my cosplay year in review


2014 in review!  
This was my second year cosplaying. Last year I made 10, mostly thrifted or modified -this year I made 13, most of them were made nearly from scratch. I worked with armor, leather, a million kinds of glue, patterning and even crossplay. I’m really proud of the work I’ve done and the things I’ve learned and I’m totally stoked for what the next year could bring! 


When I’m in costume it’s a lot easier for me to talk to people, and let my actual personality shine through…”

2014 Cosplay Year in Review! Big ups and shoutouts to disfordelirium chimericfusionprotein bluucircles supitscarrie mooeydooey commanderspockvevo captainkirkvevo ineloquentformalities shinjaninja vintage-aerith eggpreg skeletim mamatoph trows awkwanaut boxed-hobo samletbird melshardae toudouus kingseras eclecticeevee and of COURSE ktjayne and you!


Since a lot of people seem to be doing this even though it’s only November, I guess I could do a Cosplay Year in Review 2014 post. 

*Not pictured: My terribad Ryuko cosplay at amke.

This is really the first year I’ve had decent photos to share and its thanks to luuz0r for being my go-to photographer towards the end of summer. 

In terms of productivity this year, I would say it was kind of slower than what I had hoped and ended up in me re-wearing cosplays more than I should. (and not to mention how many times I remade Sanageyama.) But I did get in some prop commissions over the summer instead of cosplays which isn’t too bad. Once I got to school I pretty much hit a wall in productivity and have yet to get past it. I doubt I’ll be making significant progress in Impa, Cordelia, and Simon for upcoming cons until winter break. 

Looking back I guess I was more rushed. Actually no. I rushed every single big cosplay of mine and I learned that I shouldn’t do that because I sacrifice quality when I do.  Especially since I ended up wearing Marth to every event after I first made it even though I expected it to fall apart after one day. But I did learn a lot with each cosplay especially with materials and new ways to work things. I’m still pretty mediocre at sewing but I’m getting better slowly and I’m trying not to take as many shortcuts as I usually do. 

I’m really looking forward to my future plans, some I mentioned earlier. I’m hoping to finish Naoto, and work on Hyrule Warriors, TTGL, Legend of Korra, and possibly Jojo’s/Haikyuu?? We’ll see.