my cosmic life

mars, we were victims
of circumstance.
the vacuum of space
can be somewhat
of a lonely place.
through darkness
i reached out -
for what,
i don’t know,
perhaps warmth
near forgotten -
and found your hand,
also searching.
mars, maybe
we both settled.
and vague compatibility
are not conducive
to the kind of connection
we yearned for. you were convenient
so we collided
into clumsy
on the good days,
we drank coffee out the ‘his’ and ‘her’
mugs you bought us and i could
swear i felt something
red hot for you,
something melting beneath
your surface.
on the good days my heart leapt
higher than it ever had.
(some days i still feel it. some days i’m
half sick with love for you again.
some days you are the dust in my eye i cannot cry out.)
but on the bad days
i found you lifeless
and i blew up trying to reach your love.
on the bad days
i’d collect up the little pieces of you
that had fallen for me
and hurl them back in your face.
mars, you loved me like i was a mission
you had half-heartedly chosen to accept,
like i was a war you didn’t want to be
sipping tea out of the his mug
you left
at my place,
i think, curiosity is not love.
i think,
it did not kill me.
—  the nine people i have loved as planets: mars // L.H.
What do you do when you know that your home is of colors and floating technologies, of a social codex that does not exist here, of knowledge way beyond the horizons of the Earth, when you know that the only thing you can do for now is to look up in the skies and breathe in the stars and build Cosmic Backyards to stay safe, motivated and in love with Life itself?
—  An Open Collective Question

I know I already posted a bunch of gifs making fun of myself, but I just remembered that I sent these texts to my good friend last night, and watching my unabashed panic in the moment is way funnier than any jokes I could slap on a gif of me being an idiot.
So here it is: a summary and review of my experiences with the You’re Welcome tour. Featuring @markiplier, @crankgameplays, Wade, Bob, Dan the Music Man, and the crushing psychological weight of playing the Nintendo Switch. Tyler is not mentioned, but is there in spirit, and also standing stoically in the background.
Important to note: after watching the video today, I discovered that I did not hug Ethan twice, nor did I actually even pause when Mark asked for my name. That was entirely in my head. My brain constantly works under the assumption that it’s about to implode at any given moment, so it just made an educated guess and assumed I did something stupid.
Also, I want you guys to know that the first thing Mark Fischbach said when gazing upon my face wasn’t even a real word. It was just a guttural throat noise. I feel like that belongs on my resume in the “references” section.
“Probably not my #1 child, but she sure does try. Please note that I only have two children.” -Mom
“Not a hoarder at least.” -Former Roommate
“Who?” -Astronomy Professor
“UGGHHH.” -Markiplier

Mark your calenders everybody! September 21st is the day that I’m going to launch my campaign to rsise funds for my afrofuturitic,mystery,scifi novel “Cosmic Callisto Caprica & The Missing Rings Of Saturn”.


I got to sit out on the back porch at midnight and watch a thunderstorm roll out under a full moon and it was so magical. 

anonymous asked:

can u do some hunk x reader first time smut ?

yesss! anything for the beautiful sunshine boy  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

title: coming together

pairing: hunk x fem!reader

words: 1000+

nsfw under

His breathing was loud in your ear, and you can almost feel the electricity crackling from his fingers as they touch your skin.The mood was hot and heavy with anticipation and you lick your lips, making up your mind. The question had been hanging heavily in your thoughts since you and Hunk got closer, but there was no dispute now.

You were absolutely ready.

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some people
spend their entire lives
watching others live.
they never sin,
they never get angry,
they never go crazy,
they never explore,
and they make no mistakes.
they think they’re playing it safe
by digging a hole in the ground
and hiding their seeds in it,
so that when the imaginary unjust master
comes and makes demands,
they can dig them up and say
well, look! i did nothing wrong,
i did nothing wrong at all.
—  BURIED SEEDS (Magic Spells from the Cosmic Dragon)