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I'm just amusing myself with the idea that the Asgardians love and miss Loki's plays so much, especially now that Asgard is gone, and so they keep asking him for more plays, which Thor finds kind of ridiculous. And then finally Loki organises more plays, which always show Loki as the hero and saviour, and Thor is just /constant eyerolls/ but he sees how happy it makes people and realises this is Loki's only way of sharing 'triumphs' around a table with ale, as Thor used to do.

I am enjoying this headcanon a lot.

Like, if you need anything on a ship when your lives have been upended and you have no idea where you’re going, it’s entertainment, right? And this is familiar stuff, it’s emotional things about Asgardian history, and it’s fun, and initially Loki’s like “uhhhh what” about it eventually he kind of gets into the idea. Like, hey, well, okay, since you asked, and he’s not actually that humble about it and probably doesn’t take much convincing to dive back into these things. 

Though he probably leaves the heroic sacrifice one out and turns to new subjects - old adventures and such. And there’s limited resources for putting on plays but he can improvise. Black box theater! Experimental work! 

Thor thinks it’s kind of hilarious (really hilarious) and like, okay, Loki, you diva, but he does seem to be having fun and at some point he’s like “hey Thor you know what would be amazing, you could make a cameo as yourself, wouldn’t that be fun :D” and Thor gets…kind of into it. Everyone else is really into it too. It’s Thor! In a play! Cool!

And yeah, I think eventually Thor does work out what Loki is doing and why he enjoys it so much on a level other than just, you know, showing off, because of all the ways that Loki has chased the spotlight this is honestly the most harmless. 

And it does seem to make him happy.

I don’t understand why people assume geeky people and people in fandoms have no social life because I don’t know about everyone else, but fandom is probably the only reason I have a social life because I finally have something I like to talk about with people and can have in common with people…

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Symbol of Hope in the Absence of Peace

@swiftwidget and I were talking about the newest chapter which lead to her Symbol of Hope post, and I’d like to add my thoughts which emphasize her points. (EDIT: This got longer than expected!!!)

First, the closing lines of chapter 154:


Despair. The complete loss of hope.

Izuku. The boy no one saw coming. Toshinori never imagined finding his successor in such a way. Revealing his weakness, his uncertainty, his fear. But time and time again, Izuku was there. He disrupts the wavering peace and creeping despair, bringing about hope. 

Bakugou. Uraraka. Aizawa. All Might over and over. Todoroki. Iida. EVEN STAIN!* And most recently, Lock Rock, Eri, and Mirio.

Izuku brings hope wherever he goes.

He twists their apparent fates. 

Bakugou would have died because of the sludge villain. No one else was acting to save him, even All Might!! But because of Izuku, a quirkless boy, his leap into action caused All Might to surpass his current limits and save them both. The catalyst for change.

Uraraka she could have been seriously injured or died during that exam! There may have been safety measures taken into account, but that giant robot was barreling towards her. Everyone else was running away. Except Izuku.

Aizawa, ready to expel a boy for repeatedly destroying his own body, is amazed by Izuku’s drive, endurance, and willingness to learn and better his control over his self-destructive quirk. He gave Aizawa hope - surpassing his expectations again and again. USJ. Summer Training Camp. Kamino. Overhaul’s hideout. Aizawa holds an immense amount of hope and pride in Izuku, even if he scarcely admits it.

All Might:

Do I even need to say more?

The hope he gives to the others is blatant and I want to mention Stain again.


Stain was disillusioned. Heroes, villains, they were all the same, falling to their vices. Pride, greed, revenge, etc. Iida only proved his point that today’s heroes are a far cry from his ideal version of a true hero, “All Might.” In Stain’s eyes only a select few were deemed worthy enough to call themselves heroes… Finally ready to turn his back on even children, still learning and growing, here comes Izuku! Bringing hope to Stain and Iida alike. 

A boy like this… He has the makings of a true hero. A hero who follows the teachings of All Might.

And GUESS WHAT! If it weren’t for Izuku butting his nose in, Iida would have died and Stain would likely still be at large, still lacking the audience he needs and wants for his message. Without Izuku, there wouldn’t have been that recorded confrontation with Endeavor. Stain would still be in the back streets, voiceless, preaching to victims who would fall by his hand.

Stain saved Izuku from the noumu. He didn’t have to. He could have easily taken another hostage. But IZUKU proved himself to be a true hero in Stain’s eyes. Someone worth saving. A budding seed. Hope for the new generation of heroes Stain was trying to create. Stain’s roles: “[False] Hero Killer” and “[True] Hero Breeder”

Izuku truly is the Symbol of Hope. Of change. Defying fate. Hope is not something that can be seen. If you are certain of something you can’t have hope. It is the time of uncertainty when hope is most needed. 

Sir Nighteye made a mistake in looking into All Might’s future. 

All Might needed hope. Hope that he would recover, return to being a hero. Instead, Sir gave him certainty. The certainty that All Might would fall and die at the hands of a villain. And what did Toshinori do? He accepted his fate. He did not hope to change it. He would fall, and he would die, but he would try his hardest to save those he could. HOWEVER, amidst the certainty that he would die… Izuku was there. Toshinori had hope. He had a need to survive. Rather than placing his life in the hands of certainty, he tossed that certainty aside and trusted in hope.

And he lived.

Because of Izuku.

Izuku “Deku” Midoriya. 

“The Hero Who Doesn’t Give Up”

The Symbol of Hope.


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