a whole bunch of other people who have no idea what's going on.
  • Barry: That would be craaaaaaazy.
  • Barry: *frantically texts Harry not to come*