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Roll Cake Cookie: *Does something dumb*

Roll Cake Cookie: Dr. Wasabi, help!

Roll Cake Cookie: I’m an idiot!

Roll Cake Cookie: Save me!

Dr. Wasabi Cookie: I can’t save you from your own stupidity.

Roll Cake Cookie: Um. That is a lie. You’ve done it multiple times.

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you are LITERALLY nell gwyn, it's scary (in a good way)

Evidence that I’m Nell Gwynn reincarnated:

  • Me and her are the same height. Smol. I think that’s what made her so funny because she’s this tiny full figured woman cracking jokes about cock (BIG MOOD)
  • Charles II was 6ft5 so massively taller than her, and my Beau is massively taller than me in very much the same way. SO.
  • Her cheeks were dimpled when she laughed and her face alive with mischief. Her portraits too reveal something more profound in those large, melting eyes: the melancholy of the jester.” dat me.
  • ‘But everything about her was perfectly rounded, including her plump cheeks, where two dimples appeared when she smiled. As for her full lower lip, it aroused this tribute from a contemporary admirer: ‘An out-mouth that makes mine water at it.’ DAT ME
  • Literally always had her tits out in some capacity and like? MOOD. Have you seen Stage Beauty? “I’d take yer hand but my tit’d fall out” she says. ME TOO.
  • Richard Flecknoe wrote her a poem as a thank you for starring in one of his plays and called it “On a Pretty, Little Person” (Absolutely Me) and it starts like “She is pretty and she knows it and she is witty and she shows it. And besides that she’s so witty, and so little and so pretty, she has a hundred other parts for to take and conquer hearts” SO JOT THAT DOWN BECAUSE THAT’S ME
  • Uncouth and crass and inappropriate but utterly charming because of it (dare I say….me)
  • Schooled in the art of sex, wit and pleasure by Rochester and you know what? Me too.
  • Actually interrupted an ACTUAL politically important meeting between Charles and his ministers to parade herself in front of him (Charles) and ask him to give her a DAMN good seeing to right that second. Which of course, he did because like…..Nell. Anyway, mood. Anglo-Dutch Wars who? I WANT MY P*SSY ATE GODDAMMIT. TELL THE PRINCE OF ORANGE AND THE DE WITT BROTHERS TO TAKE A DAMN RAINCHECK.
  • Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination; in fact, she could be jealous and spiteful as a consequence and same tbh. Still a “Tart with a Heart” though.
  • Charged men money to watch her get changed when she was still on the stage. A Diva. A Visionary.
  • BFFLs with Aphra Behn and that’s goals

Only things that aren’t the same is the fact that she apparently had AMAZING legs, like Charles used to buy her Rhinegrave skirts (the divided, revealing dresses) so he could see them and when she was on the stage, in her foppish clothing, men would go a bit dippy when she rolled across the stage and her skirts went flying so they could see……stuff. But mainly her legs. I ain’t #blessed like that. Also, her hair was reddish whereas mine is pretty much black. Still, when she reincarnated into the body of an awkward, chubby 21st century sin-bin, she couldn’t COMPLETELY assume her previous guise. So give her a break.

Nell = Me. Confirmed

idk i still dont know how to put it into words but it’s something that’s been bothering me for a while where a certain kind of ND culture on tumblr is all about commiserating over challenges, which is good! but along with the commiseration comes a kind of like, othering of people who are trying to recover and doing their best to get a handle on their life in the ways that work best for them and there’s not a whole lot of like, support and congratulating people on reaching their goals?

like there’s almost a defeatist attitude which i really really hate to say because that reeks with slimy NT talk but its just kind of like. idk there’s something that bothers me that i dont know how to put into words. like. i think it’s actually a case of “dump emotionally into people who are less affected than you are” and not a moral failing of anyone at all, but i really hate when im putting a whole lot of effort into. idk. getting through the day or combating anxiety or getting my work done or even just things like eating or cleaning myself when im feeling that garbage way and people just

“haha wow it sucks that I can’t do those things ever that I am so unable to do this” and im kind of

ok maybe you can’t and im sorry but dont act like this thing that im doing is something that came NATURALLY to me that’s so goddamn EASY for me to do because ive been working on this for years and years, my entire life actually, so just dismissing this thing im doing and trying to get me to pity you is going to piss me off a WHOLE LOT.

& i do think part of that is my badbrains “YOU NEED TO BE PRODUCTIVE AT ALL TIMES” that came from being called lazy all of my life

but i do think it’s perfectly understandable for me to be mad at people for not recognizing the work ive put into being who i am

Cas finds tumblr
  • Cas: Dean there's this interesting website called tumblr
  • Dean: Cas, stay away from there
  • Cas: *confused head tilt* What is Destiel Dean? It seems popular
  • Dean: Cas no-
  • Cas: Dean I don't understand... what is fanfiction?
  • Dean: *gets up and goes towards Cas* Come on Cas... give me the laptop buddy
  • Cas: The laptop's warning me of smut. What is smut?
  • Dean: *tries to grab the laptop*
  • Cas: *dodges Dean and starts reading* This... this is very explicit. How do they know all this?
  • Dean: Cas we don't talk about that!
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Dean: Wait a minute I don't understand
  • Cas: It's like they've been spying on us Dean
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean: *eyes widening* Oh Chuck... SAM!
  • Sam: *trying hard not to laugh* What? People like it!
  • Amy: how do you know I'm not an illusion? how do you know I'm real?
  • Amy: I'm your imaginary girlfriend ha~
  • Mark:
  • Amy: you just look crazy talking to yourself, loser
  • Mark:
  • Mark: wouldn't that make you the 'girl of my dreams'? ;)
  • Amy:
  • Mark:
  • Amy: goddamn that was smooth
Sometimes you lose people, and there’s just nothing that you can do about it. Sometimes you lose something that you love. Sometimes you’re replaced by someone else and shifted to a not-so-important place in that one confidant’s heart. Sometimes relationships change and you end up feeling a little bit lonely. Sometimes you just aren’t the right fit, you just aren’t the soul that that other person needs.
—  🖤