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What's some common slang/jargon a veteran character might use in civilian life? Thank you!

I think it varies significantly depending on what part of the army you were in and how much you absorbed the lifestyle, but here’s a few I still use on a regular basis. Some of them might actually be fairly common irl ones; I can’t even tell the difference at this point.

Hooah: I can’t help myself. I told my husband at one point to spray me with water if I said “hooah” and I just can’t stop. It’s just such a convenient word that replaces most forms of communication to something akin to a grunt and that’s great when you’re me and you hate talking.

• Hurry up and wait: the army wants you to hurry the fuck up and run your ass ragged only to stand around for literally hours doing nothing. We have to wake up at four a.m. to pre-preassemble at a location where we’ll preassemble before we actually assemble at. Like. Eight a.m. Sometimes it feels like the real world is just as ridiculous with its timing. 

Soup Sandwich: A fuck up of epic proportions. It feels like everything’s a gd soup sandwich these days.

Voluntold: When someone “volunteers” for something but in fact they were told to volunteer for it, making it more of a demand. I ask myself this all the time when I see businesses doing giveaways or protesters/public speakers and shit, when I pick my passengers in my car who say they do volunteer stuff like that, I want to ask if they actually volunteered or if they were voluntold. 

• …and a wake up: A unit of telling time in the military we learn in basic training to help us get through the weeks of training. It cuts down on your days left by one with the reasoning that if the final day is just a ceremony or something as equally easy, the final day doesn’t count because the hardest part is waking up on that day. So instead of saying we have fifty-six days left, we’d say we have fifty-five days and a wake up. I still say shit like that to my husband. “We have an appointment in three days and a wake up.” Yes, it’s pathetic.

•  as you were/as I was: Return to your prior task/I’ve made a verbal error, please disregard the last thing I said. I often sometimes just say “disregard.”

Roger: yes, confirmed, heard, understood, you got it, I’m on it, roger-fucking-dodger bro.

• skillfully acquire: steal. Literally just steal. 

• high speed: good shit, A+, 10/10

• the crud: a common cold, especially one with fluid leakage.

• Charlie Foxtrot: a clusterfuck. A complete and utter fuck-up.

• MIA: missing in action. Applied to literally anything that isn’t where it’s supposed to be. “I can’t leave ‘cuz my damn keys are MIA.”

• Stay in your lane: this one is common in the civilian world nowadays, but when we used it we meant it quite literally: on the range we each had our own lane, and when the range was hot (guns being fired) you don’t cross over to someone else’s lane because people are literally shooting weapons why would you put yourself in that situation. Also used in the same metaphorical sense civilians use nowadays, aka “you do not know about or understand this so stick to what you know.”

• The real world: civilian life, non-military life. Every day I wake up and am grateful I now live in the real world.

• Zero dark-thirty: too goddamn early in the morning for this bullshit

• Beer-thirty: it’s socially acceptable for me to get fucked up thank god

As you can see, most of these I still use because they apply to both the real world and the army. We wouldn’t use most of our slang here because it normally wouldn’t apply. There is no need for me to tell a fuzzy to grab a donkey dick so we can juice up the 5k.

Some soldiers are REALLY hardcore about keeping their personal life and their working life separate and they go to great pains to avoid slipping in military jargon. Others just really don’t care at all. It’s okay to have a character be either of those or somewhere in the middle, but I recommend trying not to overdo it on jargon, such as the above example I gave. You can’t expect most civilians to be able to know what most of these slang terms mean, and you’d be holding up your story having to explain them so often. I recommend keeping jargon relatively sparse, using only when it’ll have the greatest effect. Using jargon just to show off will always drag down a story.

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Want a cosplay? Can't afford it? Don't have the skills?





You’re sitting there on your laptop, looking at all these amazing cosplays–look at the detail! Look how expensive it must all be!! That could never be you… or could it?

That’s where I come in, your friendly neighbourhood fairy cos-father!!

All I need from you is:

The costume you want: Tell me the name of the character, from what fandom, and if applicable, which specific outfit! Sending your favourite reference pictures (even of other cosplays) is encouraged!!

ALL your measurements: And I mean all!! I’ll need circumference of head, circumference of neck, width of shoulders, circumference of bicep and wrist, length of arm, length of leg, bust, waist, hip, thigh circumference, calf circumference, ankle circumference, overall height, and shoe size! The more measurements I have, the better your cosplay will be!!

A list of any materials you want used: If there’s one part of the costume you KNOW you want to be silk, or PVC, or chiffon, or unicorn hair, or anything–tell me!! Get specific!

A way to reliably contact you: Snapchat, Skype, tumblr IM, text, carrier pigeon, just make sure you’ll check it often!!

An address to ship the costume to: Whether it’s a P.O. box or a cruise ship, if you can get to it, I’ll ship to it!



People in not-so-good financial situations should still be able to have fun and dress up!! If you can only pay me 10 dollars a month, then let’s do it until we reach the (ALWAYS affordable and adjusted to your income) total price!! OR, maybe you have things you want to TRADE!! Got some cool stuff you never use, that I may be interested in?? SHIP IT MY WAY, WE’LL CALL IT SQUARE!!


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Have you ever wanted me to draw YOUR cat? Or maybe even draw a picture of you? Your OC? Favorite character? 

Well my commissions are currently: OPEN! 
Full colored, fullbody characters
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Reblogs and shares are INSANELY appreciated! Every commission helps me get a little closer to making sure I have rent/regular food! <3 <3 <3 <3
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hi, i’m aubrey and i’ve submitted before, but lost contact with most of my pen pals, SO

i live in new york, i’m 17 and would love to have someone to message and eventually become friends with. i’m super into marvel and harry potter and i love most kinds of music (country is trash sorry), i’m v interested in chemistry, history, art and fashion and i really like meeting people from other countries. i do some cosplay, i play the violin, guitar and ukulele and i’m always looking to have a good time. i speak very mediocre french and i run for my school year round, but don’t do much otherwise.

please hit me up if you think we’d hit it off!
age/race/sexuality really doesn’t matter, i’m super chill, i promise.

Tumblr: @actuallyquicksilver
insta: aubreyt19

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heyheyhey iiiiiif i were to cosplay as alden, would you want to see? (honestly i just really like his outfit and would wear it all the time if i had it! except what color is his hair??)

omgosh! ;w; I’m surprised anyone would want to cosplay my ocs pffff

I dont really mind at all as long as credits given -v-/// Alden has black hair! 

ohhhh my goodness I can’t wait! I based Alden’s outfit from my own (including the holed up shirt lol)

So I’ve been making a Jesus cosplay and it’s been a very interesting experience. When I finally accepted being trans i cut my hair shorter than it’s ever been. I’ve always had pretty long hair having ventured for short only one or twice in my life. It was a desire to pass and some insecurity in my masculinity that had me buzzing my head a few months back. When I bought the wig for this cosplay i was worried I was going to feel dissphoric putting the wig on. I was surprised to find that I actually really loved it. Even before the fake beard I just felt more like myself and strangely even more masculine. I’ve started feeling really excited for the future in the past year and that’s new for me. I used to think I wouldn’t live to graduate highschool, then I thought inwoukdnt live to see 21, and now here I am able to picture myself growing older for the first time in my life.
It gets better I guess is what I’m saying


I was cosplaying Yasuho Hirose at this year’s Pyrkon in Poznań, Poland!

I had so much fun and met so many great people. Special thanks go to the Jojo cosplay group i became a part of, @kamisa-chan for being awesome as always and to everyone who took pictures and talked with me about Jojo and some other… interesting topics. :D

See you on Magnificon 2017 !


I always find it super cool and interesting to see before and after photoshop pics so I thought why not share some of my own! 

if I can I will just stick to changing the colors of a pic like here but sometimes I will remove a few face spots or change the eye color also sometimes it can be a blessing to remove those annoying con bracelets.

I always wonder what do you guys feel like is too much photoshop for a cosplay picture? I personally feel a bit weird about changing the shape of you face/body but I do work with shadows/highlights to bring out those cheekbones sometimes.

anyway I always feel like it is good to remember that loads of pics online are edited and definitely not an accurate representation of the world. 

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uh not sure this story is interesting or not, just want to sharing. my best friend in high school say when i take photo with friend, i always look like a boss, also like i'll say "those people are mine, hurt them and you'll died" i have no idea why i look like that in her view, but look like a boss sound great so whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When you said you looked like a boss, I immediately thought of Fell and I was confused because do you just cosplay as the tol edgy skeleton on a regular basis? Then i realized that boss is an actual word and not a name lol undertale fandom what have you done to me. 

Blog reactivation!

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are feeling well! After few months of my absence on tumblr I’ve finally decided to reactivate my blog! I made some major decisions and minor changes:

  • URL change, is now
  • any old posts and images were removed some time ago and most of them probably will not be reuploaded/reposted, including pink gifs I made before going hiatus. I may reupload some of my cosplay photos though~
  • I will make new pink edits/gifs soon so stay tuned! ^^ Also I thought about making Photoshop tutorials I kept being asked a lot and sharing Adobe resources made by myself (patterns, styles, gradients etc.) please let me know if you are interested! ^-^
  • there won’t be any significant changes to content, blog will stay SFW and pink as it did before!
  • did a slight facelifting of tumblr’s theme in order to achieve more clean and bright look and make blog more easy to access for everyone~
  • I am always up for conversations :3 send me asks and message me anytime~

That’s all for now, folks!

Stay positive~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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I've been feeling iffy about cons lately...I just don't know why. It's like I lost all the hype when I was younger but now I just feel wonky??

This has been sitting in my ask box for a while, I’m sorry I just wanted to be sure to have enough time to give a proper reply/think of one.

I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been going to conventions since I was 14, so it’s been quite a while. Starting out I was so excited for the cosplay aspect of the con, and just being around people who had similar interests to me. I always had a blast at cons. Last summer though, I kind of hit a wall where I just wasn’t having fun anymore. Like three conventions in a row were just awful and it kind of left me reevaluating if it was something I wanted to continue doing during college (I fully intended to stop cosplaying/going to cons after I graduated at this point). But as cheesy as this sounds, the reason I wasn’t having fun anymore is because I had changed as a person, of COURSE my interests and needs were gonna change. Before cons were 100% about cosplay and going all out for that, but now that I am older I realized that while I still love cosplaying it’s because I’m with my friends. Now, for me I treat conventions more like a mini vacation. Yes, I still cosplay and I love competing still, but now I make sure to leave time for what is going to make me happy. No more finishing costumes the night before in the hotel. Instead I’m going swimming at the pool or going to a silly late nigt panel in my kigu. See where I’m going with this?

The TLDR; conventions have SO much to offer. As you grow up your interests and needs are going to change, so what you get out of a con is also going to change. Find what it is that makes you the most happy now !! :)


So I just realized something.Unwittingly , my Mismagius cosplay concept came out looking pretty close to your Halloween town Zexion design! I don’t know why, I just thought it was interesting.

HAHAH OMG what’re you talking about, your cosplay concept looks way cooler! (Although I’m tickled pink that that art even came to mind for you at all :’D) Holy heck though, did you make that hat yourself?! You should totally post up the full cosplay if you ever complete it!

Comic Con - Ben Wyatt

Requested by blackfridayismyhero

“Are you sure he’ll like this, April?” you asked your friend and coworker.

“Yes,” she grumbled. “Ben is the biggest nerd in the whole world, he’ll love to be with his own people.” 

“It’s not too forward is it?” you asked skeptically.

“I mean you wanna sleep with him anyways s-”


“Okay, okay, it’s not too forward. He’ll love it and you and you’ll get married and have little nerd babies.”

“Thanks, April.”

“Hey, Y/N!”

“Ben! Hey,” you said nervously.

“April said you wanted to see me?”

“Uh, yeah, I just wanted to give you your birthday present. I know it’s a couple of days early, but I wanted you to have it as soon as possible.”

“Aw, Y/N, you didn’t have to get my anything. I mean we’ve only been dating for a month.”

Yeah, you thought, but you wanted your relationship to last much longer than that. Especially since you were so much younger than Ben, you wanted to make sure he was still interested in you. “Open it.”

“Oh my god. Is this, really?” Ben said shocked as he opened his gift. He pulled out two passes to The Pawnee Comic Con. “I didn’t even know that Pawnee had a Comic Con!”

Just them, Leslie Knope walked by and interrupted.

“Yes, our comic con is quite impressive!” she said. Always bragging about Pawnee. “This year there’s gonna be a cosplay contest!”

Ben looked at you and enveloped you in a hug and kissed your cheek.

“Thank you so much, Y/N! But who will I go with?”

“Seriously? The only person who might love Game of Thrones more than you is me!” you laughed.

“But, I really wanna enter that cosplay contest,” he whined.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’ve been working on my Daenerys Targaryen cosplay for two weeks now.”

“Does this mean?”

“Yes. You can dress up as Ned Stark.”



The day of the Pawnee Comic Con was fast approaching and you and Ben had decided to meet there, so you could impress each other with your costumes.

You had to admit, you looked quite fabulous. You had dressed in Khaleesi’s dress from the season one wedding. If this whole present didn’t make Ben love you, this dress certainly would.

“Y/N. Oh my god.”

You turned around a found Ben standing in front of you. Well, Ben in an incredibly accurate Ned Stark costume.

“My lord,” you said with a bow. Ben giggled and bowed to you as well.

“My lady,” he said, barely holding back a grin. 

“Do I look alright?” you asked self consciously. 

“Babe, you look amazing.”

You smiled and took his outstretched hand. You walked around the con together, fangirling (yes, even on Ben’s part) at everything you saw. Including, convincing Ben out of some ridiculous purchases. Ben was convincing you to leave the artist gallery as you were both leaving to get something to eat.

“Did you have a good time?” you asked awkwardly.

“Yes. Oh my god, thank you so much, Y/N. This is the best birthday present I have ever received!”

“Good. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and I thought this would be a good way.”

“Hey, you know I love you, too, right? This was amazing, but it wouldn’t of been as amazing had I not been with you,  Yer Jalan Atthirari Anni.” You broke out into a grin. 

“You’re a dork.”

“But I’m your dork,” he replied, pulling you close to him, closing the gap between the two of you.

five things meme

I got tagged by the lovely @noscorpsaladerive

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. My student of art card
  2. Like three different kinds of chapstick
  3. My Navigo
  4. Wallet
  5. Peony hand creme

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  1. like 16 different types of tea
  2. Hand fans
  3. clothes and papers everywhere
  4. my woodblock carving knives
  5. So Many books

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  1. Cosplay at a convention
  2. Hold a baby goat or a lamb
  3. Go on a Disney cruise
  4. Have a role in a musical or play that’s a love interest
  5. Go to a masquerade

5 things that make me happy:

  1. Arthurian legend
  2. My friends
  3. My family
  4. Barnyard animals
  5. Baking

5 things I’m currently into:

  1. Literally all of Kimya Dawson’s music
  2. Call the Midwife
  3. Crafting
  4. Stardew Valley
  5. Sleeping, generally

5 things on my to do list:

  1. Pack for Italy/home
  2. Study for finals
  3. Talk to student immigration
  4. Clean my apartment
  5. Laundry

5 things people may not know about me:

  1. I was named after Emily Bronte
  2. I studied circus arts for a few years
  3. I can weave chainmail
  4. I went swimming in the Persian Gulf
  5. I went to the same school F. Scott Fitzgerald went to

I’ll tag @goodgodsalieri @the-right-hand-of-light @la-princesse-incongrue

Chapter 01: Little Bird

Love Live! School Idol Diary - Minami Kotori

Chapter 01: Little Bird

Translation Part A [Continued in Part B]

I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this translation, I sometimes leave out nicknames or names of geographic locations if I don’t know how to translate them. Feel free to drop me a line if you spot any translation/grammar mistakes.

Note: Kotori often refers to herself in the third person. I dropped this habit in the translation.

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So what other things do u like other than MM ?? Do u have a main blog or is this your main?? Favorite color? -Rye (if u find this creepy u can tell me to stop, or ask me anything u want to know!! ^-^)

Hmm, these are interesting questions! Besides Mystic Messenger, I like other otome games, watching anime, playing some video games, sewing since I cosplay, and sleeping!! Seriously I’m always tired so I could sleep all day!

This is actually my secondary blog! I feel bad because I didn’t realize I can’t response to comments or ask questions on other people’s blog since this is my secondary blog, I’m such a dummy;;

As for my favorite color, I love all types of pastel colors but I’d probably say pastel pink is my favorite!! :3

You’re not creepy at all! I’m a boring person so I’m sorry if these answers were kind of meh. You’re such a cutie and never feel like you’re bothering me!! :)


For those who don’t know, I’m going to ACEN this weekend, thus I won’t have access to my computer for several days. I’ll still keep in touch with my phone but won’t be posting as much so I have my queue all ready for that. 

And if anyone is interested in who I’ll be cosplaying as, my list is:

  • Yennefer of Vengerberg
  • The Warden (Surana, only Amell if my elf ears don’t work)
  • Edward Elric
  • Cersei Lannister

I shall return with tons of pictures! I always seem to take over a hundred or so. Like over three hundred. XD

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Heyyy :D I’m Kit, 17-y/o GNC bi gal (likes girls and nb ppl) from Atlanta! Autistic, my special interest is folklore, like the fae and dragons and stuff, so if you ever wanna talk magical creatures I’m always down! Writer, theatre nerd, lover of epic fantasies and hardboiled noirs. I have a beautiful girlfriend, but I’d love to make more sapphic friends! (Pretty much all my IRL friends are gay or bi, but the more the merrier, right?) HMU @ if you wanna swap cosplay tips or geek out over Arrow (but I’ve only finished seasons 1-3 so no spoilers pls!)

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Match up please~ - 5"5 - Straight - Orange/red hair - Blue eyes When first meeting people I tend to be quiet... Leaving people to believe I'm shy or nervous. Which couldn't be farther from the truth haha. I'm just honestly really laid back. Some good things about me would probably be that I'm: creative, laid back, open minded, and protective. The bad things about me would be that I'm: stubborn, lazy, awkward, and most of all weird. My interest are Art, Nature, and cosplay!


I ship you with……….. SHIRABU!


- is in love with your hair because it reminds him of his… always tells you it looks nice or that it smells good

- likes to make a lot of eye contact with you and gets caught staring into your eyes more than he likes to admit

- is a fan of your quiet side because he feels like he can talk to you very easily and knows you listen to whatever needs to be done

- but he equally loves your chill side. it calms him down from the stressful atmosphere of volleyball and keeping up with his studies

- it also gives him a chance to open up a bit more even though he’s a serious person

- you two are very protective of each other. he’s constantly making sure stray volleyballs don’t hit you, or he pulls you close to him in the hallways at school so no one gets shoved into you. if someone looks like they are going to pick on you, he’ll bash them with his wits

- though he is usually a peaceful person, he does like to tease you sometime or point out the mistakes you make, like things while doing homework. he really likes to tease you about your personal habits, but he actually loves them

- he is not a lazy person at all, but he doesn’t mind chilling with you on the weekend evenings. plus, he likes to motivate you for those big tests that are coming up, and because of that, he feels useful

- he’s equally as stubborn as you are, but that just means you two are totally comfortable with trying to work things out

- he really likes how you take a different approach to new things. he feels like he could learn from that especially since he has a temper

- as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, he actually likes doing cosplay projects with you… just as long as he gets to be the prince and sweep you off your feet

So today I got to talk about Stephen Holman in my contemporary art history class (we were all talking about artists we admire), and while I was REALLY nervous (I’m always like that when presenting in front of a group), I think I did okay and my classmates seemed pretty interested. So that was pretty awesome.

Also, just to go with it, I “closet cosplayed” as Larry. Not only was I wearing the same flannel shirt, but I have short orange-red hair so it went perfect.