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okay i’ve been trying to stop saying yall lately because i’m not american but it’s just such a good word??? like my country’s english does actually have a you plural but it just doesn’t work the same. like yall has no rules it exists as it’s own fucking word. like sometimes i just say “yall.” and thats it like i’m h*ccking by myself and i just see some stupid shit and i’m like “yall” to no one like i hate myself but i can’t stop

Just want to say thank you to the people who have checked up on me since the awful events which happened in Manchester recently. Luckily, I’m safe and well (I wasn’t at the concert but they checked on me nonetheless which was extremely heartwarming) but there are families who aren’t.

If you’re unaware of what has happened, during Ariana Grande’s concert, a homemade bomb was detonated near the entrance as people were leaving. There have been 22 confirmed deaths and lots more people with injuries, some being life threatening ones too.

For more info:

So there’s a war going on in the southern part of my country at the moment and claims of ISIS being present there and terrorism activities are in the news and our president declaring martial law in that area and probably the entire country if this isn’t resolved and I sure as hell don’t want it to come to that and so I hope and pray that this bullshit of attacks stop not only here but worldwide! This is all stupid and meaningless and I honestly don’t see any reason for people to terrorize on others. All the senseless killings, why can’t we all just live in peace?! So much bloodshed for what?

Idk guys, you’re all just killing your own for some stupid ordeal or some fucked up claim you have for yourselves and for what? You insecure stupid bastards.

Some incredibly horrifying things are happening in Marawi, which is in my country. A terrorist group has taken over, buildings are burning, people are dying. Another terrible thing to note is that the government has not sent help to the communities. Our president is all the way in Moscow and refuses to cut his trip short. Our government is calling it propaganda. It is so much more than that.

Please please please if you do pray, please pray for Marawi. Please pray for the world, with what happened in Manchester, to Bangkok, to Marawi. 


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anonymous asked:

hello! i've been trying to research magic, but unfortunately most books i find are specific wicca, which i'm not interested in. do you have any book reccomendations that arent wicca centric? thank you! i love your blog :^)

Oh heckin yes I do My amazon wishlist is literally like six pages long… ALL BOOKS

WARNING: This Is Going To Be Extremely Long!

First though I want to note that while I 100% understand your feelings about the Wicca stuff (being a very NOT Wiccan Witch), not all books that are Wicca leaning are bad! I’ve gotten loads of useful information from books that tended to be a little new agey. That’s where being objective comes in! With ANY book, you should take it with a grain of salt, and some with a whole shaker. But it’s up to you to pay attention to misinformation and conflation, and to know how to do research to prove or disprove that something in a book you read is true or not. Does that make sense?? 

Anywho, a couple of books that are still kind of “Wicca-y” but great:

Those are all books from my personal collection that I would recommend! Now as for the Non-Wicca Books, Let’s dive in! Not all of these have I read or owned, and they are in no particular order. You’ll notice most of them relate to “Traditional Witchcraft” or West Country, because that is where my practice is focused. 


That was a lot! Okay anon I hope this gives you a good starting place!