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I’m seeing a lot of young transgender or non-binary people out there freaking out or going completely silent and removing all their info from their bios in light of the recent news in America. And I get that, I really, truly do.

But I also want you guys to know that it’s safe to come talk to me if you’re feeling pressured or scared or angry or whatever you’re feeling. If you’re comfortable with talking to me, go for it. :)

Secondly, if you’ve spoken to me about your gender for whatever reason, and are feeling scared about someone else finding out or you being being outed for any reason, please know that I will never reveal anything we have spoken about, anything you have sent to me or asked me about (as an anon or not) to anyone. What we discuss is private, and unless you give me permission to respond publicly or speak about it to others, it will stay between us. Always.

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Hi! I am not sure if this request was made..but since it is rainy here in my country and it's chilly, may I ask for a hc or a scenario where rfa+trio where it's like a lazy rainy Sunday and they are cuddled with mc (possible fluff turning to nsfw)?

Didn’t turn out as NSFW-y as I’d have liked it so I apologise for that but I still hope it was fluffy enough! :)
Thank you for the request and thank you for waiting! Hope you enjoy!

Zen: Something about the day made Zen seem lethargic. Usually he was up around doing things like practicing lines or working out however today he just felt… tried. The two of you sat on the couch cuddling up while watching one of his dvds. At first, he just wanted to laze around but after watching the energy he put into his shows, he felt like moving again. His arm that was around your shoulder moved down to your waist and his head that was on your other shoulder moved upwards as he whispered in your ear,“Jagi~ Why don’t we do something fun?”
Valentine day special all over again.

Yoosung: For some reason looking at the rain made him sad ever since Rika had left his life however now that you were in the picture, he felt a bit more comforted. You slept on his lap while he stared out the window, imagining he was in a drama. He ran his fingers through your hair gently and smiled at your sleeping face. Your presence made these rainy days happy and he looked forward to every moment he got to be with you.

Jaehee: The one day she’s free from work, she’s disappointed that it’s raining. She’s disappointed that she can’t go out to a nice cafe with you and enjoy the sunlight. The rain makes her feel a bit sad however with you leaning on her shoulder and cuddling up to her side, she remembers what she has. Out of no where she kisses the top of your head and whispers in your ear how happy she is that you’re right here with her. She’ll give you an even tighter hug and turn down Zen’s dvd, wanting to hear your voice better.

Jumin: You were expecting to spend the cold rainy day alone, warming up under the sheets of the bed however you heard the door open and once you stepped outside to see who had entered, you saw a soaking wet Jumin. You advised him to quickly take a warm shower and after you retreated back into the warmth of the sheets, he soon joined you, cuddling up to your stomach and enjoying your heat while you scolded him about his wet hair. Almost immediately, he ‘climbed’ up your body and leaned over you with a glint in his eyes.
“My hair won’t even compare to us in a few moments.”

707: He rather likes the rainy days and so he takes the time to bump up the heater and bust out the board games. You two will play games on the table with you two kicking each other underneath every time something happens.
“You made me give you money.”
You’ll be playing the Game Of Life and when Seven arrives at the time for children, he pauses.
“…Do you want to try now?”

V: The rainy days add a sense of melancholy to the atmosphere and to sustain heat, the two of you were cuddled on the bed. V was listening to some music and time to time you would read him a passage of a book you were reading. He had his arm around your waist and head on your shoulder as you read, finding the vibrations somewhat calming. Eventually he falls asleep and you sink down onto the bed and hug his head close to your chest, letting you know that you’re near.

Saeran: He feels restless because he really isn’t doing anything. He could go on the computer and hack something “for the lols” but then he wouldn’t be doing anything with you. He hates being alone but he won’t admit it. He’ll just cuddle up to you on the couch while you watch something on television, enjoying the warmth and if he’s feeling like it, he bring a gradual shower of kisses upon you then push you gently onto the couch with a little lick of his lips. Suddenly his restlessness problem is solved.

Vanderwood: (FIRST VANDERWOOD REACTION I APOLOGISE) He actually respects you a lot and although he also wants to be outside doing something, he takes the time to clean up the house. He drags you into it as well and soon you’re having races about ‘who can clean up their room the fastest’ or 'the one with the cleanest dish wins’. Stupid things like that but nevertheless, he finds a way to keep moving and even later on, when you two have collapsed on the bed ready to sleep, he wants to do even more.

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I was translating straight BS I heard at work in my head, when I realized smth: if "gay marriage" excludes bi and pansexuals/romos, doesn't "same gender marriage" do the same for nonbinary, agender and intersex people? Is there a better term?

Well in my country, we use “marriage for all” (gross translation oh my), and “marriage equality” could also do the job I think. 


Countries | Tíortha


  • AustraliaAn Astráil
  • Britain an Bhreatain
  • CambodiaAn Chambóid
  • CanadaCeanada
  • ChinaAn tSín
  • EgyptAn Éigipt
  • EnglandSasana
  • FranceAn Fhrainc
  • GermanyAn Ghearmáin
  • GreeceAn Ghréig
  • IndiaAn India
  • IndonesiaAn Indinéis
  • Ireland Éire
  • ItalyAn Iodáil
  • JapanAn tSeapáin
  • MexicoMeicsiceo
  • MoroccoMaracó
  • PeruPeiriú
  • ScotlandAlbain
  • SpainAn Spáinn
  • ThailandAn Téalainn
  • UK an Ríocht Aontaithe (an RA)
  • USAStáit Aontaithe Mheiriceá
  • Walesan Bhreatain Bheag

Lol wow someone on facebook is trying to tell me that “breast is best” and it doesn’t matter if the mother feels uncomfortable or hates breastfeeding, she should “make sacrifices for her baby”. Like wtf, the best for the baby is when the mom feels good about herself and is confident in her choices as a mother. And if she doesn’t want to breastfeed then she doesn’t have to and it doesn’t make her any less of a loving mother. Making a martyr out of yourself and sacrificing everything for your baby isn’t what will make you a good mom.

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Alright how about dis UF and SF skelebro's(and extra if you want) (human) SO wants to teach them a human language not native in the underground. How do they feel, more importantly how do they learn the language, which one calls people out in the other language, and which language

* Did you mean ME?
* 我可以讲华语 
* bercakap melayu juga boleh

Random headcanon before we begin:
English and Japanese are native to the Underground, on top of additional monster dialects (Froggit, Wing Dings, etc). This is because most of the trash ending up in the Underground are in either of these 2 languages and monsters decided to learn them. Uh, granted they didn’t learn perfectly (see: Chisps and Librabry) but their strange way of twisting words to what suited a sentence created a sub-dialect of Monster-English. If you’re interested in such linguistic phenomenon occurring, take a look at my country and our sub-language of Singlish.


He’s not interested in learning a new language unless his S/O really, really wants him to. Or in the circumstance where his S/O’s first language is not one he knows and sometimes has trouble talking to him, then he’ll try his best to learn their tongue. In that circumstance, they’d help each other learn the languages, correcting each other when necessary. Sans is a very quick learner, but the specifics of grammar are really hard for him. And his accent never really goes away, so if he’s learning a tone specific language like Mandarin, it gets kind of funny with all the word switches he slips up on due to tone. 


He would not want to learn a new language unless his S/O poses it as a challenge to his intellectual capabilities. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, it’s just that he has undiagnosed dyslexia so language is a difficult thing for him, especially reading. He learns auditorily, working better with flashcards than passages. It takes awhile for new vocabulary to sink in and he’s the type of guy to keep repeating the new word constantly in sentence applicable to what he’s doing. With his dyslexia, anything involving characters is a bloody nightmare for him.


He is very enthusiastic about learning new things, jumping immediately on the opportunity when his S/O presents it. Unfortunately, he’s also the kind of guy to get frustrated and give up easily. As a result, he ends up hoarding several different language guidebooks having tried one, gotten stuck, gotten bored, then decided to start on another. If only he sat down and forced himself to continue learning despite the frustration, he’d be pretty good and languages.


He’s a natural linguist. After his S/O introduces him to the new languages on the surface, he absolutely dives into it and comes out learning 4 to 5 languages at once. And he’s not half bad! The only problem is sometimes he randomly switches languages halfway through a sentence and doesn’t even realise it. Dammit Pap, what the hell are you saying?

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I saw the pictures in you blog and you're white. You ain't latinx, reylo, stop lying.


I’m white? I never noticed that! It’s not like I was born like that!/s

And no I’m not “latinx”, I am Latina I don’t know how the fuck someone could pronounce that in Spanish, it’s a fucking X. I have never heard of it, not in my country, not in Paraguay and not in the mouths of my Colombian, Chilean or Mexican friends. Latinos are not a race, you ignorant. 

You are pretty much desperate, aren’t you? 

Are you feeling a little insecure

Just wait for December.. We’re gonna enjoy that. 

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So you're an atheist right? Do meet a lot of atheist in your country? Are they the type of people you expect them to be? You also mentioned you're an INTJ. Which personality types do think will most likely be an atheist? Do think personality types can be a factor for a Christian becoming an atheist?


I know dozens of Filipino agnostics plus Christians who aren’t sure about their faith. But I know only three other atheists living in my country. All of us went to Catholic school together as kids. One is younger than me, the second is my age, and the third is older.  

All three of them majored in different sciences. I opted for a Bachelor of Arts degree instead. It was literature, not science, that started me on my path back to atheism.

All four of us went to the University of the Philippines (UP), although in different campuses. UP is known for producing the country’s smartest and bravest. You’re probably thinking, “It’s a school in a Third World country. How good can it be?” Fun fact: Several of my high school batchmates who got accepted into Australian, British and American universities that are in the world’s top 20 failed the entrance exam in UP. I was the most egotistic teenager I knew, and I wasn’t even sure I could get in.

I don’t know enough about Psychology and Sociology to conclude whether people with specific personality types are more likely to leave the religion they were raised with. I’ve changed from INTJ to ENTJ, and my atheism hasn’t been affected. I don’t know the three others’ Myers-Briggs personality type, but I do know that two of us are Gryffindors, one is a Ravenclaw, and the other is a Slytherin.

What we all have in common is that 1) each of us was at the top of our class at some point in elementary school and high school, 2) we all graduated with honors from UP, and 3) we’re all flourishing in our chosen fields. What I’m about to say sounds arrogant, I’m perfectly aware, but I think being intelligent from adolescence through adulthood is a factor for becoming an atheist.

By intelligent, I don’t mean someone who simply gets high grades in school and loves to read. As we say in UP, it’s not what you know but how you think. People who have good critical thinking skills that allow them to value evidence and rational thought over blind faith and tradition are probably more likely to be drawn to atheism.

Having said that, it’s not our knowledge and beliefs but our behaviors and choices that define our worth as humans. The two most generous people I’ve ever met are a Christian and a Muslim, and the most arrogant, self-absorbed piece of shit I’ve ever had the misfortune of meeting is an atheist.

At the end of the day, I will not judge you based on your convictions but based on your actions. An asshole is an asshole, whether he believes in Jesus or in aliens.

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(nick)name: Ania [Anna]

ancestry: Polish, and Polish only

zodiac: Capricorn

where do you live: Poland

how are you doing today: kinda sleepy, had to wake up earlier than usual. but other than that, i’m doing fine! today’s Tłusty Czwartek [Fat Thursday] in my country, so i’m spending my day eating lots of pączki and other unhealthy stuff lmao. oh, also i’m replaying Life is strange again!

what’s your favourite song right now: Nothing But Thieves - Honey Whiskey. i’ve been pretty obsessed with this song for the past few days!

play any instruments: oh man, i own a guitar but can’t really play it hah. i managed to learn how to play a few songs on keyboard though? it was looong time ago and i don’t remember anymore, huh. that’s just sad. 

what’s your signature drink: i’m torn between tea [with sugar and lemon!] and apple flavoured beer. both delicious

what’s your signature scent: ahhh, i really like the scent of one of the Christina Aguilera’s perfumes and I’m using it a lot. Red sin, i believe?

favourite colour: black

a sound you love: hmm, probably the crunchy sound of walking on snow

a sound you hate: children screaming and crying. please don’t

I tag @gavsryan @sortamalicioustumbling @pissedoctahedron @sparklingwaterbabie @jeremydooley if you feel like doing it :D

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OMG I just saw that the bl animation Hyperventilation is becoming a "paid content" AND I'M SO SAD BECAUSE I CAN'T PAY FOR THIS 😭😭 Do you have any idea for another source I can watch it from? Thank you!!!!

I wish I could pay. But I don’t even have the option cos it’s not available in my country. So I couldn’t watch it as well. 


Check the Hyperventilation tag on tumblr. You’ll find someone who might be able to help you ;) (helped me too)

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I've been wondering this for a while, why do you think Mori continued the Mafia's the way it is now? I only ask because in my country, Japan, we have Mafia as well but the most bad they have ever done is punch someone a little if they are being out of line, never beat or kill someone. They help us by cleaning community, make sure our childs are on the right transport. Some might look scary, but real friendly. I think the Mafia in BSD is based off of Western Mafia


They’re not based on western mafia.
Have you seen them killing someone aside from enemies? Akutagawa doesn’t really count, since he is trained to kill. So maybe he didn’t fullfill that Yakuza codex at all, but if you look closely at that Port Mafia is protecting Yokohama and even protected civillians when the guild attacked, they have quite much likely more Yakuza basing as western mafia.

Asagiri presumbly tried to combine both, western mafia style along with the kodex of the Yakuza. I am well aware of the Yakuza acting in japan and that they never involve innocent people. But that goes for Port Mafia aswell. The children Odasaku raised, were not innocent though because they were in relation with Odasaku. And the moment a person gets attached to a mafia member, his life automatically is in danger because of enemies may see a target in them. That didn’t excused any things Mori done, but I highly doubt either that Port Mafia are the bad guys.

I wonder why everyone just won’t see why and how is Port Mafia acting and just think they’re a bunch of serial killers. It really bugs me.

Btw Yakuza Mafia in japan is not as friendly as nice as you think. Even they have their way, cutting off fingers or similar. and of course they kill too, if they have to. Just because you never witnessed the yakuza being serious doesn’t mean they’re full time nice guys. So yeah.

Port Mafia is friendly as well when youre not an anemy.

Example 1 - BSD Wan, Chuuya helping that od granny

Example 2 - Omake with the Baby and Tachihara where Higuchi apologized to the mother annd stuff.

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hey I don't want to make you angry or anything and like, I totally support giving Lance a cuban last name but -I don't know how things are in Cuba- last names doesn't determine your ethnicity/nationality, at least not in my country (Perú, South A.). I don't know if I'm making myself clear but for example I've met people with spanish, english or italian last names but they're still peruvians... So what I'm trying to say is even if they keep that generic last name as canon, (Part 1)

that wouldn’t meam Lance’s less cuban because of that.(?) HOWEVER, giving him a cuban last name will give him some kind of background(?) Like yeah he’s Lance and he’s cuban. (sorry if I don’t make any sense) (Part 2)

no no i understand where you’re coming from and there IS these kind of arguments on all of this and honestly if this was the only deal then yeah i wouldnt have a problem with this discourse cause me, i have SUCH a white name as a whole and i look fucking white as hell cause i am lol, and like people get honestly surprised and confused when i tell them that i can speak spanish and i am mexican, (chicanx if u wanna get into detail) and they’re all like, but you dont look it and your name??? like yea that may be the case but i get these looks mostly from my father thats why my brother looks more so mexican with his features cause of my mother but that doesnt make me any further apart from the culture i have grown up with

so me living like this i totally get this argument!!! but i do have a problem when people think its fucking racist to have a “”generic”” last name and call that horrible things for a character to have like?? that honestly is such a pointless and lazy argument it pisses me off that they cant even do better 

LIKE it would make me vvv happy to have such a wonderful boy to have a last name that pertains to him being cuban because there havent been much besides directors or jeremy talking about it, but not actually in the show, so what about the people that dont do research and just wanna watch the show?? thats gonna go over their heads its good to have this kind of representation so its OBVIOUS like anyone without researching can be like OH this boy is not white he’s actually a poc character and thats fucking great!!! i just dont see how that can be racist in the slightest 

its like telling others that hey if you have a last name that so many others have and we’ve heard it all before thats racist :/ sry

it blows my mind people are typing such things and thinking thats good 

i just have a problem surrounding these reasons bud like people can have their reasons for different head canons we all do!! like i have a head canon that lance is pan, ha if you havent noticed my url that ain’t a popular head canon and i get it but i dont really say problematic things and just fucking leave it alone because you cant change people’s opinions of things which can be frustrating at times but yea. 

if he ends up having the last name mcclain, (which would be weird i mean everyone else has been having different everything in this reboot) then oh well right like it was just a head canon i cant go up to writers and demand what i want and that’s how it is im still gonna be ok with it ya know its just something different than what i wanted thats it. 

i hope i pointed out what i actually have a problem with in this discourse and im still keeping the head canon of having a different last name then mcclain

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I just wanted to thank you for being so open about gender issues. I have been strugling with a lot of the things you describe since I hit puberty, but it is impossible for me to transition safely and in the way I want in my home country. It is good to know that it is possible to carve a place for me in womanhood, if I wish to, and manage things without hurting myself (I still identify nonbinary for myself bc it still makes sense to me), but your oppeness is so inspiring

Aw I’m glad you find it helpful and I’m glad it resonates!