my copy has arrived!

Best of Wives and Best of Women - piano sheet music

Composed by : Lin-Manuel Miranda

Orchestrated by : Alex Lacamoire

Transcribed by : ME

Note: 70 BPM

I’m back~ And this took no time at all! I also just realized I have not shown Alex Lacamoire enough love when writing the credits at the top of my sheets and I apologize for that. 

Since the score book has been released you should all do what I did and BUY IT. My copy hasn’t arrived yet and I’m dying to learn ‘History Has Its Eyes On You”. Anyway as I said, I won’t be transcribing anymore songs that are in the book. It’s less than $20 so show some love and buy it even if you’ve already learned my transcriptions. 

Next up will (eventually) be “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?”

The prologue to the novel available as a preview. (The prologue takes place after the anime, but since my copy of the novel has yet to arrive, I don’t know if the whole novel is set post-anime or not)

Kiznaiver: That Day’s Wounds, the Future Bonds by Suzukaze Suzuka


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