my corrosion


❝ ––– I checked with Senneck on Bash’s progress earlier to make sure you had someone by your side before I left. […] I cannot help you be queen. Or Scottish. Time and again, you have shown an uncanny ability to emerge from adversity unscathed and on top. You did it in France - much to my great annoyance - and you will do it here. I can’t spend no more time on your journey, I have my own.❞

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Coke or Pepsi? I hate to sound pompous, but I stopped drinking soda (pop?) awhile ago.  Coke always tasted less sweet than Pepsi, so I guess I’d say Coke?  I really find both too corrosive on my teeth to actually enjoy them.

Disney or Dreamworks?  I like both, slight preference for Disney

Coffee or tea? I have coffee every morning, but that’s pretty much so that I can wake up.  I must say I prefer the taste of tea and tend to drink it throughout the rest of my day.  Being American, thank god my mother was an Anglophile and shoved tea at me throughout my childhood.

Books or movies? Books.  I can’t stand most movies (tv is another situation entirely though, hah!)

Windows or Mac? I love my Mac. 

DC or Marvel? I’ve grown to appreciate Marvel.  Right now I’m a big fan.  But I don’t watch the Marvel movies – I’m a strict Agents of Shield and Netflix original viewer.

Xbox or Playstation? I don’t play video games. 

Night owl or early riser?  Easiest answer:  Night owl

Cards or Chess?  Cards

Chocolate or vanilla?  I really love vanilla but if I’m in the mood, chocolate is nice.  Sometimes I just can’t eat chocolate, though.  I’m the same with eggs.

Vans or Converse? I have a pair of converse, but they’re really worn out.  I have high arches, so both kind of suck.

Star Wars or Star Trek? I like both, with a preference for Star Trek since that universe has had more time to “breathe” with all of the tv series. 

One episode per week or marathoning? Oh, this is easy:  marathoning.  But I’m not sure if it’s really good for me.

Gandalf or Obi-Wan? Obi-Wan.  I’m not super into LOTR.  I’ve read The Hobbit and enjoyed it immensely, but I could never get through the other books.  And for movies, the LOTR series didn’t hold my attention for some reason.  Maybe that’s because in general I tend to fall asleep during long movies.  But really my answer comes down to this:  Obi-Wan is AWESOME.

Heroes or Villains? Villains.  (hee hee)

John Williams or Hans Zimmer? John Williams.

Disneyland/Disney World or Six Flags? I’ve only been to Six Flags, but really amusement parks aren’t my thing.

Forest or sea? I’ve been to many forests and a few seas.  I’m a fan of the sea.

Flying or reading minds? Heck no, I don’t want to read anyone’s mind.  That would be really spooky.  Flying, yeah, sure!

Twin Peaks or Northern Exposure? I’ve never seen Northern Exposure (I know!), but I love Twin Peaks.

Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter.  I LOVED all the books and the movies were well done.

Cake or Pie? Cake.  Always cake.

You are banished to a desert island, which Benedict Cumberbatch character would you choose to take with you?  Um, NO.

Train or Cruise ship?  I’ve never been on a cruise ship, just regular  smaller boats, canoes, small and large sailboats.  I don’t ever want to feel trapped on a cruise ship, and I tend to get sick from eating foods sitting out in vats, so I don’t do buffets or anything like that.  I’m notoriously susceptible to norovirus.  So cruiseships, heck no.  I like trains though and even rode in a sleeper car once.

Brian Cox or Neil deGrasse-Tyson? Neil deGrasse-Tyson

Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland? Um, both ick me out.  I loved reading Alice in Wonderland though from a I-want-to-be-creeped-out perspective, but these days I will happily avoid both of these.

Fanfiction or fanart? Fanfiction since there’s more of it for my fandoms, but I really love fanart.

The Hunger Games - Books or movies? BOOKS

Be able to see the future or travel into the past? I don’t want to know what will happen.  The idea of traveling to the past is really neat.  Yes, that.

Han Solo or Luke Skywalker? I’m stealing Lauren’s answer:  “When I say Han Solo you should know I’m really choosing Harrison Ford.”

Lilacs or sunflowers?  Lilacs

Spring or autumn? Autumn

Campfire or fireplace?  I love a cozy campfire, but I love even more the comforts of the indoors.  Fireplace.

French fries or onion rings?  Tater tots

Truth or dare?  DARE

Jeff Winger or Troy Barnes?  It depends on WHAT I WANT THEM FOR  (oh, wait, BOTH; Troy would make sure I was very comfortable and I hope Britta’s wrong about Jeff’s abilities)

And now my question: 

Paul Smith or Hanro?

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Tolly can answer just my last question if she so wishes.


You guys are right, I overdid it with the corrosion and rust. It worked on the original because it was subtle and made things pop a little, but these last few iterations make the surface busy and unappealing.
I tried experimenting with some more, and I ended coming full circle back to the original, but with some subtle tarnish. Even without the trims, I think the shape language is strong enough on the character that they are not needed.

If there are no objections, I’m really sold on this last one. 


This is no ones fault but my own…but I blame @memosfromsonic.
Because I make stupid crack headcanons for her fic because it’s on hiatus and I’m an asshole.
>Erwin the vampire chose to be Hannibal for Halloween(It’s a poor attempt at a joke).
>Levi the vampire slayer…well…he knows it might get a little under Erwin’s skin. Mostly that he’s somehow wrong, adorable, hot, and Erwin’s too old for this.

1:42 am

I’m not the beauty queen he wants
I don’t have the body he craves
I am an empty soul waiting to be saved

My beauty is a drought
Your words fill me with doubt
My baby eyes fill up with sorrow
My insecurities become a hard pill to swallow

Silly Me, I’m so dumb
Of course I’m not his “one”
I’m flooded with flaws and drowned in mistakes
He’d never put me in first place

As time ticks by I start to wonder
Will my beauty wake up from its deep slumber?
Is my face is too abrasive
Is my heart is too corrosive?
I think all the words I said shouldn’t have been spoken

Ill try to sleep with this storm in my head
The thunder and lightning is better of unsaid


i remind myself
of the moon’s world
sneaking into your poetry
full of floodwaters and loneliness

into your odyssey
scaling the mountain of your
tempestuous self-spirit-dragon

i feel your lustful pulse running through
the jagged edge of worn out tapestries

the leering shadows
the adversed ghosts
the solemn schemes …

the subsidies
of your tired soul
keep ravishing the
bed-linen of madness

trudging into fake lust
pressing into oblivion
drunk on street lights …

crumpled poems
adjudicated hope …

the needles
the hospital …

the love songs
you hold on to …

i feel it all …
in the cinders of my own concussive twilight
in the hollows of my own corrosive neuroses
in the crucible of my own wayward madness

i feel it all …

I’m so tired.
My feet, my mind, my body, my heart,
everything is
You’ve dragged me along on your
tireless and sedated expedition to death.
You’ve bought me a nonrefundable ticket
and packed my suitcase and said, “Let’s go!”
and I tried to scour the dirt from under my fingernails,
and I tried to clean out the grime from my lungs,
and I tried to cough up the water you
keep shoving down my throat,
and no matter how hard I try -
how fucking hard I try -
whenever I turn around, there’s another rock
that you’ve added to the pile on my back. Go away,
Let me breathe. Retreat,
and clean out the corrosion of my arteries,
the blockages in my heart,
the smut in my veins.
Give up, master, and
choose life.

if any of my followers happen to be a Mongolian Death Worm please feel free to disintegrate my face with your corrosive venom and/or devour me whole