my contributions to the homestuck fandom


I’m sorry for any contribution to the discourse that i added. I often forget that i have an audience (it’s so fucking weird to have an audience), and i forget that words can have as much power as they do.

Even some poorly thought out ones like “arrogant much”

While i still disagree with your opinions, i do not believe in any way that you deserve to be hated upon or sent rude messages.

That was never my intent.

For a mind player, i wasn’t thinking very clearly, because if i was, my contribution to the original post would have been one to spark a peaceful discussion, instead of sparking more and more discourse.

The homestuck fandom is too small nowadays for discourse like this, it’ll tear us apart if we let it.

I’m sorry.

*groans* Okay I never post art and fanfics because I’m too self conscious, but I really want to contribute to the Milo Murphy’s Law fandom and finally post my Homestuck artworks and fanfics from years ago. Plus I made a bunch of Gravity Falls artwork back then- *groans* I feel so conflicted right now. I really want to, but I’m so nervous. *hangs head in shame.*


My power point presentation pitch for a series on the new Homestuck YouTube channel: a fandom-spanning AU CORNER for Homestuck 2.0!

Let’s create new universes, together!

[Music is Moonsetter by Toby Fox.]


-An AU idea or setting is chosen (eventually, potentially) by vote for a set amount of time. Probably monthly or bi-weekly. This is announced via YouTube or other platform.

-Everyone who wishes to contribute to that AU does so. A fandom-wide collaboration takes place, with every participant fleshing out the AU setting with their favorite characters and personal ideas. We all build the universe together!

-After the designated amount of time is up, some of the fanworks can be showcased as a YouTube video or otherwise collected onto a blog or website somewhere.

-We all sit back and enjoy the nice little fandom anthology we created!



I feel that even though Homestuck is over, fans are hardly running out of creativity. I want to continue to encourage the creation of fanworks even if our character’s stories are (pretty much) finished. I think this is a great way to keep the fandom alive and kicking as we wait for the game/epilogue/all the other cool Homestuck 2.0 stuff.


You can leave a like, comment, suggestion, or any other means of support over on this video’s actual YouTube page!

You can also leave a link to this video in the comment section of the Homestuck 2.0 announcement video with a message of support. Or just leave a comment on my own comment! (It should be floating around somewhere.)

You can reblog this post to spread the word!

Thank you! But I want to say, whether or not this becomes a thing—I am so thankful for all the alternate universes I’ve made with you guys over the years. It’s been a real joy to be in this fandom and I’m grateful for all the experiences I’ve had!


This is it. This is my greatest contribution to the Homestuck fandom.

I was asked to draw a cartoon for the school newspaper and I managed to sneak Homestuck into it, featuring Jake English. (There might also be DirkJake implications with that photo on the side… ;D )

This is the pinnacle of my high school career and I am fine with that.

4/13 is tomorrow

Like shit fuck man, normally I’m so hype for this shit, but like I’ve been so voltron obessed I almost completely goddamn forgot about homestuck. Like I got shit posts to catch up on ass wipes see y'all douche wagons when I’m done

(Yes this is my contribution to the fandom. I fucked thisbuo the first time but I fixed it)