my conundrum


by reddit user Cymoril_Melnibone

I’m not an interesting man.

Or at least, I wasn’t before the accident.

‘Utterly average’ only begins to scrape the tip of the iceberg that is my mediocrity; barely encapsulating the mind-numbing boringness of my existence. At school, I flew under the radar, never quite failing, but never exceptional. My hobbies were mundane; a bit of football and a lot of computer gaming. I excelled at nothing but wasting time. I was uninterested in the interesting, and enamoured of the banal. World of Warcraft sucked away the last chances I had of bettering myself, leaving me an inadequately skilled and poorly prepared adult who couldn’t hack it at college.

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Theory: the frustration that Vax’ildan evokes in certain strata of the fandom stems (in part) from a previously-unforeseen chink in the “RPG as narrative” medium through which the story is told.

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The Cookie Conundrum

Headcanon that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING Weiss owns is specially catered for left-handed people.

[I’m not sure if left handed jars really exist, but if they do, Weiss probably has tonnes of them.]


Ghost Story [Pt 4]

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You were designed to disappear. What happens when you’re caught?

Warnings: Angst, nightmares relating to panic/torture

Word Count: 3100

A/N: This is so long but I’m pleased with this part so you’re getting it all at once woo! I hope you enjoy! As always, I’d love your feedback :) Also massive thank you to @ourpeachskies for double-checking my French and @imhereforbvcky for helping me with my phrasing conundrums <3

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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Tony and Bruce had requested you stay an extra week after your first meeting with them. Your crude explanation of your powers had sent the scientific duo into a scholastic frenzy, sparking more questions about the nature of your abilities than you had answers to.

You didn’t necessarily mind assuming the role of lab rat again, at least not for them. Bruce was always up front and respectful about the tests he was conducting, and Tony’s need to thoroughly sift through any files he could find on you was well founded. Besides, there was something refreshing and mesmerising about discovering how you functioned biologically from a relatively second-hand perspective. At least this time you weren’t directly under the knife. If you were completely honest with yourself though, spending so much time in a hospital was making it much more difficult to keep repressed memories at bay.

At the end of the day, you were grateful for their hesitant yet warm acceptance of you. Technically they had captured you when you were a fugitive running from Hydra disguised as a deceased colleague from Bruce’s past. Given the circumstances and the fact that they had actually saved you from a much more nefarious fate, an extra week of poking and prodding would be the least you could do to repay their unintentional act of saving you.

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To be totally fair, I’m a fairly aggressive Top Kook fanatic (slighty understated but whatever), so I will try to sneak that into almost everything I write. I don’t know, I have no shame, and I don’t care at this point.

But this question… You have put in me in a conundrum. My half-ass answer would be that it depends on the day, the weather, the altitude of my current location, and how wrecked I want to feel in general.

Technically, I enjoy KMV more because it’s pretty abundant over in the Korean side of the fandom. Every third or fourth Kook/min fic (or it at least feels something absurdly high like that) either mentions KMV in passing or is the central focus of the story. And at the end of the day, KM is my favorite and VM is my second favorite so this works out for me either way, but..

KMR is a hidden treasure. Their dynamics have so much potential for writers to tap into, and there are genres and tropes that work for this triangle that doesn’t work nearly as well for KMV. And yet, it doesn’t receive half of half of half of KMV’s attention and love. Which is a damn shame. And that just makes me want to like them even more.

So my honest answer is this: I’m mostly undecided. But be like me, Anon! You don’t have to choose. I just wish there were more KMV/KMR fics in general (in the international fandom). It’s…very quiet over here…

A friend said to me, after I burned my hand, he was surprised that had happened, I replied with: “a ditzy blond, playing with synthetic fabrics, unnatural poses, and flame as a light source? I’m surprised it didn’t happen SOONER!” No I haven’t learned my lesson 🦊🍁🔥🕯💋🥀

i WANT to know things but i dont want to uphold the institution of knowing shit and being “”“”“"smart”“”“”“ but also i wanna be Smart. u see my conundrum. actually this isnt a conundrum i just wanna know about every single cool gay thing in history but nothing that would make me seem more hip to a pretentious professor type but also i wanna be a cool weird professor type

anonymous asked:

I feel bad that you have to deal with someone like your mom and I feel like our situation is kinda alike? Idk. I can't stand my mother as well. She's mentally and physically abusive at times. I'm still underage and I can't really leave and she's been driving me to the edge recently. And I really didn't want to came at you with this but I needed to vent to someone who would listen? Maybe you would? Idrk. I don't exactly have anyone to talk to bc I feel they wouldn't understand my conundrum...

Dude message me, a good rant always helps. BELIEVE ME.

@dm here’s the valko meta/reflection from our last session i said i’d get to you. word vomited before i go to bed.

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