my copy has arrived!

The prologue to the novel available as a preview. (The prologue takes place after the anime, but since my copy of the novel has yet to arrive, I don’t know if the whole novel is set post-anime or not)

Kiznaiver: That Day’s Wounds, the Future Bonds by Suzukaze Suzuka


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At long last, my copy of the steampunk anthology my short story was published in has arrived! What a feeling it is to see in print something you scribbled in your university days when free time was still a thing. I have also been bowled over by the other stories in this collection; it is an honour to share space with them. A million thanks to @jhameia@blackwolfchng and @rosariumpublishing for making this happen, to @lindbloem her beautiful illustrations, and to my parents for being my unending inspiration. Fingers crossed that the rest of the books will make it across the seas to this part of the world soon!