“Rey… these are your first steps…”

I’m so excited about the new version of my Rey costume! ❤ 

PH: Manuele Pagani Photography here

Staff and wig by my sweet bae @the-witch-of-the-web (visit her artblog too! @ailisea-art)

Trousers: @theultimatemoose here’s her page

Wristband and belt: Arte Sul Cuoio   here

Costume handmade.


Yesterday night we won 2nd place in Intermediate Craftsmanship in the Anime Banzai cosplay contest and I could not be happier. For the last two years we’ve put our blood, sweat, and tears into these costumes. They are our children at this point, and we love and hate them all at the same time. I feel so honored to finally win an award seeing as this is the third contest we’ve entered them in. I can’t wait to make more funny and great moments in these costumes because regardless of the frustration and anxiety they give me, the good moments have always outweighed the bad. Thanks most of all to @slightlyshinydragonscales for being there and creating these beautiful costumes. I love you so much, none of this would be possible without you babe c:


Coming out is scary just like battling You Know Who. But once you’ve done it, you can say you’ve faced Voldemort.

I’m hella potterhead since I was five years old so I chose Harry Potter to help me say that I’m hella gay too.
(watch this video(idea) (her/she)

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The gang’s all here. 

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So I’m the oldest and the wittiest and the gossip in New York City is insidious

I am so happy to share my Angelica Schuyler cosplay with you all!! It’s historically accurate and as close to stage accurate as I could get. I used ten yards of a beautiful two-toned faux taffeta for the fashion fabric, but there’s also about seven undergarments (and pockets!) underneath to give it structure. The bodice is steel boned, with lace and chiffon trim around the whole thing.

This gown took 225 hours to complete; it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever made and I’m so, so proud of it.  


Dave: Combine plush puppet tux + Midnight Crew poster.

You make FOUR ACES SUITED.  Anyone wearing this suit is all business. 

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Since it’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and there’s tons of Asian DA-related stuff, I thought I’d finally post the super cool photos I had taken at ECCC 2016. Seriously I squealed when I saw them. He did such a great job! It’s a nice way to remember how well this costume turned out.

Merrill: me
Mage staff: @inpaperclad
Photographer: Danny Ngan Photography