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Hey!! I’m really late for the party and I guess I will not be able to keep up but I wanted to join the @emimikeweek

So this is my small contribution for the first 2 prompts!

3/08 - Day 1: Firsts
first skate, first kiss, first time, etc.

3/09 - Day 2: Language Barrier
one or both trying to learn the other’s native tongue

I imagined that Emil dragged Michele to the hotel’s bar to cheer him up after what happened at the Rostelecom Cup, and that he asked Sara’s help to impress Michele with some words of encouragement in Italian…BUT she knew better and she taught him some wise words in the dialect of Naples (because it’s canon they’re from Naples, Kubo Sensei said it in one interview

@scribbles-and-co (who’s name is Sara and she’s from Napoli as well!) came on the rescue and gifted me this GEM that I leave the real Sara Crispino explain to you! (because yes, I’m Italian, but I’m from the North East, not the South, so I needed HELP and an explanation as well XD)

Sunday Morning

Summary: A young man and a young woman run into one another on a Sunday morning at a coffee shop, both of them heartbroken, and rediscover what it means to love and be loved. Bucky x Reader 

 Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this one for a bit. It’s basically the feel-good romance no one ever expected me to write (me included) 

 Words: ~2900

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Bucky used to love Sunday mornings. They were meant for sleeping in, for curling against the soft, tender body that slept next to him.

They’d had five years of Sunday mornings, of her soft sighs in his ear as she stirred from her sleep, bright green eyes blinking sleepily up at him as he kissed her plush, pink lips. Five years of Sunday mornings, of making coffee in a pair of boxers; of her arms wrapping around him from behind, a soft cheek against his bare back. Five years of Sunday mornings, of sitting at the breakfast bar in their pajamas, her thumb wiping jelly off the corners of his mouth.

Five years of Sunday mornings, wasted.

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I genuinely think that “I don’t know, but if we can trade it for Lydia Spring I should think it’s our top priority” is my absolute favourite line from Dirk Gently season one because it feels like such a deliberate fuck you to the caricature of the ~clever and quirky~ detective who has to be reminded that what they’re doing - the mystery they’re solving - isn’t just a game. There are real people getting hurt. The bodies are piling up (literally, in the Animal Transfer Unit).

Because Amanda thinks that almost being burned alive is so punk, Todd’s building a mystery machine while on a gay puzzle quest in the woods, and Dirk traded the corvette for the jeep so the boys could have a sleepover under the stars. They’re all trying to work out what the hell is going on, and it’s a wild ride but they’re all feeling so alive for the first time in a long time and it’s gorgeous watching them all thrive under pressure.

But underneath all of that, Dirk’s just desperately trying to help Farah save a lost girl. He’s willing to admit (on occasion) that he doesn’t know anything. He has no clue what the map is leading them to. He doesn’t know what their machine is, or whether they’ve collected all of the parts, or even whether Todd’s assembled it correctly. He’s not great at dealing with people but he makes the effort - partially because he’s lonely, but also because he knows that he needs support if he’s ever going to solve the mystery.

The CIA are looking to drag him back for further experimentation but his “top priority” is still Lydia Spring and I’m honestly overwhelmed.

Personal and sappy.

I often shy away from getting overly personal on here, but I’m going to make an exception today. Today is my anniversary. Eight years ago, Emory and I got married. It was at the Natural History Museum; There were dinosaurs. 

Emory and I have been together more like 19 years, though, and even though he doesn’t often make an appearance here, I think it’s fair to let you know that if you like the Beastlies, my larger work, even the Wayward Retreat, well, none of it would exist without Emory. 

I don’t have a history of being incredibly confident in myself and my abilities (imposter syndrome, am I right ladies??), and without his continual voice of support and nudging to just trust him, these little monster guys are cute, people would buy them, I wouldn’t have started getting serious about Beastlies, selling them, and I never would have made that terrifying leap to doing them full time (also a quick thank you to his employer for my health insurance!). He’s never been anything but supportive, even when pursuing this has meant stretches of financial hardship. After I’d been making a living on Beastlies for years, I still didn’t believe I could make or sculpt anything OTHER than that. I was pretty sure I had reached the extent of my skills. But Emory gently nudged and nudged, and eventually wore me down with his relentless praise and belief. And now, years later, the art gallery-type work is one of the most rewarding things in my life. He’s always the guy saying “You’re pricing this too low, it’s better than you think,” or “That crazy idea sounds awesome, you should try it.” He’s also the guy you may have met if you’ve ever come to my table at a convention. He’s pretty good at hawking Beastlies to Comic-Con crowds! (He’ll tell you that they’re happier with friends, so maybe buy two). He’s put in enough hours helping me sell, package, ship, and deal with paperwork that it’s basically his second job.  Even the retreat is something he made possible: He worked in secret to find my long-lost, not-on-the-internet friend that I’d been so sad to lose track of, calling a series of mutual friends until one of them had her mom’s phone number. He gave me this friend’s contact info as a Valentine’s Day present, and having her back in my life is truly a gift. And hey, she just happens to own a magical house on a magical island in Canada, so now I can share this friend’s magic with others! 

But anyway, that’s my shoutout to all the dude contributes to this particular part of my life, so now y’all know: He’s vice-captain of Team Beastlie. Plus, he provides a strong male role model to our cats, so I guess I’ll keep him around.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone~

Shiro week day 4: Friendship/Relationship

Ahhhhh, I really wanted to participate in all of Shiro week, but I forgot it started this week, and I didn’t have time for all the days. Q__Q  This is probably going to be my only contribution to Shiro week, even though it’s a day late ;___;  BUT!  As soon as my winter break starts, I’ll start working on more Sheith!  Finals are right around the corner hopefully my grades don’t suffer…

Anywayyyy, here’s some Sheith sit up kisses.  Shiro manages to interrupt Keith’s workout again. Guess Keith will finish his remaining sets on his own. Hehe. The text about Keith’s ass being firm comes from a conversation between my mom, sis, and me, since our mom likes to question how we have such a tight ass o //// o

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving!  ^^

okay, okay, okay, OKAY, honestly, i was gonna make a more serious banner, but i stay a headass, so…yeah, nvm, i guess…

that aside, i honestly don’t think any word in any language can depict how excited, how surprised, and how HONORED i am to have made it this far in 1.5 months. 1,018. there are 1,018 of you following me on this day may 23, 2017 at 4:28 pm central standard time.

without a doubt, the fact that this blog is a revamp of the one i ran ~1-2 years ago contributes to how boosted i’ve become in such a short span of time, but that alone does not dampen my surprise; I seriously wasn’t expecting to have received this much attention considering how slow and, if not that, RIDICULOUS i am ( fr, so many of y’all are way too familiar with the shenanigans i get involved in )…but hey, all in all, i’m not complaining. again, i’m beyond overjoyed that you guys are still here to put up with me and whatever the fuck i do, smh——

——BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. the joy does not stop there. in addition to all of the amazing people who have stayed with me thus far, i’ve also actually managed to make good friends / meet eager RP partners here. even though i can be timid asf and the absolute worst at the DM game, lots and lots of you guys are still willing to talk to / get to know me and my raven!! the fact that so many of you enjoy interacting with us and are capable of making us smile ( yes, us…raven seriously fux with some of y’all’s muses ) and feel is surreal. i’ve enjoyed it just as much as you guys have and, as a matter of fact, find myself thinking about this a lot even when i’m offline. it’s amazing, isn’t it? the impact that all of you have had on me despite my being here for less than two months——

——just imagine how phenomenal things will be after four months, six months, one year…

anyway, in case you couldn’t tell, i’m really not the best at expressing myself…so, if everything i’ve said so far has been incoherent or ???weird???, then i apologize…but to sum everything up, just know that I’m legitimately GRATEFUL for each and every one of you. thank you. thank you for making my experience on tumblr an unforgettable one so far. it really means a lot.


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My contribution to @kakavegeweek for their third event- bUT HEY GUESS WHAT! This doesn’t even count for anything cuz they’re not accepting submissions anymore! :)

I decided to do something different from the norm; rather than doing each prompt as a standalone piece, I took one prompt from each day and created a continuous narrative. I chose to draw it all out in a storyboard format and went for a horror/suspense angle rather than the standard romance. Explanations for each prompt and how it ties into the narrative below:

Day 1, Prompt #4: Career Day - Bulma goes to speak at Trunks’ school for career day and brings in one of her latest projects to show off; a robotic version of Goku. She brings Vegeta with her to help her transport it and set it up.

 Day 2, Prompt #7: Robot/Monster au - To give more background for the au, Goku has died, and his bizarre attachment to Vegeta causes his spirit to linger. His obsession morphs into a malevolent intent, thinking that if Vegeta dies as well, they can be together again in the afterlife. Bulma makes the robotic Goku for Vegeta in an attempt to give him a sparring partner/companion because she can see how badly Goku’s death is affecting him and wants to help him cope. However, Goku’s lingering spirit causes all sorts of technical and physical problems with the bot that Bulma constantly needs to fix, until he eventually possesses it for himself.

 Day 3, Prompt #11: Coming Out - Goku comes out of hiding for his first appearance in his hijacked vessel to approach Vegeta. He does not speak and vanishes just as quickly as he came. Goku is only active at night because Vegeta has a hard time sleeping and wanders around the house, which makes it much easier to catch him alone.

 Day 4, Prompt #19: Purring - As machines are said to “purr” when operational, Goku gives off a mechanical whirr when active, something that alerts Vegeta of his presence because he has no ki signature to detect. Sometimes Goku’s voicebox spews out static and snippets of audio from local radio stations in a sort of demonic-sounding garble, a rather terrifying thing to hear echoing through the halls of Capsule Corp.

 Day 5, Prompt #24: Playing Games Together - Goku becomes more aggressive in his hunt for Vegeta, doing things like crawling through the air vents to catch him off-guard. His pursuit becomes a rather frightening game of hide-and-seek.

 Day 6, Prompt #29: Night out Dancing - The act of dancing only being referenced through quips, Goku finally attacks and gets his hands on Vegeta, who in turn fights back to escape

 Day 7, Prompt #31: Boys and their Toys - Vegeta thinks he’s dismantled Goku’s vessel for good, but Goku still wants to “play”…


They Wanna Make Me Their Queen

( Prompt: princess diaries style “I grew up not knowing I was royal and suddenly my royal grandparent showed up out of nowhere and told me I was so now I guess I’m the heir to the throne and you’re my crush from my pre-royal days but I still have a crush on you” AU )

A/N: So. I’ve decided to make a Tom Holland/Spiderman fanzine, and if anyone is interested to contribute (and tell me how the heckie to go about doing it ), please PLEASE send me a message and we can work this out!! I actually want to send the fanzine to Tom Holland himself, but I also have no idea how to send it to him so PLEASE SEND HELP. 

WARNINGS: Underaged drinking, so I’ve put it under a read more!

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