Chat Noir test for Katsucon! I’ll be wearing him on Saturday! I just have a few small things to fix but overall I’m excited! Sorry for the bad lighting! I’ll also have valentines to hand out as Chat! 🐱❤️


“The strong feed upon weak. It’s such an obligingly simple rule. Exept in this world, my friends tried to be strong.”
Armin Arlert from SnK costest~

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Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail is complete! I’ve cosplayed her so many times i cant decide whether her original outfit (this one) or her yellow dress is my favorite

Come at me Katsucon im ready ^.^


This is what Tyrael’s wings look like from the back.

A few random facts about the wings -

- In total there are 12 strands of 9.8 foot long LED fairy lights. With 3 batteries each, that gives a total of 36 AA batteries! (Random tip courtesy of my friend ElusiveGreen - even though lithium ion batteries are a bit more expensive, they weigh much less than alkaline batteries and last much longer, making them perfect for costumes and props. I saved 1-2 pounds by using these.)

- The wing harness by itself weighs 14 pounds. With the wings it weighs 26 pounds.

- The wings are detachable, although I need help removing them. The LED strands plug into the battery packs, which stay in the harness.

- The longest wings are 5 feet long.

- The wings are flexible and I can bend them into pretty much any shape I want, within reason.