my contribution to the fandom today goodbye

imagine grant ward at a petting zoo 

imagine team bus at a petting zoo

fitz, wary of the non-monkey animals looking at him like they want something, but his enthusiasm is bolstered by jemma’s

jemma wants to cuddle them but also classify them ad nauseam to the point where skye thinks maybe she’s getting a little too excited no no you can’t take samples GOD

meanwhile trip is locked in a staredown with a sheep. he’s not scared or anything, he just can’t look away, like maybe they have a connection maybe the sheep has his soul

ward, for his part, is pretending like he doesn’t care but he makes it about 0.0001 seconds before he drops to his knees and the animals flock to him

the baby goats love him. ward has a baby goat standing on his shoulder with his hooves on his head, another one in each arm and several more surrounding them. ward greets each of them with a hello and a treat and they each bleat back. he is finally at peace

skye takes trip away from the sheep and they decide to steal one of the baby goats to make ward happy (well skye says they should steal it; trip doesn’t really get why they can’t just buy it with money) but it turns out baby goats do not like skye or trip. it’s possible baby goats do not like anybody but grant ward

jem and fitz try to get in on the goat stealing thing but jemma’s started to talk about tranquilizers and it’s getting a little weird so the four of them leave ward to his meditating or whatever and hop into the bunny pen, whereupon the bunnies claim jemma as one of their own children and try to feed her hay, which is very sweet if not a bit odd

meanwhile may has made peace with the smell and is just rolling her eyes a bit at the cutie babies while she absently pets a miniature horse

but her peace doesn’t last long before she has to go and stop coulson from trying to install a mini petting zoo on the bus

coulson’s not hearing it