my confidencs

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as a person and to not think about what others say because we honestly can't control what goes on through other peoples heads nor can we change it. I would honestly say to take your social anxiety very slowly. I can give you an example similar to yours lol, I also can't go anywhere with out someone by my side but I try and make an effort to do stuff by my self to boost my confidenc. Lol like today I went to the masjid by myself, no friends or family with me and it honestly made me feel so good.

Moms always like stop being so “shy” how’re you gonna do anything in life 🙄 When I go grocery shopping with my mom lmao, I just stand right by her side the entire time. I just smile at strangers hoping they won’t attack me or something 😅 She brings me to help her and then calls me good for nothing 😂 Then forces me to get the carrots from over there but that’s as legit as brave as I can be 😂😂